CrackBerry Asks: How old is your BlackBerry?

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jun 2012 01:03 pm EDT
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I spoke to my brother early this morning. He told me the trackball on his old BlackBerry Tour was screwed and the phone felt like it was on its last leg, so he was wondering what phone he should buy next. I sort of cringed at the mention of the word trackball - since I first went hands-on with the Curve 8520 back in 2009 I've been on the latest and greatest trackpad device model from RIM.

Then just a few minutes ago I talking to CrackBerry's Adam Zeis about what our next big CrackBerry giveaway should be and how we should run it. He suggested giving away a new BlackBerry to the person out there who was rocking the oldest BlackBerry. A fun idea. We're not sure how we could run it in a fair manner (somebody would have to prove their daily-use phone really is an ancient BlackBerry). But the conversation got us wondering just how many people out there are using old trackball or even trackwheel phones. So that brings us to our...

Question of the Week: How Old is your BlackBerry, by design? You rocking a phone with a trackpad? Still on an old trackball model? Maybe you're still loyal to the BlackBerry Storm? Or heck, maybe you're rocking an even older trackwheel model? Vote above and let us know in the comments just how old your BlackBerry is.

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CrackBerry Asks: How old is your BlackBerry?


I want to know who's on the trackwheel and what they are sporting? That's crazy and awesome at the same time.

I went form Curve 8310 -> Bold 9000 -> Bold 9700 -> Torch 9800 -> Torch 9810 (briefly) -> Bold 9900

Always getting whatever the latest and greatest is on AT&T. Hence, the brief stint with the 9810.

Not necessarily wrong . Neither of us have sampled the general population so who are you to say I'm wrong? Either way 90% of the voters, even if it's a survey taken only on this site, is a pretty good indicator I would say.

While not necessarily wrong, the only statement that can be made definitively is that crackberry users are progressive. Whether they represent a huge or small percentage is debatable.

Personally I think this is an example of snowball sampling...where a survey is completed by like-minded individuals who they share it with other like minded-individuals (kinda like what FOX News does).

Bottom-line, most people who register with are likely to have newer devices running current OS. Although, I have a PhD, I certainly did not need it to tell me this.

Hi Everyone,

I've said on a number of occasions that I still use a BlackBerry 8330 BUT I also use a BB 9800 and just recently bought a BB 9900. They are all great BlackBerrys.

For ease of use, my favourite is the BB 8330. I will, however, get the BB 10 Touch BlackBerry when RIM launches it this fall and am really looking forward to the BB 10 with a QWERTY keyboard.


- CB

Yup...rocking a company provided 9000 with most of the chrome worn off, SD card slot cover long gone and working my 3rd trackball replacement. Man I hope the new BB10 devices get here soon!!!

The update to the 9900 would be a very badass thing to do! Convince the company! ;)

...And keep the 9000 as a backup.

I use 3 Blackberries, my first one was the original 9530 storm and I still like it and use it. I fact, as I drive Transport up into the Yukon in Canada, it is CDMA, and it will work where my other phone, 9700 Bold fears to tread. I also have a company phone 9810 torch, and I love 'em all.
I am a Mac man and have been since 1987 and at the time was looking for a smart phone my choices were Blackberry or the new iPhone, I chose the Blackberry because it was experienced- no regrets.

there is no blackberry better than the storm 2 . i still use this phone daily and i do own a 9930 and still prefer my storm 2.I wish it could get os7 and i would buy another to save.

SurePress is still awesome to me! I still love my Baby! My Storm2 will get me thru til BB10! Wait.....What.....System memory low!?!?! Oh!!! My bad!!! That's my other chick texting me from my BlackBook app! Yep, smooth sailing until BB10!

My Storm 2 is indestructible. Buried in the snow for 2 days after losing it after an epic night on the town. Twice I have left it on top of my car and driven away. Yes the screen is a little smashed but it still works fine for me. The second time it was immediately run over by another car. My girlfriend thought for sure it was the end of the road for my Storm...think again!

Had to break out my Storm 2 from the drawer after my Torch decided to go for a swim with me. Had to unlock for ATT. It's like hanging out with an old long lost friend. It will due until BB10 hits.

And I agree that the Storm2 could be the best phone out there! If it could get a more powerful dual core processor, it would the best phone on the market! And also it should have a way to disable (If desired!) SurePress for the non-believers! Then, it would be a top seller!

Hopefully RIM will see this and wipe all non OS 7 phones off the planet! lol

Dinosaur Berry's in 2012 are giving them a bad rep!

Heh, maybe it should be YOUR personal goal to buy them off everybody and then ship 'em in boxes to third world countries that have electricity and cellular service so they CAN have blackberries.

Oh but you would then have to buy OS 7 devices for everybody you took the phones off them. Lol

Sucks to be you to never appreciate the goodness and benefits of BlackBerry.

Bold 9900... Until a qwerty BB10 comes out.
History: Monochrome Samsung flip phone, 64k color samsung flip phone, WM UTStarcom 6700 > Pearl 8130 > Bold 9700 > Bold 9900. Haven't looked back.

Sold my BlackBerry 9810 Torch and bought a new white BlackBerry Bold 9000...the best BlackBerry that's ever been created. =)

My first Blackberry was a 9300 bought in December of 2010. I loved Blackberries ever since. Last February I decided to upgrade to a 9790. I love Blackberry!!!

With all the phones you've gone through, I can't believe you haven't hooked your brother up with better hardware.
You should have given him your P' 9981

No kidding, right?

I've tried... but he's on CDMA (MTS in Manitoba) and I always get GSM berries that I normally run on Rogers. I'm trying to get him to switch to Rogers.


But if he has a great deal and lesser cost data plan and service and likes MTS, he should stick with it. Heck, if TELUS didn't charge me through the penis (ouch!), I would have stuck with them. WIND got me unlimited everything. If windmobile is in your area, switch to them. Who cares if service goes in waves and signal/voice quality surfes up and down, it rocks. :)

Try reloading the OS from scratch and... Only restore the necessities, such as addressbook, browser bookmarks, icon arrangement, options, calendar, memopad. Only restore Messages if you have a carrier-hosted e-mail address.

Although I currently use a 9900, I still have my 7130e and 9530 Storm sitting in my cupboard. Every now and then I like to take them out and fire them up...and then I remember why they are in the cupboard!!

Started with 72xx trackwheels, >87xx > 83xx trackball > 9xxx Bolds (trackball & pads). Currently on 10 month old 9900 with intermittent issues likely going to be replaced under warranty, likely with another 9900 until BB10!.

Running a trackpad Torch 9800. Used to repair trackball Blackberries a lot. I got a bunch of Curve 8300 series trackballs (with ring) through some contacts (like 40 of them). I then replaced them whenever people had issues. The interesting part is the trackball was the same, even on the Tour/original Bold. The problem with these two models is that to get to the ball, you had to take the phone apart remove the back, front, and keyboard. so I always had to wait until they were outside the 1 year warranty, then plunge my screwdriver through the anti-tamper strip and change the balls.

Anyone else a little disappointed with the quality of some of the articles on here lately?

A poll about how old your Blackberry is as a feature on the front page? Weak. There was also an article about "What does your home screen look like?" and a big write up about "How to change the Snooze time from the homescreen".

I love Blackberry and Crackberry, have been using both since inception pretty much, but I'm noticing a lot of 'filler' lately. Also, more and more articles promoting themes/applications (which I'm assuming crackberry makes a kick-back on). I mean, it's one thing if its a truly remarkable and innovative app, but most of the time its not and is just kinda a cash grab.

Anyone else noticing this? Or am I completely off base here...?

You're not off-base at all! Unfortunately most BB users are slowly (or not so slowly) migrating to other platforms. Also RIM hasn't come up with anything newsworthy of late (other than more layoffs). So what's to report?

Sad but true.

Agree. I've been checking the site since yesterday afternoon to see some reporting on Windows Phone 8. I've read other blogs (and know that there is a Windows Phone dedicated site under Mobile Nations), but I want to hear what CrackBerry editors have to say about it.

RIM is fighting with MSFT for third place. This--not Apple or Google--is the competition (at least for now. Check back in 2014). If a consumer has decided not to go the iOS or Android route that is deliberate, and they will be choosing either BB10 or Windows Phone 8. I want to hear from CrackBerry why or how RIM will win the business of that consumer.

I know BB10 hasn't been revealed yet, but how do CrackBerry think it will compare/compete. After seeing Windows Phone 8, and the resources and intigrated platform behind it, RIM really has its work cut out for it.

Sorry, I should clarify; I meant that they probably have a podcast dedicated to the new Microsoft announcements ready and waiting for whenever they decide to have their next podcast. I should have indicated that I was talking about the topic itself, not the recorded discussion.

Currently own a 9810. My first was a pearl 8100. Then 9000. Then 9700. Then 9800 and then...can't wait for BB10. My wife and I are on a shared plan and our upgrade dates are on alternate years. So I always get the upgrade and she gets the hand me downs which are upgrades to her. Lol

I"m still rocking my Bold 9000. Has been dropped numerous times, has nicks and scratches everywhere, but still serving me well. Would have had it upgraded but there's a thing called BB10 coming soon :)

Well, my 9780 is 10 months old, but looks like 5 years old.

Hahahaha, to much falls to the ground ;)

My 3 years old daughter has my old 8900, can u imaginate how look it

Live Long and Prosper!

I second that. Shame on you CrackBerry Kevin for not hooking up your own brother with a new BlackBerry!

I have my Tour and the contract is up in October... I want a bb10 phone so I hope they're out by then! Otherwise I will bide my time and hope this thing won't die on me... sometimes the trackball gets stuck and I get soooo frustrated with it... but I'm holding on :) for the new ones...

Started off with my 8530i (still have it)------>> 9650 (sold)--------->> 9930
If there was an option for trackball or trackpad on my 9930 i would take the ball, not that i don't like the pad but at times my finger hovers over the pad and it assumes i want to do something and i don't, never had that problem with the ball and that brings up why i will wait for a BB10 phone with a keyboard and skip the all touch screen version

I use a 9900 now, but I started off with the 7130g. It had a Trackwheel, no camera, but reliable communications. It still works. no surprise there.

I have the 9800 and I love it, am keeping it going (no problems so far) till the "London" comes out....:-)

...fear me, I've killed hundreds of time lords!

Fear me, I've killed all of them!

Hey NO WORRIES! I have fixed up my trackball on my Curve 8900 lots of time! Works like a charm! Easy to open up most Blackberries... I just popped out a few pieces, cleaned off the lint from the rollers and presto, works like new! If you want some help cleaning the thing up let me know!!!!

You can send me the thing, I'll bust it open, MAKE A VIDEO of it being cleaned and working and then put it all back together. No need to throw out this device just because it has a bad ball! The thing I love most about Blackberries is that you can take them apart and put them back together! Not like those other phones that are glued together and impossible to fix yourself.

Plus there are so many cool tutorials on Youtube showing you how to open up Blackberries and fix things. I even fixed the keyboard on my Curve8900 (which is actually the same PCB as the entire phone, not separate) because my baby daughter had slobbered all over the phone while sucking on it, and caused water corrosion damage to the contacts under the keyboard! I was able to scratch off the corrosion, sand it flat again and assemble the whole thing! Worked like a CHARM!

So seriously, don't condemn your old Blackberries. I use them for media players, self-standing GPS devices (because I can load an offline mapping app on it like TrekBuddy) and WiFi-only browsers or music-streaming devices. No SIM needed, no activation needed, no unlocking needed. You can use your old Blackberry for lots of things!

Dropped it? It doesn't get broken from a single drop. What did you drop it in? Water? Gasoline? Coal? Fire? Embers?

Less than 24 hours! Beat that ;) I upgraded my 8530 OS5 to a 9350 OS7.1 yesterday at 5pm.

It will hold me off until blackberry10 and then me and the hubby are both getting new BB10 devices.

I am always on his PlayBook and he hates it so I'm gonna get him a 4g PlayBook whenever it gets here and adopt his as my own. :)

I rocked my Curve 8900 up until 2 months ago when I picked up a Bold 9780 on kijiji to get me through to contract renewal time. Mrs. QC_Al however still rocks her Curve 8310 w/GPS as a daily user! her contract comes up in a few months and no matter how much I try to convince her otherwise...she's joining the iFamily. Doesn't matter, she'll get her 4S and be stuck with it for 3 years while she envies the new BB10 device I'll get when my contract renews a few months after.

Well my first BlackBerry was a used 8830 or 8330 I don't even remember, all I know is it had an hour glass as the screen saver. Then I did myself a huge favor, left T-Mobile and went to Verizon and walked out with a brand new Bold 9650. The microphone went out on it so I had to upgrade to a 9930 which I love but I was patiently waiting for BB10 although it was named whatever it was named then.

I'm no longer on BB, but up until about 7 months ago my daily driver was an 8130 (Pearl CDMA). And someone I know was using an older trackwheel BB (not sure of the model, I only glimpsed it a few times).

The funny part is he was bragging about how much better his BB was over my Android (Galaxy Nexus). He's one of those types that no matter what it is, the fact that HE'S using it makes it better then whatever anyone else has.

Still loyally and proudly rocking my very first BlackBerry (and first smartphone), the Storm2 9550. Came late to the game and wanted a touchscreen phone, but by the time the 9850/60 came out we already knew about QNX-based devices over the (distant) horizon, so I'm "patiently" waiting on BB10 to drop!

My wife is still rocking a 5 yr old pink Pearl. I forget the model. Begging her to upgrade, but she doesn't want to get locked into a plan.

This vote should have been more specific and listed each device instead of grouping them together. I would rather see more detailed results..

How about my 8310 that I rock. I've had to replace the trackball several times. That damn chrome ring likes to break. Plus I've actually bought parts on ebay from hong kong to replace outer shell parts...

Just waiting for BB10!!

I'm a late comer to the RIM world. After rocking a Treo 650 for 3 years and needing to update but at the time no better options in the Palm world. A friend purchased a Storm 1 and after about a week liked it. So I also entered the BlackBerry world with a Storm 1. I really liked it but the boot time and battery life compared to the Treo was poor. About a year later my now wife dropped her Storm 1 in the toilet and they had a two for one sale on the Storm 2. So I currently rock the Storm 2. Our contact ended just February so here we wait for BB10. My son 16 rock the original Storm until it died and at Christmas upgraded to 9850. I asked him if he wanted another brand and me said no. We love sharing our schedules via the calendar. My wife and I have a playbook and enjoy them as well. My wife has it in her purse everyday.

Hmmm...the contest won't benefit me since I'm on the 9810, but this might be a good way to tackle the information asymmetry problem:

To receive the prize the person must send an image of their help screen showing the device model and pin. they must then also send a bbm from the phone to a crackberry phone. This way CB will know that the person has at least provisioned the phone with BIS since you can see which pin the BBM was sent from and match it to the PIN in the image.

Rolling along smoothly with an 8330. Original Sedio extended battery, third trackball,second keyboard, third hybrid OS. And, I have SPACE between my keys.
Ran over it with a work cart- it just shrugged as I brushed the dust off.
Easily my best multipurpose device!

Just waitin' for that BB10 launch. My phone upgrade is due in September -so timing should hopefully coincide! :)

I'm still using the Tour I purchased ahead of launch day b/c I was so excited. The trackball never worked well from day 1!

Both of my parents still use their pair of red curve 8330's. They both think the 8330 is the best smartphone ever b/c it's all they've ever used.

I'm using 9900 since April, swicthed from 9860 because i can't stand typing on the 9860. Has been with RIM since 8900. My History with RIM's devices are 8900->9780->9860->9900. Trackpad has been one of the best invention in mobile devices that help a lot in operating a mobile device.

Still using a BlackBerry World Edition 8830 as my one and only phone. A couple years in I promised to buy myself a new phone when this one died, but that was years ago and it just won't die. I've rocked this BB for nearly 5 years now. It has a few quirks here and there but is still unbelievably solid.

I was so close to buying a 9900 when it came out, but then the rumours swirled about BlackBerry 10 releasing in the spring (because that, of course, actually happened haha) and I made myself hold off. Just holding tight until October now.

My main device is the 9850. But I still fire up my S2 now and then - never my S1 - hate that phone. And when traveling I always take my Tmobile 8700g; and almost always wind up using it (WAPpers rule!). Battery will last a week. One of the most solid communication devices - - excellent keyboard. I still remember how excited I was to show my wife ("Look! It lights up!).

haha I still have the 7230 here (of course the battery is dead), my 6230 is recycled ^^


damn that are a few overy the years ;)

I'm rolling a 9900 (till BB10), but there's a grand total of 1 9900, 1 9790, 1 9550, 1 9360, 1 9300 and 2 8520s in the house. Not counting three Playbooks.

I'm still using a 3-year old BB Pearl 8220 Flip-phone running the 4.6 operating system and getting only 2G data speeds. Trying to decide whether I should upgrade now to the Bold 9900 or wait for BB 10. As of today, I'm waiting, and waiting, and waiting, .....

I can't believe you haven't just given your brother one of your many BlackBerry handhelds, lol. Anything you could give him will probably be better than what he has. Why not just give him that BNOB 9700 you mentioned?

My 9930 is only about 3 months old. I wonder if there is some way I could check for a definite number of days I've had the phone in operation. Lol.

How about 6750 > 7130e > 8130 > 9700 > 9810

Those were for work.

Personal phones I've had 8100 > 9700 > 9860

Gonna get a BB10 asap...patiently waiting

Sometimes I miss the "good old times".
As it was exciting just to have a cam on the phone - that was a funtime.
Now, everything is a bit more difficult, it´s more like:
"It has a 5Mpx cam - that sucks, why not a 23Mpx. HD-vid. in 1080p, 30fps.....?"
Everyone keeps complaining...

My history: 8700 --> 8900 --> 9900 --> 9790

I love all my BBs. :)

I bought my first smartphone, a Storm 1, in November 2008. It is still my only cell phone and gets used daily and there's not a scratch on it! While it's a bit creaky and slow, it still gets the job done!

Love my Storm! :)

That's crazy, looking at the voting options I see I had every type. Started with the trackwheel with my 7100i, then the trackball with my pearl 8100 and then curve 8300, stepped it up to the trackpad with the curve 8520 then bold 9700, back to the trackpad with the bold 9000, back to the trackpad with the torch 9800, now been rockin my torch 9850 since last September. Wow, that's 8 different models spanning from os 4 to 7.1 on 4 different carriers. That's Blackberry dedication right there!

I still use the white 8100 from alltel although is with Verizon now. I replace the trackball once and the battery is giving up now, already ordered a new battery .

BlackBerry Pearl 8220... lol

I had a Curve 9330, but the poor thing was run over.. and so, a mandatory downgrade ensued. Just waiting on the physical keyboard BBX now. Thankfully I have a Playbook to get most things done though... well, so long as there's wifi around, anyway.

My gf still uses her Bold 9000 on a daily basis and likes the trackball still...its pretty beat up now and doesn't work a lot of the time but she still loves it

I'm still rocking a blackberry 8310 curve. Trackball... Ugh, its kinda on the "oh my god, it could die any day" leg. But it's reliable, and works well. Granted, the 3g works sparingly, 98% of the time it's on 1x... Oh and it doesn't have wifi. It's ancient. I think I got it in 2007...? Not sure.

I have BB 8520 since Aug 2010 and still love it
so strong, reliable, good looking
Long live blackberry

Holding on to my Storm 2 waiting for the Coming of BB10! Was eyeing the Torch but decided to wait a while longer since we are so close now....

9800 for now (9900 as soon as I go pull the trigger on the annual upgrade).

But BOY oh BOY, sometimes I just REALLY miss that Bold 9000 . . . even the track ball!! Still think if the 9900 was built on the 9000 chassis (sized up to 9900 with the new keyboard and touchscreen) it would be the greatest ever - I would buy 3 or 4 just to always have one. LOVE LOVE LOVE that battery cover, RIM surrounding the phone . . .

Next "crackberry asks" should be "Heck, would I be happy with just a Playbook if it could do phone calls?"

I live in rural Alaska and my "newest" blackberry is the bold 9650. The service I use does have the 9900 I just can't get it. Before that I had the curve 8520 just over a yr and a half ago. I can't wait for the bb 10, I just have to wait like1-2 years after everyone else gets it.

The pearl has given up - tired and beat.

The 8800 is still good, but got no wifi so it's resting. Only turn it on for nostalgia :)

The storm lost its storm.

So i'm holding on to my Storm 2.

The thing about me is I pack every unit with the best apps, makes me more attached to each one.

If and when my Storm 2 gives up, will go to a torch then. I just love Touchscreen Blackberry.

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

Still have my 8900 curve.. And i still got the box and everything.. I use it everyday and its in good condition =] with os4 rofl.. =]

rj a.k.a. jay
san diego, california
blackberry curve 8900 & blackberry playbook 16g

So I walked in T-Mobile last weekend and got myself a free Bold 9900 in return for a 2 year contract renewal, and... Today I will be taking it back. Its a nice phone but not that much of an upgrade over my 9700. I just cant see myself being happy with it for another 2 years. No Skype, No LinkedIn app, no Kindle app, no real support for gmail accounts, call quality not as good as 9700, poor battery life, the occasional hang/crash. More and more companies are only releasing apps for Android and iOS and for me, right now, Windows Phone looks the better bet for the #3 player. Sorry to say but a new Blackberry OS7 device just doesn't make any sense right now.

Humpth, since you don't like the 9900, what you SHOULD have done is just transferred only the addressbook/contacts, calendar, memopad and browser bookmarks over and skipped everything else.

We'll never see skype or netflix or those other apps until the developers/companies wake the hell up AND until skype isn't a BITCH to microsoft, verizon or 3UK.

Learn to appreciate things, or you'll never will enjoy anything.

My main phone is a Bold 9780, but my secondary phone running with a SIM card on a different network (almost) daily is a Curve 8320. Except for quite a lot of dings and scratches on the body, it still works fine. I'm even going to get a new housing for it soon, so it would look just like it did when I first got it.

Still rocking a 7290 after a brief stint with a 9900 that didn't exhibit the battery life I needed. I'm amazed my 7290 is still completely functional and has never shown a single sign on quitting. Original battery no less! But I WOULD love to move onto a BB10 device or even an OS7 device as long as it's one with good battery life (or a 9900 with an extra battery HAHA)

i'm on 9550 as first try lol. i like touchscreen and odin was the only touchscreen available that time. sure torch have touchscreen but i don't like sliding keyboard. when monza & orlando launched i was tempted to upgrade but decided to wait for bb10 lol.