CrackBerry Asks: Do you lock your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using a password?

By James Richardson on 11 Dec 2013 03:01 pm EST

Considering that BlackBerry have the most secure mobile operating system available -- as demonstrated by various government agencies around the world and the main man President Obama -- I was curious to find out how many BlackBerry 10 users are taking their own security to the max and keeping their beloved BlackBerry password protected. 

I'll admit - I don't use a password and never had. Adam flat out said he never uses one on his Z10 either. I make this choice out of pure laziness as I can't be bothered to type the password each time I pick up my BlackBerry. In my defense, I'm never without my trusty device. It's either in my hand or secure in a holster and if somebody really wants to steal it they are going to have to take me down first - or catch me when I run away! 

When I'm out in public I'm forever noticing iPhone users unlocking their devices in order to use it. Let's see if the BlackBerry 10 community is batting from the same field. 

Are you using a password on your device? Do you have a holster case to make you feel secure? Or maybe you have a third-party app for locking down your files or something else? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments!


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CrackBerry Asks: Do you lock your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using a password?



Yeah I figured most people do. I'm wondering if I should include a password option within Charger Alert for those who don't use a device password.
Developer of Charger Alert

There are tons of reasons not to:

- don't have any data/info on the phone that would be damaging if it were compromised
- phone never leaves your side for any reason
- work from home
- need someone else to be able to access the phone
- less of a hassle to quickly get into the phone to snap a quick pic/vid

And I'm sure many, many more reasons not to use a password.

Being on 10.2.1, I use the picture unlock feature to unlock my phone. Surprisingly it works really well because no one, and I mean no one, I show it to has any idea on how to unlock my phone. Some people click the numbers, others, once realizing they can slide the numbers around, slide any random number to guess the combination to unlock. After a while they give up and just have fun sliding around the numbers.

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Genuine question (not trying to be smart): Since I'm not on the leak, I was wondering how is that possible. From what I've seen on the videos of the leak, in a picture password, basically you pick the number you had preselected and drag it to the pre-defined area on the screen and it unlocks. Now if someone is watching you, can't they see what number you dragged to which position and thus know your password? I understand you can drag from anywhere and don't need to actually press on the number, but once its moves to the required position does it highlight the number, thus giving it away? Just wondering... Thanks.

No, it doesn't highlight anything or give any indicators that you've gotten it right other than the lock screen disappearing or it refreshes and tells you how many attempts are left. I'm guessing the demo videos you've seen always has the actual number hidden under a finger? I've also noticed that, if the actual number is on top of or close to the target area, you can't just tap the screen or slide it a tiny bit for it to work. Need to pick the number from somewhere else. Very smart 'cause it prevents unintentional/accidental unlocking.

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Wow, that is pretty cool. Thanks for the clarification! I'll definitely use the picture password now once its officially released..

I tried picture password and it is truly secure. For me it is overdone. Trying to find my number often takes too much time. It could be a bit simpler.

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With Picture Password it's the fact you can slide the random number grid around with your finger on ANY of the numbers that makes it more secure, not just having your chosen number obscured by your finger. If you always slide using your chosen number if someone watching you saw which number you covered up and moved to the location they'd have a good chance of being able to recreate the combination.

If you always move the grid with your finger on a number that ISN'T your chosen number even someone watching you has little chance of reproducing it except by pure fluke and even then they wouldn't be able reproduce the fluke next time!

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Yeah the picture unlock is phenomenal. It's too bad it wasn't here for launch in January!

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Yepp! Really with picture password how could you not want a password? Most simple to use, and has to be one of the most difficult to crack. I can unlock my phone with people looking and they still have no clue. Lol

Got to protect your Facebook status..mine has announced I like to do homosexual acts one too many times.

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THIS is what im waiting for. From everything i've seen so far, picture password is the most exciting feature. It brings a lot of utility to the device, and now i'll be able to lock it and unlock it without worrying about trying to hide my password.

Also, to qabb's question, i wouldn't even put my finger on that number. Just tap and drag any random spot, until the desired number is in the desired location. Even if somoene is sitting beside you staring at your screen, they only see what number you put your finger on (a random one), but have no idea which is the number that unlocks, and where it's supposed to go. Especially if there are multiple repeating digits on screen (which i hope is the case)

No for sure because no one of my friends from iPhone and Android users know how to unlock it by swiping from down to up

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No, because when u push the top button to lock the lock doesn't set, u have to hold it in and click lock ;(

Posted via CB10 with a BlackBerry Z10.

Hey, every second counts in this dog-eat-dog world! Imagine the difficulty in pressing one extra button. :s Think of all the important blinking that could be done in that fraction of a second.

Fine, so don't spent any seconds on locking your devices then.
--> Just let your device lock itself after the preset time.
You have choices from 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes after what it will self-lock
(please avoid the latest ones...)

He He. You would be quite funny to look at if that was the case.
That also means that the moment that you are not doing any actions on your device (tapping, swiping, side volume rockers...) will self-lock
Humm. Sure you dont want that.

I know, its silly that they don't have this option.
Sometimes i leave my phone on my desk at work and i can walk pretty far in 1min before my phone locks. It seems so inconvenient to hold the button down an use two hands to lock your phone.

Give us the option, i think people would use it more.

My iPad used to lock every time I hit the "sleep " button and it drove me nuts. I changed it so that the lock time was longer than the sleep time so that I wouldn't have to unlock it constantly. Agree it should be customizable.

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Note also that in the situation that some one manage to get a hand one your phone, he (she) will not be able to change that self-locking policy. The device will requires that you enter the originally set password (or PIN) in order to do so.
So he (she) must keep using it otherwise it will self-lock. If the lock delay is set relatively short, quite sure he will face that lock screen anytime soon.

The top button doesnt lock your device, it simply turn the screen off....
But after the set time it will lock itself.

Incorrect. Pressing the top button for 2 seconds produces the lock icon at the bottom of the screen (Z10). Pressing the icon locks the screen.

BlackBerry Forever!

That's fine, I understand that.
I was refering to the comment from "ProjectBrett". He feel that holding the top button for 2 seconds in order to lock the device was not quite practical, reason not to enable Pasword on it. I feel he was under the impression that its phone will not lock any other way then holding that top button and then tapping on the lock icon.

The point is... you don't need to press any buttons to lock... it will auto lock itself after a set time based on your settings.

+1 I can unlock my phone right in front of someone, and they still can't tell exactly what I did to unlock it. By far the most secure locking feature I've ever seen on a phone!

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I used to have a password on my 9810 because I had the keyboard. I still have a device password and I use a holster but instead of typing a lock screen password I use the picture password on my Z30. I find that a little easier to deal with instead of having to bang out a password on the screen keyboard every time.

Definitely with encryption. It would be silly to leave your phone unprotected.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

Yup! 5min lock, password, encrypted, holster (otterbox defender) everything.

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Password yes, just a very short one is enough to keep 'em petty thieves out

No password = no way

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

... cray cray, did spell check get in your way, hey hey...

:-) j/k

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Before no, but one of my co worker keeps hacking my fb thru my phone. So now, I have a password! Buahaha

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You're not being hacked if you leave an unsecured device laying around.

Touch my phone once, I politely inform you you are out of line, and don't touch my phone. If you're a little slow and still don't get the message, I will take it back by force.. you may or may not wind up with broken fingers.
If you're so stupid, or brave enough to go for round 3, you're otw to emergency while I get to talk to a gudge.

Hacked.. lol, I swear people own phine smarter then they are.

BB until it is not CDN

WestJet IT policy forces me to lock it down. Enter the password wrong 6 times... bye bye phone content

Sent From My BlackBerry Z10 Powered By An Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator

Before I get to my reply to your post. Well done on this years Christmas Miracle. I hope you're proud to be in the Westjet family. Being a Calgarian and thus their home base made me feel all that much better. Good on ya!!

Now, my company also restricts my phone so I have no choice. My personal Zed however is a free flyer. It never leaves my pocket or my side and as such I'm not worried about someone getting into it.
Even if they did, they'll like the skin flicks, er uh, I mean the movies on it.

Hardly Ever. But, Only when I know I'm going to have quite a few drinks and there's a chance I could lose the phone.

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Hell yea! Can't leave my baby out in the open for anyone to take a sneak peek at.

Join my Punjabi Channel C0012376A

I use a password all the time; and of course, I use a Blackberry OEM holster to lock my beloved BlackBerry Q10 all the time.

God Bless You!

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Yes absolutly.
Anything could happen (forget it, drop it, someone picking it up...).

But to be honnest, I did'nt expected that so much percent were locking it as I do.

^ Stupidest comment I've read today. Without a password, your phone isn't your phone.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

+ holster + encrypted!! + encrypted messages via SendCryption!! + Keepas + MaxEncrypt /Picture tools = NSA Proof ;)

Posted via  Q10 from Organisation Without Cool Acronym

To me NSA is my wife. My wife used to get mad at me for locking my android because we had the same phones. When she see's my BlackBerry on lock down she runs the other way.

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Used and loved picture lock but tougher to unlock while driving. Yeah I know I shouldn't and usually don't or pull off. those rare circumstances easier to just type password while driving.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

No I should I know, I have my z10 on me at all times, never leave my Desk without it, I know that is no excuse, well feeling great shame I have now a device password,


I'm with Richard and Adam on this, I don't lock my Z10, my phone is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS with me. Either on me in my holster or on my desk and when I leave my desk, I take it with me.

And at home, my fiancee can always go through my phone, I don't have anything to hide.

Just remember Murphy's law...if can will. At least lock it and give her the password.

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Security demands a password. Not only that, if you want to get mail from my exchange server via active sync then you'll have to set a password.

You get 5 attempts and then say good bye to your content.

"Don't mind me, I'm just frying some bacon on the back of my Z10"

Password locked and fully encrypted.

I wonder what sort of liability there would be if someone's personal information was used as the result of a stolen phone with no password protection. Probably too hard to establish a causal connection or proximity, but better not to go through the hassles of any lawsuits, frivolous or not!

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

Imagine how frustrated you would be if someone got your phone did an identity theft or illegal activity in your name.

Posted via CB10

In this day in age EVERYONE should lock their phones. You JUST never know. Kinda like may not like paying for it but when you need're glad you did pay for it.

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I have to because of work and it sucks on the Z10. Why does the full keyboard have to be used? Why not have just a number pad as an option??.....????????

There's an option for the numeric password that pops up the numberpad only. It's on the official. Called simple password.

Thanks. Yes I am on 10.1. I think I will make the switch to 10.2 tomorrow. Wish me luck. If any one reads this... what version of 10.2 should I use? I'm on F$%^&ing AT&T. Thanks

Being on BES10, mine is enforced. Although it only technically only protects resources on the "Work" profile. I sync my password so that I can lock and unlock device using the one password

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Always have with all my phones. Seems stupid not to. What, are you from small town Manitoba? Do you leave your car or your house unlocked?

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have to with BB Balance.

Kiddo2050 - you can use just a numeric password on a Z10. I think it's called "simple password"

In Canada if your device is not password protected the police don't need a warrant to retrieve or look at your messages.

Although I have nothing to hide, it makes me feel better having one.


Seriously??? Wow... in Canada they just can tap in and read with if you simply don't have a password...??? Amazing...

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That is only if you have been arrested. Not just if they pass by you on the street. If / when that happens and they confiscate your personal items, they are within the law to search your phone for any evidence that could lead to further prosecution. If it's locked with a password, they are to request for such information. Or be dicks and let your phone get wiped after a number of incorrect attempts. Lol

... on my Z10

Picture password with a Vaja case which locks the phone when the cover is closed.

Secret Squirreling with my Q. Private Investigations C0001FE5D

It seems strange not to have a BlackBerry without a password. I've already found my Z10 at the five tries screen. Besides, the picture with the numbers password is too cool not to show off to my iPhone friends.

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I've gone between having no password and using one. Even when I didn't, I put one on the work part. I was using the same 4-digit PIN for both, but now I'm using the picture password and my work perimeter is using a different PIN.

I use a holster and pretty much always have my phone on me.

4 digit PIN: 10x10x10x10 = 10000
4 letter word or combo : 26x26x26x26 =?
4 random ANSI characters : 128x128x128x128 = ???

No autolock / no PWD = no way, my phone is mine

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I don''t use a password. but for bakance my company I use one because we have BES10 and I using balance and when I finish my work area then I lock my workspace.But open my phone with a swipe it ready to go

Password goes on when I pull in work parking garage. Turn it off when I leave. Wish there was a quick toggle for it.

Ever since the simple 4 digit password option has come in, I always use it. Half a second to unlock it for that extra security. Well worth it. Also keeps my prankster buddies from doing what they do best.

I am stunned that 100% of people do not use a password. I have nothing to hide; I am protecting myself against identity theft.

Why don't you just set the phone to lock after a longer period of inactivity?.. I have no choice if I want my personal device connected to Exchange for work.

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Way too much sensitive information on my BlackBerry not to lock it. Even more sensitive info in password keeper

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No password for me. I just keep a Storm 2 in my pocket to beat anyone in the face that might try to lift my Q10. :)

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"

James, you gave too many different answers with just a single choice...

I use a password (the pic password in the latest leak is great!)
I feel save with a pouch
AND I use a 3rd party app for locking some files...

Call me paranoid ;-)

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I have two settings. Lock when holster is on but I also enabled lock after 15 min. The time lock works well if your out at a restaurant or bar with the guys and your phone is on the table. If you go to the washroom and leave it there, they can't mess with it or add words to shortcuts on the phone . Like hr is hour. They make their own one up...

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Always. Lost a phone once without a lock on it and it's a horrible feeling let me tell you

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Of course I use a password - did so on the Pearl 8120, then the Bold 9900 and now the Z10.

My holster ensures the phone is regularly locked in addition to that.

Why would I not use one? It effectively makes the phone useless to anybody bit me (unless you want to call emergency services which you can do while locked).

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Hahaha! They always be tryin to peep your phone when you sleep. My phone has a message on the screen too. It says "why you tryin to look at my phone while I'm sleep? You better go nite nite!" she hates it. Nothing to hide...but her android phone is always running out of juice and I get like 20+ hours with my beastly Q10.

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Rocking my 9930 and yes I lock it with a
Password. Never know who's eyes are wanting
To sneak a peek.

I actually use a pincode which is a bit easier than a password and I use a holster. My timeout is relatively short before it locks itself when I am not using it. 15 minutes on my Z10 v10.2.0.xxxx

A no brainer. Our smartphones now are our computers. My life is in my phone.


BlackBerry Forever!

Never used one, always found them too inconvenient. That is until 10.2.1 came around. Now I use picture password all the time.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | via CB10

Always, my last 6 berries have had passwords, first thing I do!
Never without it but set to 30 mins lock, never know!

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I want quick access to the phone: so no password but not really feeling happy.
I would like to a the option to set a password but NO automatic lock time so that you can decide when you want to lock the phone by holding the button on the top.

I use the picture password lock just because I like looking at the picture I use lol. But it's only set to 15 minutes since I'm usually not far from my phone.

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No i don't my old lady would flip and think I'm cheating. But with 10.2.1 picture password or whatever it is. I think I will

Posted via CB10

Is it just me or everyone can do this? When i vote then i tap "return to vote" or whatever.. i can vote again and i think it counted again.. weirdddd

Posted via CB10

No I couldn't be bothered I check it too often & it's just my personal device, my work phone I do though.
To be honest even when I let my friends use my phone most sit there mashing at the buttons trying to figure out how to unlock it as they've never used a BB10 phone before.

It can be tedious, but it keeps me from wanting to check while I'm driving... so, yes, I have a password on it. I should encrypt my microSD card, too, but I'm not that important.

My parents don't allow me to use a password. I've gotten used to it

Posted via My Awesome Z30 running

No password. Keep my phone in a holster and always on me. My hand usually rests on the device while it's in the holster.

Posted via CB10

LOL I don't know how somebody would get hold of my phone. I even sleep with it...! have to admit it hasn't helped my sex life either!!!

Posted via CB10

I password protect my device after learning a hard lesson seven years ago. I put my phone down to wash my hands, and when I returned to retrieve it, a coworker was going through my device. Still ticks me off; not only mad at him, but myself.

Posted via CB10

Why compromise your info and data without a password? Of course I have a passlock. Takes one second to enter.

"It's either in my hand or secure in a holster and if somebody really wants to steal it they are going to have to take me down first -"

That's my style as well. Have password keeper for all other things in life and that is password protected. Besides I'm not all that important that someone would want my stuff. Lol.

Posted via CB10

Loving the picture password, would never go back to typing one unless I had no choice... not smart not having one with my banking and credit card information on there

Posted via CB10

Yes. Activesync policy pushed password requirement and encryption to the device and sd card.
Even if I didn't have this I'd still have a password on the device. If I lose the phone, I know the data is safe because if it has to be wiped to be of any use to anyone.

And I also have my home phone number on my lock screen so if it get lost it may get more chance to come back home...oups almost forgot blackberry protect is activated to, whit gps on at all times.

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Good idea. I found a phone on the train and fortunately it wasn't locked so I phoned a number listed under Mum and arranged to return it.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I use the simple password. It's quick to enter and it saves me from accidentally unlocking the phone in my pocket!

I have always used a password. All my info safe and secure. On my Z10 I use the picture password.

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It's mandatory if I have my phone connected to exchange server. If I want work emails pushed to me, then I must have a password for my phone. Lucky I did, since I've lost 2 phones in taxis in the last 6 years.


I need to see too many clients and have too many specific documents on my device to not use a password. I go the extra step and also encrypt my Q10 and PlayBook as well. They both have different passwords too.

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I did and misplaced the information and after the tenth try my phone reseted itself and I lost all of my files and pictures and videos. Lol

Posted via CB10

Didn't used to, but I've gotten better at typing in the right digits. :D

So, yeah. I now use a password.

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