CrackBerry Asks: Do you close unused Active Frames on BlackBerry 10?

Active Frames
By James Richardson on 6 Jan 2014 12:19 pm EST

We all tend to use our smartphones slightly differently and when BlackBerry 10 was released the home screen action was all about the Active Frames. From my perspective, being able to have quick easy access to up to eight of your most frequently used applications is one of my favorite features in BlackBerry 10. I normally have the same four or five apps open all the time and if I do jump into another app to use it quickly I more often than not tend to close it completely with a long hold of the 'x' in its bottom right corner. 

Battery consumption is always controversial with any smartphone and it makes sense that the more apps you have running - the more juice you are going to use, even if they are in their sleepy Active Frame state. How much this impacts BlackBerry 10 is a tough one to say as I've not actually performed a test and as each day varies in terms of usage it wouldn't be an easy test to carry out. 

So I was wondering how others utilized their Active Frames. I know some folk that always have all eight up and running, whereas, I also know a few that like to close everything - therefore having the menu full of app icons as their kind of home screen. 

Hit up the following poll and cast your vote. I'm intrigued to see how this one will swing. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Do you close unused Active Frames on BlackBerry 10?


I do care about this when I was on my Z10. Now with Z30 I found myself not caring it anymore.

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I have to agree, especially on the z10's battery.

I prefer the way how the PlayBook presented open apps instead. Now Apple used that idea from webos on iOS 7.

I think it would be better if BlackBerry could bring back that presentation of open apps instead the active frames on BB10.

BB10 definitely needs background apps. Select up to 8 apps that are designed to work in the background would be cool I think

I don't see where BB10s approach is that much different from the PlayBook's. It's quite the same, just the layout differs (2*4 on BB10 vs. 1*X on the PlayBook OS). But other than that it's the same: you perform your swipe home, the app gets minimized, keeps running, the multitasking pane is your homescreen.

On the other hand I don't see where iOS7s multitasking has anything to do with that of the PlayBook. Just like in iOS4-6 the multitasking pane is hidden behind a double click of the homebutton and beside of a greater number of exceptions still everything gets paused. It's just that they added minimized screen captures to the icons.

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In iOS7 as in the Playbook, you just move left or right between apps (1 gestures, clean). In BB10 you have to swipe up and click (two gestures)

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headless by defintion means no active frame needed so background app does not need one. Background apps need to be viewed an seen but not sure how Blackberry 10 will handle that

I so agree, love the way playbook deals with this and FULL rotation. Z10 rotation is pants - well the desktop doesn't rotate full stop! lol

Some one should have continued working on the PlayBook 2.2

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You obviously only play with your phone... but the fact that they actually REALLY run while in active frame is a USP compared to iOS and others...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

We want PlayBook like interactive multitasking....for me PlayBook multitasking is the best in the world. but I think to do that on bb10 devices we need more rams at least 3 or 4...and absolutely quad cor cpu and gpu..for better and smooth performance..

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Yeah, I'm in the sometimes camp as well. Depending what I'm doing and what app..

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Exactly, it seems multitasking took a step back from the PlayBook. Aside from active frames being more active on the PB, why can't we swipe an active frame up to close it?!

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Yea, problem is the layout of active frames is now a grid instead of horizontal which makes sense given the form factor of the phone. In hindsight, maybe it's fine the way it is.

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Completely agree, the PlayBook active frames were a lot better. And actually constantly "active" not just refreshing every once in a while.

Agreed. I miss the multitasking of the playbook. I could open several apps at the same time and they would all work behind the scenes much better than on my Z10.

Have to agree. As an example, NodeBeat works perfectly well on my PlayBook generating sounds in the background while I'm busy doing other things on it. Not so on Z10--nor for that matter on iPad2 or on a desktop PC in a minimized window.

From my brief browse through developer materials, it seems BB has some variables in BB10 so that there are various states of activity allowed as an active frame, if coded for properly. Just converting an app from the PlayBook version wouldn't have accounted for those variables.

I don't understand you guys. All the PlayBook did was keeping the content of the minimized window in motion. On BB10 the window stops moving the content when minimized, but keeps running 'under the hood' just like on the PlayBook. You just can't see it, but honestly, this is pointless on a phone in like 99% of the time. Example: the whip app from The Big Bang Theory. Minimize it and it's still fully functional on BB10, even if you use a different app in full screen mode at the same time.

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Okay I guess Skype (or video chat for that matter) is one of those special exceptions where it actually makes sense. But other than that I never saw a benefit at all from the live windows on my PlayBook. It was nice somehow and good to show off, but other than that I don't really miss it.

What irks me more is that many many apps just turn to a frozen app icon when Active Framed, instead of just showing a thumbnail of the actual inside. This is a bigger problem IMO. For example it'd be great to be still able to read your task list when Remember is minimized.

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^ This. Whether or not the icon refreshes is one thing, but at least display the "frozen" contents of whatever was last visible within the app so it can easily be referenced from the Active Frames screen.

Well, that makes sense of NodeBeat then, which, for the sake of generating sounds, does rely on the positions of elements on-screen. iPad and desktop implementations just freeze it in its current configuration and it will repeat the resulting sounds, whereas on BB10, the sound fizzles out altogether as an active frame or when locked. PlayBook will carry on even when locked. Long live my PlayBook.

Agreed, limited usefulness for the vast majority of apps, but some apps have been ported from PlayBook and just don't work as well in BB10 in the background, imo.

My frames are active in the z30, but maybe I have a different view of "active." I thought I hated the boxy layout, but I am starting to appreciate it the more I use it. I leave the phone on my desk at work and can quickly jump to my most used apps with one rap and the slide them up when done. CB is open, browser and maybe one other.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Tap and flick still needs some review before hitting post!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

How did you close an app while inside of it on PlayBook? You still have to do two gestures, don't you? Swipe up then either tap the X or swipe up again? On BB10, also two gestures - Swipe up then tap the X (no long press needed and I don't know why people think they have to do that, but it's still a second gesture).

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i close active frames majority of the time. i don't like them just sitting there for now reason. i don't see a purpose in having them up. my apps open fast enough for me on their own to just wast power with an active frame. the only time i leave any open is when I'm using them and cycling through the ones I'm using.

If you have a lot of apps then active frame comes in quite handy IMO. It saves you the hassle of searching for the apps when you need them.

Yes, they'll make the phone sluggish after a while, at least on my Z10. Multiple browser tabs appears to be the biggest culprit.

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Open when I have to use them simultaneously, but never left open for future usage. Security, battery drain are enough for me to close them.

What's there to hate about it? I love active frames, it's one of the reasons I dumped android and iOS. It's awesome to be able to know what apps are open and jump right back to them if you need to. It also helps keep Bs apps from draining your battery. I keep a few open at times and I shut the others down.

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I'll only leave active frames open if I'm using multiple apps at a time. Usually keep them all closed. Although closing all of them is subject to change. I have a pebble watch en route, and I don't believe that talk2watch is a headless app.

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I don't use active frames, it just doesn't feel right and I hate having another tab between the hub and the apps... prefered the old BBOS or even the PlayBook multitasking.

I have Skype on active frame all the time. One app won't do much harm to drain my battery that quick.

BlackBerry Z10

I'm sorry to say I really don't find the active frames useful. I suppose they are for switching quickly between apps when multitasking, but I never look at the information displayed in the active frame. If the CB app could receive notifications when closed, I would probably have it closed all the time (I know this isn't possible yet, the CB dev team has done a great job)

I close them in case of potential battery drain, even though I doubt it is a issue for the majority of my apps. I only leave Hub++, Settings and Calendar open. I don't trust the browser in case there are battery-sucking webpages.

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I'm paranoid about having any running apps. I always close them, even when I want to go back to the app within 5min haha.

Really depends
At home, sure leave most of them open
Out, I close them all unless I really need them

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I think active frames are bad ass, it's no different then using a task killer on android or double taping home screen button on iPhone and then having to let it load and swipe to kill them. Active frames are awesome because you have a kinda like tile on the home screen that can display info and updates, but can jump between apps your using in seconds. This and the hub and peak features is why I dumped iOS and Android. Viva LA BlackBerry

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Finally someone that understands, people are so afraid of battery when it doesn't even effect the battery.

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Of course running multiple apps at the same time uses the battery more! What are you thinking man?!??

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I keep 4 apps open because If they are closed, they don't work as I need them to. Bebuzz, email filter, podtrapper ( it won't update if it's closed) & Line ( no notification if closed).

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Yes, I only keep the ones that I am currently using open.

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I've tried to get in the habit of leaving them open but I invariably close them out of habit. I wish there was a way to lock them.

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I use active frames daily. I always keep BeWeather up for a quick glance at the temp, contacts so I can see my wife's smiling face whenever I pick up my phone, and calendar so that I have a list of upcoming events displayed. I used to keep remember open but it's active frame seems to not be working in this leak.

Active frames is a huge selling point in my opinion, although I agree about it being a step back from the PlayBook. It would be cool to see an option to have the 2 versions available. And I miss the swipe up to close.

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My sole reason is to preserve what possible battery life I possibly can on my Z10.

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My vote is yes. But sometimes i keep some apps open in active frame just to show it off to my friends how to multi task in bb10. :-)

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I almost always close apps when I am done with them and kill any forgotten frames every couple of hours. This was a habit I developed on OS 6 and 7 and is now easier and second nature.

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When BB10 first came out, I really liked the idea of Active Frames. Now, after almost a year, I can say that the concept hasn't really worked and/or developers aren't using them to their full potential. They could become more useful if they became more interactive (like widgets are), but in their current state, they don't serve any purpose other than a way to keep apps minimized while multitasking.

I like my phone to react absolutely fastest possible so I try to have as many acive frames opened as possible. To open closed app, in my opinon it takes like 1 second more, and thats not why I am a BB fan - BB was all the time (and I hope it stil will be) the device which saves time. Everything was there to save time doing things and I think to open-close-open-close the app is what consumes time. I would love to have possibility to have more active frames opened.

Quote..... James, in the write up you stated " tend to close it completely with a long hold of the 'x' in its bottom right corner"
What does this mean? This is something I have not heard before. How is this different from just tapping it?

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To close an active frame on my Z10 all I need to do is touch the X and it's gone. It doesn't require the long press. This is the primary reason I'm not a fan. They are too easily closed by accident.

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Yeah - was wondering the same thing. What's the difference between the long and short press of the X? They both close the app.

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Active frames would be better if they were interactive like on sailfish pause/play videos / music. I would like to use multiple apps (2) at the same time on the z30 at least see more happening in real-time. As for the apps that Do not have any useful reason to have an active frame they should be headless.

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I keep Data Monitor and Gadget Box (for battery level and temp and a flashlight and conversions always at the ready) open always. When they become headless, they'll be closed. Other than that, I only keep apps active when multitasking and wanting to copy and paste. I agree with others in preference for PlayBook 's multitasking .

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I can't put my phone down till I know everything is closed, it would bother me knowing something is open

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Please BlackBerry change active frame, maybe BlackBerry should put option which apps can setting headless and which apps need active frame.

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Richtig now i'm closing the ActiveFrames. But i think if i could fix the Position of the Frames i would live them.
The changing positions are annoying me

BlackBerry Z10 STL 100-2, OS

There is some I would like to keep open but I usually close them by accident so I've given up. There needs to be a way to pin a frame so it can't be closed or so it stays on the same location on the active frame page.

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Who needs to go Home? In the future we won't need to go home.

Apple and Android are still going home.

Well done BlackBerry for having the balls to develop the touchscreen and move it forward.

BlackBerry needs to show it off much more than it does.

DON'T Hide your light under a bushel.

BE LOUD and PROUD!!!!1

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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I always close them. It's neat that the CBC News app scrolls through headlines, but if I want to see the headlines I'll just open the app. Leaving active frames open feels like leaving my fly open.

I once left a browser window open where a colleague checked if he could access his home webcam, as he couldn't on the iPhone4 I sold him after having bought the AmazingZ10... (muahuahua... =D)

the window kept loading images even on active frame... what I usually appreciate that the frames stay active... but... 30mins equal 680mb of the 1gb I had... at the beginning of the month.... hooray... ;-)

Ferrari ZetaDieci

I always close everything if I know my phone will be sitting idle for a while. I want to get in the habit of leaving things open when I'm out though. It sometimes makes more sense to leave things open and not keep closing them every few minutes.

I only use them if I need to do some multi tasking. But besides that, I close them to save battery.

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Built-for-BlackBerry Apps with nice Active Frames only. Otherwise I close them. Unattractive with android ports and many other apps.

With the Z30 battery is fine but that doesn't stop me from closing them all...makes it last that little bit longer, and all my messages go through the hub anyway. If BBM supported landscape mode then I would probably leave it open all the time, as that way it means rotating the phone less. Oh well, in future updates maybe :D

BlackBerry Z30 STA-100-2 running :D

I like to close apps and not use the active frames to save on battery consumption. I do not have my home screen full of icons, just a few core icons are visible. The rest of my apps I have moved to screen 2 and 3 and have grouped them in folders. I personally would love it if BlackBerry made it possible to move all icons off the home screen, leaving it blank.

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I long press on the 'x' to fully close the app, after I've finished using it.

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Yes!,...if I I'm not actively using them,...I close them. I do this because depending on the app, it may be trading data back to online servers.

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Like the concept but there's too much white space so psychology I'm inclined to tidy up and close applications. Widgets work better for encouraging permeance.

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I normally close most of my apps and I find the active frame closing process so much easier than the IOS one...much more efficient for me.

I always have BeBuzz, Google Talk and BBM open. Everything else I open and close as needed.

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I like things neat so I keep only what I need opened, phone app and color ID mostly. Sometimes my contacts.

Not all active frames show u missed information. Most information I need I get from the HUB or by starting the app I need.

The only one I ever leave open is Gadget Box so I can see my battery percent. Otherwise I just close them when I'm done!

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This thread has inspired me to leave active frames open, just as an experiment. Battery life is somewhat of a non-issue now that I have an external battery charger.

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I keep Blaq open, 'cause I like the subtle reminder of new tweets without going full notification. Plus I recall it having some issues when I first started using it, where it worked better if I left it open all the time, and I never bothered to find out whether those problems went away, nor can I even remember what they were.

Other than that, I stopped running Battery Guru, BeBuzz, or the bandwidth monitoring app 'cause I don't like leaving things running, no matter how useful the Active Frame is. I just feel compelled to keep closing them.

i close the active frame. i cant stand having more than 4. maybe less. usually keep whats app, instagram and browser..
and on my opinion Blackberry should change the UI from BB10 to the playbook form.. just have 4 to 5 icon roll. once you open one. it open like the playbook. you can close the app by the x or like the playbook sliding it up... left side can stay as the hub., and an option to ether slide to the right or down for the other apps

Here's the deal:

I usually don't keep Active Frames open unless I use multiple apps at the same time temporarily for faster switching.

But I don't close them for battery drain concerns at all, it's just that I like the phone clean. But when I left AFs open, even three to four over a longer period of time, I never experienced battery drain from them (unless of course it's an app that works constantly in the background).

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Keeping apps in active frames is lighting fast switching from one to another but I'd rather save as much battery as possible.

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I used to just keep my calls open, now I leave bbm, twitter. Weather open. I don't really notice a difference in battery life.

The only one that stays open is Battery Guru.
I close everything else when I'm not going to use it again in the next 5 minutes.
But, contrary to what I read here in some other comments, I don't think the PlayBook way is better. It's difficult to get an overview of what's open on the PlayBook, not without scrolling through all the open apps. On BB10, you can easily see what's open and quicky close an app when necessary. So I really hope BlackBerry doesn't reintroduce the PlayBook way.

I've come to the conclusion you Ppl LOVE to complain. BB10 works well. If hitting a little x to close a windows takes that long and If it's that much of an imposition then you need to reevaluate your life and expectations.

I've just done what you suggested. I've concluded that it's time I took the litter out. Cheers!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I don't keep anything open ever, unless I'm just checking something and going right back to it. I just don't like having to swipe through the active frame screen on my way to the hub. It looks junky to me. I'd probably leave more open if the active frame screen was a card you pulled down like the quick settings menu of bedside mode. But as it is now in between hub and the app tray in the left to right carousel I keep everything closed.

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Frames are a good idea thought I don't leave many open unless I know I'm going back to it often. The playbook and webOS options were awesome. That being said. I find it frustrating that I have to double tap to close an app. Why not use the ingenuity of blackberry and if you continue the gesture to the top of the phone you would "close" the app instead of minimizing to active frames. It would allow you to use them more efficiently and it is nice to see 4 apps that are in use all at the same time but it would also be good to have the option of showing 6 or 8, especially on the Z30. The Q10 is good with 4 but the increased real estate looses efficiency having only 4 tiles.

Out of habit most of the time i'm used to closing the app when i'm done, but when I do use it it's cool.

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Since I don't have an unlimited data plan I'm concerned about leaving an Active Frame like Twitter, FB or my browser open because I don't know if it's using up my data.

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I often forget and leave then open by accident but close then as soon as I notice. I don't like things blocking my wallpaper, hence why I moved all my icons except the top row to the 2nd page.

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I tend to leave things open especially with my Z30. I actually have the issue of my phone refusing to die (I wait until my phone hits the one yellow bar before I charge it) when I really want to charge it before going to sleep, so the whole battery consumption thing is not an issue.

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I don't have a BB10 device, but my wife does. If her phone is in front of her continually picking it up to look at it, she will leave her apps open. If she isn't going to use it for a while she will close the app. She did notice that with some apps open(Facebook, CB10) her battery was noticeably less. My only thought it maybe to turn down the refresh interval to see if that does anything. After she noticed that she will keep them closed for the most part.

I usually always close frames I'm not using. I also usually don't choose any app that requires an active frame to work.

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I have a z30 and do care... although so.etimes I forget them.... I try to close them though... I use mostly prod apps, though....

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I always leave 4 frames open, they give me useful information and they don't effect battery life at all! I have no idea why people think active frames are for quickly jumping between apps, I use them like widgets.

If BlackBerry takes out the active frames anytime in the future, I'll just leave this platform, because slowly it's losing it's original BlackBerry10 awesomness, the call screen is a great example.

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I close an app when I'm done with it and rarely use two apps at once... mostly because of the battery hit. It seems I am always charging my Z10.

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I did not find a api to use active frames in android apps. I would like to use it to make android ports more BlackBerry 10 like.

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What's the difference between tapping X to close an active frame and long pressing X to close it???

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There is none. I don't understand why he said it that way. The app closes the very moment you touch the X.

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Love active frames on z10 and PlayBook. On the Z I tend to have 2 always open (calendar and settings) but usually no more than 5 in total. My PlayBook (with keyboard) is still my productivity machine for work but apps like BlackBerry express are pulling me towards using my phone more.

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Love the active frames especially for my kids who love playing games on my Z30 or Z10. They switch from one game to another with relative easy. Also when I get my phone back from them its much more effective shutting things down.

Always keep 4 of them active: Calendar, twitter, Pause Humour (French and English quotes app) & on other french news app (Le Parisien).
I'm on a Z10 and that doesn't take my battery that down.
I find the active frames for flipboard like, twitter or news apps very usefull to keep alive (especially when there are some active content like in twitter) and reopen quickly the app to be updated very fast...
I only close the ones I won't use any further than punctually (parameters, games, weather app...)

I can't handle clutter. And active frames is just that. I have one folder with my most used apps on page one. Swiping left takes me to other screens with other apps. Last page over is core and utilities folders. And.

I need to be able to swipe up on an active frame to close it. Like the PlayBook.

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The X shocked me the first time I saw it. I couldn't believe they got rid of the swipe to close gesture and made it into a slide to see more Active Frames, which hardly ever occurs on my device by the way. It's wrong!

Z on Channels

I never close active frames. Battery isnt a concern anyway. Theres always the battery pack or a charger why bother

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I keep useful ones, ie, ones with relevant info on the active frame, open all the time. Things like BBM, twitter, Facebook are closed unless I need them, but I usually use the hub for them.

Headless apps are nice, but there's still a place for some active frames on my device.

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10 :

I have the following always open:

Wallpaper Changer HD
Data Usage Counter

And I close everything else when I'm done. All the communication goes through the Hub anyway, why leave anything open on active frame?

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

I leave 3 active frames up always: BeBuzz Pro, BeWeather Pro and Clock. Just my BlackBerry type of thang...

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Why yes I do, unless I have a busy day/schedule, then I keep the Calendar frame up so I can see upcoming activities. Otherwise the frames page is not a necessity for me. Most of the apps I have don't really do anything when minimized, unlike the weather and calendar app.

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I close it due to that artificial limit of opened active frames simultaneously :(. It kills active frames idea, so I use it only as task switcher mostly. And I really love active cover actions from Sailfish OS - BlackBerry, please, add it! Then I'd avoid closing active frames as much as possible. Also I'd like to see some flag aka never allow to close this frame by mistake.

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I close every active frames before hitting the power button.

Don't know but that is how I use my Blackberry since I purchased my Z10.

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I tend to have 3 or 4 open always and make sure I don't have 8 open as it could force the browser to close.

That's one of the most frustrating things that the browser does not save open tabs when it closes. I'm a heavy browser user and don't want to have to close what's open.

Otherwise skype and hub++ are always open. Now hub++ is meant to work headless though. Then there'll be the main app I'm using at that point in time of the day e.g. Blaq if on twitter or instagram or Winamp or something. Then the 4th would be remember if I've been using that as it's a great way to organise things and quickly sew what you should do when it is open as an active frame.

Main reason for closing apps is obviously battery - especially on the z10. Battery life is poor. Maybe down to having skype open all the time of course - really badly designed bb10 app so wouldn't be surprised if it drains the battery.

So I'd suggest two improvements:
- browser remember open tabs when closes
- ability to pin active frames so they never close

Then I would just leave apps open whenever I know I don't need to worry about battery life (e.g. at home)

I prefer active frames to the app grid and don't need to go there so often as the hub is so good.

If only people I know used bbm - I wouldn't need to keep skype open. Why on earth isn't bbm on playbook?! :D

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10

Customisation is what we need. I have no use for them, so I would like them to not be there for most apps. I know a lot of folks in here would like the option to pin them. I can't imagine why options like these would be so hard to implement.

Z on Channels

Yes. I close active frames as soon as they reach the point where I don't need to see/hear/know what they are doing. I like active frames and the information they display, so I use them a lot. There are times when I want to close a fully open app without turning it into an active frame first. So I would like to see both the current way, and also at the same time see a "one move that totally closes" the app from fully open.

I want a better way to close them. Like for instance pinching the frame instead of pressing the little x. This would be lovely

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I think people close their apps more often on BB10 because it's just that easy to do so! On iOS and Android were/are harder to do it therefore, people close their apps less often.
I also close my Active Frame apps mainly because of Memory and Battery concerns. If I have the Browser app running with too many tabs, or an Android app, everything becomes too slow for my taste.
Their functionality is very limited and most apps don't add anything useful to it.

For me it, would be amazing if they could pull off a way of transferring data between apps just by dragging it from one app to the other! Picture this, you want to share an image from a web page to a BBM contact:
1- you drag the image from the webpage all the way to the bottom of the screen
2- After 1 second the Browser app automatically minimises and all Active Frames are shown (like dragging an App icon out of a Folder!)
3- You continue dragging the image to the BBM Active Frame and it enters in full screen
4- Now you drag the image to the Conversation and it's automatically added as an attachment!
5- Now imagine that you can do this to any kind of file and to any app that supports that file type!


In general I have the most important apps open, so I can quickly have a look when I need to. What I really don't like as Active Frame is the search app. For opening an app I just type the first two letter (on my physical keyboard), search app opens and I type the app icon to open the app, but then the search app stays open as Active Frame. I would prefer that the search app would close immediately as I have to close it always manually and fif there are already 7 apps open one has to close just because of the search app. In webOS this was implemented in a better way.

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never use active frames.
Would love a proper home page to show appointments, new mail, stocks, salesforce updates or in one single, user defined, whole screen page.

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Battery Lover Pro is the only ALWAYS open frame. Other than that I may quick drop BlackBerry in my pocket after a lock and leave fb or a game running temporary.
Love my Z10

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Battery is hardly any concern with a 20 second back light. I leave my gps on as well. No blue tooth though, not till ppl actually use it capabilities. Blue tooth is huge in the future. I guarantee it.

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What I really want now is boot loaded, pinable frames meaning they are persistent and the os cannot arbitrarily close them. It's as simple as long pressing the active frame and have a dialog ask you if you want to pin it. A pushpin icon could then appear to the upper right hand corner of the frame to indicate that it is pinned. Pinned frames (let's say a max of four) would also have the option to be loaded and pinned at startup. After pinning a dialog could ask the user if they would like to always load this app framed at startup. Or even as a check mark during the pinning process

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I keep my active frames since the latest leak update improve my battery life. My z10 would last 3 to 6 days on one charge with light use.

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I hate active frames- it looks like an untidy windows-phone which I double-hate... In the sum I triple-hate active frames... :-)

I have a Z and Q and keep the same 4 apps open all day, every day: remember, calendar, contacts, and slicktasks. I enjoy the info I get from the calendar and tasks in the active frames view. I like the active frames, a lot. My contacts app always shows pictures of my favorites, which is fun. I basically close all other apps after I'm done using them. Not having headless apps seems to make it obvious which apps are running, which I also like. When the headless apps come, I may use them, but I'll want to figure out how to keep track of them, I suppose via app monitor in settings.

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I keep BeBuzz and Multi Alarms (third party app) open. All other apps I open and close when I finish using them. BeBuzz has to be open to work and switches to a battery monitor when not actively in use--so that's helpful. I love the active frames. Gone are the days when I unknowingly left apps running in the background, and they make apps much easier to close compared to my Bold 9900.

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99% of the apps I use don't use the active frames feature, so I close them when I'm done. Only time I have multiple apps open is if I'm copying data from one to the other or listening to streaming music in one app and shopping for songs I like in another and then adding them to a play list in the Music app.

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I rarely leave the active frames open, for fear of battery draining. I would love to though, because one of the things I'd love is some way to have my most used apps pinned to a home screen.

That's one if the things I love about Windows Phone: the Live Tiles do a great job of allowing you to customize your phone while saving you from hunting through a sea of icons.

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Active frames are awesome! I just wish you could pick two that are always on at the top and don't move around because I love having my calendar or remember open with weather at the same time. And don't gimme that bull about batter drain... 10.2.1 device monitor says I'm at 46% battery and weather used 0.03% and calendar 0.04% they've both been open all day. PlayBook OS app style was great for a tablet but not so much a phone... especially when some people like having a widget-esque alternative.

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I'm the kind psyco with the active frames. When im not using it, I close it right the way. I'm always afraid of my z10 getting slow....

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Always always close everything, if it's not headless it's not installed. I would also like to have a gesture to close in 1 step instead if the minimise/close 2 steps

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Don't like clutter. I would even like the active frame screen to be empty with just my background, time, battery, signal etc. And swipe from left for hub, swipe from right for the apps.

Also saves you going into pictures just to show people your background image properly!

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I always leave my active frames open and have no problem with my battery draining. I do agree with the idea of pinning AF's, as I use the same ones every day.

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