CrackBerry asks: Do you memorize your BlackBerry PIN?

By Michelle Haag on 14 Oct 2011 04:26 pm EDT
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One of the first things you likely learned about when you got your first BlackBerry was your PIN. Unique to each device, the PIN is an eight digit alpha-numeric sequence that is assigned to every BlackBerry. Some people view their PIN as sacred and only for those closest to them, others post it everywhere to meet people and make friends, and there are all sorts in between the two ends of the spectrum. No matter what your thoughts on it, it's a part of BlackBerry life that is pretty important.

Our question for you today is in regard to that special little number. We want to know if you have your BlackBerry PIN memorized, or if you rely on looking it up or displaying your barcode whenever you need it. Personally, I've never memorized my PIN. I changed devices frequently enough that it would be hard to keep them straight, and really it has never even occurred to me that I should memorize it. So, vote above and let us know what your style is!

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CrackBerry asks: Do you memorize your BlackBerry PIN?


I don't need to have it printed on my heart, I simply memorized it, for every device i've had.

Just got my 9810 recently and I asked the rep to bring out all the 9810's they had in stock so I could chose my PIN. Not sure if they really brought them ALL out, but they brought out like 9 and I picked what I felt was easiest to remember... 281C1216

This is totally something that I would do :P

And yep I memorized my PIN and my ex's PIN (when we were together). It's like patterns just etch themselves into my brain.

I still cant believe how many people dont know that... I hope they wont forget to include this feature in QNX

I usually end up memorizing it, but I never put any effort into actively trying when I can scan a barcode, use "mypin", or just press alt+shift+h from anywhere I'm not entering text. I still remember my PIN from my last phone, but I've had my 9900 for over a month and just looked at my PIN and was surprised by the number to letter ratio! :P

HEY! Lol... I asked this question a few weeks ago! lol Thanks for asking it so we can see it en masse! I was really curious to know as I met a lady and she just recited it off the top of her head when she told me to add her! Thanks again CrackBerry!

I can't believe all the short cuts I'm still not aware of. It is just sick how deep the blackberry goes and people still don't understand why some choose it over the competition.

I deleted BBM because none of my friends use BBies and it freed up memory. Still waiting on AT&T to get the 9900. Went to the Verizon store to look at theirs - they didn't carry BBies. Not looking good in SW Missouri.

Below is the response to Mark sutter @ cnn

Dear Author,

I'm a click-clacking keyboard user and tie-wearing owner of a BlackBerry. I'm also the guy that decides if you will receive your next paycheck or not. This morning at 4am, while you were waiting in line at the Apple store to get your new iPhone 4 "revision", sipping on "cafe", wearing your skinny tie and red chucks - I was on a call with Asia making decisions that affect you in some way shape or form. Past few days have been great because my BlackBerry was not buzzing, but it's ok - because you know what? I can just go online and check my email like we all were doing not so long ago.

You won't understand why BlackBerry's "middle man" status is so important, because well, the area of comprehension is just way above your pay grade. And given the fine journalistic qualities you have, you probably will never really need a real communication tool. Your iPhone will do just fine to let you hunt for the nearest coffee shop where you can go and sit down, look ever so pretentious and come up with more dribble such as this. Where did you go to school son?

BTW, I brought my mistress an iPhone because she gets distracted by shiny things. Sadly while she was trying to upgrade to the new OS yesterday she bricked her phone and now I cant get a hold of her. Any ideas?

Truly yours,

-click-clacking keyboard using and tie-wearing owner of a BlackBerry.

I've memorized mine, though it was unintentional. It's a very, very simple one. By a weird coincidence, it captured most of my car's license plate number. I've never bothered trying for any of my other BB's.

I could if i want too.. i remember all my old pins by heart.. but i hardly give my pin out.. so it don't really matter

I don't really see the point in memorizing it - after all, if you meet someone you can just give him your email address to add on BBM - as long as it's linked to the BB it will work just as flawlessly...

i thought that the blackberry id is going to supercede the PIN so multiple devices can be associated with the id, meaning that pin memorization will be less useful going forward... isn't that the case?

sharingannokakash, is that "you"?
That letter, people like you are what kept me from ever wanting anything to do with BlackBerry prior to actually using one. You and people with that attitude, who are so much more intelligent and better than me, I will be happy to put you thru your damn desk and just admire you in all of your intelligence and how much better than me you are while you lay there. I take great pleasure that while you control lives and large money, and go home to your nice house with the green lawn, I know that if everything were taken away from you, and you had to survive in my tiny apartment in the neighborhoods I come from, you would not make it. You're what makes America so great afterall. Kiss your wife for me bigshot. I'm proud of you, and I will keep my Chucks extra clean just for you.

To the super-purty Michelle, forgive me for expressing myself on your blog post, I have to let my feelings out at all times, it's just me. To answer the original post; since I'm the only person I know with a BlackBerry, I've never used BBM.

I don't memorize my PIN on purpose, but after telling it to a few people, it just kinda got 'accidentally' committed to memory. Otherwise I'd open up the BatteryWatch app on my phone and see it right there.

I've never even looked at my PIN, I don't remember ever needing it for any purpose.

I'm not sure why it's even there but I guess it's important for those who message? I've always blocked all messaging on every phone I've owned.

I have this tendency to automatically just look at my newer devices pin and keep it memory forgetting about the old.

The best way I do this (if anyone is interested) is associating the letters with the Military alphabet.

Here's mine: 27EAE7B3
Broken down: 27 Echo Alpha Echo 7 Bravo 3

Here's a link to the Military Alphabet:


I've always memorized my pins - from my 1st pearl to my current torch. But I'm the same person who memorizes their credit and debit card numbers.