CrackBerry Asks: How would you feel about Instagram for BlackBerry 10 being an Android port?

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Feb 2013 11:35 pm EST

The Instagram for BlackBerry 10 saga continues... earlier today AllThingsD posted a story titled Native Instagram App is Not Coming to BlackBerry 10. Not suprisingly, this stirred things up on twitter and in CrackBerry's forums.

Sources close to Instagram told AllThingsD's John Paczkowski and Mike Isaac that a native version of the photo-sharing application is not headed to BlackBerry 10 anytime soon (apparently maybe never). They go on to say that when Instagram initially comes to BlackBerry 10, it will be via an Android port, assuming it's up to quality and Facebook and Instagram give it a thumbs up and sign off on it. So are they right?

I'm going to plead the fifth and say I don't know anything beyond BlackBerry's official word, which as of today is "We have a strong partnership and are actively engaged around Instagram support for BlackBerry 10, but we do not have an availability date at this point."

What I will say is that I wouldn't be surprised if AllThingsD's words today panned out to be true, at least so far as Instagram intially being an Android port is concerned. I think never is an awfully long time for anybody to comment or report on, especially considering Instagram only launched in October 2010. And never can change quick. I've been in the middle of this Instagram on BB10 debate since Venture Beat said Instagram wouldn't come to BlackBerry 10. Of course even an Android ported version is still Instagram on BB10, so that claim is already well on the road to being debunked (don't forget you can still enter here for a chance to win a car courtesy of me). Of course, until we have an availability date officially announced, things will just continue in Instagram for BB10 limbo.

With BlackBerry 10 it's clear we're going to see various approaches as to how big name app vendors onboard their apps to the platform. Some will go native right away. Others will start by bringing over an Android port to get into BlackBerry World quick while they work on native apps to roll out later. Others yet may get on BB10 via an Android port and intend to stay that way. Another big name app -- Skype -- is coming to BlackBerry 10 via an Android port.

Today's ATD post wasn't really news in my mind - at least beyond what we already have known and rumored on, but it did make me wonder if and how much BlackBerry 10 owners would care if Instagram came to BlackBerry 10 as an Android port vs. as a native app.

Personally, I would always rather see an app be native, but as long as it WORKS WELL and is on BlackBerry 10, I'm happy. I'm sure we'll see opinions be split on this one though, so be sure to vote above and sound off in the comments.

And remember this... Instagram was originally started by a couple of guys. It's amazing what a dedicated person or two can do when they put their minds to something. So if you need some help Instagram, just let us know. Give us access and we have a dedicated guy that could get Instagram coded up to be buttery smooth for BlackBerry 10 in Native Cascades in a few weeks flat. Just say'n :)

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CrackBerry Asks: How would you feel about Instagram for BlackBerry 10 being an Android port?


Personally, I don't use instagram. But for the sake of people freaking out, I hope the ported version works good. I would think that as long as it works good, it wouldn't matter if it's a port or native.

Personally I also do not use it, did not find much need. But let's discuss for argument sake, there are 2 main sections which Instagram fits into. One is Simple Photo editor and other is Social networking with public sharing and comments, etc without sharing your other personal details.
Now Photo editor part is covered well by Native Photo Editor and other editing apps in Blackberry Z10, nothing missed here.
Regarding social networking, for my circle I can use Twitter or Facebook to show across stuff publicly or just to my friends as required. Additionally now you can login online through browser to Instagram also with many capabilities already available (for those who really need it).
Lastly I don't see any complex functionality involved in this application, so an android port will suffice the needs well as far as its well tested and working.

I don't know what the hooplah is all about. Seems like anyone who wants to bash Blackberry can pick an app and write a headline "app XXX is not coming to BB10". So what. There are lots of other apps that *have* come and more are on their way. There are alternative options. I don't see why a lack of Instagram should shake the foundations of Blackberry 10 ownership.

I mean, even on BB OS7 is an app called PicMix which is very similar to Instagram. There are other methods (like mentioned above) using photo editor and Facebook. Instagram is going to lose popularity one day when the next big thing will come along. Until then, whether an Android version comes along or not, there is also a web-version. It seems many devs are working on HTML5 versions of their apps so they can get cross-platform.

You know how Gmail app disappeared too from BB7? So what... I just use Gmail in the browser on my Torch. No problem, works great! Why do I need the native app? HTML5 mobile version works just as good as on desktop and Blackberry has one of the highest Web HTML5 scores.

Be prepared to see more Web-based apps since sites want to go cross-platform on same code with less need for developer work.

Vast majority of my BB10 experience right now is via the android app player
Other then CB10! With that said blackberry needs to be rolling out updates to this crucial software regularly. It's equal if not more important then the hub in my mind. A core element to BB10
As long as it works I'm happy.

This may be currently correct for General Apps but for sure not for Games (that section is growing at quite good pace). Regarding Apps, I already see many news/media/travel/recipes/fitness/banking companies releasing their native apps (across different geographical areas). So things are proceeding in right direction. I feel still there is a major section of people who do not realize the power of BB10 OS (especially in US) and such baseless/untrue/half-baked reports by media are not helping to the cause also. But word of mouth is quite good and whosoever tries it does get attracted to it, phone is just so nice to hold with good feel to hand.
I think these are all the challenges which any new OS has to go through to reach to top and BB10 OS is on right path and I support it.

As long as we have some rendition of Instagram as soon as possible, most people will be happy. Get the Android version ported first then take your time to work on a native version. I do hope that down the road a native version does come along though.

I think a ported version is fine in the short term but I want to start seeing these developers start building in native code. Android Player is a blessing and a hampering feature all rolled into one. Its great cause we get lots of apps, developers can build 1 app and get it onto 2 platforms but it also means that these companies don't have to invest the time or effort to make a good Blackberry App. BB World is filled with android ports with little or no effort made to fit the Z10 screen and are riddled with bugs. 70,000 apps on BB10 but how many are junk. I rather have 10,000 great BB native apps that work well and look amazing.

That's the beauty of the Android Player; relatively low risk for the publisher, and they get to gauge customer interest.

The native version typically has deeper integration with a BlackBerry OS. It's more like BB users are being shortchanged. People pick the OS because of the features.

It begs the question, however, as to how many developers will bother. If the app is available as a port, how much priority will be placed on preparing a native app.

I'm no developer, but I would imagine that if I make an Android app which I know can be ported to Blackberry, then yes that's a good gauge of interest, but I'd also have to wonder how many buyers would now buy the native app once they've purchased the Android version. Why buy the same app twice.

A friend was just telling me about the Jawbone Up wristband, and saying how it works with the iPhone, and that they're coming out with an Android app as well. Is it reasonable to hope that a Blackberry version will come out, or is it more likely that the developers will stop at Android, knowing that they've now (more or less) accomdated the iOS, Anroid and Blackberry markets? And this question can be asked of many products/apps.

Personally .. I couldn't care less if we ever had instagram for BB. For the people who must show us what they are eating though, I hope it works out well for you :)

Instagram got a whole lot more interesting for me when I started following Playmates,bikini models, artists. But I'd do like the occasional food post too.

The android port of Netflix that I saw looked pretty choppy.

These things like Instagram and Skype being ports are partly why I'm not willing to switch back yet.

Remember. Android ports you have seen to date have been running on Gingerbread.

But the Android App player will soon be running Jelly Bean.

Expect. Less. Choppiness. Should be pretty fast and smooth. 

agreed, the background picture is a very cool touch...

one minor suggestion for the CB team; I think the text color might need to be adjusted because I had to highlight the words to read some of the percentages and number of votes, just an FYI.. maybe a slight outline on the text would help make it stand out over various colors :-)

oh, and on the topic of Instagram. I don't care if it's a port as long as it runs smoothly. I used to not care if we got it but I've been following a friends, even though I can't post anything, and it's growing on me.. I'd like to be able to use it if I please occasionally, and to be honest, it's getting a little old saying "nah, I don't have that app"... not saying we need every major app, but it's not going to help more people convert if they hear they're not going to be able to use their "favorite" app...

now quick question, can't you already sideload the Android version of Instagram? so the diff is this would mean you would be able to just DL it regularly from BB World, right? as long as the regular users can get it easily without sideloading, that's good enough.

"Soon" be running on Jelly Bean?

How long does soon mean?

I hate hearing that word from BlackBerry because history teaches that they seem to think that soon means something like a year.

I'd rather have it running decently as it is than wait months and months for the Jelly Bean version.


The release of Skype isn't tied to the release of an updated Android player from anything I've read. Think they are doing a version based on Gingerbread. And Alex Saunders I think said Skype would be there before it releases in the States so another month and a bit.

I think we can all agree though that BlackBerry need to update the Android player in BB10. They need to keep current to facilitate more ports and keep the apps coming.

Hi Kevin!

First time replying to a post of yours!

I hope you have some insider info about the Jelly Bean player and how it will soon be out, because I'd be surprised to see it out before late this year (Novemberish or early 2014).

Also, given how slow the Gingerbread vm is, I wonder why there is an expectation that the Jelly Bean vm would be faster?

Fingers crossed!

Yeah about Netflix port. I'm kind of confused why Android apps run so slow! My wife's old Galaxy S1 (that's S *one*) can run Netflix fine and that phone has less than 400MB RAM and a single-core processor that the Z10's processor can destroy and it has a GPU not even 1/4 as fast as the Z10s. Yet the port on the Z10 was running much much slower.

I would love to know the technical explanation for this (from an expert on the Dalvik vm).

Personally, I'd rather see ALL apps, eventually, be native. I'm not a fan of the Android ports because I feel sort of cheated. If I wanted an Android phone, I'd go Android. I go Blackberry so I would like native apps for it.

I loved the idea of it at first but now that we're rolling out BB10 devices and Blackberry World is 70 000 apps strong (sure, Native and ports mixed), we should eliminate the need for ports and make just native apps.

I actually delete apps now off my phone if they are Android ports because I want only native apps. Call me picky

I'm not an instagram user, nor do I forsee myself being one once it is on BB10, but I know it's a huge deal for some so I'm sure a port is better then nothing. But I'd still rather see it be native, at least eventually.

How is it lack of respect. Do developers disrespect android users? Do they all use shitty apps. No. Android apps work great. Its the App player thats lacking, on blackberrys end. They announced jelly bean coming soon. I hate this soon bullshit with blackberry. I want it yesterday lol

As long as something gets put onto BB10, it'll download well. That'll show Instagram that there is demand, and hopefully a Native app will come out of it.

I have it on my iPod touch and never used it. I heard it's good for food porn and I'm not really into that. But if instagram goes native on BB10 I'll be sure to post a still life with meatballs and cucumbers for my homies.

The Z10 hasn't even rolled out yet in the market that will have the most complaints. Wait until that happens and developers will start going at a frantic pace to keep the squeaky wheels oiled. I can't say for sure, but I would guess that on a global scale it isn't financially feasible to put the effort into writing native apps. Once the consumer base is there, that will change. If we look at the big picture here the Z10 is still very, very early in infancy. The next six months will be interesting ....

I don't use Instagram but if it can't be native, a port will do. If the ports are polished properly, they should be seamless as so the user doesn't even know its actually a port. The downside to using the Android runtime is that there is a measureable amount of extra resources that get used by the runtime engine. This, as it relates to Instagram shouldn't be an issue though, as a small app such as instagram won't be pushing the processors at all anyways.

However, they still must be polished,... No screen bleeding, or dead swipes or buttons,...

The start of 2013 has truly been an exciting time, especially for the smartphone industry as we have witnessed the launches of some truly innovative and impressive devices and According to BlackBerry, the Z10 comes with a recommended retail price of RM2,188 and will be available in two colors, Black and White here more intresting news :

I sideloaded Flipboard so I know some apps can be successful. It runs very well. Very smooth. Go ahead and do the IG app this way for now. I don't use it but I know people want it. Bring it on in any form. If successful, it will be native eventually.

So we will have to settle for second best. So what some people say is that if its an android app its no good?. On the playbook its hard to tell native from android except for the crashes. And I don't think that is a problem with the player.

I feel bad for all the Android users that only have android apps

If it's an Android port, I don't use it - period. I got a BlackBerry for BlackBerry software. And my money will go to BlackBerry developers solely. In fact I go out of my way to use, find, and buy native software. So if developers want to go the Android route, good for them but your sure as heck not getting any money from me. Native apps all the way!

The thing that gets me is, if all these apps are only ever going to be android ports, why are people still waiting? Can't they just be sideloaded at will, if the user wants it bad enough, and is willing? IMO, as a community, we should come together more for that sake of proving how much we want these "big" apps, and all sideloaded them rather than wait around for the port to be uploaded to bb world. Just my opinion on the matter.

From what I have been reading a sideloaded android app and a ported (for BB10) android app are not exactly the same. The developer does modify the code to work better with BB10. Furthermore, the average user will not go through the trouble and time of learning how to sideload an app and the subsequent action of sideloading it.

I will probably learn how to sideload when I get my Z10 just in case the app that I must have is not in Blackberry World. However, I would much rather prefer a port or a native app for that matter.

I'm also considering learning more about sideloading when I get the Z10 whenever in March. I would also prefer a native app, so much so like many of the BBM community I'm willing to pay for it. I'd rather pay for a native app than a half a$$ port. IMO, that doesn't justify forking over my $$ if it's not up to the standard it could be.

I do believe the jellybean player will be smooth but the question is will it come in time shortly after the US launch. It won't be long before developers hop on to develop native apps if BB10 is successful after Q2 and Q3; it's not fair to judge Q1 results. Will people have the patience? We shall see...

Is the Instagram app really that fancy to warrant an Android port? I'm not interested in Android ports because they degrade the experience and they eat up more battery life.

I'd accept a port if it's to get the app NOW while they work on a native app but to give us an Android port without a native one in sight, no thanks.

If, as Kevin states, this app is just a few weeks' worth of work, why the hell are they dragging their feet?

How well integrated can Android ports be? Can they be integrated with features specific to BB10? I.e. the hub, BBM, notifications etc.

So the developers go in and rewrite the apps in order to integrate features like the hub etc. that aren't on Android? That sounds like a lot of work.

"And remember this... Instagram was originally started by a couple of guys. It's amazing what a dedicated person or two can do when they put their minds to something. So if you need some help Instagram, just let us know. Give us access and we have a dedicated guy that could get Instagram coded up to be buttery smooth for BlackBerry 10 in Native Cascades in a few weeks flat. Just say'n :)"
This offer by Crackberry To Instacock is proof that there are app developers out there that can help make native apps for BB10

Grassy Noles and all, I smell a conspiracy here.
Where the big boys are trying to keep BB 10 from competing with the main players.

Just saying.

A good thin version is all I am interested in. Even crackberry which has a fat native version is of little interest to me. Instead of everyone wasting time on ports, spend research and development time building the best possible multi platform thin versions. Right now thin apps are woefully Inadequate because the money and effort is not going there not because it can't be done.

The android player definitely needs the upgrade. This should be on Blackberry's priority list because the choppiness of android ports is really bad publicity. User experience is crucial to success.

Tell Google to remove proprietary APIs from Android and they can provide better support for Android. Android ports are choppy because Gingerbread was the last version that came close to being "open source" and Gingerbread was choppy. It's not the port that's making these programs perform erratically.

Want any Android ports on my BB10 when I finally get a BB10, I have had a few android ports on my Playbook & deleted them, they run like crap, realize they may run better on BB10 but the whole Android port idea leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I totally understand BB for doing it to hopefully build up app world but I still don't like the idea, actually I would like to go as far as to remove the android player if that were realistic without affecting any other part of the OS in a negative way

You should ask also, as second option, "I can accept the android version now but expect the native app in the near future." I apreciate developers porting android apps for us to have it fast to be use, but hate lazy developers that expect our support and let us hanging without the native app, having the app for other platforms already but not us. I think most of us feel this way, I did not answer the poll because this critical option mentioned is not included. This question also will tell developers our real expectations. IMO

I think most of us are in agreement that in order of preference: Native > Port > Sideload. Ideally all of the top 100 most popular apps would be native but as long as the port works well the average user will not even notice the difference. Especially since on Blackberry World the apps are not identified as native or android ports (correct me if I'm wrong).

Therefore, it is imperative that the android player get updated ASAP to the latest version. I agree that BB should put people on mandatory overtime until this gets done. Also, there should be careful testing of all Android ports by BB before releasing them on Blackberry World to ensure they work well.

I personally don't care about Instagram but a popular app like this can ensure the success of a platform. Whatsapp should be another priority, even GroupMe if possible. I am a Gen Y and communication is key for us. I currently own a Torch and hoping to upgrade to a Z10.

Blackberry don't let me down!

There was an announcement sometime last week I believe, that BB World will now have a specific "Built for BlackBerry" section of apps that are native.

I'd rather have a native app. If Android and iPhone users have it, why can't we? It's not crucial, and I've lived without it so far since I ditched my ZTE, but it would be a nice tool I could utilize for my business. Pinterest is a good alternative.

The average user isn't even going to know which apps are Android ports. Especially not with apps that have their own custom UI. If Instagram works smooth like it does on Androids or iPhones the people who want to use it are going to be fine with it. It's only us hardcore purists who care about whether an app is native or not. For the rest of the world if it's available and it works properly they're going to be just fine with it.

It's not a matter of functionallity, it's a matter of belief in the company. More and more apps aren't believing in Blackberry. I don't want a port and I don't even use instagram. I want it built for blackberry because I want instagram (and watchespn, sling mobile, skype, ect) to fully back the platform.

It's as if they don't even care about this platform or it's users and I'm tired of it. I sent an email to espn customer care and the response was laughable and didn't even address blackberry.

Native or nothing. Plus, facebook owns instagram. Facebook should force them.

You know what.. People are afraid of z10 capability to run android apps directly through side loading. Can you name any other mobile platform in world who is capable of doing that? nobody .. so with this capabilty, Z10 has 700000+ android apps available with 70000+ apps specifically modified for z10. This should be the marketing strategy for the Z10 but can't be as it will propmote android also. But, think of it. With true multitasking OS onboard, Z10 will be a game changer very soon in the mobile space.

What app is available on BB only that someone with and Android or iPhone would need to run a port on? And please don't say BBM because even if it could be ported, BB would not allow it past the NOC.

Guys.. I lost something maybe.. But is instagram a sharing images app only?? Or is there something secret?? I use MOLOME and it works really good.. It shares pics on FB and TW and there is a big comunity behind.. What else do you need?? Do you really shoot bad sentences on Z10 because of this??
IMHO there is more than this app..

Emotionally and rationally I'm with you. None of this makes sense. But Instagram does post those photos to their private and semi protected site and that's where the friend sharing also happens. No Instagram. No post to their site. Yes we can all post to FB, Twitter, Flickr etc. But not to the "hot" site.

So with current PlayBook and my soon (I hope) BB10 device, I have access to the world of RIM native and a plethora of Android Apps. No other system offers access to 2 platforms. I guess if my PlayBook experience was all ported or sideloaded, I might complain. As is, Bible, Kindle, Taptu etc just fill gaps in the native app area and I never notice that they are Android any longer. If Jellybean means better then onward. I would never complain about Instagram being a port - at least short term. The overall BB10 experience promises to be unreal. It is a sad world where this much time, energy, and passionate devotion surrounds putting filters on a picture and posting that photo to a site for friends to view. Let's see. This country built a trans continental RR. RIM revolutionized business and personal digital communication and changed the way business and government and personal lives were run for the world. And now BlackBerry is bullied by a 20 person photo sharing shop. Hard to get perspective here for me.

No one cares. Its like when Im on the Rolex forums and these guys think their 3 year old Rolex will not sell on the used market because the new model has an improved escapement. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

So the pictures of instagram running on a Z10 from Kevin were not beta versions?

What about the picture Kevin sent to the Douche who wrote the article? I'm very confused now. I did hear a rumor that the runtime would be updated to JB before the Q10 launch. Maybe just maybe...the Android player will be awesome then making a BlackBerry10 device truly a "superphone"

I am confused too. The picture kevin posted in reply of the article sort of seemed like "yes there will be a native version". As the author clearly admitted there may be a ported version. So there would be nothing to dispute with other then a picture of native. Yet now here we are meant to assume it will be ported?

Crackberry friends, you have and amazing idea, hope they call you and let you work on the app, I make a call today to a store in the USA and they are selling the OEM z10 black and white, i will buy mine, but also i want able to take full advantaje, hope they see the amazingness of the z10 and the q10 when arrives

Android ports should be temporary. They should also ensure they run flawless. Then work on a solid native app so you can properly harness the power of BB10. Plain and Simple.

I really want to swith to the new BB. I'm out of contract already ready but until apps that I use for my business such as M8 (Sat Nav), Mailminder, Pocket Informant, Train Times, Next Action, Twinkle and also Spotify appear I just can't do it so still using my 9800.

I think the port version will be fine in practice but I wish the focus was on more business apps.

I hope when BlackBerry update Android runtime that the ported apps run better. But long as it runs well that's all that matters

Personally I really dont care, i love instagram and will use it but im saying this for every app. I know most apps are going to be ports from android but as long as they work smoothly its fine. You wont even notice half of the time I dont see the big fuss about a native app. At least we are getting apps look at the old blackberries they have nothing. Its a step in the right direction as long as it works.

Instagram. Don't use it. Don't care.
Twitter. Don't use it. Don't care.
Facebook. Don't use it. Don't care.

I use LensBoost and PicMix previously on BB OS7.
Hopefully they both available on BB10.
Only use Instagram from old iPhone, that's already enough.

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I think this is bad news for BB10!!!

To be honest weather you use instagram or not there are millions of people around the world who i would love to one of them on my Z10!!

Making apps available on our platform can help swing more users to make the change to bb10 rather than stick with IOS or android.

lack of apps will be BB10 only downfall - having only 1 of 25 most downloaded apps on IOS and android. isn't good enough.

I personally don't use instagram & don't care if it comes to bb10 or not. Is it a big deal? Its not like I wil die tomorrow if its not on the OS. We nigerians don't attach our interest to a particular app, if its not there then give us another alternative that does the work just fine. I don't see any reason why apps should be ported to bb10. R these so-called giant developers tired of coding? I'm a hugh fan of blackberry and I want to see the company succeed. I believe that if an app like instagram was coded for Android, IOS, etc the same should be done for BB10. It should be a fair game, no cheating! Give BB lovers what they want!!!

OMG It's just a fucking piece of shit app, why so much discussion around it, just port it to BB10 and shut the hell up already, it's not difficult at all for fuck's sake! Stop making this app look like the best app in the world and an indispensable.

And there you have the Blackberry conundrum. Buy the device and wait for the apps, or let the apps be developed and then buy the device?

If I were Blackberry, I would be releasing the Android Jellybean emulator quick smart and making sure it works properly and like butter on both the Z10 and Q10.

I would love to have a hardware keyboard phone again, but when apps like Hailo (an absolutely must-have for living in London) aren't available and the developers have stated they have absolutely no intention of supporting Blackberry, then it is Blackberry that will lose out by people not buying their phones.

Make the Android apps work (especially on the smaller Q10), and people will buy a Blackberry in droves.

I believe there are the big name apps that have to be on an ecosystem for a casual user to switch to BB, i believe to a lot of people its a deal breaker. I left for the GS3 8 months ago and didnt know what i was missing in a phone experience until all these apps where available to me.I would have to have certain apps available to me to make the switch

The port will be fine. It's a SIMPLE program, one that uses basic filters on camera pics. They made an Android port because there's no advantage to making it a Blackberry port. I personally will never use the program but I'm glad it will be available so that simpleminded users will be satisfied. LOL.

Personally I think that Instagram itself only serves as an indicator to a section of society of a wider and more concerning issue. Since such a big deal was made about WP7 and WP8's inability to snag Instagram its almost as though not having Instagram has become the definition of a weak app ecosystem. Personally I barely use it (I am on it though) and would happily leave it behind but some people and I would wager a large portion of people see not having Instagram as the first of many apps they will have to compromise on (whether thats true or not is a different matter). As soon as I can I will get a Z10 but i'd be lying if I said that a lack of native apps doesn't concern me. Hopefully these concerns will be destroyed come upgrade time.

I love Blackberry, and I want it to triumph once again, however, Its is IMPERATIVE that Blackberry starts pushing developers to create native apps, Blackberry must be seen as one of the cruical platforms for apps to launch on otherwise it will fall behind. If I was an app agency I would have to make iOS and Android in order to have a chance at success, but not Blackberry 10. If Blackberry does not start pushing more native apps then it will continue to lag behind a 2 horse race.

I told you.
Instagram's screenshots shown by Kevin are Android port app. Widgets ( buttons, windows, actions bar, etc ) are not native. Sure. Period.

The better question is how y'all feel about Instagram - the company that will own all your pictures and use them to their own benefit without your permission. This app definitely won't be on my BB10 phone - who cares if it is native or not - keep away from my phone buddy!

I understand what people are saying, "I've never used Instagram, so I don't really care... etc". A lot of Droid/iOS users will say, "that's cuz you can't use it on your phone". I think the people who say they don't care are kind of missing the point.

Whether you use it or not, the point is to have it. I look at it kind of like having heated seats/sun-roof in your car. There are certain 'accessories' you need to have to be the best. People who use BB want to be able to have a claim to having the 'best'. I haven't used BB10 yet (due to living in the US) so I can't say if it's the best or not. People want to at least have the option. You can't tell me yours is better than mine if yours can't do what the majority of people say is important.

So yes, I guess its fine if the app is an Android port. But it sure would speak volumes about the phone, OS, company if they can get the Native application support. After all, if you own a S55 I can almost guarantee you'd much rather have it come with a sunroof installed via manufacturer than installed aftermarket.

Has to be native why have the bb10 gesture and flow exp go to waste.These cyborg ports are not good you cant enjoy the swiping and we are left with an awkward gesture to go back.No bbm intergration,menus look crap might as well be a web app.SImply build it it native its just context menus changing and some integration features.We cannot persist with saying just port it over from cyborg might as well make the Z a cyborg device seriously needs sorting.Its not a good message with pr it over,port i over talk If bb have to rebuild the app for so and so company than do it.If they are just allowing ports all the time you might as well tell people to go buy a cyborg device.Needs to be native get so called big apps making native apps will send be a goood message for teh rest of developers

I'm a huuuge blackberry supporter, but the idea that a fast Jelly Bean vm will be on bb10 before 2014 seems insanely (insanely!) unlikely.

In the meantime we need to use the current player.

The issue with Instagram and Skype is that, they cannot do a full port and have it run quickly. They need to make graphically instensive parts native. Things as simple as scrolling, pinch to zoom must be native.

Also,Skype video and Instagram filters must be native.

I haven't tried any z10 Android apps, but every playbook Android app I've used is *easily* detectable as an Android app due to the poor performance. The load times are much longer, they often crash on first-launch, and they are slow, choppy and generally highly unpleasant to use. :(

BB needs better quality control as well. If the app has sucky performance, send it back to the dev.

I thought BlackBerry decided not to go with Android? Seems like most of the important stuff all comes from Android. One wonders where this platform would be without it.

He whole instagram thing is a bit childish to begin with ,to be honest ,but alas if you must , would it matter if you couldn't tellnthe difference between an android port or native
Personally of course native i think is awesome ,but if he port works fine ...why the fuck not why so much bitching about it
I have a few sideloaded android apps on my playbook , some run choppy but most of them you couldn't even tell
So why so much discussion??......i just don't get it

any andriod port is a bad one,,, i'm not a fan of how invasive they can be,,, stand alone BlackBerry & build your own stufff...


It's a big problem that instagram don't have a native aplication.

If you want to competitive with other systems and won clinents, you will have to have the most important native aplications.

Now Blackberry have a good hardware with Z10, have a good base S.O., but needs good aplications for win new clients and recover that loss with android.

well its kinda sad i am a former BB user and as of now im quite eager to change my current android phone to Z10 when it arrives here in the philippines i got so hooked up using Path,Pinterest, and esp. Instagram and for me its always feels like home when using BB and esp BBM the only app that im/we(some of my friends) looking forward to use in the release BBZ10 here in our country is a ported instagram or better yet a native app that may sound pathetic i know. that an app such like that may stop us from going to BBz10 but its also quite frustrating in our part, that we've waited for BB10 devices for a year expecting that SOME of the major network sites will be present. yes we will be thankful for crakberry for giving some tips how to get instagram in our bbz10 though not a native app but many of us are not that "technical" in understanding or following such instruction i hope BB could do something about it. we're not asking for tons of games or what. some of us are just wanted to be connected with some of our friends through insta.. oh well but if that's the case i cant promise to immediately jump to Z10 yep i know a single person is not a big loss but im quite sure that im not the only one out there that considers BBz10 and waiting for their most used app to be in the bbworld such as instagram im still optimistic that soon insta will be available as a native app in BB10 and if that happens, with no further a do, we'll be getting Z10 or BB10 device.

Therein lies the problem. BlackBerry has again failed to deliver a decent app selection. PlayBook users can attest, Android ports are not the answer. You might as well side load any apps you want and pretend everything is great. My interest in the "new" BlackBerry is waning. RIP RIM.

Someone needs a hug. :-)
This is a journey, not a single event...the devices aren't even out in the US yet and great new apps are being released every week with lots more in the pipeline. Be patient grasshopper. :-)

How is Blackberry Waning, as you put it? Seems as though they are the top selling phone for this quarter, their market share is getting bigger by the day. Have faith, Blackberry is on the rebound. I just feel that you are here to troll and nothing else. I love my z10, my android and iphoney friends seem to be jealous when I show off it's features to them. I just think you need to calm down, get a z10 and enjoy it.

Apple is expected to sell 27 million phones this quarter. GS3 will sell a lot too. By what metric do you say BB have the top selling phone?

I'm a bit embarrassed by some of the comments here. Guys, this is a real strategic value of BB10 in that it is cross-platform compatible. NO OTHER mobile system can claim that! Who cares whether an app is Android, HTML5, Air or Cascades!! It opens up so many more options out of the gate and as long as it works that's all that matters!

I use side-loaded Flipboard and Kobo reader with NO DEV OPTIMIZATIONS and they work really well...imagine if someone spent a couple days fine tuning them? Do you all get bent out of shape about what environment your PC/laptop apps are built with? C'mon really?

That's the key: As long as they run well which assumes the developers do the required tuning.

But it appears that many ports are untuned and choppy.

But I agree, if an Android app runs smoothly, then I don't care whether its implemented in Android or in COBOL.

I don't agree with the "Android = Crap" mentatlity, but I do agree with the "Slow running choppy app = Crap" mentatlity.

Regardless of whether the apps are Native or Ports, Blackberry really just need to get them out there, and have them running solidly.

I love my Z10, but one of the main reasons for me to get it was I finally wanted to not have to carry 2 phones around with me. Unfortunatly so far, this hasnt been the case. I still carry my iPhone with me, purely for the apps that the Z10 lacks. I skype reguarly, I use Instagram & Netflix, but for me, the main reason I carry my iPhone still is because of the Twitter app. I run several accounts for work, and I do it on the go. The Z10 app is a backwards step.

Until the Z10 does it all, it simply wont be the success that it deserves to be

Never used it, don't think I ever will.

But for those of you that do, who cares if it's a port, as long as all features and stability are there?

You know I hate hearing people saying any apps are junk, sure you may not like all adroid apps but I have found a great many very useful and I am not alone. If they were all so bad, why would there be a huge thread in the forums, why would there be a site to convert? It is a fact the more offerings there are for our platform the better it makes it. When I tell my android friends that the Z10 and Playbook can run both Made for Blackberry and Android apps, they stop and go "OH Really" and then I show them some apps they have working better than on their phones. Its great to have two platforms, as it causes not only diversity but competition to make more and better apps. The developers out there are trying to make the experience as smooth and trouble free as possible and when the Z10 gets the JB update it will be win win for everyone. The devs, Blackberry and us the end users. Think about that for a few minutes before you deem that android on BB is not a good thing.

I couldn't care less about Instagram. However I also don't care about facebook for example. But there are lots of people out there caring about those applications, in this very example Instagram.
In my opinion the only way to drive BB10 really forward is the development of actual native BB10 developed apps. Right now I am not sure whether this Android player is a blessing or a plague. While it sure comes handy to get some of your favourite apps, it appears many developers are using it to save time from doing real BB10 apps.

I agree with you on the Android player. I mean I think it's awesome that the Z10 has this capability but at the same time I can see the incentive for a developer to take the easy way out and just port his app.

However, if we are completely honest with ourselves we have to accept that the real tradeoff isn't between native and port for most developers but port or NOTHING. Until BB regains their 3rd spot in strong fashion we will continue to be seen as a niche OS like WP8. If you were a developer why would you waste your time coding for a niche OS?

If BB10 becomes a huge success (let's hope so) the native apps will come. For now let's be happy we at least have ports and are not like the WP8 folks with none of these apps.

All BlackBerry needs to do is make a rocking smartphone. Apps should not define how your mobile device works. I don't use any apps on my Curve because my phone does everything and that is why I still use it.

Those BB10 owners and those who will own one come March and who are interested in some of these android apps but want them as native ones should begin sending emails to developers requesting that the apps be properly developed for BB or else they'll forego them. Developers want revenue and the only way to get their attention is to speak to their wallets. It's a Catch 22 situation as BB needs the app selection to appeal to the average punter but the average punter will get a less than optimal experience from ported apps (at least with the current android player) which will affect adoption rates of the new QNX powered phones which in turn hurt BB sales which means less interest from developers.

Has to be a native app for the Q10. They are missing out on an amazing opportunity to make a unique user experience by taking advantage of the square screen! Just imagine viewing full screen pictures. Swipe to navigate through the feed. Double tap to like. Another option is using the keyboard of course. But the key would be none of that clutter or bad design of their actual app. Just pure Instagram greatness.

instagram must be on the Z10, because a lot of people use it. and to attract poeple from other platforms that uses instagram often, you need to get instagram om the Z10 blackberry !

I don't use Instagram, but I think its bad news when someone whom you supposedly have a 'good working relationship' says it will be a port. I think when big companies don't support BlackBerry whether you use the app or not, it affects us all.

One should remember that iOS and Android JUST got a native facebook app. they were using HTML5-esque web views within an app package previously.

Looking at the poll, most either don't care about the app type or just don't care about instagram. Personally I just don't care about instagram.

This whole Android compatibility layer seems to be an easy way for App Developers to cop out.

If the porting process is so easy why doesn't BlackBerry just go to Instagram and say here is your App for BB10, what do you think?

Sure, a lot of current crackberry nation people do not use some of the more social apps. A lot of non-BlackBerry users DO want those apps. To grow the market share we do need them, native OR ported.

Instagram is a very important test case for BlackBerry 10 apps. If Instagram (owned by the monster Facebook) isn't going to invest the cash to build a native app for BlackBerry 10, what does this say about the platform? It says that even Facebook with their infinite resources isn't willing to invest in BlackBerry 10.

I know the Android player gives developers easy access to BlackBerry 10 apps. But because it is so easy, there's no reason for them to build native apps. And people, it's not hard. The BlackBerry 10 developer tools are really excellent. I've never coded for mobile before, but I'm working on two applications.

I really fear that the Android player is going to kill BlackBerry 10. If all the apps you can run are just Android ports, then why buy a BlackBerry at all? Is the Hub good enough reason? Because right now, that's all BB10 has to differentiate itself. Well, and the Q10 keyboard. I'm guessing that very soon now Swiftkey will be putting floating suggestion words on the their keyboard, so the Z10 keyboard won't be different for very long.

They didn't need 100,000 apps at launch. They needed (perhaps) 100, natively coded, top-tier applications. I would have been happy and a buy-it-now proponent if they'd gone that way. Instead, BlackBerry World is full of ports and garbage.

Thanks for your comments. I think there is a fair bit of truth here although there are some aspects I disagree with.

In general, I would agree that it is important to bring big apps like instagram to BB10. It is a name that people recognize and it has symbolic value. However, it's appeal largely resides in a younger demographic and use dwindles rapidly with time. Let's face it, its cute for a while but then one loses interest. It's like the large majority of Apps out there. It catches your attention for a period of time and then you are done. I like what BB has done by building a native photostudio that has many of the same features as instagram. It's easy to post pictures to Facebook so the need for instagram is greatly diminished.

In terms of the Android player, this was a smart move by BB. It immediately increases the functionality of the Z10 and it gives developers an important tool to start supporting BB. Remember, as of today, BB has sold exactly zero Z10 devices in the US. Like it or not App developers are US based and US focused. Native apps will arise if there is demand and competition.

In the longer terms, App developers are moving to common platforms such as HTML5. They want to make one good App and not 4 versions of the same app. This is the future and BB is well positioned in thisregard.

As to your swift key argument, I doubt they are working on a keyboard similar to BB without BB's approval. The changes are proprietary and copyrighted so they will swiftly get their arse sued if they go down this road. I do find a bit of humour in this argument as there are a number of threads on the crackberry forum proclaiming that the current swiftkey software is already better than the Z10. I guess not.

Anyways, Apps are important to increasing the current functionality of a smartphone and in this context BB needs to do what it can. I do not care whether they are native or a port. We should not however blind ourselves to the changing smartphone world. BB are already building features into their phones diminishing the need for 3rd party support. This is only natural. Likewise, the growth area in regards to smartphones is not in the area of Apps but in M2M development. This is where BB10 will shine and one in which both Apple and Android are unable to compete given their current platforms.


For all YOU know, Instagram may not be saying anything to anyone outside BlackBerry regarding any type of app development. Unless you're best friends with the guys, I doubt they would possibly disclose different to you?

With all the drama in the air, an official announcement now, from either BB or Instagram would be appropriate to clear the air and possibly boost curious people...

The part of Facebook that isn't integrated to the hub is the rejected Android HTML port. If Facebook won't develop a native FaceBook app, why would they do a native Instagram?

BLACKBERRY NEEDS TO REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT SOME APPS ARE IN PEOPLES LIVES TODAY!! Some people wont just ditch there IPHONE OR ANDROID from consistently using apps like WhatApp and INSTAGRAM to share and communicate with the people and things they love to get the Blackberry 10 and have to wait on these apps Blackberry need to run with the competition to keep up. personally its frustrating!!!! Everyone is not on BBM i'll be honest the Z10 is the smoothest smartphone i have used in years it has some minor bugs which i know BLACKBERRY WILL sort out with updates but they need to give there LOYAL followers the main reason to keep blackberry alive!!! #TEAMBLACKBERRY!

They need to WAKE UP and FORGET ABOUT Business Users!!! at this moment BB Word SUCKS!! thats why im afraid of getting the z10 or q10...only bcuz of the apps...!!

If you were to ask a non-BB loyalist, the whole Android Porting business is just fishy business, and a thinly concealed stab at not being completely irrelevant to smartphone users. If the idea of cross-platform porting is really *that* attractive, why hasn't iOS or Android done it? It hasn't for the simple reason that iOS has a major pool of (shit and excellent) apps, and Android's only growing strongly. They don't need to piggy-back some other platform's apps in what seems to be a really confused marketing/branding strategy. Besides, nothing works better and is more convenient than a native app that you can download with a single app store login, without the hassle of sideloading.

BB loyalists may pat their heads and think ourselves really smart to be able to port over apps from all over, but unless this becomes an extremely flawless and effortless process that even the most tech-stupid smartphone user can do, it's never going to gain traction with the greater market. And oh, wait, isn't the greater market what BB should be winning over? Or is it happy to continue appealing to an ever shrinking pool of loyalists and nascent smartphone users in developing countries?

(And don't even count on the users in the latter demographic for their support forever. With the advent of BB10/Z10, whose form factor and data plan no different from any Android or iOS, users in developing countries are soon going to be introduced to the wonderful world of Android and iOS devices.)

BlackBerry and BlackBerry FANS dont get why BlackBerry is so slow right know. People wants easy way to get their apps not having to do lot of steps to Port or sideload an app and thats what they dont get. Its so sad that most of the people chose the 2nd option of this poll. Thats why they are not ready yet. What i think is that they dont want to spend money for CROSSPLATFORM opinion.
Embarassing when someones ask ur Skype or OoVoO username and u just cant add them because u have a BlackBerry. Same with Instagram!

That app will never look native anyway, so having a port isn't a bad idea while the world moves on to the next big thing which might very well be released on BB10, if it does OK in the US.

Without Android, BB10 would be DOA, so let's support companies which are testing the waters with ports.

Honestly people think about it. Who cares? A port is just another way to create a program - in this case its a time saving way to create a program if its already been created. Currently android apps are sluggish because they are being coerced to work with a gingerbread iteration of android. When BB creates the jellybean version then I expect we'll see little to no difference between a ported app or a native app. Afterall, android apps are running on a runtime as well (Dalvik). There is really no difference in the end. Basically this means you can't create native apps on an Android either when you really think about it. Both Android and BB10 need a virtual machine in order to run the underlying java code - EOS.

Honestly, a majority of the users want Instagram, I switched from my Iphone to the Z10 with promises of big name apps being available. I understand it is all a matter of time for many apps to be available but I hate not having apps such as soundhound, shazam, or my mobile banking apps, and not having a native Instagram app will just be another upset. I love the phone, dont get me wrong but the people want Instagram so why not give it to them.

Thats the not the new BBz10...the bad is the app and its getting to late...Samsung Galaxy s4 is coming in a few months...! so they need to hurry up in the app thing.!

Kinda piss me off, I feel developpers won't even bother to build an entire blackberry app and will go the easy way by porting each and everything :s

I personally use Instagram on a daily basis. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say and that's why I love it. It's become an important part of my life (more so than Facebook or Twitter) so I just want it to come to the Z10 ASAP. Plus it's one of those apps that would bring legitimacy to a new operating system.

Native would be best, but if it works well then a port would be more than acceptable.

I do not use this program but have many converted apps on my PlayBook that work wonderfully well; Kindle, Weather Channel, DropBox, National Geographic, and Epocrates, etc. The OS on the PlayBook and the Z10 should make it a breeze. Especially with the dual core on the "Z". I am an Allergist not an IT guy and if I can load apps from GoodEReader than any one can.

DO NOT WANT, but those that DO WANT it will and SHOULD be happy they EVEN HAVE instagram when it DOES arrive.

Say YES U DO WANT IT...and u want: Skype, Oovoo, Whatsapp, Kik, Instagram, Chase, BankofAmerica and MORE!!...when we say IT DOESNT MATTER or IM NOT INTERESTED IN THAT APP...they dont worry about getting Native apps like we have on BlackBerry Bold...they need to wake up and start doing it or the will lose customers stuck just because of the apps...theres no time to wait more!

Yes i want a working version of Instagram. Its a great tool that allows you to take a photo, doctor it and easily post it on many sites (Facebook, twiiter, etc) at once. I use it for personal and work related photos. Can i do without it? Sure but why would i want too.

People here talking about how it's not important etc. Instagram IS important, its all the little apps that make the user experience fun and exciting, if it wasn't a big deal you think it would get THIS much attention?

Seriously, its one the most popular apps, not just because it can do pic editing, but the community behind it and the way it's setup is just done very well, it's simple but addicting and fun to use. I don't know why people (even the ones that don't care) cant comprehend and respect that fact.

I just don't know what the hell is taking so long, I keep defending BB and saying it will have all we want soon while my friends etc are using all the apps that I don't have STILL. I'll never lose my loyalty cause I just love Blackberry especially with BB10's release but I can't help but strongly think about other devices that have some apps that I would really love to be enjoying on my Z10.

i just loaded instagram on to my Q10....i like somewhat having access to doesnt have full functionality as it wasnt made for my Q10.... i'd much rather have a native IG app

So Instagram just announed its official native app, Instagram v0.2 for Windows Phone...still no love for BRRY SMDH