Crackberry Asks: Do you want a thin BlackBerry 10 handset or a thicker one with better battery life?

By James Richardson on 15 Aug 2012 02:55 pm EDT
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Battery life is a constant struggle for smartphone manufacturers and BlackBerry is no exception. Going back to before BlackBerry 7, battery life was something that RIM was renowned for. Unfortunately, these days most smartphones tend to sacrifice battery life for slimmer device dimensions. When BlackBerry 7 handsets started rolling out, battery life wasn't great and compared to previous OS versions it still remains that way. Sure, with bigger and better specced touch screen devices they will need more power but RIM was guilty of giving us smaller batteries in comparison to the hardware we were using.

These battery issues have also been problematic with Android although recently things have started to improve with handsets getting a bit more well needed juice. Also, each new version of Android has made a natural progression to try and utilize battery life a little better.

So what are RIM going to do with Blackberry 10? Will they follow suit from BB7 and try to go for the thinnest handset design possible? Or will they provide batteries with enough power to get us through the day and have the device a little thicker? I know which I would choose if it were up to me. I'm not bothered about shaving off a couple of millimetres. I want battery power. At least we now know that BB10 devices will have replaceable batteries. Praise the lord!

So we put the question out to the CrackBerry nation. What is most important to you?

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Crackberry Asks: Do you want a thin BlackBerry 10 handset or a thicker one with better battery life?


I'd love they fill BB10 devices with removable JM1-like and provide an extra one right in the box, with a nice card-holder-like pouch.

I hope they get it too!! I've been making lots of noise about the Droid Razr Maxx and how it has a 3,000+ mAh battery and is still amazingly thin and I see below it's caught on with others! RIM can definitely do this, especially for their all touchscreen devices that will be sporting 4+ inch screens. Hope they QWERTY devices get a decent battery size too, like 2,000 mAh or bigger.

lets hope so. Just look at the Bold 9900. They went thinner and ended up with compromises. I know the camera on the 9900 is not too bad, but when taking closeup the 9780 is still better. If the phone was a bit thicker to accomodate the autofocus camera, the battery can be bigger too, like the one in the Curve 9320.

That is what it's all about really. An average sized thickness would do just fine. A decent sized screen would allow it to be thin but long.

Exactly. Theres no need for a fone to be much thinner than they r now. Give us the 1.5-2 days battery life we expect.

Thin as possible and removable! I'm never an arms length away from a charger. Streaming Pandora at my job kills the battery on a day-to-day basis. Love the ability to buy a larger battery with cover if I choose

as much as i would love the thinnest phone... what sense would it make if i become a slave to the charger? or if i have to make sure i buy an extra battery. i need a phone that will last me during my day... so if its gonna be a lil thicker with great battery life, i'm ok with that.

My SG3 beat my 9790 for Battery life


my 9790 took half the time to charge back to full, and since neither device can make a full day, the 9790 wins out because 30min charge on the 9790 gets me much longer life than 30min charge on the SG3

No matter what RIM puts out, Seidio will probably step in and offer an extended-life battery (with an accompanying thicker back case for the phone), so I'll just take what is offered and upgrade with Seidio.

Again, CrackBerry asks an important question at least 9 months too late. It's already too late to influence the outcome on the hardware front. Kevin pulled the same stunt with his question about iphone apps, months too late to influence anything.... Can't we come up with some relevant questions?


Exactly! for the extra 2mm that the Maxx is thicker than the standard Razr, it almost DOUBLES its talk time. I'd definetly take that extra "thickness" lmao

I think RAZR MAXX is a perfect example of how to do it properly. You don't have to make the phone giant and bulky and ugly (I'm looking at you, Seido Innocell). Engineer the hell out of it to shrink everything down to a slinky almost impossible thickness (think the BlackBerry Blade render that floated around a while ago), and then add extra battery. The result is slightly thicker than slinky, and lasts all day. Nobody needs 1.5-2 days. 16 hours of moderate to heavy use would suffice?

Correct, why having a bulky brick, when you can have a slim enough device with good enough battery life?
Razr Maxx is good, iPhone is fine too - just give us BB that won't work less than these, and no need to be as thin as SGS3 or even worth - HTC One X, which work half a day...

Voted 4 minutes after plugging in my new JM-1 battery charger and spare battery with the y-cable that arrived moments earlier from ShopCrackBerry (bought on Deal of the Day last week for my 9900).

Wanna guess my vote?

Edit - told my GF about the Poll - she says she's been voting for thicker for a while . . . she ain't gonna get to borrow my new spare battery!!

I have that same Battery Charger...I LOVE IT!!!

I've always carried 2 batterys with my BBs but I've never used them as much as I do now with my 9900 :(

Battery Life!!! I don't want my phone to do ten kinds of shit and die on me by mid-afternoon. That's okay with iOS and Android folks who have nothing to do in their life. For me connectivity matters.
I would have loved a thicker 9900 with enough juice to last me two days. (Btw iPhone 4S doesn't last me till noon.)
Even so I will get the new BB. BB for the win.

I'm probably alone in this, but some modern phones are so large and thin that I wonder how easy it is to crack the glass with accidental leverage. The 9810 gives me the impression that I could use it to club a mugger to death and still be able to call the police afterwards. (Dicclaimer: I have no intention of trying to do this. This is not a threat directed at any member of the mugging community. This disclaimer brought to you to discourage the English Crown Prosecution Service )

Since the hardware is finished, or so the recent articles seem to indicate, it would look like the choice has already been made (for the initial BB10 phone anyway). Personally, I've never had an issue with battery life on any of my BB devices, but then I make sure I don't have any Apps running that are constantly trying to contact other servers and things like Wifi and BlueTooth are off until I want them. And I wouldn't consider myself as a real heavy user. I think BlackBerry did it best by allowing for battery changes, which should keep both extremes in this debate placated, or at least I would hope. Myself, I voted "Get me the God D@#$ed thing ASAP," which is the only reasonable choice. ;)

Battery life for me too. Slimness isn't important to me. In fact, I find the SGS2 to be too thin and too light to hold comfortably in my hand. I prefer something that I can feel. I actually like the weight and thickness of my Torch 9800. That same weight and maybe only slightly thinner with a 4+ (but less than 5) inch screen would be just right.

I'm sick of phone's being advertised as "thin". I'd be happy with a 10 or 12mm phone that has a great battery.

I run Seidio and or other brand hi capacity business batteries in all my mobiles so the added girth wouldn't bother me.

Bigger batteries should be standard, this micro everything smaller way of tech is clearly not always a good move.

The blacker the berry the sweeter the use...

blackberry was once the kind when it comes to battery life i do hope that they would take a page from MOTOROLA RAZR MAXX with there 3300 mAh lithium-ion battery best battery on a smart phone to date 21 hrs thats crazy so come on blackberry hope you're going to be the king of batteries once again and plz dont screw this up like u screwed up the 9900 the battery life sucks on it hence the reason im still on the 9700 waiting for bb 10

I don't care about thikness at all. If it has 2.5 cm but inside pacs 4 speakers camera and battery that would last for week I would be first in line to get it.

I don't mind plugging my phone in since I don't have it in my hands for eight hours/day playing games or streaming media. I picked up my g/f's GS3 and the difference in weight was astonishing compared to my Torch9800 and the 9810.

I would say, as long as the phone has minimal boot time, then a balance of both. RIM would also do well if the BB10 device came with an extra battery out of the box. I'm thinking something close to a 3000mh battery. But that's just me. Even if the phone was as thick as the nokia communicator as long as it gets me through the day with heavy use then am good. Hey RIM, charge me 20$ more and throw in the extra battery. Ok?

This is my one big complaint about my 9900. I wish they had just left it thicker so I could make it through a work day. An extra few millimetres is easily worth it to me.

PLUS then they could have included "autofocus" only complaints with the 9900
The Battery & the Camera

Thicker is better! A phone does not need to be bulky in order to produce better battery life, I would love to see a phone that's 3 milimeters thicker and 9 milimeters taller than my 9930 all dedicated to battery life.

I would also like an option to disable the touch screen on the BB10 qwerty phone. Two speakers would be a nice welcome and yes auto focus camera. A 2nd led light would be useful, one for messages and one for missed calls or better yet they could be customized. We could set an led light to one very important contact.

RIM needs to take the features that it has that other phones don't and evolve them.

RIM will stay in the game for sure.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

We all want to have our cake and eat it too, but in life you can't always have something for nothing. I want a tool, not a toy, so I'll take a few extra mm to guarantee I'll make it through the toughest day. One reason I chose the 9810 over the 9900 was the extra battery life, and I even got a spare battery because sometimes I can't make it through 16 hours on a single charge. If you want form over function, then I'd recommend another kind of fruit, but BlackBerry must put function first. I think the demand for battery capacity is there, judging from the success of the RAZR MAXX and all the iPhone battery cases.

Battery Life > Size

As long as the phone lasts a couple days I will be happy. That may me difficult as they full touchscreen phones are battery hogs

Battery life please. It is great so many people here always have the ability to charge. However, I am not this heavy. In my job I don't have constant power supply available, so when I get to work my phone must last till the working day (or night) is over.
Besides my work, I am often away on the fields, nature and such stuff. Power isn't actually growing on trees out there. While I am glad RIM keeps up with removable batteries, a decent basic battery life for me is just mandatory. I think most phones today are more than thin enough anyways. I mean look at the Motorola RAZR Maxx, that is still what I call a pretty thin phone, while it houses a very powerful battery.


Thin with the option for a BLACKBERRY extended battery and replacement cover.... that way, the phone can be thick or thin as user discretion.

I would immediately go for the thicker phone.

And for peat's sake, it doesn't have to be very much thicker at all to fit a much bigger and more lang lasting battery.

I'd love the battery life choice as I could care less about thickness. For competitive purposes though, I think the balance between the two would be fine. As long as the phone isn't as thick as the original 9000, I'll gladly go for battery life.

If the phone cannot make it through one normal day (admittedly I am harder on a smartphone than the average person) then it is useless in my opinion. Dead Battery means I can't use the phone and it is no better than a brick to me at that point.

In my opinion, battery life is a lot more important.
I recently dropped my (fairly) new 9360 Curve and the screen broke. But in stead of taking a new 9360, I switched back to my old 8900, mostly because the battery of the 8900 is so much better.
I really don't care that the 8900 is quite a bit thicker.

I do hate large phones though (style HTC Titan or Samsung Galaxy S2/3).

I don't think RIM is behind the competition because BBs are thicker...Success is based on a package! TH reiterated that battery life is a pillar of BBs success and I believe they should stay true to that...I want to DO and get sh$t done without having to worry that my battery will b in the red in no time!!

I am a person that always buy an extra battery. What about a way to swap batteries quickly without rebooting the phone?

These polls on are funny. Years ago they were legit. Now they are so biased you can't voice anything negative through them. Makes sense though...Kevin has slowly turned this place to a blog of fanboydom.

What a tragedy for a site dedicated to fans of Blackberry! In case you're still looking for the complaint department, it's right through that door over there. It's marked EXIT, but don't worry; It will take you where you need to go...

Sure I want a thin phone like that being produced by everyone else, but I also want a damn good battery. Moving forward technology has advanced before our eyes and behind our backs. That said as this progression happens thicker doesn't necessarily mean better for battery it only means lackful engineering. RIM at this point should be able to get the right people on-board to create a thin phone with a thin long-lasting battery to satisfy the many needs of different users.
If everyone is voting for a thicker phone because they think a thicker battery will do justice, you are the folks that are holding RIM back on innovation. They do listen, so let's try to feed them something more on the innovative side and well as start thinking forward.

I couldn't agree more… innovation is the way to go… Why not adapt the patent that they have just got - the PiezoElectricity thingy whatever…

I believe that's for the cases! Yeah, that would be an awesome for BlackBerry 10 (someone correct me if I'm wrong about the patent on the case!)

This poll is a bit skewed, the torch is thicker than the bold but it doesn't have better battery life.

There is more to do than just sticking a larger battery into a phone, a lot of it has to do with the coding, and making MORE out of less. But in terms of having a phone be sleek, I would like BB10 to be can be about as thin as the Sgalaxy S2....and have a slightly thicker battery than that!

And yes, these polls are so silly

Give me a battery! Nothing worse than having to plug in a phone or other electronic device at the most inconvenient time.

This isn't "re-inventing the wheel",RIM. Just take your Bold 9000 chassis,upgrade with a trackpad,Micro USB & HMDI ports,add a higher resolution SLCD screen,plus keep all the speakers.For hardware upgrade to the same Snapdragon 4 processor as the SGS3( for LTE/HSPA+ Data) with 2GB of RAM.Add 16GB of internal storage with available Micro SD slot.

HaHa Everyone that voted that they don't care just get BB10 out as quick as humanly possible are gonna be the first ones to bitch if RIM decides to make the phones super thin with shitty battery life.. Since they're interchangeable I don't care too much I stay wit a spare battery & battery charger.. Let's go BB10!!

I don't like really thin phones....I have a hard enough time finding my Torch when its sitting in open space. And also...I have a fat @$$ if I happen to sit on it by accident or something like that, even though I don't put it in my back pocket, I want it to be able to survive.

The whole "got to be thin" movement is completely full of crap. Using a thin phone is actually more difficult, and at some point - kind of stupid. Battery life, and the ability to swap batteries in an emergency is super critical.

Personally, I think that the 9860 is the ideal size (which ironically, is nearly exactly the same size as my DINC 4G. I don't mind at all how "thick it is". Phones need to have flexibility, SD cards, etc. The people who don't care about this, are game playing iphone users.

Also - have you ever seen most people and their phones? Most people add these HUGE iphone cases to their phones, that balloon the size. So, what really was the benefit of making them thin without removable batteries? Specs for pundits.

I'd rather have a bit thick smartphone battery that would last me at least a day or two.. Plus I preffer to carry extra battery, instead. I really don't like carrying charger in a worry to for an outlet. BB10 will really rock the house if they could come up with a wayyy better battery life.

I'd prefer a thick phone just from a durability standpoint. I dropped my "thin" iPod touch ONCE and separated the screen from the backing. I drop my 9930 all the time and the worst that's happened is the battery came out.

Who here remembers when dumb phones were in a race to be smaller and smaller? Now smartphones are in a race to have bigger and bigger screens and thinner and thinner bodies. Like all fads, this too shall pass.

If phones back in the day started the opposite way as in starting thin than being thicker everyone would be screaming for a thinner phone - People seem to be stuck in this bad habit of not moving forward with the changing times.

I don't like thin phones. As when shit got smaller and thinner, now it's getting wider and thinner. When will the damn things get THICKER again? Thicker but lighter, is what SHOULD be the standard. I don't even give a hoot if it's bulky. I don't care about appearance either. JUST BE FUNCTIONAL with an interchangable battery, decent battery life. 1500 mAh or greater is enough for me. Alas, I have two, soon to be three, 3500 mAh extended batteries, one doesn't need to be decoded. Gets me through the day.

Blackberry devices needs to have better battery life, lets face it the current bb7 devices has am abysmal battery life.