CrackBerry Asks: Do you want themes on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

By Alicia Erlich on 6 Apr 2012 06:26 pm EDT
PlayBook Themes

As an avid theme fanatic I just can't imagine not having themes on my BlackBerry smartphone. I'm not kidding, I hesitated upgrading my device because I'd be giving up all the ones I accumulated over the years. Even though RIM has yet to release TB7 for BlackBerry OS7 devices (though that hasn't stopped developers thanks to the workaround), what about the BlackBerry PlayBook? Are there times you’ve picked up your tablet and wished there was a way to customize your experience and not see the same icons or layout day in and day out? For me it’s a no brainer, I want it now!  I can only imagine what designs are brewing in the minds of all the theme developers out there just waiting to be unleashed.

So what do you say CrackBerry Nation, are you with me? Cast your vote in the poll above if you’d like to see them release Theme Studio for the BlackBerry Playbook and then drop a line in the comments below. BerryGlowDesigns already cast his vote and, to show it, designed the custom CrackBerry PlayBook wallpaper shown in the shot above. Feel free to head on over to his friends/wallpaper page and download yours today for FREE. For more amazing choices, be sure to check out the CrackBerry Wallpaper gallery.

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CrackBerry Asks: Do you want themes on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


Yeah i would like to see some awesome themes like Win 8 or Mac....or maybe something fancy.
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Heck yeah I want themes on my PlayBook.

Plus there's a LOT of dedicated themers, what kinda message would that send from RIM if they just told the themers to go eff themselves after all these years.

Give me themes asap!

I think the ability to re-skin a device is a great differentiator for BlackBerry. Mind you, I went through quite a few before I found one I was really happy with, but it's great to have that flexibility.

Customization is one of the few features where BlackBerry phones are clearly better than their IPhone or Android competitors. It should be in BB10 to.

I agree that the PB surely needs to be customizable. It's utterly moronic one can't change anything but icons position and wallpapers (even changing sounds and images in rooted devices was puny).

You got your iOS right (even though it's skinable after you jailbreak) but you are dead wrong about Android... or on BB being superior to any device out there in terms of customization.

Android devices are the most customizable still on market. Plenty of complete shell replacements. Each manufacturer does their own shell for crying out loud (HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz, Motorola Blur, SE Panels...). Also plenty of 3rd party shell enhancers (take SPB Mobile shell for one).

Even Windows Mobile a complete and impressive shell (tons of today plugins that completely changed the PC like default interface to extraordinarily rich and completely customized interface... if BB themes amaze you SPB Mobile Shell and WisBar Advanced Desktop themes would blow your mind).

BB phones themes don't even come close to that sort of flexibility!

I've found very few themes that I like. With that said though, with how much more advanced the playbook is vs. my phone I can only imagine how beautiful they would be. I'd pay top dollar for a nice theme on my playbook.

I think it would be great. It all depends on what it is. I would put one on when I found the right one for me.

the ability to change theme and icon of playbook on how user like it is what I am looking for in every devices, I hope to see such feature soon in my playbook

That would be pretty sweet!! Themes were one of the many awesome things people loved to look for on their CrackBerries. BRING IT BACK!!!

Yeah I'd like themes to change how the OS looks.

Theming is the best part of using custom roms on android. Though I will say I think the playbook OS already looks pretty good.

When I look I playbook I'd like some other faces like on video chat. I'd rather have skyoe or oovoo. What good is a theme unless I'm just staring at my PlayBook.

Would love it!

But would love even more if they could come out with a theme maker for the OS7 phones!


Absolutely! This is one of the things that make BBs special, and the users are deserved to be allowed to personalize their devices.

However, if RIM really do that, please make it really sound and frustration-free, as there are too many cases where themes degrade the performance of BBs alot (also have to mention that some of the themes can cripple universal search for OS6, which is pretty bad...)

I stopped caring about themes when the best ones either cost money or crippled the OS.

If a theme can be seamless and look amazing it would be nice, but I don't want my playbook to look like an ipad and freeze multiple times a day.

Hasn't RIM already decided that they're no longer going to provide tools for custom themes in any new BlackBerry devices?
It sucks, but it's already decided.

Is there really a reason for why this shouldn't be supported? Just another option and ways to differentiate from the crowd. And it gets more developers on the platform...

Yes, I'd love to have a theme that would allow me to have a completely "clean" screen with no icons whatsoever. Have them appear with just a swipe.

The only problem I see is that badly written themes are well known to slow down a phone, make it unstable, and completely demolish battery life. Themes should have to pass some sort of sniff test prior to making it to App World.

I haven't upgraded my 9800 because the 9810 and 9900 don't have the themes I use and like. Themes made my 9800 one of the best phones for me. I would love to have themes on playbook once the playbook itself is stable and has more apps. If it was themes or a stable browser I pick the browser. I'm sick of it crashing at random.

The answer to the question is YES....I would love to see different themes come to the PlayBook. IMO, personalized BlackBerry devices is what makes BlackBerry's appealing. Changing wallpapers is nice, but I would also like to change clock location, color and size, change icons as well, there's alot I would like to have in a PlayBook "CUSTOM" theme.

I don't care about themes in the usual way but I would like to see a Theme Builder for the Playbook.
The main reason I would like to see a Theme Builder for the Playbook is so I could manipulate the font size for the icons and some other elements.
I have poor eyesight. For the most part I have no problem with the Playbook but would like the ability to tweak it a bit.

I don't hold out much hope though. Considering OS7 has been out for quite some time and RIM doesn't feel the need to supply a Theme Builder for that. I am stuck with an OS6 phone until they do. I am not alone with this. Other people that enjoy themes are avoiding phone upgrades because of the lack of themes for OS7.

RIM hasn't done much when it comes to accessibility for the visually impaired.

Yes, of course a lot of us like to see any additional function possible, being able to theme the PB is great not just because it would look great but also because of possible customizations that make it more convenient to use it, but I think a lot of us would agree that at this stage we would much rather see RIM get the basics done first and focus their effort on giving us a platform that has a smoother user experience and the basic functions that their platforms currently lack.

@Kevin - Can you post an honest review of tablets with the same price range of playbook 16 GB say Kindle fire. That will be awesome and for sure Playbook can win. Thanks. :)

Sure, there are more important things that need to be taken care of first in the development of this new OS for BlackBerry BUT a built in, *native* theming engine WITHOUT PLUGINS is an important thing to consider down the road as it would another distinguishing feature for the the new platform. If a lot of customizability continues to remain missing after another year or two, then I won't be very happy about staying with BB...