CrackBerry Asks: Do you still use your BlackBerry PlayBook?

BlackBerry PlayBook
By James Richardson on 19 Jan 2014 08:05 am EST


Looking back to when BlackBerry released their first tablet, the PlayBook, seems an age ago now. When BlackBerry 10 came to the market PlayBook users were looking forward to the new OS running on their PlayBook's as promised by the company themselves. Unfortunately, things changed and getting BlackBerry 10 onto the tablet never panned out. 

I don't mean to sound negative in any way, but let's face reality - PlayBook sales were never great. That said, the majority of users were more than happy with the BlackBerry tablet, including myself and having QNX in the consumers hands was a great experience. 

I was interested as to how many of the CrackBerry nation that bought the PlayBook are still using theirs. I'll be honest and say that although I still turn mine on from time to time and have a play, it isn't the tablet I use daily - I use the iPad mini and that's purely down to a few key applications. 

So hit up the following poll and cast your vote. Sure, it's a shame that the PlayBook wasn't as successful for BlackBerry as we all hoped, but I absolutely loved mine for a long time and it will always have a place in my heart. 

Kevin asked just the other day how your BlackBerry Z10's were holding up now that they have been available for a year, give or take a few weeks. The same applies for the PlayBook. Mine still runs just fine and the battery seems as good as ever, but I certainly find BlackBerry 10 a lot more fluid as an OS all round. Have you found the same if you were (or are) a PlayBook owner compared with a BB10 device? 


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CrackBerry Asks: Do you still use your BlackBerry PlayBook?



I still use my PlayBook almost everyday for the odd Web browsing, to watch movies, listen to music or read. It's still a solid device in my eyes, at least for what I use it for.

I still use mine mostly for work (sales) with all my pdf catalogs and price lists using the files and folders app. Other than that, the YouTube app at nights with my kids. I have an iPad for entertainment aka Hulu, Amazon and Netflix but I'm seriously looking to get a new Surface Pro tablet (full windows OS) which would help me consolidate all into one only device... then of course a great companion to my Z10. I will not get rid of my PlayBook until it does though... maybe will keep it as a media center or just leave it for my kids to use.... still works perfectly.

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Agreed, I am the same. I use my PlayBook daily in sales. Have all price lists, tons of tech manuals and innumerable documents on it. It has saved the number of binders I carry on the road and when I visit a dealer I can connect via HDMI to their flat screen to show power point or videos for training. Still perfect for me and my business.

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So you're saying it's so simple to use that even a dog can use it? Might want to check your credit card statements to make sure Rover hasn't been ordering better food with it :)

Mine is too slow even to simple browsing - I should probably wipe it. I use it daily though when I shower to listen to my favourite radio with nobex.

Turn off Flash and JavaScript and it will be much faster. You'll lose some features from some websites but it'll increase the speed significantly.

I'll bet if you wipe and reload, you'll be fine. Mine still runs great. I use it for music, Web browsing, some gaming, and the Pacemaker app.

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I have wiped mine several times, it doesn't help, and I have next to nothing on it. My ASUS Windows tablet (Not RT) runs circles around the PlayBook browser. It's just frustrating to use the PlayBook and I have given 2 of my 3 PlayBooks away.

The playbook browser WAS great. Then they stopped updating it. Now it's terrible comparatively. It was never that fast though, just very capable. If they only updated it to the BB10 one it would be awesome. Oh well still works for media so that's what I will continue to use it for. Great speakers on it too.

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Try the oragami browser. its really very good and pretty quick too.

On another note, since I don't need iTunes to load media, it's become my micro boom box. It may have the best speakers on a tab anywhere still. And pacemaker is still awesome! Still love my playbook, and think I'm going to install one in my car and one in my truck. Im installing multi room audio in my house and think I'll use these as my audio sources too. Soo good and cheap now!

The PB really did have great speakers...kind of too big for an MP3 player though. I just bought Logitech UE Mobile Boombox which uses Bluetooth. Works great with my Z10, S4, and iPad...

I always liked the UI and how easy it was to move between open apps. But many (including myself) think the PB was a major mistake that caused mass distraction. Some say this was the single biggest blunder. Oh well...what are you going to do...

I use my PB regularly but I would seriously like to see an update to the browser to improve its HTML5 rating and to have an option to spoof desktop browsers: I hate it when Google always defaults to "mobile" mode.

I would also like to see the browser work better with online services such as Google Drive or SkyDrive... something that even third party PB browsers have been weak at.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.

You and James are touching old nerves with this subject, making us remember that Kevin The conformist Michaluk, agreed on letting BBRY fail us to focus on BB10. I would be using more my 4 playbooks if it wasn't for one thing, I don't have what I have on my z30...

Are you on crack? I'm setting the boundaries on our community, I did'nt say that Kevin made this happened. I'm blaming him for being conformist and because he didn't criticize enough the bad decisions of RIM... he should have...

Not Kevin's fault. He made excuses for BlackBerry make but he never caused them to drop support for it. I think it would have been okay for them to EOL it if they hadn't screwed the customers so bad earlier. They should have at least kept it alive to fulfill their promises before they axed it. I know there's new leadership now and it's not Chen's responsibility but it would be nice if they had someone pull a bunch of core code from BB10 apps to improve the playbook with something. Also I still don't believe BB10 would not have run well on the playbook. I doubt the porting effort ever even began.

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It was sad when BB came out with the PB without a full blown OS.
I purchased one on day of release and another soon after for my wife. I thought that the PB would be a good competitor for the earlier released iPad.

BB never updated the OS fast enough to keep up with the growing storm of iP and Android devices. There are too many deficiencies to list. OS10 was never able to be installed on the PB due to Hardware deficiencies.

BB never built the intra-structure of app stores - the heart of the tablet support.

Due to unfavorable cash flow, BB decided to throw up their hands and give up PB while their cell phone business was tumbling too.

It was a sad day to retire my PB, though my wife still uses her's for watching on-line movies.

Yep me too. I use mine almost daily. Which is pretty telling considering I have a small arsenal of arguably better faster tablets at my disposal. The PlayBook still fill some of my needs in ways that the others just can't.

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

I use my PlayBook to watch YouTube pretty much exclusively. Although, I watch more YouTube than I do TV, so the PlayBook only gets a break when it needs to recharge. That's daily too, I use my PB all time. Worth every penny.


I liked the concept of it being a slave unit to my BlackBerry and really miss the bridge. However, I havea couple of business apps I use on my PlayBook. while part of me would like to see the one in particular on my Z30, I know the screen real estate is too small.

I really miss lesser conductivity from PB <> OS10.
We had it better options with OS7 and before.

I use it for the very same reasons as you DJ. I can't justify another tablet when the PB does most of what I want in a tablet already. My Z30 does not replace my PB because I like the bigger screen for the above.

Posted on CB10 from my badass VZW Z30!

I use mine everyday as a go to companion for my Bold 9900. I use it when typing out long emails or viewing a link someone sends me. I will admit I have been checking out the iPad Mini as of late for a few things I can't get on my PB or Bold. (a solid working FB app, COIN when it is released, PayPal card reader etc.)

I don't know what I will do with my Playbook when the iPad mini is purchased (one day). Especially if I can get a Z30 on T-mobile which will give me a larger screen. I even considered the Z10 but I am nervous with some of the negative reviews I have seen. As a Success Management Coach I cannot allow for any downtime.

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I hear you. Just joined your channel. As far as the Z10 this is my third. I had it with Tmo and now with AT&T. Love it. Totally replaced my PlayBook. Had in between iPhone 5s and Note2 still came back to Z10. Just too good of a productive phone and os. No problems whatsoever. Never down times. Highly recommend.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

Get a z10- I had Bold 9900, then got a z10 for free and used it until q10 released last June because I "thought" I needed a physical keyboard, but after I loaded on q, I realized that I wanted z10 back (flick texting, screen size, coupled with it can't be beat!!). Go to and get 1Mobile and you will be flying high and will never look back! People drool over my z10 daily because it really stands out in thr sea of iphones and ugly *ss samsungs. Lol

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1

I would use it for typing but the keyboard lag even with a bluetooth keyboard is ridiculous. So I haven't used it for that in a while. One of the bugs that they could fix to make it 10x better. One little fix.

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I also still use mine everyday. Agreed bb10 is more fluid but I still prefer the UI & gestures of the PlayBook OS, movies are clear and sound great, and for some reason music sounds a lot better on my beats headphones on my Playbook using Neutron than it does on my Q10 also using Neutron.

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I'm with you, I wish bb10 carried the gestures over from PBOS too. I want to flick my apps off, want to be able to access system prefs from the top corner…
Oh, and the PB's beautiful speakers!
Here's hoping BB is listening.

Sadly mine isn't as healthy as it was, now use it just to help on the Blackberry pages and to use Twitter. I have to use Willow for Twitter as Blaq freezes my PlayBook. Numerous software updates haven't helped, but, until now it has been a brilliant tablet.

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Believe me or not, I use my playbooks ie 4G LTE, 3G + hspa everyday for my emails etc,they are my pillows

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Yes the whole family does really too bad they can't get BBM as a native app for playbook and they didn't give out apps for Xmas

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Mainly used for movies while travelling.

Z30 serves all other requirements (particularly running .1925)

Posted via CB with the Zthirty STA100-5/

Sometimes a bigger screen is nice. Still use mine, although I fell asleep on it and cracked the screen.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. When I got my Z10 I was still using the PB in the evenings. But ever since I got my Z30 I haven't touched it.

If the PB2 is ever released I will have a pre-order in! (128GB please)

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Of course I love it :)
No need for another tablet :)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

I use my pb daily for either gaming or browsing. It's a solid tablet and I would not use another tablet unless BlackBerry came out with another.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It is my alarm clock, weather report, emial and I use it for text messages. It also keeps my 3 year old grandson occupied when he comes and visits.

I still use it. The camera and video chat don't work and give me a error code but I still use it. Plan on buying two for the kids to use at school so there laptops can remain safe at home. Would like to see another one come out but for now I just hope the PlayBook still gets some support

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For select purposes. Ok, really just two purposes:
1. A clock sitting on its charging stand. It's actually the only clock in our living room.
2. e-Reading in Kobo

I likely will replace it with a Windows 8/RT tab soon but the small Windows tablet trend is really just starting so I'm holding out for a Surface Mini or maybe something from Nokia. Pretty much the only thing I'd really need it for is Xbox SmartGlass, though; my Z10 ends up doing most of what I used to use my PlayBook for.

I use mine frequently for a multitude of uses, playing Slacker Radio plus reading information over the internet. Last night used it to transfer a movie from a computer to the PB to stream through the TV via Micro HDMI....good hardware that just wasn't executed in the initial marketing....blows the doors of the user experience to aan Android tablet that is only a couple of months old

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It works as well as the day I got it and I use mine everyday for reading feeds in BlackBerry News, watching youtube and playing the occasional game. It was a great companion to my 9700 and continues to be so for my Q10. If they came out with another, I would upgrade.

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I voted "no" but technically I guess I use it everyday as a high end alarm clock. BB10 is so mu h faster I use my Z10 to surf the Web and even read via Kindle on it. My kids used to use the PlayBook for gaming but they got iPod Touches for Christmas so they don't care about the PlayBook anymore.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 running

Still use mine for Browsing when I need a slightly larger screen or watching videos. Otherwise the Z10 has replaced it for the most part.

CB10'n it via da Z

Use it as a calculator and web from time to time.

Yougest kid using it to play games but oldest moved to iPad. Yup, i said it, iPad.

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Barely, now that I'm used to my Z10 the PlayBook is way too slow!
I do all my Internet browsing on my phone. I use the PlayBook when I feel like playing Angry Birds! Lol

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I use mine everyday and rarely touch my iPad mini. My two boys (5 and 8) have one and they use them as often as their DS for playing.

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Yes but I would like to see a few updates. The PlayBook was pretty much abandoned from launch by BlackBerry and apart from testing a few BlackBerry 10 features on it, it really hasn't had a proper update.
The poll isn't sufficient in options. I use it everyday but it needs more

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BlackBerry Bridge with HDMI out is fantastic. I really do miss the presentation mode from the PlayBook though. Wish that they would get that feature on BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

The PlayBook is the most underrated device ever made! With the exception of apps I like my 2 year old PlayBook's over my band new Ipads. Plays more files, battery last longer, standardized cables app manager. Etc.

I use it when I travel, (I cannot sleep at night without a TV on) my kids used it in the car to watch. My cottage is in a low reception area and I keep my Z30 in the Window on hotspot mode and use my PlayBook to do banking etc from anywhere.

I wish it would have got the BB10 update especially with 10.2.1 coming. Now I would be happy with just a keyboard and browser update.

But since I upgraded from my Z10 to Z30 a few months ago I have to say I don't use my PlayBook's too much. for the amount of screen I prefer my Z30.

Posted via CB10

These poll choices aren't really fair. Yes, I still use mine every day, BUT only because that's all I have. If money were not object, I would sooner have a Surface 2 Pro or even iPad Air. Sadly, as the average consumer doesn't get demo devices, dropping $300+ per year on a tablet isn't exactly feasible. Should add a "Yes, until I can get something better" option to your poll.

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$300 the apple air is more like $800. But I do agree once you get in that range why not just get a lab top?

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I have it by the bed, mostly as a Kobo e-reader, sometimes take it for watching movies on the plane.

Between phone, laptop and tablet it's my least used form factor, so I don't see myself plunking down more cash on a different tablet.

I'm a bit surprised that Apple seems to have done so well in this market and can't help feeling that people will look back on tablets as a fad.

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Yep use it every day, especially since they fixed the BlackBerry bridge, works great with my Zed10

Posted via CB10

Well Bridge isn't *quite* fixed yet, is it? It's still not quite as well-rounded as in BBOS.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Still use my 64GB PlayBook every day checking emails.

I was wondering if the Foxconn deal extends to tablets?

You can still get the PlayBook on Amazon.

I think there should be a BB10 Lite version just for the PlayBook with just the essential elements.

I just think that there should be a small team to work on improving the OS for the PlayBook.

It is still a quality device.

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I use it occasionally when I want a larger screen or better sound than my Z10. Otherwise it's a useful paper weight. I am pissed about the shafting that BlackBerry gave us when we purchased them and is still giving to us PlayBook owners, every time Os10 upgrades and new apps appear. BlackBerry you owe us! Your Faithfull.

Posted via CB10

Sadly, only on Sundays. I have my Prayer Books downloaded on it and my homilies. Only use it for services.

I wish there were another option for occasional usage.

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At least one of my PB's are in use everyday, whether it's the one I'm using for work or playing a game and watching a movie, they're all being used.

I even have dedicated 16 gb model I use as a bedside clock running Bed-Buzz, that says the time date and weather conditions.
Amazon has great deals on PB accessories and the PlayBook stand was so inexpensive I had to buy it.
I'm using my PlayBook at this very moment watching 47 Ronin attached via hdmi.

Posted via CB10

Now & then yes, would like to see a shiny new BlackBerry watch though I know a little of conversation...ok back to PlayBook use it now & is a little outdated now though..a little..


I use it for playback from the Shoutcast website while I go to sleep. For everything else I use the iPad 3 or the Q10 or Z30.

I sell my PlayBook after own a Z10. It was to slow for browsing the Internet. The Z10 is faster and so i. The PlayBook was great with a 9780, but not so good with the Z10.
Q10 with 7"BlackBerry 10 Tablet would be best at the Moment. :-)

Greets Chris

Yes every weekend but my son and daughter use it as well. My son uses it to play games my daughter just like her father to watch movies. Playbook still is one of the best ways to play flash on a tablet w/o having to download a third party software.

Posted via CB10

I just do not like tablets. They have caught the imagination of consumers generally, but I think it is a solution looking for a problem. Smartphones are portable and do most everything a tablet does (and some, like my Q5an have a keyboard). Laptops are real cheap now, and can do far more, with a keyboard. Laptops are also getting real light, even the cheapest ones.
Tablets are sold as kind of a more convenient laptop, or a bigger smartphone, but are kess than either. However, if anyone but Apple had started this trend, I don't think the entire product category would have taken off. I think once the rose coloured glasses come off in a few years, people will realize they really just wanted an affordable Mac.

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Yes I still use both of mine here in the UK, mainly for browsing the web, playing music, catchup TV and watching YouTube videos. The 16Gb is a daily workhorse and the 64Gb is my music machine.
However I don't use either as much as I did because the Z10 covers much of the same ground and i only turn to the PBs when I need the bigger screen.

Not really used much at all anymore. Since the last OS upgrade (last month?), none of the sideloads I used to use (Kindle, etc.) will function, and Bridge on my Q10 doesn't have near the options that it had on my 9930. So I keep the PB charged and wait for it to become useful again while surfing and reading on my Kindle Fire HD. LOVE my Q10, though!

Reading the website on my PB right now. Wife loves it too. I'm hoping it lasts a couple more years.

I have three in my household, they're still used everyday. I'd buy a new BlackBerry 10 PlayBook in a heartbeat if one ever comes to market.

No choice for " Just a little bit but I much prefer my BB10 phone."? I pretty much use my PlayBook for reading only now. Books and large documents mostly. Has the portability and a bit bigger screen which I like. Rest of the time my Z10. I'll be honest though. I liked the PlayBook but if I could afford to I would replace it with another tablet. Just to slow to slow for me to use it for anything else.

Posted via CB10

I want to add. I'm waiting for the surface pros to include HDMI ports so I can replace both my PlayBook and my old laptop.

Posted via CB10

Even though I purchased another tablet for a couple of Android written apps I needed. My PlayBook is the main tablet I use daily. The sound, UI and feel of it can't be beat. Using another tablet and needing to press buttons to close apps makes me appreciate it even more. I have had it since day one of release and noticed this weekend it's time to order a new case. Out of the case still looks good as new.

Posted Via CB10 Using my great Z30 Or Z10

I use it every day, pity the camera has stopped working. I now use my z10 for pictures and transfer into playbook.

Posted via CB10

I still use my 64GB playbook, mostly for videos and a little Web browsing, I actually miss some playbook features in bb10 like switching between running apps by flicking one direction or the other, it made checking/ transferring information from one app to another a lot faster. Also the flick up in the active panels to close an app was much better, having to hit that stupid X to close is silly.

Posted via CB10 with a Z30

Since I got my z10 I passed my PlayBook to my girlfriend because I can't stand how slow os 2 is compared to os 10. I just do everything I did on my PlayBook right on my z10... and even more!

Me?! I keep movin'!

I can't charge mine. The dock doesn't make contact anymore and the charger broke :( but I'd use it if it could charge.

Posted via CB10

Yes I use mine on weekdays at work for listening to SiriusXM (since there's little hope for a true BB10 app) and for coffee break browsing without using the company computers and Internet connection. Some update love would be great but is not expected.

Posted via CB10

I haven't had a PB since they announced that they weren't going to update it to BB10.
That as a whole was my final straw with BB.
Sold my PB's, Z10, Q10 and made the switch to Samsung... Best decision ever!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

And when exactly are you going to Android Central? You don't have BB products but then again you take the time to read/comment on BB posts. What you are doing now by commenting on a post is similar to stalking your ex "that you supposedly don't like" although your new girlfriend/wife is "much better".

Just because I don't have a Blackberry product anymore means I can't keep track of them? That's like saying if you are a Maple leaf fan you can't check out the Senators because they are a different team.
I have the Android Central App, Crackberry App, and Imore app... Why, because it's a great way to see what's going on in the world of mobile technology.
I used BlackBerry for years, I still have a opinion on them.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I take it you're not big into security.
Sounds to me that you should have gotten a Z30 instead... and not hold onto your anger because of the PlayBook etc.

When I hear people say they went to Samsung usually it's for the big screen. With the Z30 you have the best of both worlds, screen/bb10 etc. BB10 is the best there is as far as I am concerned.

I am not to happy that BlackBerry did not upgrade/update the PlayBook too. The web browser does not work great for me at all, no matter what I did to make it work better. I never use mine anymore and I have moved onto a Ipad 4th Gen, got it refurbished/like new from apple and saved close to $200 etc there's no way I am paying full price for it, I don't like it that much.

I would have preferred to have a 10" PlayBook running bb10 etc but there's no such thing...

Would I recommend getting an Ipad? Only if you do what I did and saved some money. The OS seems so old when using it, Otherwise I think the MS surface pro 2 or whatever the newest version is would be a much better machine.

By the way my Z10 with the latest software is Fantastic and don't understand why you would have given it up...

Take care.

After the last software release that enabled my Z10 to function, I've been relying on it more. I agree with one of the other posts that media seems to work better. I use Blue tooth headphones, and all functionality remains fluid. With my keyboard attached, I can enter new entries to my Z10 via the PB UI with less errors. (spelling)

The only issue I have with my PB is the spell check function. It is not user friendly

Posted via CB10

I have mine hooked up to the stereo and use the Nobex app to listen to radio stations all over the world every day. I also listen to I use it to rent movies and read some newspaper apps from time to time

Posted via CB10

I've got 3: 64gb, 32gb and 16gb :)

All used as music players and occasional browsers (origami).

Also I occasionally play a few games on it where the larger format is more suitable than the z10.

Posted via CB10

I'm not using the PlayBook anymore. I bought it in the first place for mobile web browsing, since the old BlackBerry's weren't very good at that. And don't get me wrong, it did a very good job, but since I've got my Z10, I use my phone for that purpose in stead.
I used the PlayBook less and less, until it was just gathering dust in a drawer. But recently I gave it to my dad, and he seems very happy with it, so it's actually in use again, only not by me.

This reminds me of the remark Thorsten Heins once made, claiming that the tablet is a dead end. In my specific situation, I have to agree: I use my Z10 when I'm on the go, and my desktop pc when I'm stationary (yes, some people still use desktop systems in stead of laptops, I sometimes need the raw power only a desktop can provide).

Tablet a dead end? Yeah, as a dedicated, self-supported computing platform perhaps.

What a lot of us are asking for though would be a BlackBerry dumb tablet, to extend our Q10/Z10 screens. That would actually be real cheap to manufacture, because it does not have to carry its own computing power.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I still use mine but less since I got my Z10 and then Z30. I would use it more if it had BB10 OS. :-D

I just used mine to vote in this poll and comment. So yes I still use my PlayBook. Battery still good after 2 years 16gb model.

My PlayBook still functions great. When I'm not on the desktop, the PlayBook is my companion and the link to the Web as I always bridge with my Z10.

Posted via CB10

It does the job and while I've reduced my dependence on ot after upgrading to my Z30 phone, I still rely on it for certain apps and web browsing.

I bought a 64Gb Playbook last september as a bold 9900 extension. Except some lags I am very satisfied

I also use my PlayBook everyday for streaming sport radio, watching movies and listening to music. Still a good tablet.

Posted via CB10

The poll does not present the correct response for my use. I use my Playbook daily but it does not necessarily meet my needs. I am likely going to switch to an ipad or android tablet soon.

I used it a lot until I got my BlackBerry Z30... haven't touched my PlayBook for a month now.

Posted via CB10

I'm still using it, but just for browsing, playing a few games and reading kindle books (reading reference books is much better with the colored display).

Posted via CB10

Only downside is that it is so heavy. Besides of that it's still a great device.

Posted via CB10

My PlayBook died a few months ago and I haven't replaced it. I would buy another in the morning if BlackBerry updated just the Android player.

Perhaps Kevin could ask Mr Chen if he would reward the loyal BlackBerry customer base with an update?

Posted via CB10

I love BlackBerry but tell you the truth I don't think I buy a next BlackBerry tablet again they disappoint me big time

Posted via CB10

Use mine on a daily basis. Music. Work with Citrix app. Browsing at times. You tube app for my little guy who wants to watch tractors all day. Lol.

Posted via CB10

Does it really do Citrix? My husband would be kind of excited about that, since we wouldn't have to haul a laptop when we go away.

I bought a PlayBook this fall and I like it way better than my Android tablet, but the truth is I don't use any tablet that much since I got my Z10. I use the PlayBook the most when I'm traveling, and I don't travel that much.

Posted via CB10

No. It falls short in every possible category compared to other tablets. Why people browse the Web on it it beyond me. It's so slow it's just not worth messing with.

"No. It falls short in every possible category compared to other tablets"

Really - absolutely, positively every possible way?

Ok - I'll bite. How is it better than my Kindle Fire HDX if I want to take a photo or plug it into my TV when I'm in a hotel room? How are the notifications better on my Kindle Fire HDX? How is jumping between apps quicker? Is it easy for me to control my Kindle Fire remotely with my phone like my PlayBook?

For that matter, how is it better than my iPad mini for sound, when I want to plug it into a TV when traveling? Why have I dropped my mini multiple times because of its slick back? I wanted a 64 gb iPad mini to store videos on like I do with my PlayBook. Could I get one for $200 like I did with my PlayBook?

I'm needling you a bit - they all have advantages. But when I see sweeping, shallow statements like "every possible way", it gets under my craw. They all have strengths and weaknesses.

Bought the playbook in 2011 to use as a device that could record 1080p video, and do other things like browse the web, edit documents etc. It still does all those things today.

I do wish BlackBerry would have come out with a Blackberry 10 Tablet (which I would be all over day 1), as I find BlackBerry 10 is the OS that I most enjoy using.

Playbook is still part of my essential technology gadgets I carry everywhere with me. Q10, PlayBook, and sometimes iPhone as well.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

I still use my PlayBook that I bought by selling my ipad 2. It had been a perfect companion to my BB9900. However, after getting myself a Q10, I realized that there needs to be a BB10 PlayBook.


I bought my 64gb Playbook for £109 over a year ago. I never planned in using it myself, I got it for my 1 year old, he's now nearly 2 1/2 and he plays with it every day, it gets bashed around and it's still like new(no screen protector, but it does have the blue BlackBerry silicone sleeve).

It's been a great tablet, so we'll build. Intuitive OS, must be if an infant can use if daily with no help from parents.

It's 90% used for video playback, and occasional educational games.

Shame it never got OS10, but I've got a Z10 now, so I still get to play with a nice os.

Posted via CB10

Yes. Movies and some email. Generally use my Z30. Have an iPad as well for some work apps. PB with OS10 would have been great. Still prefer the PB vs IPAD if apps remained current.

Posted using Z30 and CB10

I still use it daily as well.
Music,Movies,E-mail,Comic book reading,web browsing.
I hope that they make a Playbook 2 with BB10 and with expandable memory.(sd card)
Movies take up a lot of space.On the same movie note the licensing issue would be sorted out at that point, Since it would be 2 BB10 devices.
Right now movies that I buy on my Q10 I can't watch on my playbook and vice versa.

Playbook 2 w/BB10 has my vote to be made.

Video chat. I don't have a home phone but I have a PlayBook mounted in my kitchen. And then mine I take with me. Makes for good video calling to the house.

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I use it to watch movies when traveling. Wish I didn't have to convert some of them but it supports a decent amount of video formats. I also use it to browse the web when on the couch plus play a few games. It does good video capture for uploading stuff to youtube and I video chat with my kid.

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I use daily though it's use fell off once I got my Z because of the Z's amazing browser. It's still a flash monster. Screen is great and sound is excellent. Though the bridge functionality is not what it once was, the last update did bring text and BBM. There are a number of things about the UI that are superior to BB10. The multitasking ability is unmatched by anything on the market including BB10. Sadly, after pretty much running 24/7 since I got it a week after launch, it appears that the screen software is beginning to fritz out. Someone else mentioned that they use their Z as a base station for their PB in low coverage areas. I use that arrangement as well but use it through the bridge rather than hot spot. Great device and hugely underrated.

Definitely need 7" tablet, I have given away my PlayBook to my son as a gift.

Z1 Sony is good but overpriced.
Samsung is not an option, just don't like it.
Z30 is to small, too bad it's not 7".

Guess I wait for now.

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I still use my PlayBook just about every day. When I first got it, Bridge was used a lot. It kept me from having to reach for my 9700 all the time.

Now, it is more of a media device. It sits in its desktop dock while I work, playing videos, streaming Slacker or music from my Google music library (thanks to GoogMusic). Blaq still works well on it, along with Evernote and ReadItNow. It gives me the chance to read through things while using my computer for work and my Z10 for BBM Groups. I still use the Kindle app and Zinio for reading as well.

It's not as centric in daily tasks as it used to be, and I don't play games on it as much, but it still gets used every day.

What I wish it could do is have full Bridge capabilities back, and bring back video chat across BlackBerry 10 devices. Those are about the only things I miss.

I still use my 4G LTE PlayBook everyday. It literally is the first thing I wake up to each morning (Today's Alarm Clock) and the last thing I look at before going to sleep (Today's Alarm Clock). However, in between I don't use it as much as I did over a year ago. Basically it's a several hundred dollar alarm clock with Internet, cellular, productivity, gaming, movies, and music capabilities that is second only to my Z10. Had it received a proper BlackBerry 10 update, it would definitely be getting used a lot more.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I used to use it daily and I'm sure it's still good for browsing and games. But I haven't really touched it in a year or so. I've moved on to Android devices, phone & tablet. I once was a blackberry champion, buying only their products, defending them against all doubters. I started to use more & more Google products & it just makes more sense to use Android. I will admit I was upset when certain promises weren't met after spending $500 on the playbook, but even when that was announced I was already on my way to being an android guy. With that said I will always be a fan of BlackBerry & i still follow this site. I'm rooting for them to pull through & become a force again.

I barely touch it. Every once and awhile I'll forget how crappy it's become and will turn it on and play with it.

Then I realize how much better and more convenient my Z10 is with 10.2.1 and that's a wrap for the PlayBook. Glad to see however that others still find a use for it. :)

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Uso la PlayBook para leer, ver películas y jugar. Me gustaría poder usarla en el trabajo. Actualización es necesaria.

My girlfriend and I both have one and we love them. My girlfriend mainly uses her PlayBook to stream music. She loves it more than her Z10. I use mine mainly for surfing the internet. I like that I'm able to access some websites that iPad or Android simply cannot. I really hope that John Chen has a PlayBook successor on his device roadmap. If they make it a truly premium device, I'll be buying 2 more.

Sadly no I retired mine and replaced it with a Microsoft Surface Pro, but still loving my Z30, had a few BlackBerry phones, but the Z30 is the dogs bollocks, best phone on the market today and will be for some time. :-) BBM Channel C002C3F42

Nope mine is gathering dust. I got an iPad mini as a gift and haven't looked back. Otherwise I use my z10. I wish they'd upgrade the the browser to bb10 quality then I'd probably fire it up again.

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I use mine for a bedside alarm clock but use apple ipad 2 as my daily runner if not on my PC or Phone.

My amazing BB Z10 - OS 1925

I love my playbook but I've no choice but to move to Android tablet because of 2 main reasons:

1. Playbook do not support Vietnamese input (it's a shame that even BBOS 6 already have that but it never appear on PB).

2. I hardly find a Fifa or PES game to play on PB.

Well, actually I didn't work much on my tablet but simply entertainment at home (playing game, listening to music while taking shower etc...). I'd love to buy a PS4 but I do not have enough money for that so playing football game on touch screen seem to be the only way. Right now I've bought a cheap Asus Memopad HD7 and I really miss the PB (especially about hardware quality like the screen, speaker etc...) but I'd rather not going back to PB again.

I still use mine quite often! Almost all of my work service manuals and documentation are stored on it, or accessible thanks to the 50GB Box account I got with it. I also have SSH and RDP access with it in a small form factor, and with the ability to bridge it to my Q10 there's an LTE connection.

It's also a great tablet for movies and music while traveling or through Bluetooth at the house or car. Native Samba support lets me transfer documents over my wireless network, and Print to Go gives me the option to send files to it even if I've left it in the office. Yeah I got it during the price drop, but everything I envisioned using it for it still does well so I've more than recovered my cost.

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My family has two of them and we are still using them everyday as bedside browsers and enjoy watching TV episodes together in bed, listening to comedy radio, or even just winding down playing a few games.
I was just thinking last night how great and under rated the Playbook really is. I was always impressed by the sound and with Neutron music player it rocks!
I see it more of an extension of Z30 that can go on the charger in the evening and I can grab my Playbook.
At the very least, it introduced us to the power of the swipe and actually made adoption to BB10 easier. I convinced a family member to upgrade her phone to a Q5 and asked her how the learning curve was and she said, "Oh, it was no problem because it reminded me of my Playbook!"
Oh, and BTW, we've even used both of them as a great baby monitor! Put one near the crib and either video or audio stream to the other!

I sync the Calendar with my device BB9650 for all my appointments. Replaced DayMinders to book appointments a long time ago. No more paper, still works great.

i still use mine but my z10 practically took its place but its nice to watch tv shows and movies on it while traveling

I do use it every day to read the newspapers while listening to music and to do fast Internet browsing like assisting my kids with school exercises.

I really miss the integration it had with OS7 and hope someday BlackBerry prices loyal users by providing an update on the OS to integrate wit my Z10.

It almost have, as it is and after some years, all you need in a tablet. I wouldn't buy any newer one as I would rather manage myself as until now.

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I would love to still use mine but there is no support for the device. My PlayBook stop working the other day. The device just won't take the charge. When you put it to charge the red light comes on for a second followed by a blinking orange and then shut down. Tried calling BlackBerry tech support to no avail.
This is what I used for all my Web browsing, a great device but no support. I used to use it every single day but can't anymore.

Z10? Yes it can!

Solid device. Bought it with an HDMI cable, awesome to watch movies on the big screen at home or in a hotel. :)

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Love it, just needs more support etc... but alas that won't ever come. hopefully they release bb10 PlayBook. Till then will continue to use it.

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i don't own any tablet at the moment, but i would love a new BB10 tablet that is thinner and sleeker than playbook

The answers didn't quite fit me. I have other tablets now too (gadget geek) but I still use it daily for things like reading the news in the morning, scanning my social networks, watching tv shows and the like.

Every week, to talk with my parents and in-laws, we gifted them all playbooks 2 years back, my answer for skype not coming to BlackBerry then. I wish there was bbm on it.

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I still use my PlayBook everyday, but it's starting to feel old&clunky to me. I too wish BlackBerry would come out with a new tablet, as I really like the PlayBook OS gestures compared to the other vendors, and would love BB10 on a tablet.

However, since it seems BlackBerry won't be in the tablet business for the foreseeable furture, I'm leaning towards picking up something Android. I like the new iPad mini's hardware, but can't tolerate iOS.

My kids got the playbook and use it as a portable video player. I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 24 hours after BlackBerry said no bb10 for playbook.

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I have a 32 Gb and 64 Gb and the first one just stumbled 2 times from the stairs and a falling a lot thank to the children. The second one the 64Gb is mine and mostly use it for reading comics, streaming tv series :)

The reason I bought it was that it was not that expensive both lesses that 150 euro.

Maybe Blackberry is thinking to get one in the field but I like to see one around between 7-8 inches
with blackberry 10 without 3G and 1,5 Ghz processor and 2 Gb ram and 16 Gb memory with sd-micro.
I like to pay 250 at max.

I use mine periodically,but it has gotten slow. When I muster the energy to move my photos & videos off, I'll wipe it. I'm sure I'll use it more then. But with the Z10, I don't reach for it nearly as much.

My wife uses hers daily for web browsing (okay, shopping) at night while in bed. Her PB is newer & doesn't have as much stuff on it. She has a 9930 with the crappy browser of BBOS.

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

My kids love the PlayBooks. They watch TV shows on ot and listen to music.

I bought something new after Christmas and can't put it down. While PlayBook was still booting along just fine, everyone else was playing cool new games. I will also admit that I was in the market for a larger screen.

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My first two are still hard at work and batteries perfect. I think the micro-usb is getting a little fragile on one, but I mostly use the charging dock.
Because I think HDMI and Bridge are so brilliant, and use it constantly in my business, I have a new 64g coming tomorrow. I don't want to be without it.
When BlackBerry gets back on its feet I really think there should be a PB2. I can't imagine my future without a 7" tab in either my personal or professional life. I depend heavily on my Z10, but tabs also play an important role for a lot of people.

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If the Web browser wasn't abysmal I would have used it for that, but I switched to a Nexus 7 as it is.

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The problem is, since BB10 came out, my PlayBook just feels soo slow. And It doesn't have any of the apps I love on my Z/Q

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Just about every day. It really comes in handy on the treadmill watching videos. Still surf the web on it when I want the larger screen..

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The PlayBook is one awesome device. Still going strong. Albeit, I hardly use it now a days. My Z30 can do everything now but it's nice having the larger screen for games and what not. Never crashes. Always on unless it runs outta battery. Solid product. It's too bad it never panned out. You'll be hard pressed to find anything bad about PlayBook other then it was poorly marketed, priced and maintained by BlackBerry.

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Yes, still watch movies, read and playing games on it. I will always have a use for it.

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I still use it for school. I had to side load kindle which makes me sad that there is no support for the PlayBook. Coupled with the keyboard case, it. Made for a pretty good tool. Aside from that it's pretty solid. I'm just glad I didn't pay the full 500 for the thing.

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I use my playbook daily, usually at bedtime for reading and checking emails, fb and twitter. I did however, pick up a Galaxy tab 3.7 for streaming music through my sound system. I found the browser crashed too often on the PB to reliably stream music for an evening. But, it is still my travel tab and I have it loaded up with movies and music for those long plane rides.

Still use it!

Occasional web browsing.
Music through my BlackBerry Music Gateway
Email, calendar (bigger screen helps)
Movies or TV shows while traveling.

Nice to be able to bridge for data when on the go......

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Bought an early one stoll a good tablet. Too bad they don't run 10.2 on it. It's a credibility issue in my mind. Build, sell, then don't support. Is this how the phones will go too? I guess I will have to update soon to the iPad, then what is next, the iPhone for compatibility? Love my Z10 but.........

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I use it everyday at home, I prefer to type on my mini keyboard than on my Z10. I persevere with the slow web browser because I enjoy the experience of all the other features.

I still use my PlayBook to email, listen to music, read books, play games and video chat with family memebers so it does what I need. I did browse and use the Facebook App regularly, but since my Z10 my browsing declined as the browser is a bit slow and since the Facebook App has been woeful for so long with no fix/update despite numerous reviews calling for it to be fixed/updated. It's a pity BlackBerry seem to have disowned it not updating and only adding another Bridge function every so often as I'm sure I'd use it more regularly if those 2 things were addressed.

As usual the answer I wanted to give wasn’t remotely reflected in the possible responses! Yes, I still use my PB quite a lot, only less so than before I owned a Z10. The tablet remains solid, stable, a bit slow, but still very capable.


Also proved once again, you can view the poll results without voting. Simply press view results, without choosing an answer.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I use four or five days a week, buy would use Everyday if .... as others have said .... there was PlayBook 2 with BlackBerry 10 (10.2.1)

They should have been close, when they first promised it, buy I guess the needed the money for the successful marketing or z10, q10 and z30. Ooooop .... maybe not!

I love my phones and PB, but think the damage to hard core user base by abandoning the PB development is incalculable.

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Yes a lot, nobex, you tube using the hdmi output, emails, bridges to my fantastic z10,it may not have all those hot of the day app but would not trade it for a ipad

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The device is so strong. But the os is clumsy and inefficient. If bb10.2.1 makers it to the PB, the value would skyrocket right up next to the iPad mini and etc.

I use it to watch anime because it reads mkv, and read Manga with a sideloaded app

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In use every day. When tethered to my z10 I love using it at work so as to avoid tipping off the IT folks of what I'm viewing.
Will probably be used less when the z50 gets into my hands!

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Yes! No longer on a daily basis though. It has become slow for browsing and with the Z10 at hand it usually loses out when I need a quick browse.

I use it most as an e-reader running Kobo and a couple of games.

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I still use it for YouTube videos, casual browsing. But the one who is really happy is my daughter, she is less than 3 YO and used it every single day to watch cartoons from YouTube lol.
I really love the PB OS more than the 10, I don't know, I found the gestures more simple and Natural and the way it's handles Multitasking it's easier to switch and find all the apps that are running.

I am writing this on my z10 phone

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The tablet didn't sell because there was VERY little marketing for it. Period. At the time the tablet came out, it was arguably the best on the market. Remember all of the testimonies on here with people saying how they had impressed people when they showed it off? BlackBerry's rare attempts to market it lead people to believe it required a BlackBerry to get the most out of it, which simply wasn't true.

The Web browser is still one of the best on the market. I find, in some instances, it's more efficient than the BB10 browser. Also, remember when it first came out and there was this huge buzz because we could watch Netflix directly from the browser for a week or two before it got blocked? How many other browsers were that advanced at the time?

Gaming is excellent on the PlayBook. That is still the case to this day. No need to go into that. Side note - I love the Pacemaker app, which just recently got updated and continues to improve.

Sure, lack of apps is an issue and performance all around could use some improvement, but it's still an excellent tablet. If they would just fix bugs, improve performance, reduce the boot up time (dramatically), update apps like BlackBerry Maps, Protect, Travel, Bridge, etc to work like on BBOS, add suggested enhancements from the Beta Zone to the BlackBerry Bridge functionality (like media controls), and update the Android runtime to give us the same experience and download benefits that is coming to BB10 10.2.1 OS, they could sell these like hot cakes. No BB10 needed. People won't even the notice, nor will they care, that the hardware is "outdated" when they see the performance and capabilities.

It would work because the masses still don't know BlackBerry even had a tablet come out, let alone one that flopped. They should seriously reconsider doing this. The PlayBook OS has so much potential and no need for BB10 to be on it. They are not that far from making it a tablet that can hang with the best of them (maybe even beat them). Remember all of the potential TAT showed us on YouTube for the PlayBook. I could add more but, hopefully, the point has long been made.

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The Playbook is the best book reader around. With my Q10, the only need I have for any tablet is to read books. I read at least an hour a day.

Tethering is great, the picture and video quality is amazing , A nice 8 inch screen tablet with good specs and able to make phone calls from the PlayBook would be awesome...PlayBook 2 I'm in !!

While I still use it from Time to time, I have found that os10 fills most of my needs now. If bridge functionality was brought back up to par with pre os10 bridge I would likely use it a lot more. As it stands now I use it primarily for media consumption on trips (planes etc..). Now that the os10 phones have an hdmi out I don't find myself needing it as often outside of those in vehicle moments.
My next tablet will be a surface pro edition of whatever model they are on at the time or a hacked tablet with whatever Linux distro I want to use.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

My toddler uses it to watch Barney and Baby Einstein. And I use it to video chat with my parents (have 3 PBs in the family).

I use mine almost everyday. I have my email and calendars synced on it but never use it for that. It's mostly used to read news feeds. I like the news 360 app. I have games and some movies on it that I sometimes use on long flights. It's a basic tablet that I still use quite a bit.

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I voted I don't need it since I got a bb10 phone. I will say the PlayBook is a great tablet but since getting a Z30 I don't need a tablet ;)

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I only use mine as an entertainment device when I travel these days . Load it up with music and movies and plug it into hotel TV. the hdmi capability is key! I won an iPad and use that for some apps and to take credit card payments, but most of the time on my z30

From my new z30