CrackBerry Asks: Do you prefer the name BlackBerry Q20 or BlackBerry Classic?

By James Richardson on 25 Feb 2014 03:06 am EST

Hot off the heels of John Chen announcing the BlackBerry Q20 at MWC he made it very clear that he prefers to call the Q20 the BlackBerry Classic and wants users to do so as well. 

I've now got use to the Z and Q line of names, but with the Q20 bringing back the trackpad and hardware buttons the name Classic does seem quite apt. 

Which name will you be favoring? 


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CrackBerry Asks: Do you prefer the name BlackBerry Q20 or BlackBerry Classic?


Exactly, lol. Even though it does sound cool. "Legacy" is the name you would give to your last device you ever make. BlackBerry is not at that point.

They may as well be if they keep resurrecting tech they abandoned in their designs over 3 years ago.

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Agreed, sticking with Q20 keeps things in order (aside from the Porsche version).

Personally, looking forward to the Q30!

Oh man! That was a beautiful first! Nice! Quick? You gotta admit that was pretty flawless. LOL!

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Q20 sounds better to me! Was hoping for a bigger screen than the 3.5 they mentioned in the press release tho :/ oh well

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It worked great because "New" Coke was a fiasco. Calling the new phones "Classic" implies the same IMHO.

Q20 is easier to work with. I believe it would just confuse the market place to start introducing word names into the future BlackBerry's, unless they are codenames. Which makes more sense. IMO.

... on my Z10.

I second this, but maybe not "classic" maybe like Q20 Bold or something. Classic sounds like a rebranding.

My bad! I should have read the Q20 description first. I was catching up on posts from the top down. Slowing down, I do like Q20 Bold.

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NOT "Bold"

This thing is going to be confusing enough. Make it consistent with the BB10 naming convention and get a Porsche Design model out ASAP.

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Classic is fine if the chipset and internals are the same as the q10. They should call it q20 only if it is indeed somewhat better than the q10

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They should call it "the new, blackberry BOLD". That'd be sweet. Similar to the iPad 3, apple just called it "the new iPad "

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I'm an old farther and I hate the name classic. If you're going to move forward, move forward.

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If you're going to move forward, then dont put a trackpad or even a qwerty keyboard on the device. Call it what it is, looks classic to me, legacy users will be frustrated to no end by this device, they will see it and think it is just like their OS 7 device and be furious when they can't pick it up and use it right away. Potential new customers wont touch it because it looks like an old outdated BlackBerry. So who are you marketing to blackberry? Current Q10 users that arent happy with out a trackpad? Thats a big marketshare right there...

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Finally someone who makes sense. Once again they shoot themselves in the foot. One step forward, 10 back.

Next announcement: PlayBook production gearing up again, this time with a trackpad!

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i think Q20 will be a better 'official' name since it keeps things neat. but everyone can call it the BlackBerry Classic. Here in indonesia, we've been calling the 9000 as "Bold", 9700 as "onyx", 9780 as "onyx 2".. the majority don't call it by the model number.

Q20~actually it doesn't matter~ as long as he can bring back the real blackberry experience!

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Thirst Q20 BlackBerry should make no distinction in the BlackBerry 10 qwerty devices.

I'm just wondering whether this is the transition device to help people on BBOS7 across to BB10.

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Classic. I do not want the Q-line to be confused with the Trackpad-line. Just give it the letter C(lassic) and make it a separate thing.

Q-devices should remain belt-less for those who have gladly adopted the gestures.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Well said. Let the device from the past that caters to the bbos7 folk have a different line. Otherwise the confusion will amount to no end...

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I prefer Q20. "Blackberry Classic" is the best way to confuse customers.
Some people around me still confused about "the new ipad" for example, and don't really know if it comes before or after other iPad

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There wouldn't be a sucessor ideally. This is a bridge device to get the best folks onto bb10. Once there, the next devices are belt less.

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Really it should be called the Q3 because it's a big step backwards for BB10.

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Interesting that they have ditched names like "Bold" and "Curve". On a very superficial level at least they're easier to remember and easier to connect with. I like the comment above that suggested calling it "the new BlackBerry Bold".

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Q20 sounds better as a name for the device, at least in Europe. 'Classic' sounds like Opel Astra Classic, which was basically rebranding to sell old models after the new ones were released.

Perhaps they can use 'Classic' as a series name, like Bold?

I absolutely prefer Q30 concept. no trackpad and hardware buttons.
As I see, since used Q10 with new platform BB10, I think I do not need any hardware buttons any more and I'm familiar with it.


There are still people who are holding onto bbos though, if BB can do a q10-level device with a trackpad then they could still do a q30 as a high-end model too.

So you can ask this question ;-)

Seriously, for Enterprise it might be the best thing to wean old users off their Bolds, Torches and Curves. Easier transitioning.

It feels like a bit of a Windows 8.1 step, with kinda bringing back the Start Button. It is rumored to have full comeback in 8.2. Why? Because it will speed up Enterprise adoption, with a "classic" Start button they won't have to spend too much money on re-training staff how to use Windows. Same with the trackpad and the buttons on a BlackBerry.

Makes sense?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

because swiping up was sooooo difficult to grasp???

maybe your right i don't know...i think it was more to it that the start button for windows... it was because it was confusing for people.. heck i had to build a computer and buy win7 because my parents couldn't use win8

I can't help but this is half a step backwards. I can understand the affinity for the trackpad for editing and you could perhaps convince me after 6 pints of beer that there is a need for a back/options button. But really we have to go back to call buttons. This is frankly pathetic. There is no ergonomic advantage.

My advice to Chen, do not under any circumstances put this in a retail store. It just perpetuates the view BlackBerry is stuck in the past. God help us. Make it a special order item direct from HQ and treat it like the crazy aunt living in the attic. We know it's here but we don't like to talk about it.

What ever you do don't call it the Q20 as it isn't an upgrade from the Q10. I could live with BlackBerry Classic as it would differentiate it from the gorgeous Q series. I would prefer BlackBerry Retro.

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Definitely to appease enterprise as Chen said he would do. I know that a lot of managers in our company were given Q10's to upgrade from their 9900s. Many of them were returned because they didn't want to deal with all the gestures and stuff, they wanted to bang out emails, fast. The 9900 with it's trackpad was able to achieve this. So... the trackpad is back!

I would prefer specs for the high end device and not trackpads again….
I wasn't waiting for this announcement , I'm really disappointed
Yes Jakarta is a perfect choice for a cheap device , but from the high end i was expecting more ….

I with you on this. Chen needs to be more firm on the time line front. I will however give him the benefit of the doubt as I think they are going to design this phone upon the q30 platform. Sort of makes sense. The trade off for the key belt will be a smaller screen. I guess the good news is that the Q30 will likely have a 4 inch plus screen that is dimensionally similar to the Z series for greater app support.

But yes, I feel a bit let down by this announcement.

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Actually it wouldn't surprise me if this device ends up being basically a q10 with a trackpad and slightly bigger display and the leaked device is something entirely different.

Honestly, I don't care as long as its not the Flagship keyboard phone. Those buttons just waste space at this point....

Of the 2 though I much prefer Classic, it removes it from the BB10 hierarchy a degree and I'm all for that.

I like the name Classic, because it indicates, that this is NOT the cool high end QWERTY device Chen is talking about. This device is made for the die hard trackpad fans who are still using legacy devices. This group is not small.
The Q 30 will come anyway.


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I don't know that I love "classic" but from a marketing standpoint, I would not release any future phone with the "Z" or "Q" moniker. Right now BB10, although awesome, is seen as a huge failure. That includes the devices. In fact, the devices are really the "face" of the failure. They should be trying to disassociate from anything that reminds people of the failure and start fresh. Z and Q have to go...

What is with BlackBerry and names?! Jeez...we have Z10...we have Z30...we will get...Q20??? Why not Q30? Makes no sense? Especially if the specs end up being better than Z30?

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I think we can safely assume that the choice of number indicates that the specs are pretty similar to the q10.

What do you think this is by incorporating the trackpad again? Old, and dated!!

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Thought the exact same thing. I personally find that if you have a handset and it has a number leap (S4 to S5, iPhone 4 to iPhone 5) then it better have higher specs than its predecessor. This phone is only adding a "belt," so its not straying that far away from a Q10. However, I do find that Classic may not be the most suitable choice of words, as it may give the perception of something "old." Maybe a play on words like:

Blackberry Q10 Reprise
Blackberry Q10 Revision
Blackberry Q10 Renaissance
Blackberry Q10 Remix

I like the first and second one.

Neither. This device is awful. Everyone else is moving forward, we're going back to 2007.

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As much as I like it, the fact that it's called either the BlackBerry Classic or Q20 (instead of Q30 to reflect the same naming convention as the Z30) means it's not quite the next step in technological progress. Think of the Q20 as the "S" of iPhones. I think I'll wait for a Q30.

Both together sounds best:

BlackBerry Q20 "Classic"

I like to refer to my Z10 the same way:

BlackBerry Z10 "London"

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For a company that's bleeding cash and imply that they might get out of the hardware business. Makes no sense introducing new devices. The devices are not the problem, marketing is. The LegacyQ20 makes sense as it might bring those that just cant get used to swiping or flicking and need a trackpad and belt. I would of remarketed the Z10 as the Z3 and sold it for under 200USD. How do you market a Z3 as a entry level with a five inch screen and a Z10 as a higher spec'd device with a smaller screen. The Z10 is barely selling now, how its going to sell after the Z3 is launched is anybody's guess. Naming the devices looks a bit mixed up too. I would think the Q20 is a new range and should get a new name. I would name it the L20 or LQ20, L standing for legacy. My two cents.

I actually like the twist to combine and incorporate the Q line into the word "classic. "

"For the decision makers, shot callers, die hard, and faithful, we give you .......

........ The BlackBerry ClassiQ."

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I love love and love it. The BlackBerry Classic. It's straightforward as BlackBerry is making it clear that this device has a specific purpose and who it's marketed towards. The classic, iconic, sorely missed by some design.


Please don't start with the thousands of names like they used to do before, it's very annoying and confusing!!

Simplicity is beautiful

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I prefer BlackBerry Marty. Because this Crappy phone has gone back in time.

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Calling it a BlackBerry Classic sounds similar to iPod Classic. We need to stay uniform in BlackBerry 10 device naming. The separate name scheme will only confuse consumers. Q20.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I feel like the trackpad and other keys are a step backward, and naming it something that has a higher nomenclature is a lie to everyone.

Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry needs to stay away from names such as "Classic" unless they plan on confusing this BB10 device with BBOS devices. Keep the new naming style for all BB10 devices regardless whether it has a track ball or not.

Again... their naming standards appear to be all over the map. Can we please just stick with the Z/Q naming standards without going sideways with yet a whole new naming convention?

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Q20 of course ! classic , it's like old school and we don't want that. What about a name like : The Blackberry steampunk .... it will resume the style of this future device

Logic tells me it should be the Q 0 or Q1... where it all began, then we have the Q5 entry level then the Q10... and soon maybe the Q30 with a vertical rectangular screen but with keyboard

If the "Q20" or Classic will be an upgrade to the Q10 then Q20 will work, if it only has an added Trackpad and Hardware buttons then Classic would fit better. :D

The "Q20" or BlackBerry Classic, should get a name different from the Q10 (aside from number) to more clearly distinguish that it has a trackpad compared to the more contemporary design of the Q10. But it needs a better name than BlackBerry Classic, which sounds kind of lame.

You know, instead of creating a physical trackpad, why not try a virtual one? This way, you can give users the option of having a trackpad or not, manufacture one set of hardware but still target all BlackBerry users at the same time (those who like and those who don't want a trackpad). Just a thought.

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BlackBerry Classic. This will not be a completely bb10 device. Classic keeps that in perspective

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I suggest the Storm III. Where the original Storm was them forcing a full touch screen on an OS designed around physical keys and a trackpad this is them forcing physical keys and a trackpad on an OS designed around a touchscreen.

Hate the name BlackBerry Classic. It invokes the thinking when stated 'I have a BlackBerry classic' of the old RIM!

Old thinking,slow device, old menus that are convoluted, old performance and chipset. Etc.

Q20 to go online with current naming scheme. On the other hand maybe it's about time to Name the devices with places or regions, save top tier names for things off worldly in name. No more codes it confuses people that use the device don't care about specs etc. Think about calling, and not knowing the name of your device.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

You should always think about the next version. What will the new version be called? Classic 2??

I say C1..

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I prefer it done come out. All the track pad users problem still in dead BB7 and while the keyboard on the Zed30 is way better and fast. Even the q10 is easy to used. Use the touch like the track pad instead.

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BlackBerry needs to target people
With new handset...
If it uses the "classic"..allot of people
Will think that is sad as the old device

This is a new era... so new name

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"Classic" has far too much of a retro feel for a company that's supposed to be forward thinking. I could see it 3 or 4 years ago but BlackBerry needs to shed the stuffy image it created for itself. It just doesn't fit with the current naming sequence. "Classic" to me indicates "back-tracking".

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Both are good names, love that it has the same fiberglass back, with that nice billet aluminum strip on top. Love it.

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BlackBerry Classic seems OLD... BlackBerry Isn't that old to call it a classic.. BlackBerry 10 is still new... everthing new... forget classic... we don't need any more bad press saying BlackBerry went back to their old ways

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Looking at this from another angle. If this targets only those who can't live without these keys, then it is a good way to keep these users with 0 competition.

The question is how many such users?

And I am sure the number will only decrease over time unless there are innovations with these keys.

Q20 - Classic sounds like your going backwards, it did work for Coke though, but then that makes you a follower, not a leader. JMO

What was the tag-line? "Keep Moving". Remember? Keep moving FORWARD. Going back to the old buttons and trackpad is not a good idea, IMO. If the trackpad could be used for the "swipe down" function to alter the keyboard like the one on the Z10 and Z30, that may be cool. But I'd much rather have the real estate for the screen.

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I'm diggin' "BlackBerry Classic". I'm not a fan of numbers as names of products, unless referring to an updated model of the same name. (i.e. Storm and Storm 2)

That goes for everything. Cars, smartphones, etc. (can't think of more under pressure hahaha)

So, calling it "Classic" can start a new family. And hopefully by "Classic 3" we will be rid of BlackBerry 7 and it will truly be a "Classic" style.

.... I love this blackberry family. All of it.

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I prefer the name iPhone killer samsungs superior Nokia nemesis LGs leader

I'm getting the q20

Long live BlackBerry the greatest phone ever. And as always iPhone and Obama are pathetic crap. And samsung kia hyundai Sarah Palin beats headphones

Delta Champion

I'm more perplexed w/ the "belt" than the name. I only see the belt slowing down the function of BB10. But as all of my BlackBerry children, I'll love it just the same.


If they called this the "New Blackberry BOLD" i think the fans would go NUTS. and the 70 million users still on BB7 would upgrade.

Look you start with a letter and number attached. Makes it difficult down the road. The new models get a higher number so you always know what is the newer model. Now you try to stick the classic in? Ummm was the classic before or after the Q20.

I'd go with BlackBerry Backwards, BlackBerry Bastard or something along those lines. Honestly, what a waste of space adding in the buttons.

What happened to all the snickering about the 2007 Home Button? Now we're going back to the 2004 belt or whatever they are calling it?

How thick is the belt? 1/2"? So instead of 3.5" with ancient belt, they could fit a 4" screen?

Don't wreck the Q10 line by going into the past. This is just another fragmentation in the line up and it's not good news.

To me the Q10 is still the QWERTY standard for bb10. I'm still thinking I'd go Z30 over this one coming up. Heck, even the Z3 is better at this point.

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BlackBerry Classic seems more fitting, as the device is geared towards the traditional BlackBerry hardware experience, rather than being "the next Q10". Really, the Q20 should be the next Q10, which should be the qwerty-touch with a big screen that people have been asking for.

BlackBerry C1 or Classic Version 1 makes sense.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

BlackBerry Classic is reminiscent of Coke Classic, the biggest backpedaling event in businesses history.

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Classic is good for an older supported version of something approaching end of life. Not the case here. Keep the forward looking name to avoid it looking like an apology for abandoning something old that people still liked (like coca cola did...)

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Q20... is Z10 the phone you should still have. Samsung have announced S5 and I just got the Z10. Help mee!!!

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BlackBerry Classic. I never liked their decision to use a combo of letters and numbers like Infiniti or BMW does with their cars.

I realize it's to highlight the BlackBerry name but I personally prefer actual words to model numbers that don't mean anything. Classic for me.

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Q20 makes sense
Don't confuse the market.

Z and Q series makes perfect sense, even people without blackberry knows about Z and Q blackberry.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

Classic! Why all the negativity about this word? Y'all bring up Classic Coke like it's a bad thing. Coke tried to get modern with their formula, had a backlash, and brought back their original (thank goodness). Same concept here. "Classic" doesn't suggest "old". I guess some of you have just never come to appreciate that what it really implies is solid craftsmanship, stability, familiarity, and acknowledgment of the value that has to your most loyal base.

I'm a little dismayed to see so many people talking like putting back the very things that set Blackberry apart and earned it's devoted following through the years of hard times and bad decisions - is somehow "going backward".

Just as tablets will not be replacing the continuing necessity of a physical keyboard for some things (and indeed, there is a market for the hybrid touchscreen/laptop); there is a large enough number of us who have experienced both worlds and still prefer a physical keyboard or combination (like the Torch) - and whose money is just as green as touchscreen loyalists.

Automatic cars have not obliterated standard shifts. Flip phones and basic phones for children and seniors do in fact sell. And since there is an absolute proven consumer base (from all age groups) for the physical keyboard phone, and every single other carrier obviously couldn't care less about them - Blackberry Classic is and always has been their best bet to set the ship aright. Then they will have the wiggle room financially to innovate and grow all aspects of the company.

I'm tired of feeling forced to drive (and told I must like) a Hummer (iPod, etc.), when all I wanted was a modern Dodge Charger (Blackberry classic features with needed improvements to the OS & content). Coercion, ridicule, and lack of options is not freedom.

Keep the trendy license plate-style number thing going for the phones the more recent bb touchscreen group has grown fond of; and stick to the standard names for the phones that retain the iconic details that make Blackberry unique in the growing sea of glass slabs, and created such a loyal following in the first place.