CrackBerry Asks: Do you 10.2?

By Adam Zeis on 23 Oct 2013 04:00 pm EDT

With OS 10.2 rolling out starting today, users across the board are rejoicing. Some have been hanging onto OS 10.1 and patiently waiting for an official release, others have been flying all over on leaked versions for weeks. No matter what your situation, BlackBerry is rolling out OS 10.2 to the masses and plenty of carriers are already pushing out the update.

We're curious to know how many of you have already received an official 10.2 update as well as how many haven't. In addition, how many of you haven't even played around with a leaked version yet (which is pretty hardcore). 

Hit up the poll below with your status to let us know where you're at.


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CrackBerry Asks: Do you 10.2?



Just got it and none of my Android apps work including ones from BlackBerry World :(

Posted via my  Z10

I've got an idea.... I was thinking of throwing my Z10 Against a brick wall!!!

Posted via my  Z10

Mine including side loaded ones are are working smoother then ever. After the update I did have a few weird bugs though that were resolved by two restarts.

Posted via CB10

All mine are working normally. Just trying to scare people into thinking BlackBerry screwed this up?

I have the same problem, going crazy, the blue bar at the bottom goes on forever until it eventually crashes... please help!

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Apparently my link is too long for crackberry10 app and it can't be opened lol

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

Copy link and paste it into the browser and it will work, tapping on it fails

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

I got my z30 on release day and have been running 10.2 since and I really enjoy it! Such a solid os. I'm very impressed with all the extra little things they added into it! And btw all of my side loaded apps work so to the ppl having problems, maybe do a wipe and start over again with the side loading process :)

No Android apps work on my phone, for example I removed Skype and re-downloaded from BlackBerry World, after it was done installing I opened it, black screen come up with a blue load bar at the bottom, it reaches 50% then crashes... BlackBerry fucked up because I'm not the only one this is happening to

Posted via my  Z10

10.2? Nope. Not yet. Not until the the US freezes over.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

yeah, just go, once you miss it, come back and will be welcome again! Coz actually there's nothing better out there, lol!

Just updated from. 1767 to 1791 (18 mb) OTA on O2 Czech Republic

Posted via CB10

Yep, Phone updated 1st thing yesterday morning & its an awesome but large update! 1.5GB for me lol
(O2 UK - Z10)

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I'm in s/w ontario on Rogers and update is showing if you "check for updates " in the settings. It wasn't pushed to me but it's there, all 474 mb worth!

Posted from my incredible Z10

Just checked via "check for updates" but it's still saying that my 10.1.4181 is the latest version available! Grrrrr! Wonder why it's not there for me. Perhaps a battery pull is in order?

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I'm also in the Netherlands and I haven't got any notification yet :( Im using Vodafone though
EDIT: I do have it actually! I just had to check for it manually, so happy! a manual search in you settings for an update...i usually get updates sooner that way than waiting for notification in hub.

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Dl'd the os 1767 leak on my Rogers Wireless Q10 and still no update yet for the official.

Sent on blackberry Q10 SQN-3 w/ leak OS

I'll probably be checking ten times an hour for the coming three weeks, just like 10.1 and MR... the UK is literally less than 100 miles away from me, why do they get everything first and do I have to wait for weeks..? It's not fair.. ah well, it's gonna be here soon..!

From the Z...

Downloaded an hour ago on Rogers. However, is anyone else experiencing a problem with the bottom bar (phone, search, camera) going missing after a short while?

From RIM950 to z10: I'm an original RIM user.

I've done that a few times already but it still occurs. That's a very strange problem. Everything else is awesome though. LOVE the keyboard improvements.

From RIM950 to z10: I'm an original RIM user.

The bottom bar disappears again. Weird. It appears as I open an app but clicking on the camera and phone or search it doesn't work.

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There are no level 1 notifications for 10.2. This functionality was supposed to be available. Any word on this?

It is better too if u add a Voice for priority hub Notifications .. From whom i got the mail or message ...

I have 2 Z10s. My personal one i had a leaked and it was great and it's now updated. Haven't seen a big difference yet. My work one just got updated today and i am very happy to have 10.2 because the new features are great. When the wife gets home, i'll update her Z10. Kids iPhones now have BBM. Aaah, it's good to be king.

I want the newer official update for the Z30.

I rock official OS on my main device and try out leaks on my secondary device.

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Not seeing it for Q10 on Rogers or SaskTel yet. Z10 on SaskTel yes:

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1. It recognized my truck's brand (FORD) through Microsoft Sync.
2. It now displays the truck logo on lock frame

3. My sound system is HD and I noticed a SIGNIFICANT audio improvement on streaming over Bluetooth. Don't know what they did but I NOW hear complete HD and Souround sound while streaming with my Z10 10.2 - can't wait till the update pops available for Q10 too :-D

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Great update. I just got a question, I cnt seem to get the instant preview notifications to work well. Sometimes they show up sometimes they don't. WhatsApp seem to be pretty stable and emails. But bbm only show occasionally (almost never). Does anyone know what is the criteria for the previews to pop up?

Posted from my zeta diez

I like it allot, I don't like the fact that they changed the ring tones. And I can't seem to get the message previews and the dark theme on bbm. I am running the beta version with the bbm channels. Is that the reason?

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The official word is "some time this winter," which means we'll be lucky if we see it by next summer. don't hold your breath.

10.2 rocks! Can't be part of the CrackBerry community, see all the cool features and wait for US carriers; that's torture. :-)

If I download a leaked version.. will I be able to upload the ota version when it's released with no issues??

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The only thing left now to make BlackBerry 10 platform of choice for many other like iPhone and Android users move across,would be banking apps.

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Netherlands, t-mobile... got my update, all Android side loaded were still installed and working :) Awesome!

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I haven't been so lucky. Nothing seems to want to launch on my android runtime. I get a little loading bar at the bottom of the screen, it ticks up to about 50% and then closes.

Just got the official (439mb)... and I'm spending my last days with 10.1


Dev. of "Data Usage Counter", "Alarm+", "Recycle Bin" for BB10

I got 10.2 from Rogers. Did anyone else have their text messages show up as phone numbers instead of contact names?

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Yeah some of mine were numbers and the names got erased. I also can't preview messages on lock screen. Wondering if anyone else is having that issue?

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today came my Z30 and 10.2 for the Q10!

Didn't checked my Z10 yet.

Vodafone Germany..

Posted with my Z10 or Q10! ..or on my Z30.. ;)

Well i downloaded the official 10.2 here on Vodafone UK but soon as it finished updating, phone rebooted and was unuseable so highly annoyed here. Dont know what caused my phone to stop working completely ie no apps can open, settings cant be opened and hub is a black screen.

Spent a few hrs trying to figure out a way to wipe it, did it through the web update method but now for the past hr or so its been sitting on the shredding screen. I have this awful feeling that my Z10 is completely wrecked and i dont see it working. So i dont know, not happy absolutely raging at the moment that the 10.2 update more or less bricked my phone to an unuseable state.

Spawn I have the exact same issue as you are saying. Telus, Alberta Canada here. The last 10.1.xxxx update did the same exact thing as well, had to take it to the Telus store for a day. May just ditch this piece of shit Z10 today and just get a Z30, if every update is gonna render my phone useless. Has anyone else had this exact same issue too? If so, know a fix?

What the hell. So many of you already received the official update? What gives?

Posted with CB10/Q10

Still running 10.1 on Q10 (TMO USA). Likely load up one of the official 10.2 releases soon. TMO (USA) may not release it for another 2 months.

Yep, I might just install the leak. I'll give them one more week just in case they were lying about "sometime in winter". It seems absurd that us Americans get it 1-4 months after everyone else. :( If T-Mobile everywhere else is getting it so quickly maybe we will too?

Yes downloading onto my my beloved Z10 as I type this. A great phone is getting greater. Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

10.2 working great. Just hooked up to the bluetooth on my truck and the Ford symbol comes up as my lock screen. Super cool feature!!! Great job BlackBerry.

Posted Via CB10 -Jack!!

Love the priority hub most. But just found out how cone apple steals good idea from BlackBerry again on the toast notifications ?

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The official 10.2 just appeared on my Z10! (Belgium / Mobistar)
But I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to download it, not a good idea to do these things late in the evening.
Otherwise I'll be up all night, trying out all the new stuff!

Phone has only just rebooted after update. I did not install any leaks. Now 10.2 T-Mobile UK.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

I've been enjoying the 10.2 leaked version on my T-Mobile Z10. Love it. I have not updated to the latest release, because I was hoping the official release would be out soon, but since it will be "sometime in winter" I guess I may be jumping on the latest leak soon.

Don't ask too much at once! ;)
Tu es chez quel opérateur? Je sais que c'est ok pour SFR, mais je ne sais pas pour les autres dont mon opérateur (qui est Orange, mais j'utilise une version du system leaked plus récente...donc update inutile pour nous ;) )

Q10  OS Radio

WOOOT!!!! WOOOOT!!!! Alll aboard the 10.2 train! chugga chugga chugga chugga.... Installing right now.

Might as well hop on a leaked version because there's no telling when that will be rolled out smh

Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10

Installed, phone complained about my media, then I got a blue screen once everything loaded. Rebooted everything was happy and snappy. Loving the new update after the slight speed bump.

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The following specific applications aren' t working after 10.2 xx update:
Cache cleaner
Nos teletekst
Nawigacia orange ( I got this app from the update)
Apps doesn't start any more.
I installed again and I sent an email to the developer.
I am in Holland, tmobile

Post by Z10

I live in the US... it says we aren't supposed to get it till winter... but I'm being hopeful so did anyone in the US get it yet?

Posted via CB10

I have received and installed the official or 10.2. Can't say I see any change from the leaked versions I had, in fact the contacts dark theme still doesn't work.

Posted via CB10

The system setting colour is still the same after update to isn't it turning black..guyz help me out..getting irritated

Posted via CB10

Downloaded to my Q10 and Z10 thru Telus :-) Haven't really had a chance to test drive it yet, lol! Anyone know about FM radio that I keep hearing about?

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Just downloaded 10.2 on myZ10. It's great. Bought my Z30 from Telus online waiting for delivery. So frustrating to deal with Fido. Can't depend on them for BlackBerry support and I have been with them since 1998.

Posted via CB10

Hello everyone,
Am using a leaked bb10 ( and i want to change it with offiicial one ( too) , how can i do this?

Posted via CB10

US user here so we're at the back of the line. I'd do a leaked version, but my Q is too valuable since I run my business from it to have the risk of leak issues, especially with Verizon's radio stack.

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If you get a SIM Card for a canadian carrier (even inactive) as long as it's in your BlackBerry when you check for updates, you'll see the latest update available for that carrier. (With Wi-Fi access that is.) When complete, just put your original SIM Card back in and you're done. :)

Oh and re-reading your post about the Verizon catch... I take that back.... The SIM Card trick probably wouldn't work for you, as they use a different model than the canadian carriers...

Great update! Still looking at all the updates and speed! Way faster now!!! And I thought 10.1 was quick!!!

I'm on AT&T, so I don't expect then to release it for several more months.

However, I've been on a leaked 10.2 for about 2 weeks now.

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Official 10.2 on T-Mobile Germany! Oddly My EE app along with similar app for polish Orange were preinstalled.

Trade in for a Z30, it is sooo useful.
Skip the Z10 i was disappointed with battery life (though many company's 4G phones have poor battery life)..

Having issues downloading and installing... Install was at 94%, got a notification saying there was an error during install, and now it's downloading the whole update again. Anyone else having issues?

Waiting patiently for d official 10.2 as d leaked version (download procedure) was too complicated for my liking.

Posted via CB10

I have a couple things to say to (a) those who are rocking the official version of 10.2: I'm envious. (b) those who are running the leaked version: I'm inspired. (c) those who are running 10.1: I'm on your side. (d) those who are still rocking the legacy OS : I'm sympathetic.

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Done upgrading less than an 1hour now am rocking with 10.2 official..wuhoo!

Posted via CBten using my Qten

Dominican Republic still nothing, always wait months for updates, blackberry upgrade system is very complex

I only have the one BB10 device so wasn't comfortable playing with leaks... was tempted a number of times just not comfortable. :) Really liking 10.2 so far though esp. the dark backgrounds that are available... looks sharp to my poor old eyes.

Was running leaks for ages, but just upgraded to official Orange UK version. Nice to see them releasing this straightaway after their delays earlier in the year.