CrackBerry Asks: Have you experienced random reboots on your BlackBerry Z10?

Random Z10 Reboots?
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 May 2013 10:08 am EDT

So here's the deal. Since the Z10 has been released, I have used several different Z10 units (probably 7 or 8... I lost count) across four different carriers, and I have never once experienced a random reboot on my Z10. The same goes for all of the members of the CrackBerry editorial team - there have been very few mentions of the phone randomly rebooting for no reason.

However, if you jump into CrackBerry's crazy busy BlackBerry Z10 forums, you will find a LOT of discussion around owners experiencing their Z10 randomly restarting, either during the day, or during the night while it's on the charger. For some, it seems to be a once per week thing. For others, it's happening daily. It felt like the reboot issue has most-often been reported by users on Verizon - to be certain, the reports in the forums do seem disproportionately high for Verizon Z10 owners compared to other carriers, but as you dive through the forum threads it is an issue that is definitely reported by at least some users across carriers around the globe.

The difficult thing to estimate based on our forum activity however is just how widespread the issue is. CrackBerry is THE HUB of the BlackBerry community. When engaged BlackBerry owners have issues, they more often than not will find their way into the CrackBerry forums to report them. So the question is when 500 or 1,000 users report they're experiencing random reboots on their Z10, we don't immediately know if that's 500-1000 in total and it's actually a relatively small number of people effected out of hundreds of thousands/millions of units sold and in use, or if it's actually representative of a bigger problem reaching many more customers. Over the years on other reported issues, I have witnessed it play out both ways. Sometimes an issue is relatively isolated but appears to be a larger problem based on the forum activity. Sometimes it really is a bigger problem.

At BlackBerry Live, I tried to do a little digging on the reboot issue and did get some unofficial feedback. It is a known issue by BlackBerry and the word is that the 10.1 update *should* help, though it still seems from browsing the forums that for many, even after the 10.1 update they are still experiencing reboots.

Digging through the forums, the thing that I'm finding very perplexing is that there doesn't seem to be a clear common thread between the reports. It's hard to debug something you can't reproduce. If EVERYBODY reported the issue, figuring it out and fixing it would be relatively easy (in other words, it would be fixed already). Or if it really was only reported by users on one carrier, you'd at least know where the problem lies even if it is taking a while to issue the fix. As I dig through the forum threads, however, it's not clear where to point the blame.

The last time I experienced issues with a BlackBerry rebooting, it was on a Bold 9900 and it was my SIM card was to blame. For whatever reason the phone hated my SIM card (maybe it got too old or bent or something). I replaced the SIM card and everything was fine - no more random reboots. Could it be an issue like that? Or could there be a common installed third party app to blame? Maybe there is something going on based on carrier connectivity - like it only happens during hand-off between cell towers or is only an issue when coverage is low? A good test is to turn off the radio and just leave the phone on WiFi - do the random reboots still happen then or only when connected to a network? Or maybe there's a hardware issue with a specific range of units produced? This does seem plausible, especially given that we haven't really heard anything about Q10 owners reporting reboot issues. Digging through the threads, nothing jumps out. What is clear though is that there are also many more users that are experiencing no rebooting issues, which is to me what makes this reported reboot issue even more weird.

A member in the forums suggested I should try and get my hands on a Z10 unit from a person who's experiencing the issue first hand. I'm going to do that today. Finally returning home to Canada yesterday after two months in the US, I found out in catching up with my (future) sister-in-law last night that her Z10 has been rebooting randomly on her. As is the Z10 of another friend I have here. What I find really interesting here is that I personally purchased both of those Z10s at the same time as I bought two other Z10s I have had no issues with. So I'm going to put them in the CrackBerry Laboratory and see if I can figure anything out.

Providing Constructive Feedback to Help Solve the Issue

Let's bring the CrackBerry community together to help solve this one. If you are a BlackBerry Z10 owner, be sure to vote on the poll at the top of this post. More than digging through the forums, the poll will get a little more action and shed some light onto how many Z10 owners are seeing the reboots, and also if 10.1 has helped.

Secondly, if you are a Z10 owner who is currently experiencing reboot issues, leave a comment and go into the details of what you are experiencing. What carrier are you on? When/how is it happening? What third party apps are on your phone? Are you on a new SIM card or old SIM card? The more details you can provide, the better.

Vote on the poll, leave a comment, and we'll report back with more on this one when we have it.

*Update* - We heard through the grapevine there is two issues affecting the reboot situation. While we didn't get the exact details on them both, we know one of the issues only affects OS', and, while the other affects OS',,,, That would help explain the varied responses to a certain degree and why folks using 10.1 are still seeing the issue. Additionally, we're also hearing that a forthcoming update will help further address the concerns but again, we'll be following the matter.

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CrackBerry Asks: Have you experienced random reboots on your BlackBerry Z10?



same here 0 reboots on rogers using the old 10.0 os and new 10.1 os releases (have not installed any leaks) had my z10 since release on feb 5th

I have a z10 with Virgin Mobile in Canada. I purchased the phone in April and have experienced random reboots since the first week, typically 2-3 times a week. After updating to 10.1 it's been about 2 times a week.

Interestingly enough, I am now Travelling in Peru, and so I've turned of my cellular and data radios, and I've only been using wifi. I have not experienced ONE random reboot at all. And i'm using the phone a lot because of the HDR camera and wifi.

It's really strange. Maybe the cellular or data frequencies are making my phone reboot? Don't know.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

hmm I guess I'm the oddball out, gf and I both got Z10's same day from the same place and hers has only once(that we've caught) randomly rebooted. Mine reboots several times a week. and i catch it every time. then afterwards the camera UI disappears when i launch it or the music app just doesn't work so i have to reboot it again. but hers is perfect. I probably got a defect.

I was at work reading the topic and I was ready to add my 2 cents. I put down my cell to clock out and as I looked back down once again it began to reboot. I have a Z10 on the AT&T network. It started rebooting out the box before I added apps. It was slow first then increased to 3-5 x's a day and now is down to maybe once a day. Also has an occasional issue with it freezing.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Mine reboots 2 to 4 times per week. I am with rogers. It reboots on the charger and not in use. Has rogers update V10.1.0.273

Initially I didn't have any random reboots on Rogers, then gradually I noticed that it did happen, and as of recent it seems to be more frequent. Perhaps due to something in recent OS updates.

Voted once or twice, but then checked and was able to confirm that my Z10 had rebooted just this morning. It's happened somewhat frequently. Every time, though, it has been on the charger and not in use.

I'm getting the reboots as well. Telus. Z10 and so far it's been on the charger. I go between using the charger from PlayBook to the USB w/plug.

It happens infrequently. I normally keep Battery Guru open and then when I pick up the phone from charging notice that it's closed.

Because since the z10 update to 10.1 we haven't seen the boot time on the accessories section. Before you could tell when the phone rebooted.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

Telus.. Z10. Doesn't happen as often since update. No boot time record since update. No side loaded apps. Froze and restart yesterday while I was texting.

Per the article: "if you are a Z10 owner who is currently experiencing reboot issues, leave a comment and go into the details of what you are experiencing. What carrier are you on? When/how is it happening? What third party apps are on your phone? Are you on a new SIM card or old SIM card? The more details you can provide, the better."

Yep used to more than 2X a day on Verizon even before I side loaded apps doesn't do it as much since the updates thou downloaded a samurai game from the app world and the screen started freezing deleted it stopped as for the random reboots it still happens but hardly ever when I'm on the phone I know it rebooted because my open frames are all closed when I check the phone

Posted via CB10

Thanks for this post. Yes, I have experienced reboot and it happened last night while I was out. I pulled out my phone to use it and it was rebooting. I don't know how often it reboots because I may not always see it, right? I know it's rebooted on its own a few times.

Model: z10
Carrier: AT&T (USA)

For those of you posting, you can type "myver" and it should autotext to display your current version.

Posted via CB10

I'm on AT&T and I get these but it seems less so now. Maybe I just missed them??

The bad thing for me is that when the phone reboots I lose saved network connections and so sometimes I'm doing data stuff on LTE without realizing it because I think it's connected to my home wifi but it isn't! Argh!

Z10STL100-3/ on AT&T. New sim. Lots of apps. Haven't had a reboot in a while, and it seems to be happening less, but it happens. Only once while in hand. Other ones were overnight using a PB charger. Switched to the stock charger a while back, not sure if that could be part of it.

Z10STL100-3/ On ATT reboots with and without the charger and all chargers are official BlackBerry merchandise. Only apps are news, sports and a few games but as I've said before it was rebooting prior to me downloading apps. It's liable to reboot any time and any where. * I will note that even though my Z reboots frequently it NEVER happens when I'm physically using the cell. Only does it when it's not in use. * Hope that clue helps Scooba and the Crackberry Gang.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!

Just rebooted. Closed CB, put it in my pocket, pulled it out 20 seconds later and it was mid boot. Good thing it doesn't take long or I would definitely be a lot more disappointed

Personally no random reboots but sometimes it loses connection to the network and I have to reset it to start getting texts and calls again. Really annoying when I don't realize it for a couple of hours and then get a flood of texts when it turns back on. Primary function should be a phone and that has been an issue for me. I'm on Verizon so hopefully this is only an issue because I'm on one of the oldest of updates.

Posted via CB10

I have that issue as well. It's really annoying. I'm running a unlocked Z10 on Telenor Sweden. Version

Never ever had any reboots though. However, most of the time I have to shutdown the device and turn it back on to get back my connection to my carrier.

Posted via CB10

I also have the same issue. I'm running STL 100-1/ on Airtel, India.
I turn on the flight mode and then turn it off to get my network.

I had a faulty device from TMobile with multiple reboots during a day. End up switching with a different hardware.

Posted via CB10

Mine reboots randomly never on charger. Optus Australia. It doesn't annoy me as the z10 is awesome

Posted via CB10

I get it about once a day on average. Also on Optus and on

History: I did have a few side loaded android apps, but have un installed them. A few other native apps as well.

Brand new Optus sim.

It has rebooted overnight in the charger as well as sitting next to me on my desk at work, not on charger.

It has never caused an issue for me and I still really enjoy using the phone. I hope this is addressed in the 10.1 update when Optus decide to roll that out. I understand that these are typical version 1.0 issues, and am happy to wait for it to get fixed.

Posted via CB10

Also, to add, i haven't been able to recreate the problem, but a symptom one time before crashing was that I noticed a distinct lack of smoothness in the scrolling on Web pages and when swiping up while holding.

Not sure if that helps.



Posted via CB10

When that happens, next time, go into your Settings -> About -> Hardware and look at your available Free Memory at the bottom.

If there is indeed a memory leak, then it would be more than likely to have caused your phone to drop to its knees and slow to a crawl.

Any OS or device that has run out of RAM, will freeze by default. A reboot is a feature that must have been implemented by the manufacturer. Thus, this should be a pointer as to where exactly to begin digging. I wonder if BlackBerry has begun looking at how their QNX kernel handles low memory conditions.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for that. Did a quick check just now and it has 790mb of 2gb free. Only app open is cb10.

Many thanks :)

Posted via CB10

My original Z10 was solid. But It was replaced cause I kinda damaged my SIM card slot (my bad), but my replacement one reboots a couple times a day. It's in for service... hopefully it will replaced with one that doesn't reboot.

Multiple times daily. At LEAST once a night when charging. It seems to be completely random, i've never been able to pin down what causes it.

I'm with Wind Mobile in Canada. Bought the Z10 from Wind. My SIM card is actually a self-cut one I used on a previous phone and had no issues with that, and it works on this one, but I can replace it if need be.

I have a few side loads, I have tried removing them but it doesn't work. I have had random reboots with all the official and leak software. At this point I assume it's hardware, most likely battery. Will try to replace it, hopefully that's the issue.

Posted via CB10

There's a good chance that replacing your sim card to a manufactured micro sim will solve your problem. Why in the world are people cutting an old sim when the carrier sells them for < $10??!

Posted via CB10

At the time I got it, my carrier didn't have micro sins yet. I had bought an unlocked phone online, and it needed a micro simple. I will go get it replaced, maybe that will help. If it does I'll post again. But I'm not so sure that's the issue

Posted via CB10

My carrier provides SIM cards for free as part of the phone purchase if your old phone's card isn't compatible with your new device (eg. I went from a 9900 to this, so I didn't have a micro SIM. Rogers gave me this one for free).

I haven't had random reboots. The only issue I have had is sometimes with memory encryption turned on, every so often there is an error when trying to encrypt something new (like a photo taken with the camera), and then the phone would reboot. The file would be there when my phone started back up, so I guess the issue would be fixed with the reboot. That's happened all of two times since I got the phone, so I doubt it's related to the issues others are having.


Posted from my brain to your screen via CBQ10

My carrier provides a sim card with the phone purchase by default and a call to the the service center is needed to activate it at no extra charge.

I have an unlocked Koodo that I have been using on Wind for months now.. I am a really heavy user, my phone is on charge half the time, I probably only put in password to unlock the phone only 3 times on average in a day...
I never had any reboots on my Z10 previously, and I always had the latest leaks installed, however when I intalled the official 10.1, the next day when I was doing something on my phone it rebooted while on charger.
Hasn't happened ever since, at least in my notice..

Phone... Koodo Z10
Sim... carrier provided micro sim
Apps.... way too many... both sideloaded and purchased... about 14 pages...

Posted via CB10

When I first got my Z10 unlocked from Phones4U I did get quite a few random reboots and browser crashes. This became fewer after the initial BlackBerry 10 OS update. After updating to the 10.1 leak these issues have gone away and stayed away with the many other 10.1 leaks

Posted via CB10

It happened maybe twice before the 10.1 update, but after the update, my phone has been rebooting itself once daily.

It's pretty annoying since I haven't changed how I use my phone.

Anyhow, I'm on the Wind network.

Posted via CB10

I have never had a random reboot and I bought my Z10 since day 1 available in Canada I have a STL100-3 with Bell

Posted via CB10

I have random reboots off the charger. On T - Mobile. I haven't been able to figure out a pattern, but it is never when I am using the phone.

Posted via CB10

Just recently my phone has started to reboot and not charger when left over night. Started to shut it down while leaving it changing overnight and now it has begun turning on and not charging at all.

STL 1003 on Fido

Wouldn't we need some idea of the percentage breakdown of Z10 ownership across carriers for folks on CrackBerry in order to even know if an abnormally high number of VZW users reporting issues is significant?

I've had it happen once every few weeks before the OS update. But mow since 10.1, it's been a few times a week.

I did notice, however, that it rebooted once while I was playing a game and an incoming call came in. It hung up the call and restarted the phone.

A bit frustrating, to say the least.

I'm with Rogers

Posted via CB10

Never had a reboot issue on my device, or any of my family members (4 devices) all up in Canada on Rogers. Just upgraded to 10.1 and it's solid here also.

Posted via CB10

I am on my third Z10 from Verizon and third sim. Second battery and fourth SF card. I've had random multiple daily rebooting on and off chargers, doing something with phone and sitting by me idle. I had the stock Verizon based OS and have tried the two most recent leaked OS for the STL-400 version for Verizon. I have had side loaded apps and then did a security swipe and only added apps from BBW. Actually done six security swipes since 3/31/13 in total with sometimes restoring from backup and other times doing a whole new install manually. I can't make it reboot when I want to. It will reboot when ever it wants to. Why do.i keep it? When it's on, best business device to date. Handles multiple emails and calendars better than IOS and android. I need a fix though. Very soon. I have lost phone calls during reboot.

Posted via CB10

I've been having more random reboots since I updated to 10.1. I've had reboots when using maps, while streaming media via DLNA and at random in my pocket or overnight.

Posted via CB10

No reboots here in Greece but then again you have to bear in mind that: a. I ordered my Z10 from Germany and b. Z10 is not officially supported by my carrier so I haven't updated to OS 10.1
Maybe not being supported by the carrier has something to do with no random reboots

Posted via CB10

Verizon Z10 here, get on average 1-2 reboots a day. Usually at least overnight while charging in bedside mode. Randomly during the day I will look at my phone and see that it is rebooting. It has never rebooted during a phone call or while in use, only when it's just sitting there. Hoping it's a software issue and can be fixed

Posted via CB10

Z10STL100-2/ on proximus in Belgium, experience reboots since beginning both on os 10 and 10.1

Almost every night, I get up and have to reenter my pin because it reboots overnight.
Then it also reboots during day or usage, there is always a freeze when I am witnessing reboots, the phone gets unresponsive for a minute then reboots. There is no common opération that I van think of it happened with messaging with blaq or just like that.

My wife got a z10 on os10 and on a different carrier bade and never experienced reboots.

I got official apps, sideloaded apps, official android port and of course cb10.

I asked @blackberryhep and they tolde rob report to cartier to log connectivity.

There are some discussion in the official blackberry forums as well where some guy managed to retrieve a log from his z10 amd saw some information that shows that the phone is protecting itself by rebooting.

So far I can live with it since it happens overnight or seldom during the day. But for some of us it happens 7 times a day which is impossible to live through.

Posted via CB10

I have exactly the same reboot problem, on Mobistar. Is your sim card a "cut card" like mine ?
I don't have sideloaded apps

your hilarious bud! An unknown percentage of users are experiencing a bug of unknown severity in a new os and BlackBerry is doomed. Troll over here from imore??

Posted via CB10

Im on my second one and still get reboots almost every night. During the day at least 2 or 3 reboots. I don't have any side loaded apps. On the original OS. I believe it's the carriers issue to fix. NOT LEAKS! Phone calls will be ended because of reboots and it's very irritating when on a business call. Please help so I don't have to go back to a S3.

I'm on Rogers. Mine rebooted quite a few times in the first 2 weeks when I was using my old wall charger. Now I only use the USB style charger and haven't had a reboot in weeks. That was the only thing i really changed.

I experienced it (twice a month average), not just self reboot but also after an application had crashed. Seems like problem on the OS that BlackBerry should address immediately. I'm on Globe Telecom from Philippines, STL100-2. Unfortunately 10.1 is not yet available here, and I don't want to update thru leaks, I don't want to experience again when I'm on Curve though all my attempts are successful. This is new BlackBerry you know.

Posted via CB10

Mine no, my wifes yes, bought both phones at same time from AT&T Shes on official .116, im on the latest leak, I believe hers is happening daily

Posted via CB10

My z10 reboots a lot. But when mine does it I loose my data connection. The only way I get my data connection back is to stay on wifi for a short amount of time(10 to 15 minutes). I have called att they sent me to blackberry. They had me pull logs and send them in and after a week of logs blackberry said it's a known issue, even after two versions of leaked updates they still said wait of the official carrier released os. The other day there was another leaked os released but I have not had time to install it. May try it tonight. One other thing my wife's phone on 10.00 has no issues. I only went to the leaked os trying to solve my reboots

Posted via CB10

I use to get reboots once or twice a week at a certain time of the day. I only noticed it If I had my phone resting on my desk, but I stopped putting it there after a friend of mine knocked it off. It's very possible it is still rebooting on itself and I just hadn't noticed, or its possible that the rebooting has stopped. I hadn't received any Os updates though, so if it has stopped its because obviously I have done something without knowing it that caused the reboots to stop.

Posted via CB10

No my Z10 runs fine, only minor niggle I've experienced is my Z10 likes to reset my notification sounds/tones now & then, so I have go through them all & change back to how I want them & not how it wants them, which can be a tad annoying at times, but otherwise runs with no major problems if any.

Posted via CB10

Only a few, and they just started recently. I'm wondering if it has to do with a corrupted backup being restored, or perhaps 10.1 not playing nice with some part of the 10.0 backup I restored when originally loading 10.1.

reboots almost daily, on Verizon, have multiple side loads (Banking and instagram). brand new sim card that came with the Z10 seems to happen mostly when connected to a charger, but not always the case. I have loaded leaked versions of OS and now stand at have also tried official OS and starting from (scratch) with my Z10 ....still no luck. I have noticed that it has not rebooted while i was ever on a call.It is very frustrating when I have to respond to an email from my boss right away I wait and wait but at least it reboots faster then my 9930

I've had this problem on my Bold 9900 and now on my AT&T Z10 too. My dad's Z10 (also on AT&T) has the same issue. Generally it reboots at times when I'm texting heavily (6 or 7 people at a time in which I'm sending and receiving a constant stream of texts). My dad however isn't a heavy texter and his will seemingly randomly reboot with no visible pattern. As far as apps go, my dad doesn't have much for apps installed, and I know mine was rebooting randomly before I started downloading apps from BlackBerry World. Really hoping 10.1 fixes this for us as these reboots are hard on our batteries when we need full days, as well as an inconvenience if we grab our phone to use and it's rebooting. If 10.1 doesn't fix it maybe I'll try the SIM card thing.

Posted via CB10

My wife and I both have zeds. Her a white me the black. Never had a random reboot. She's on the 1720 leak I'm on the 1880 leak. Got the phones at the official rogers launch on Feb 5th where I met Kevin, Bla1ze and Simon. Btw I got 21 hours of battery life on the new 1880 leak.

Posted via CB10

I recently switched to Verizon from sprint so I could have my Z10.... I have had no issues in regards to random reboots in the month or so I have owned my device. I love this phone.

Posted via CB10

On Verizon since the Verizon launch. Reboots all the time--since day 1. Updated to 10.1 with a leak. Still reboots all the time. I did a clean install too, no restore from backup. Z10STL100-4/

This is very frustrating, but I love the phone otherwise, so I'm just dealing with it. Maybe the official 10.1 will fix it, assuming Verizon ever releases it.

My wife's Z10 also reboots, but not as often as mine. She's still on the official Verizon OS version.

BTW, I use my Z10 to listen to audio books when driving, so I notice the reboot each and every time. Others may not notice it because the reboot time is so short.

Posted via CB10

Kind of glad my pre order got all messed up. Maybe it has to do with the first batch of phones. I got mine a few weeks after launch and haven't really had any problems, knock on wood

Posted via CB10

Roughly once every week or so it reboots. Tmobile version here. Using a new sim and new sd card.

Posted via CB10

I'm a victim of the reboot issue too :(
While I was on OS10.0, I experienced about 2 random reboots a day. Sometimes when my Z10 was just lying around, and sometimes when I was doing some stuff like typing a text message, listening to music, etc.
Since I installed OS10.1, it seems there are fewer random reboots. I've had like 2 or 3 since. But the problem is definately not completely solved.
A colleague of mine has a Z10 too, bought at the same time/store as mine, and he also experiences this problem.

To answer several of Kevin's questions:
- I've gotten a new SIM card when I started using my Z10, so I don't think that could be an issue.
- I always have two apps running in ActiveFrame: Battery Guru and Data Check Pro.
- I doubt it's a carrier/cell handoff issue: the reboots happen on the go and when I'm at the same place for a longer time.
- I usually(!) put my Z10 in flight mode when I go to sleep, but I cannot say if it has rebooted when in flight mode. I should look into that.

And some other info about my Z10:
Model: STL100-2 (bought in Belgium)
Carrier: Mobistar (Belgium)

Like you i'm on Mobistar but with a cut sim card from my Iphone 3G (4,5 years old)
Like you with 10?1 It seems I have fewer reboots (but like you said, not solved)

I'm curious about one thing, I have the same carrier, the same model (also bought in Belgium) as you but not the same OS version number (mine : )
I'm french speaking (so french version of OS)

I got myself a brand new micro SIM-card for the Z10, because I read here and there that cutting down SIM-cards isn't best practice...

About the OS version: there is a difference between OS version and software version (version logicielle / version du système). You can check that by going to Paramètres > A propos de > Catégorie: Système d'exploitation. My OS is, but my software version is, like you. I'm Dutch speaking, so chosen language doesn't influence the OS/Software version. Only the carrier does, as far as I know.

I have a meeting with a Mobistar rep later this week. I'll present him with this problem. If he can provide me with extra info, I'll share it here.

Same here. Telus Canada. Never an issue. Many downloaded apps, even tinkered with side loading apps (since removed). Always update as they are released. Always use USB with plug to charge.

Not had this problem I'm happy to say, but before the update yesterday I did have an issue with my z10 keyboard not working had to turn my z10 off then wait for it to turn back on again then the keyboard worked seems to be ok now, after the update..

Posted via CB10

It's funny that Kevin posted this today. My first few weeks with the Z10 were quite interesting, I was having random reboots usually 2-3 times a day and then maybe another 3 times overnight while it was on the charger. Then more recently it somehow improved on its own.

Recently the reboots seemed to be isolated to overnight charging, once or twice. However, last night was something special, my Z10 was acting a little funny to begin with after I downloaded 'Cut the Rope'. I never had any problems with apps crashing on me, but after trying to launch Cut the Rope, the game crashed several times until I gave up for awhile and put my Z10 on the charger. Sure enough, right after that there were not 1 but FOUR random reboots in a row. After that I took my phone off the charger to go see the new Star Trek movie and it rebooted at least once during the movie. After checking my phone this morning I did notice that it rebooted at least once overnight.

This wouldn't be so critical if I didn't miss alarms in thé morning because of this issue, but unfortunately I have. I am on AT&T and have had my Z10 since release day in US. I've also installed every single official software update to date. I wish we could find a fix for this!

Posted via CB10

I have a stl100-1. The random reboots happened after I installed an app, I believe it's and android port, "lil Painter Free". The day I installed, I remember that the Z10 got really hot. After That it rebooted a few times for several days. After I determined that the app was the probable cause I uninstalled and after that I never had a reboot.

It has happened to me when it's in my pocket. I believe it is result of lock key being pressed inadvertently and not a software issue.

Posted via CB10

I believe my ONLY two supposed device-initiated reboots may have been caused by this actually. But even if they were truly device-initiated, only two since I purchased it on USA T-Mobile launch March 26th.

It is possible I missed some due to charging overnight but for a long time now I've been leaving active frames opened so I am aware.

Z10STL100-3/ Tmo USA


Same for me. I have suffered from reboots twice. Both times when the phone has been in my pocket. Each time, the phone would only start the boot process once the top button was pressed. So presumably the phone had accidentally been switched off at an earlier time. Annoying but only happened twice in around 4 months. In the UK on Vodafone.

Posted via CB10

Never (STL100-2) o2 UK and none of my friends who owns Z10 never found any issues.

Z10 or Q10? That is the question!

I've experienced these. Sometimes it's once a day, sometimes quite a few times.
Verizon user
Didn't have any third party apps except Crackberry app (downloaded before even leaving the store) but have downloaded some since then after learning its a known issue with the version.
Rebooted a lot when recording audio notes or voice notes (same result using stock or 3rd party app). also happened a lot giving presentations. I think that's Murphys Law (something fails when you need it the most). Seemed to be the most prevalent when in an area that my phone would switch between wifi and 4G. Never had issues with Internet just seemed to happen where the signal was really strong for both services.
Don't know how or if it's possible to post a screen shot, but after a few days of talking to BlackBerry support and sending them logs when it rebooted they said it was a known issue with that version and should be fixed with the next update. It was also interesting that they said a different device wouldn't perform any differently. This seems odd that every Verizon user doesn't experience these, so it must have to do with the usage environment that is outside the normal somehow.
Hope this helps a little.

I'm still very pleased with My Z10 and continue to sell like hell.

Posted with my Z10

Never had a random reboot since purchase. STL100-2 model on Wind Greece. Got the phone from UK on Feb and have been on 10.1.0172 leak as well.

My STL100-2 reboots every night without fail whilst on charge, using the stock Z10 wall charger... never at any other time though.

This seems to be quite common among us reboots overnight while charging. I use bedside mode not airplane. How about you?

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It's happened a few times to me on a few different handsets. I can't pin it to any particular os or carrier, but mine is an unlocked on EE in England.
Only takes a couple minutes to boot up again but still, a bit annoying!

Posted with my Z10!!!!

Verizon. 10.0 os. Reboots twice daily. No side loads. No android ports. New sim. 32g class 10 card. Reboots while charging, not charging, in use, not in use. Will often freeze while emailing, texting, in apps.

Frustrating for sure.

Posted via Zeppelin

My BlackBerry Live free unit has 10.1 leak loaded, no sim, no memory card, no accounts set up and it reboots daily as well.

Posted via Zeppelin

Happening 4 or 5 times per week for me. Has happened twice since I upgraded to 10.1

I know 100% sure that it is NOT an app causing it because it happened to me an hour after getting the phone before even installing any 3rd party apps.

Stl100-2 Telstra Australia

Posted via CB10

STL100-3 on AT&T, been getting random reboots since day 1. New sim card on day 1, never sideloaded any apps. Tried all 10.1 leaks and all have same results. Normally reboots at least 2-3 times overnight on the charger in bedside mode and at least once or twice throughout the day, but never while actually using it, mostly while sitting on a table or counter and sometimes while in my pocket. Also had several instances of it being locked up, actually having to remove the battery to restart it. It is extremely annoying but I definitely won't give up on this phone because it totally blows away every other phone on the market, hands down.

Never happened to me and I've been switching out multiple SIM cards during promotional demonstrations.

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I had 2 or 3 reboots that I'm aware of on OS 10.0. When I upgraded to the 10.1 1762 leak (and subsequent official 1720) I had to do by restoring only settings and media via BlackBerry Link because I could not backup apps. I had to manually install only the apps that I wanted/used. On both the 1762 and 1720 installs I now have not yet had a reboot that I am aware of so far. This tells me that the issue was either addressed somewhat in 10.1 or was being caused by apps. Or just hasn't happened yet.

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Neither on 10.0 or 10.1.
STL 100-1 in Romania.
I used it on Orange which is a supported carrier and Cosmote which is not.

My only complain was the heating, my unit was heating to 45*C while BBM video or playing a small game when I was on 10.0, but now on .1609 it never reaches 40*C

Yes, at least once daily (sometimes 2-3 times). Most always overnight. I have a Verizon z10.

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Mine reboots almost every night when plugged in charging. Telus 100-3 new sim card when i got the phone ,i am on my second phone very few apps installed facebook twitter cb weather network. It only seams to reboot when it is charging ,havent seen it reboot in the daytime once

Mine is the same only seems to do it on charge, makes it a pretty useless alarm clock as it switches it all off.....running on micro sim, brand new o2; installed quite a few apps but none of these synchronize with the start of the problem.

Z10 on Verizon stl100-4 10.1 multiple reboots per day

Z10 stl100-3 10.1 on tmobile - zero reboots

No sideloads...


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Carrier - Rogers
Several random reboots which seem to be tied to app updates and occur within a day of an update.

Haven't noticed one since 10.1 update.

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I did have mine reboot on me one, had not happened again, since I also went to a leaked os.

Posted via CB10

AT&T, STL100-3, had it happen once. Can't pinpoint what happened because it was a while ago. I think i was updating an app or buying one. Was at home on wi-fi connection. You probably have a lot more with this issue as i never reportwd this in the forum. Just figured it qas a fluke since it only happened once. Now if it's happened before while i wasn't around...idk. Oh, and I've never side loaded any apps or installed any leaked updates. I have too many apps to name and all hardware (charger, sim, etc) is new that came with phone. Hope they figure it out and fix it. :)

The only one I got was when I switched the phone in plane mode. I did it again many times and it never happened again.

Wind Mobile (Canada)

I was getting 5-6 random reboots during the day on 10.0 but on 10.1 I get it over night when I charge it in bedside mode.

I've had random reboots during the day with 10.1 also but only one and its a rare occurrence now.

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Had my phone randomly reboot when i was roaming in California, (LAX airport)...

I was also having issues undecrypting my media card when i experienced the reboots... Once it was undecrypted, i haven't had another random reboot since

My diagnosis is a memory/ data issue, based on the software allocation of memory bits on the storage medium.

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im on the rogers network
Purchased on launch day, feb 5th
32gb patriot mem card
No sideloads at time of incident

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Many, many reboots. Verizon with side loaded apps. Running leaked 10.1 now and it is bit better although still getting random reboots. It has been an issue since the beginning though. Sometimes it will reboot when just sitting there. Recently I have had some when accessing the hub and while using whatsapp.

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Solid. Solid as a rock. That’s what this phone is...
Unlocked Z10 with 10.1 on EE.

Posted via CB10 on the Zed.

I received my Z10 (STL100-3) from the BES upgrade program and am sorry to say that mine reboots usually once a day, normally overnight while on the charger. I am on AT&T and have used both 10.0 and 10.1 firmware on the device. The results are always the same. The battery is usually at 100% per Battery Guru for a period of time before it reboots. It doesn't matter if there are any apps running on it or not. It did reboot on me the other day when I picked it up and swiped up to unlock it.

I'm very hesitant to recommend the Z10 to my company's management seeing all the reboot issues that are occurring since most of my company is using Verizon.

AT&T when I first got it no random reboots. In the last three weeks it has been or I'm just now noticing it. Seems to happen at odd times on one occasion in middle of sending a text the other browsing on the Web. I'm going to try a new sim.

I bought my black Z10 from a Verizon store in Frederick, MD on launch day and have never had a reboot.

I went back to the same store two weeks later and bought a white Z10 for my sister, it rebooted multiple times per day... even with a leaked 10.1. Finally got her to get a replacement from VZW (same SIM), and the first day *that* one rebooted twice in a few hours, but now seems to have stabilized (at least she hasn't b*tched about it to me).

A month later I bought a black VZW Z10 for my wife at the Costco in Frederick, and it rebooted several times within two days. We took it back and got a new unit (same SIM), which has only rebooted once in the last week.

There are many things about this device that aren't consistent across all devices... the Android runtime performance (white screen on startup, black screen on startup, swipe down menu sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't...) is another one. It's like playing the lottery.

For what it's worth, I keep mine in a Seidio holster most of the day, and they don't (too geeky for them I guess). Maybe the 'sleep mode' triggered by the holster magnet disables whatever background process is causing the reboots.

I love my specific Z10, but can't wholeheartedly recommend 'any other' Z10 to others. Embarrassing.

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I should also add that, out of habit, due to owning Blackberries for years, I manually restart my Z10 right after I plug it into the charger before going to bed at night.

I don't think my sister and wife ever do, or at least do it consistently.

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No reboots. On AT&T, running 10.0. Note - on second device as first had rear camera malfunction.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

My friend has reboots on his ATT Z10. Mayb 2 or 3 per week. It is happening whe he is using it. Since he uninstalled th youverse biible app. It dont think it has done it.

Never on Rogers in 2 months.
Used, unlocked, on TIM (Italy) for a week with no rebooting.

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I am also experiencing reboots on my Verizon Z10. Most my reboots are overnight while on charger In bedside mode. At first I thought it was only bedside mode that caused the issue but then I tried it just on a regular overnight charge and my phone still reboots at night. I also get reboots during the middle of the day but that usually happens once on awhile. I am using the charger that came the phone. The reboots rarely happens when I'm in the middle of a task so my reboots can be tolerated until a fix arrive.

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Reboots while on the original charger that came with the phone after 5 hours when not in use.
Verizon STL 100-4
Software Release

New sim on Verizon. My reboots happen night and day, but i used to have no reboots in the beginning,then a week later 3 reboots a day, month later down to 1 a day and now 1 every 2 or 3 days. Crazy.

I have no side loaded apps and am still running I have 3 apps from BlackBerry world, they are- Cb10, color led message (I've opened it once) and color oil.

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I have 2 Z10 phones. One from gsmnation (which -3 model from Rogers unlocked with AT&T sim) and another AT&T (-3 model with AT&T). The Rogers one has not rebooted ever that I am aware of and I keep hub++ running most of the time and would know. However, the AT&T one has a few times. I was running the stock / latest AT&T official till yesterday on that phone so we will see on the latest leak as to whether it helps. It has not been a big issue as the Rogers one is my primary phone anyway.

Have had the Z10 since US launch day (March 22nd) and just recently experienced my first reboot, but I had a lot of apps open, had just sent a text then changed volume on the music I was playing and boom, reboot.

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Never happened, although I am rocking a leaked OS, and I was expecting to happen but it didn't.

I'm surprised to hear of these crashes.

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I do experience reboots, sometimes even multiple times a day. I have first tried to remove the microSD and use just the internal memory, but still happening. I removed the SIM and used the Z10 just as a WiFi PDA, but still reboots happened. A colleague told me he stopped experiencing reboots after updating to 10.1, but it still happens to me.

It apparently happens randomly, couldn't reproduce an action that triggers it. Sometimes while on standby and charging, sometimes on standby and not charging, sometimes while I am using an application (not a specific one, it happened with several ones). Not a carrier-branded device.

just two times since Feb . evrything running smooth - well after official Vodafone update 10.1 just i dont see boot time ?? info not available??

Several reboots a day (sometimes during calls)
Have already tried new SIM card
Replaced first phone - second phone reboots just as much
Stock apps only
10.1 did nothing to fix it - except make battery life worse

Nothing until 10.1. Then I've had about 4 random reboots since. Hub has frozen a couple of times too. No issues for last 2 days though.

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On Rogers since day one, zero reboot zero problems, perfect Z10 :) plus 3 Z10's in the family 1 Koodo and 2 Bell and zero reboots !

Posted via my White Z10

I got my Z10 the first day Tmo had it available and have been experiencing reboots the whole time. I got a new sim card with it, but kept my old SD. Most often it reboots during his night when it's on the charger (my old charger from my Bold 9700), but it also reboots during the day. Sometimes it's when I'm not using it and sometimes when I am. Sometimes I'm at home connected to my wifi and sometimes I'm out and using the radio signal. I have the latest carrier released os update. I haven't sideloaded any apps. I've downloaded Password Keeper, Amazon Kindle, FancyTran,DailyHoroscope, Apollo, Color LED Messages, Poynt, and Web Splitter.

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Not one reboot since I started using my Z10 in March. I'm using an unlocked Canadian RFF91LW on T-Mobile.

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STL100-2 Charcoal black / I have purchased my Z10 from online computer store.

Carrier: Vodafone Netherlands

SW / never use leaks

New SIM card

Sandisk Ultra 64BG SDXC Class 10

20 x third party apps from BB appstore and couple of sideloaded Android apps (ABN AMRO internet banking)

No pattern, 2-3 reboots every day at random times

Sent back for replacement/repair

Once per night while charging, even with just 1 app running (calendar). Moved to leaks to try to get it to stop, but alas, no. I've experienced a few others while not charging, but they aren't frequent.

I'm in a poor signal area, and my radio flips from 2g to 3g a lot, and sometimes loses connection completely for a while. My infrequent randoms while not charging appear to be due to loss of signal and heat. Not sure what the night is are about.

Z10 via T-Mobile (

Z10 on Rogers since day one. Have never had a reboot that I didn't initiate on my own.

Posted via my Z10

I am a Rogers customer located in Burnaby, BC. I was given a brand new sim card at the Rogers store when I picked up my phone.
My z10 reboots every night while charging on the factory wall outlet charger and in bedside mode. What sucks about this is that I wake to email notifications.
Yesterday I did a wipe and factory reset. Unfortunately, I also restored so all the apps that I previously had loaded were re-installed. It rebooted at 5:56 this morning.
This morning I made sure my gmail account was syncing the contacts. I will do another factory reset but will not restore and see if any of the apps are the cause.
Love the phone, and will cease with the bedside alarm if I have to but it would be much better to get this fixed.

I actually have a new some random reboots yesterday..even woke up this morning and it was rebooted. I deleted a few suspect apps let's see if that helps!

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I don't get them as much now that I'm on 10.1. But they seem to come when I'm using more power. Several active frames open, Putting the multitasking to the test.

Posted via CB10

Regular reboots, also frequently since 10.1 update.

Carrier is o2, Germany.
Official OS, never used leaks

Have had the phone for over a month, and reboots have been occurring from the beginning. Noticed it because the sim lock was on, have had to keep it off ever since to avoid being off the network after the phone reboots.

Instagram is sideloaded, everything else is from appworld. Also had the reboots before I first sideloaded the one app a few weeks ago.

Has frozen and rebooted twice since OS 10.1 update in a manner that was vér annoying, in the middle of writing and email and while writing in WhatsApp. Other than these events it happens mostly when the phone is on the charger overnight, or simply laying on my desk. No pattern I could notice to when and why.

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Maybe i'm one of the lucky minority, but me and my wife NEVER EVER had those reboot or batterypull issue on our Blackberries like many people said about Blackberry Devices. Bold 9000, Curve 8900, both Curve 9360s, Torch 9860, and now Z10. We're in Indonesia and bought our devices unlocked. We installed Quickpull app though, automatically restart our Blackberries daily at 6 am. Now on Z10 there is no quickpull app available, so i just restart my Z10 manually whenever i remember, usually in 2-3days. Never experience unwanted reboot.

This has started on my device daily ever since the new update. Apps also seem to just shut down randomly too. I'm on rogers.

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I had one or two reboots when I first bought the device (AT&T). After that nothing.

All I have to say, though, is, thank you, Kevin! It seems to be a real issue and we need a cool head to look into it.

I'm on Verizon. Not on 10.1. Just used the new sim they gave me when I got the phone.

It's very random I can't pinpoint it.

Sometimes it's between switching applications. Other times it's when using the GPS or while it's charging. Or doing nothing at all.

Very frustrating since the phone would be close to perfect without this issue.

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Never had a reboot on my stl100-2 Z10. I did mention on a thread that maybe we should start monitoring model numbers to see where the issue lies. But that got beaten into the ground by people complaining it wouldn't be enough.

Posted via CB10

Also I am unable to backup. It keeps failing and I have tried data settings and both together. Nothing works

Sent from the Amazing Z10

Verizon. I've never seen my z reboot. I rarely have active frames running. Only apps I've downloaded are CB10 (wish there was a search option built-in), BeBuzz Pro (don't use it), BeWeather Pro, Bejeweled 2, Ten Pin Shuffle, NHL GameCenter, & b/r Team Stream.

I have a Verizon Z10 that does occasionally reboot. The majority of the time the reboots happen when I'm in my car and my Z10 is hooked up via blue tooth. I thought maybe it charging and playing audio was too much, but even when it's not hooked up to the car charger and just playing audio, it still will happen. The music I'm listening to is music I've put on my device via Link not streaming. Again, that's the majority, but it has happened a few times when just laying around.
I've noticed some saying they use different chargers, but I use the car charger I purchased from Verizon when I bought my new Z10 and only the charger that came with the phone. The reboots happen hooked and not hooked to the chargers though. is the software version.

Posted via CB10

I never had a reboot until I had side loaded a couple of apps ad well as downloaded some apps from BlackBerry World that err android ports. After having a four reboot in a couple days I deleted those apps that I just recently downloaded and side loaded. Not one reboot since. I am on AT&T and have upgraded my OS to the latest leak and all is fine.

I'm in for US, on AT&T. Got my phone maybe a week after its release to AT&T. The rep who sold me my unit took it out of the box, put a new sim in, did an update (probably for the stock AT&T apps), then gave it to me. I installed one app, which was CB10, because I wasn't around wifi. My phone rebooted shortly there after. So this all happened the first day I had my z10 and before setting up wifi, before side loading, and with a brand new sim. Hope thus helps. I don't get reboots as often now, but it did start back after installing BBM Channels.

Posted via CB10 using my flick-ity keyboard :D.

I'm on sasktel carrier. It reboots about twice a day at random times. It reboots while I'm in the middle of a text, sitting on my office desk, or when it's charging overnight. I'm on a new sim card.

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I have a Verizon z10 my first phone never did it one day it just died on me so I got a like new re certified replacement phone from Verizon and it started to rebooting 2 - 3 times a day had it like that for about a week connected BlackBerry and they told me it's a software issue
After about a week I decided to wipe the phone and reinstall the software and I didn't restore any data and from that day I had only once a reboot

Verizon Z10

Happens a few times a night. Only when it's plugged in. I notice because it is no longer in bedside mode when I wake up periodically or when notification sounds start waking me up. Never happens when it's unplugged though so it really doesn't bother me that much. Usually use the PlayBook charger but also use the one that came with the phone and it makes no difference. Have tried all the leaks and nothing has changed in any version. 10 or 10.1 makes no difference to the reboots.

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Verizon user here, I fall into the once or twice camp with my black z10. My sister's first white z10 was doing it daily, it also had like a battery overheating situation once, she was in return period so I had her just get a fresh one to try her luck, now it is happening much less with her new fresh one, though she said it has rebooted once or twice.

Wednesday and Thursday last week it rebooted 4-5 times on each ot those days. I had downloaded a free helicopter game app on wednesday and suspected it might be the culprit. I deleted it and didn't get any random reboots since. Hope it stays that way. My carrier is Videotron.

I have had reboots when the phone became hot while playing a game and charging at the same time.

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I am on Verizon and when I first got the phone it rebooted pretty regular, several times per day. I installed the leaked OS and it has helped but I still get one reboot per day on average. They need a setting like on the bold I previously was using where you can schedule a restart. I have noticed since I purchased the charger bundle and have been changing to the charged battery during the day I haven't noticed the reboots as much. I have learned to deal with the reboots, the biggest problem I have is the disconnect of my email account at random times during the day. Has bit me several times where I get busy and don't notice I haven't received emails.

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I have had occasionally random re boots. I am on tmobile using the sim that came with it and now a 64 gig sans dusk expansion sim. I suspect it might be software but do not know. I have the weather channel App, which I suspect. I am now going in line and using weather underground site more and having less reboots. maybe a memory leak as the less I use it the less reboots in general.

My z is 100-3 and has 10.0 .10.85 operating system.

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Never that I've noticed. My eyes are usually glued to phone but one never knows. Using Rogers and have been Z10 user since early March. Loving it!

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