CrackBerry Asks: Games, Apps? What's on your BlackBerry Smartphone?

By Joseph Holder on 29 Dec 2011 01:02 pm EST
Apps or Games?    

The other day, I was preparing my picks for the CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards, and I realized something odd. I don't play games on my BlackBerry Smartphone. I have plenty of games on my BlackBerry PlayBook, but not on my Torch 9860. Some might argue that perhaps there aren't that many compelling games in BlackBerry App World. I'm certain there's a number of interesting games available, I just don't play them.

In my downtime - waiting for a haircut, on a long car trip, commericial breaks on TV - I prefer to spend that time browsing the internet, reading RSS News feeds, and catching up on Facebook and Twitter. I simply don't have time for games on my BlackBerry. Certainly I've downloaded my fair share of applications for my Smartphone, but the vast majority of them are apps like BeBuzzBlackBerry Protect, and Poynt.

But I'm not everybody. What applications are installed on your ‘Berry? Do you prefer to use your device as a communications tool or a gaming platform? Vote in the poll above and then let us know in the comments how you like to use your BlackBerry Smartphone.

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CrackBerry Asks: Games, Apps? What's on your BlackBerry Smartphone?


It's the tool versus toy philosophy. The majority of my Berry time is spent in some form of communication. The second most important apps are Google maps, Blackberry Traffic, & gas buddy. Most everything else I use my Playbook for these days.

Well a game is an application... so games are apps but I know what you guys mean. More non gaming apps on my phone than gaming apps

Blackberries still have games? What???????

*stares at the list of the same "top free" games that have been there since two year ago*

I don't know! As I'm not able to access BB App world from my new phone. The Torch 9810 would be a great berry if it allowed you to get to berry app world. Maybe when that happens I could answer your poll question.

My 9810 can definitely access app world since day 1 and it's the best bb7 phone, autofocus cam and hd video in 1! Unlike the bold :p

My 9810 can access the BB App need to have a data plan for it to work or you can update your app world

I may be a freak in this, but I'm always concerned about wear & tear on my phone. When we play games, we tend to hit some buttons excessively, and I always believe this will wear out the button sooner than I would like. So, it's more apps and browser than games for me.

0 games, not even word mole. For me the phone is a communication device, i have a playbook for everything else. ;p

This is literally what sets us apart from iPhone users. The distribution chart would be inverse for them.

I always have been more of an app user, I never understood why you'd want games on a mobile phone like that. I even went so far as to call the iPhone a $700 gameboy, and the iPad the biggest, most expensive, gameboy I've seen.

Nope, I have a $2000 laptop and a PS3 for games.

Odd...I'm an iPhone user and I definitely have more non-game apps than game ones.

Perhaps the chart is this way because there are so few games for the BlackBerry platform...another reason to consider. I remember back when I was a BlackBerry user I had a total of one game on it--Ka-Glom.

This poll is just silly. There are so few games for the blackberry platform it would be almost impossible for the poll to end up any other way than it did.

Yes, i agree and would add that I can't even get certain games on my OS7 9850 (which would be the ideal BlackBerry to play games on). And to be honest, most games I have played on any BlackBerry have generally been kind of crappy both visually and in the game play.

Same story for me. I got the torch instead of the bold so I can actually use the screen to play games, but they all suck. So much for the 1.2 ghtz processor and liquid graphics... sure, the main screen works great, but can you fix angry farm or whatever now so that the animals move faster than an inch an hour? -_-

I'd like to have more games than apps, but the games are pretty sucktastic on my 9780. Maybe a larger screen and faster CPU would be a different experience (e.g. 9900?) - but I'm not due for an upgrade for a while :-(

games?? on a crapberry, you made me laugh so bad, wasnt a blackberry supposed to be a a "comunication tool", i just ROFL at you blackberry users lol.

No games (besides the pre loaded ones, but those are hidden). Its a communication device. If I want to play games I go on the computer or my Playbook

No games (besides the pre loaded ones, but those are hidden). Its a communication device. If I want to play games I go on the computer or my Playbook

After playing Chaos Rings on an Ipod Touch, for me at least, it became clear that the Blackberry phone is no where close to being able to play the type of games I like.

I have more themes on my bb than anything else. Zero games and a few apps that I use frequently. I save the games for my playbook.

My games folder is filled with games that i bought on sale this time last yeat. Never really played any of them and i dont really plan to. Just always good to have that option i guess.

Same here, not in to gaming, prefer reading news or tech articles to kill time. The only pre-installed game I played with was Sudoko. Recently, thanks to RIM's Thank You Gift, I have installed N.O.V.A, Bejeweled & Bubble Bash, out of which only N.O.V.A seems fun. Even on my iPhone the only entertainment I have is Talking Tom for my kid, rest are all apps.

There are definitely a lot of games for bb, unlike what you guys say, but if you want to do games you might wanna grab your psp or your console cos you'd just drain your bb or iphone or android battery. Apps consume a lot of battery too so I try to use native apps but I use jaxtr for sms, twitter, fb, 4sq. So even if I have santa dash, pixelated, word mole, plumber, brick breaker, quartris, crazy survival, and crazy diving plus bejeweled, I rarely play. Maybe only when I'm home and I can plug my bb anytime.

Actualy I have 0 desire to play games on my blackberry. Its the ultimate communication device. Bbm, push email, keyboard, efficient batt life, great signal, navigation etc. Not to mention I dump all of my music on its media and bluetooth it to my car stereo. To be honest, I even delete the games that comes with every new bb I get along with demo songs and videos to make more memory room which enables my device to run more smoothly. I have an ps3 and xbox @ home if I want to play games. Bb is a grown up device.

i kinda skewed the poll. i put more games then apps but only 'casue 90% of the apps on there are pointless to have in a city where you can walk from one end to the other in an hr LOL. If i lived in a proper city then id defintly have more apps then games.

seems its catching, not only has BlackBerry forgotten about theme builder 7, but Crackberry have forgotten about themes too.

i have apps, themes, and games. i dont see a button to press.

I have to agree with what everone else said. I have a few games, but trying to play them on my Bold 9930 is hard given the screen size. Also, as I have said to just about everyone who will listen is that the iPhone is a toy. I have BlackBerrys because they are a great mix of style and professionalism. I have my PlayBook/Xbox360 for my gaming needs.