CrackBerry Asks: Did you get your BlackBerry Q10 today?

By Bla1ze on 1 May 2013 10:40 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Q10 hitting store shelves in Canada, there was plenty of excitement around here. The CrackBerry forums were busy with a lot of folks letting everyone else know they had indeed picked up their BlackBerry Q10. For some though, there was a little bit of frustration as not all retailers were able to provide the long awaited device today. A report from the Canadian Press stated the launch was only happening in Toronto and while that report wasn't entirely accurate, it wasn't entirely false either.

A lot of BlackBerry Q10 devices did end up at retailers across Canada and many made their way to doorsteps and eventually in the hands of those who had placed preorders. Aside from those retailers that had devices on hand, shipping notifications for a lot of folks went out as well, with the arrival date being within the next day or two and retailers expecting further shipments into next week or sooner.  So, with all that being said we have to ask...

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CrackBerry Asks: Did you get your BlackBerry Q10 today?


The poll really needs the option of 'It's not available yet in my country and the wait is KILLING me!' just stop saying first. My12yrold son finds it funny so that should tell you something. Unless youre 12 ... Posting first isnt funny.

Know whats dumb? I got a z10 n can't video call my buddy cuz his q10 is u berry, but get your act together

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I don't think that should matter, BB10-Playbook video calls work, so I think BB10-BB10.1 should work as well(I'm taking a guess here since I don't own a z10 yet).

Wow bad u can't video chat with a q10 owner from a z10 cause of is differences.

BlackBerry come on now get u act together.

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That doesn't sound right at all. I think you need to check again. Even the Dev Alpha Cs can do BBM video to Z10s and Q10s at that.

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Q10 for 5 days, Z10 for weekends and holidays ... that's how I feel it right now. But I have to wait the 7th to play with the Q ... c'mon SFR !

All the offers I get here for my z10 are 200cdn. Everyone here is budget phones, drugs and beer.

Bur still. Why even offer 200...

Not yet.

Wake every morning hoping I have an email from Michelle.

It's killing me to see all the happy Q10 owners :(

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Wife is playing with hers right now with a huge smile. And she is also getting to know her phone! Lol

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Could not find a place to buy Q10. All pre order stock, my buddy. Has z10 says he's converted to touch screen lol me eh I tried everything but still dig the. Qwerty

Running 9900 right now wonder what I will come home with tomorrrow lol

I have the z10. My friend just picked up a q10. So, after comparing the two, it's easy to say both are amazing. The choice is easy for me. I'm definitely staying with the z10 for two reasons. 1. Love the added screen space. 2. I'm so used to the wicked keyboard on the z10, it actually felt like a step backwards typing on the q10. This is not to say the q10 keyboard is nothing short of brilliant. It's just a personal preference. I'm sure I would say the same thing about the z10 if I had picked up the q10 first.

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I can't vote, the vote button is too close to the back button.... z10 all the way for media a10 for getting things done and productivity home z10 work q10 then you take over the world

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Waiting for my email from Telus...but searched all over my home town today....lucky they did not have any yet as I would probably have 2 by the end of the week.....had to go to 10.1 on my Z10 to take off the edge.....just wish the battery life was better after install....

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I would've loved to buy one today. However since I live in Germany and we still don't even have a release date for the Q10, I couldn't get one of course. I really don't know why BBRY can't at least give some official clues concerning the Q10 release.

Yes I did. But you need to fix your polls so we can vote via our BlackBerry 10 devices. I couldn't submit votes in any of your newer style polls on my Z10, and now I'm having the same issue on my Q10.

Anyways, I picked up my Black TELUS model from Future Shop in Surrey, BC this afternoon. I put my pre-order in a couple weeks ago. I went down at noon and it wasn't in yet, but they called me an hour later and got me setup right away.

Oh please keyboard please again that is so last century. Nobody is please man the Z10 is freaking amazing but we need apps.

Since my first iPhone (I had them all) and now I got a Z10 never ever will go back to any device with keyboard. Btw my last phone with keyboard was a blackberry pearl 8100 (if I'm not mistaking). Then I got my original iPhone.

BTW again my iPhone will be my primary device I just use my BlackBerry to explore but still I need more to drop my beloved iPhone 5, all my apple stuff and my apple ecosystem.

But don't get me wrong this Z10 is the best blackberry I ever had and ever play with. I wish the best for BlackBerry and I need lot more apps fast as possible I'm getting bore.

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Nah. Three stores in DT Calgary didn't have the Q10 as of noon ... so....? Don't know what to think of that.

Sure didn't feel 'first' to me. Sigh.

And yeah wtf? The app wanted me to log-in again with my z10 before allowing me to comment .... and then didn't. Some crazy development going on...

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I got mine in Nigeria yesterday.
It has been improved a lot compared to the Z10
Am so loving it right now

I already prebooked since one week now and still fighting with my vendor about it

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Have not gotten one yet. Still on the fence about getting one. Like my iPhone but the Q10 looks pretty sweet and I do miss a physical keyboard

Where is just the 'No' option as personally I'm waiting for the eventual price drop and hopefully by then, the OS will have added more features that we lost from BBOS.

I bought my Q10 yesterday from the local Telus dealer in Bedford ($700.00 CDN). It replaces my five year old 9000 that has endured considerable physical abuse with nary a whimper. Still haven't fully mastered the "pull down to answer" prompt when answering calls (seems I'm better at pushing buttons, or so I'm told).

The salesperson who served me said that they had ordered twenty-two Q10s and received six; their sister location in downtown Halifax received twenty-seven. As at 16h30 local time, I was the fourth Q10 customer at the Bedford location.

There are a few minor kinks that need to be worked-out. For example, I keep getting notified that I've selected a "New Time Zone" (I think this is fifth time that I've been told this thus far). Just now, I received notification that "Ns is not responding", and that the login information for my POP server has changed or is incorrect. Not sure what's behind that, as it had been working fine prior to this. All in all, very happy with the new Q.

The 9000 was a real trooper, having been dropped and banged about repeatedly. I replaced the track ball once after it fell into a puddle, and that's about it. The original battery still holds its charge, and other than an occasional battery pull, there have been no issues to speak of.

I've turned off the Auto Update Time Zone feature under System Settings -- Date and Time, and this will hopefully eliminate the repeated time change notifications. And I've finally mastered the tap and hold, *then* swipe down to answer calls, so I'm no longer frantically pawing at the glass (and cursing under my breath). Progress !

I also deleted and recreated my email account, this time with my Wi-Fi turned off... and I'll refrain from sending e-mails when connected to my home Wi-Fi due to conflicting outgoing servers.

There's a bit of a learning curve to the Q10, and being one chromosome short of the village idiot, it will take some time to get comfortable with the new environment. Love the solid feel of this phone and the keyboard really is amazing.

Use QuickLaunch menu system with trackpad on my 9900 to access everything- particularly contacts, web sites from main screen- with slight thumb flicks. Playing with Z10, noticed none of that could be easily replicated, especially "speed dialing". Would love to get Q10- keyboard feel mandatory for me- but doesn't seem to have the usability my 9900 has for me.

The poll needs an option "picked up in-store via pre-order"

I also saw that CP article saying toronto first, so being in Regina, Saskatchewan I thought surely I'd be waiting a few days! Well Tuesday afternoon I get my preorder 'SHIPPED' notification from rogers, but the tracking code doesn't work yet. Thought for sure it would be a few more days.... But when I checked again Wednesday morning, it had already made it to the Regina UPS warehouse so it was just a matter of time before delivery to the kiosk in the mall!! Sure enough got the call during my lunch break, and went and grabbed it. Did the unboxing at work haha.

Still wish I could do 2-way sync with my personal outlook, I don't know if I can toss the 9900 just yet because of that.

Got mine today - switched over after previously switching from an iPhone. Most of my coworkers think I'm nuts but I don't think they know any better personally.

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