CrackBerry Asks: How many BBM contacts do you have?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jul 2011 02:23 pm EDT
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BBM is one of the great things about BlackBerry smartphones. It keeps you in touch with friends and family and truly is one of the great things about being a BlackBerry user. One of the great mysteries however (well maybe not so great but still a mystery) is how many BBM contacts is too many? Some users (like myself) only have a handful of BBM contacts, while others have hundreds. There was a time I tried to add everyone that wanted to chat, but after a while it just gets too hard to keep up. Kevin has even killed a device or two adding too many BBM contacts. So our quetion today is this: how many BBM contacts do you have? Pick the option that best fits you, then leave a comment telling us about your BBM use. Thanks @ABoldGuy

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CrackBerry Asks: How many BBM contacts do you have?


more than half of my bbm contacts have moved to other platforms....I can always add myself and have a convo with me right?

Have over 500,.. I send out News Updates :O)

But When i Broadcast anything, RIM Eats allot of the messages, many persons don't receive it.

Must be a Bug

hi my name is Raul Adams and been a BB user for more than a year and love it so far. I was wondering if i can be part of BBM group since u send News Updates and stuff. I like BB and i'd like to updated on anything new.
Thanks in advance.

I have 18 contacts at the moment. I usually send out a broadcast message once a week to wish everyone a good weekend. Other than that, I just use it for the occasional chat with people.

too many of my "BBM friends" have migrated over to android. Now some are "yahoo!" friends and just txt messaging

im in the 40-50 group. and could have A LOT more if i wanted to. seeing how itz either the curve2 or palm pre in my town there are a ton of bb users

Only 2. Both family members. One is about to switch to iPhone. The other has BB b/c she works for huge corporation. A few of my friends who have BB don't even use BBM. Sadly, most of my friends/family have iPhones or Androids.

In my opinion, RIM has really lost the consumer market over the last three years. No way they'll get it back unless QNX is "AWESOME!!!" (as Kevin would say in his "little girl" voice).

Regardless, I love my 9700 (hopefully soon to be a 9900). As a self-employed person, I can choose any platform I want, and I still love my BB. All my friends say I'm crazy. Don't let me down RIM! Release the 9900 and push out the new QNX phones by Fall '12 (before iPhone 6).

bbm is kind of a useless tool these days. anything that is specific to only one platform just isnt going to last in todays market.

too many people have iphones and android devices, which makes bbm is a waste of time when google chat and facebook work across platforms.

I second that. NOBODY is buying a BlackBerry because of BBM.

I've used BlackBerry's for 5 years now and I have only once logged into BBM. It looked pointless since only 1 other friend had a BlackBerry. To this day, only 1 other friend and family member have a BlackBerry.

RIM is a "dead man walking".

I only have 3 BBM contacts left, 2 are family members who've already stated they're switching to iPhone 5 as soon as it's available. So BBM is becoming much less of a competive advantage for RIM, especially since iPhone copied it for their next OS...

55. been holding around that number, although having lost several to android and apple, other friends rockin antiques have upgraded to BB. i broadcast a link to rebecca black to my list every friday :D maybe id have more contacts if i didnt do this :p

About 3 years ago my friends and I all had blackberries. My BBM list was around 20. I loved BBM. Since then all but one of my friends have moved on to the iphone and droid. We still communicate through yahoo messenger. I love my blackberry but have pretty much given up on BBM.

I have 2 bc my family haz android and iphone, i am going to stay w/ blackberry bc i like my Bold 9650 w/ os6. yes it a little laggy and some times i have no signal for any reason, but idc. i just cant wait for Bold 9900 or Storm 3!

Amazing, so according to the poll most users don't even use bbm or almost never use it.. So what makes you stay with BBOS when there are so much more appealing OS'es out there such as Android, iOS and WP7?

I mean don't get me wrong I'm not trolling lol just wondering. I love my torch to death but I feel the main reason I have a BlackBerry is because of BBM since where I live Blackberries dominate the market.. I can do most if not all things other OS'es do on my Torch but feel everything is slower and choppier on it compared to the others..

I'm sure as hell if it wasn't for the OS7 preview and the incredibly badass bold 9900 I'd be considering jumping ship by now.

So I guess my question is: If it's not BBM what makes you chose BlackBerry over others?

1. Keyboard (nobody else is close)
2. Messaging (not just BBM; email, text, chat,'s easy and fast on my 9700).
3. Battery life (my wife is always charging her Android).
4. It's simple and works. I need my BB to (and for) work. I don't need/care about games or a zillion apps (if you do that's fine...not it up!). Give me 1st class biz functionality and I'm set. If/when I want entertainment, I don't go looking for it on my phone.

I have about 29. Here in South Africa most people have BB and use BBM as it is a very cost effective way to communicate. I have only been using BlackBerry since the beginning of they year and love it. Was deciding betw iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Guess which one I chose. Can't wait for the new devices...

I have 3. Rarely use it all; usually text to everyone.

I was a Palm girl for years, all the way through Palm Centro, then briefly moved to Android. I've done 30-day trials of 3 androids this year; 2 sprint, one verizon.

For me BB does what I want in as few steps as possible.

Here is one question for people who say that BB look old and outdated. For android users -- most of those phones look alike, even whose with keyboards when the slider is not out. and the few that don't look alike look like stupid BB-wannabees--I'm looking at you, Samsung Replinish and Droid pro (i think that's the name of that ugly phone). How come nobody ever calls that form factor outdated? It's been around since Android came out!

I went from having 80-something earlier this year to just over 50. Everyone is switching to iPhone or Android.

I only have 1 BBM contact - a friend of mine - but it is pretty much the only way we contact each other, so it is useful in that regard. I would have more, but my other friends don't have BlackBerries.

This question was asked earlier but i have to asked it again. If so much of you guys have so little people on your BBM list because you dont use it or had ton of folks but most have gone over to other phones what is it that has kept you hooked to your BlackBerry? Many of these comments smell a bit fishy and sound (read) too similar. Remember when "flip flop" was popular in the news and they were all reciting the same sound bits?

I'm in the 50-100 range. used to have much more but I often weed out the useless "I'm only here to broadcast" ones. I only keep people I actually talk to.

I have about 10 or so.....but I barely even talk to 2 at this point. Every week since about early last year, I've seen my 100+ BBM contacts move down and down as Android phones released, and even got worse once the iPhone released. So at this point, in addition with my growing frustration with RIM and some of the new spec'd out phones from others, it's getting hard to have this feature for no reason. And it's even harder to say with the platform. But I'm willing to see what the future will bring.

I have 21 BBM contacts. Some are family, others friends. I'd rather use BBM than regular text because I don't have unlimited texts on my plan. BBMs don't count against my text cap. I like that I can see that people have received my BBM and have read it; don't get that with a regular text. My only complaint about BBM is that it doesn't allow you to group contacts without reinviting them. If I already have someone as a BBM contact, I should be able to add him or her to a group (family, business, etc.) simply by a quick add instead of having to specifically invite them to join a group.

I have 101 now after deleting some unimportant contacts and I'm still using a bold 9000, I guess we here in jamaica still find BBM useful :)

i cant believe that that many people have as little amount of contacts as i do. i truly thought i was part of a handful of people but evidently not. Guess it's not just me who find bbm pretty much irrelevant. i don't feel so bad anymore lol.

I used to have 25 BBM contacts but soon as the iOS and Android platforms started taking off I kept loosing contacts continuously. I am now down to a meager 5 BBM contacts.

Less and less. Most of my contacts are on alternative networks. BBM for Android can't come soon enough...

Yes, BBM for Android would be nice. Then I could BBM wife. Gtalk is unreliable; keeps signing me out (arg).

I'm from New York City and am a nightclub promoter. When I first went with the Storm in 2009, I quickly had over 475 contacts. Today, it's down to 88. A huge loss of contacts occurred when the Androids and HTC with the 4.3" screens came into play. I have not been over 100 contacts since the year began. People simply don't believe in BB in the Big Apple.

im in the 100+ group, and have always been. i dont use it to broadcast, etc(though i occasionally do) started with the Bold 9000 on release date and id say ive lost maybe 10-15 contacts to other os's, even with ping, whatsapp, and liveprofile(all apps i use).

And im sure im not the only person here who has friends or family around the world, so BBM is better than great for me. mind you, within my CLOSE group of 7 people(that means theres 8 of us, lol), 6 of us have iphones, 5 as a secondary gadget, one wont use BB, one wont use iphone, and we are currently in 3 different parts of the world but stay in contact daily.
and yes, theres google chat, yahoo mail, etc. but no logging in, making sure they are logged in, no "bot" friend requests all make bbm still the winner for me.

but hey, bbm might just work a lil different for me and mine.

As mentioned by others, I am amazed by the sheer number of BB users who don't take advantage of BBM.

I am sure it was mentioned somewhere on CrackBerry in the past that you can add "text message contacts" to your BBM contact list. This has allowed me to send text messages to my contacts through the BBM interface regardless of the system they are using on the other end.

I am able to bounce back and forth between chats seamlessly all within Messenger. For me, I don't care what other people use. BBM has made it too simple not to use.

BTW, of the 40 contacts I have and connect with regularly a full 25% are on different platforms.

There is a MAJOR, absolutely MAJOR flaw in BBM when you use it as the interface for your text messages with contacts that don't have BBM.

When you decide to "End Chat", this deletes the entire thread of text messages you've been sending to the contact. Personally, that is a major thing that needs to be fixed. Had to learn the hard way and from that point on, text messages stay out of BBM on my phone.

i only have 2, one of whom i chat with at least every other day. never had that many to start with, but the few i did have migrated to other platforms, or i did not hear from them enough to keep them on my list.

I got like13 BBM Pins :( most of my friends got androids and iphones :( :( I believe that blackberrys are great phones and just depends on what you use it. To me doesnt matter whether its got 10,000 apps or just 10 apps! BBM is all i need to get the job done. but i believe we have the technology to improve them.

I've got less than 10.... probably should work on that :P

Great communication platform though, really do enjoy using it when the opportunity presents itself.

I used to have only a few BBM contacts, 4 to be exact. I downloaded an app on appworld called Jingu Messages where you can meet a bunch of fellow BBMer's :) I found a lot more friends and now I have over 150 contacts!

Yup I have 19 its hard to have bbm friends 1. People made or are making the switch to the green little hulk or the bitten snowwhite apple. 2. Most of my contacts on bbm are shy birds and won't talk so I delete them 3. When you add people you get "send me a pic" or "here's a pic of me" ect ect we all had those! What happened to the reguular bbm users that would be added just to have a conversation without posting pics dirty audio or nasty videos like sseriously! If your interested in having a regular conversation or play a game of battles on bbm add me! 26BCD82C

I have zero BBM contacts, as all my contacts have moved on to Droid or I-phone platforms. I am the only one using old technology!

RIM had better get these new devices out quick and they better be awesome!

At one point I had nearly close to 100 contacts, but realized that was too many to keep track of and some needed to be deleted. With many jumping platforms, I ended up with around 25 or so. As I don't have time to sit around and chat all day, this is a more manageable number. Plus I like to get to know those that request me. I've made some true friends here. I just don't see how someone can keep track of 3 or 4 digit BBM contacts. Lol.

read all comments in here, thats funny.... im from here most of people using blackberry. so its not surprised if some teenager had more than 300 contacts in their BBM... me myself, had around 400 BBm contacts... regular chat with 150 ppls...the rest is work relation, or something else like social net frends.