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CrackBerry Asks: Did you get a BlackBerry for Christmas?

By James Richardson on 28 Dec 2013 01:28 pm EST

Since we've just had Christmas and I suspect BlackBerry sales were pretty good in December I was curious following on from the recent earnings call to see whether consumers had purchased  BlackBerry 10 or a legacy device for themselves or a loved one. 

Price always is an issue with the two operating systems - unless you are here in the UK where Carphone Warehouse sell the Z10 for just £150 on Pay As You Go. That said - times are hard and with legacy handsets selling for much less, could the trend set out in the earnings call have continued over Christmas? 

Hit up the below poll if you wouldn't mind and select your weapon of choice - sort of! Depending on which model you purchased feel free to let us know in the comments. Once again, if you can state what region in the world you are in it would help us get a bigger picture of what's happening where in terms of BlackBerry sales. 



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CrackBerry Asks: Did you get a BlackBerry for Christmas?

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Sorry about your luck because she a beauty! So glad I upgraded from my Zed10...

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

You can get a Z30 on AT&T if you're willing to buy off contract (unlocked). It's not LTE, but HSPA+ is fast enough for most things (especially web browsing). I prefer my Q10, but know a couple of people that have the unlocked Z30 on AT&T and they couldn't be happier. It's $604 at Negri Electronics (best and most professional unlocked market in the states). I have a Z30 that I picked up in London (same thing - unlocked) and I use it on AT&T on occasion. Here's a link to the Z30 online.

What the heck... my local rogers store wouldnt even let me buy off contract anymore.. thats for any phone.... I wasnt sure if its the company policy now or maybe its just that rogers store

Oh you can but it is work. I just purchased two Z30 from rogers off contract. First off you can only buy then on the phone through rogers. Then you have to basically work your way up the Line. It is bull but what can you do.

Posted via CB10

Does the competition (Android, Windows Phone, iPhone) really see the Z30 as serious competition? Why would most carriers make it so unusually difficult to get a Z30? It just makes no sense.

No it is not competition and that is why you are finding it hard to get. They only have so much shelf space and why invest it on a phone/company that doesn't sell well? Heck they are still trying to pawn off the z10

Same here. Can't believe that I've had my Z30 for over a month now. And it still feels like Christmas! That said, the folks in the 'Big Red' suits didn't push a 10.2.1 update; that present remains missing.

Got a friend who just called me & said he just got a Z10 second hand from someone over Christmas & need help setting it up.

Posted via CB10

My buddy just upgraded from his bold 9900 to the q10 and loves it. I helped him transfer and get set up in it

At these crazy discounted prices, the Z10 is a great steal! Unmatched excellence in messaging, keyboarding, multitasking, and great value!

Bought a White Z10 directly from BlackBerry for my Gurlfriend. She shook her Curve for good. BBM voice is the sheet!

Posted via CB10

Nope. Wish I could have gotten a Z30 but Santa didn't come to my area.
"Love my Z10 though"

Posted via CB with Z10 STL100-1 on

I have given as present a 9720 for my wife.
Yes, I know: a legacy device. Perfectly fits the needs.

Posted via CB10

As much as I would agree to try to push BB10, there are some reasons to stick with legacy BB's. This may not be her reason, but I tried to get my sister to upgrade to a Q10 (actually offered to give her one) but she's a doctor, and there's a medical app she uses a lot for keeping up with medicines, which medications not to mix, side effects, types of conditions to use what on, etc, forgot the name, but it's available for BBOS but not BB10 unfortunately, so getting a BB10 device is not an option for her...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I bought a Z30. Not necessarily for Christmas, it just happened to come on Christmas Eve

Posted via CB10

Picked up a Z30 for myself. That's my Canadian (Mississauga, ON) device. Still use a Z10 for my European device.

We have 4 Z10's since launch day here in my house(usa). Would have been great if AT&T would have had the Z30 for xmas. I would have picked up 4. At this pace looks like by the time AT&T gets them the z30 it will be outdated. Oh well. Still love my z10.

Posted via CB10

I bet the reason almost nobody got a new device this Xmas was due to the z30 launch failure

Posted via CB10

I got my kids ipad minis and a mac book for the "family".

I tried to use BB Link and sync my contacts and calendar from my Z10 and it didn't work........

I read on a CB forum that link doesn't work the sync with Macs...... that Sucks blackberry.....

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I tried a while back too on a Mac. I've moved all my contacts, calendar and tasks to and it has worked brilliantly. Shame Apple can't sync with as a central database as I would like to have them on my Air offline, but oh well, one day hopefully.

Posted via CB10

I think you meant "that sucks Macs". Or you should not have bought Apple products if you want to sync your BlackBerry. Think about it...

Posted via CB10

A lot of people, including some enterprises, are in the Apple ecosystem. If BlackBerry wants to sell more devices, they have an interest in making it easier for people to use them. They already tried ignoring the outside and look where that got them...Any improvement in usability and compatibility couldn't hurt.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry Link works well for synching and also for file transfer over wifi between my BlackBerry and my MacBook Pro, in my case. Not to decry your poor experience with said software. Just saying it can work.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

How does one expect one to get a Z30 for Christmas when you can't buy it unlocked and give it away as a gift? (or get it as a gift). Please allow direct sales for the Z30, BB. Specifically, in Canada. Allow people to buy it unlocked.

Rock it as long as you can! Hopefully BlackBerry will push out os updates. I know I know there's leaks...just keep rocking your legacy devices.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

That's cool. I did not know that there were limited edition colors. How is the store? Did it seem busy?

Posted via Z30

Bought myself a z30 to replace my z10. Will be giving my z10 to a legacy os user to move them to BlackBerry 10

Posted via CB10

The best present of all would be BlackBerry still being around after all the hammering it has been getting from all sides.

Time to use that fear against your opponents. Time to go underground.
Guerrilla Warfare time.

This is a real 'Rocky' moment. They've tried everything but BlackBerry is still here...M.F....

They're starting to look over their shoulders just a little.

BlackBerry.... we're going to get you!!

BlackBerry...Get it done.

Posted via CB10

We're losing so far, but keep plugging away. Question though? Is it really our jobs to sell BlackBerry when they refuse to do it themselves. It seems they are quite content to lie down and go away. Shame because loved my z10 and really loving the z30......absolute shame.

Posted via CB10

I do agree with you that the reason they re still selling some phones besides the ones who refuse to switch from a physical keyboard to an all touch phone is thanks to word of phone

That and because even despite their worst efforts, BlackBerry still makes great phones!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Made the switch from the Z10 to the Q10 for Christmas and I'm actually loving it. Gave my brother the Z10.

Posted via CB10

I'm jealous.. I'd love to go to a Winter Classic game. Hopefully the NHL pulls their heads out of their asses and actually has a game in Minnesota at some point. A game against the Hawks or Jets would be awesome.

Posted via CB10

Does this count? A very early christmas present to myself. A z30. Btw. Amazing device. Probably the few ppl on the planet who dont use facebook n instagram. Rather be an adrenaline junkie than a a social network junkie.
Also, never been into apps so the app store gives me what I need.Who in the world wants to go thru 1 million apps jus to look for something. To each his own. For me, my main criteria is the OS itself to which comm is the first and formost.
A Very Happy New Year to Crackberry and its stubborn followings.


Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

"Since we've just had Christmas and I suspect BlackBerry sales were pretty good in December."

As much as I would like sales to have been very good for BlackBerry smartphones during December your assertion seems unfounded. We won't have any indication of sales volume until the 4Q2014 earnings report in the Spring 2014m

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

Sure did. Upgraded from z10 to z30. Man I love this new phone

Android apps as easy to load as BlackBerry apps. Two app stores loaded. Love the new os as well. 1925

Hate when you walk into Telus and they try to not sell you a blackberry. Little do they know. Best phone on the market. Z30 is the best phone I have ever owned. Samsung iPhone can all take a back seat to this new phone from BlackBerry. Well done

Posted via CB10

Went to the Telus store yesterday and got a z30 but they tried everything to get me to buy a 5s. They were doing that with everyone that came in like it was the only phone they had.

Posted via CB10

I agree I got my z30 2 weeks ago and have literally not pit it down since. Over 450 BlackBerry and android apps working together without a hitch. Truly the best phone in the universe.

Posted via CB10

I tried to look at a Z30 at a Verizon store but they didn't have one. The very first thing the salesman said to me was "You don't want one of those. They're not gonna be around soon anyway", which really pissed me off, so I decided to tell him how happy I am with my Z10 and how I love the many features that the other platforms don't have . I also showed him my browser that was running with 22 tabs open, which surprised him. In chatting with him he didn't even know much about the Z10 or BB10. No wonder things are the way they are. Damn!

Posted via CB10

If I bought my Z10 back in May as an early Christmas present to myself, does that count?

Posted via CB10

Gave myself a Z30!! Having come from the iPhone - this is by far THE best phone I've ever used!

Posted via CB10

I can't imagine sales picking up as long as the bad press keeps pumping out. Seriously, who is going to buy a BlackBerry with such negativity on the air. I really hope this changes in the New Year.

Posted via CB10

I left BB to go to Windows phone. Q10 was too buggy for me, no matter what version of OS i had on it. I do not regret my decision.

the phone kept forgetting my ringtone settings, when i replied to a text the words would not type even though i hit the keys, and the phone would randomly not work. The camera would stop working until reboot if i left it open more than 30seconds. i tried 10.2 and 10.2.1 and neither helped any

My wife has a Q10 and loves it. I had a Z10 and now a Z30 and I love then both. If you are seriously suggesting that a fragmented OS like Android will have fewer bugs than BB10 than your either dumb or a troll

Posted via CB10

Why do you play favorites so much? Why didn't you just call a spade a spade and get your daughter a lump of coal instead? ;-)

Posted via CB10

I have a white Z10 and a Q10, but I brought myself a new 9900 for Christmas. I just can't give up the legacy device...NIB for $160.

Posted via CB10

I got a white Z10 from that $200 deal that BlackBerry had, because my Q10 was lonely. I also just picked up a pebble watch to go with them both!

My lovely wife gave me a black Z10 for Christmas and I'm loving it. I'm afraid at some point she'll regret it as I can't seem to put it down!

Nova Scotia

Posted via CB10

This thread is silly.
Despite this being a "big" site for Crackberry Addicts, I fail to beleive that polling visitors of the site, is a gauge to the health, or lack there of health of sales of new devices.

The factual numbers speak much louder than a flimsy poll on this site. I mean no offense, but the first line of the post is comical.

"Since we've just had Christmas and I suspect BlackBerry sales were pretty good in December I was curious following on from the recent earnings call to see whether consumers had purchased BlackBerry 10 or a legacy device for themselves or a loved one. "

Where exactly do you have an inkling that sales are going to be good. Did you read the latest quarterly sales numbers?

Come back to reality guys, the water is nice and warm.

The thread is silly. The post is comical. Yet, you are here on the silly thread and commenting on the comical post. Wow!!

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Yeah bro... Didn't you know this was an official study being done with a statistically valid sample and stuff? Er wait, it is a tech blog asking for feedback from its user base... of which one seems to have the lump of coal he received from Santa firmly lodged up his rectum.

Posted via CB10

No new device but received a new case for my Z10 and the white Blue tooth speakers thanks to Crackberry...

Posted via CB10

Own Q10 already and about every previous model was in twofold to switch to IPhone for an additional phone. Decided on another Q10 to support the company but more important BB is the king of workhorses IPhone is for gaming addicts and those who may send the incidental email, IPhone key board is a joke, I correspond in three languages and have word prediction in three languages, flawless. Nothing beats the key pad of the Q10 the HUB and the fantastic quality of the battery which to any serious player a must have and to be the very important criteria when deciding on his/hers next smartphone. It is a shame BB does not materialise on the outstanding features in promoting their product. Guys in Canada start an active advertising campaign outlining all these good features, never see any advertisement not in Europe or the Middle East, shame on you. You are the best forget about the rest.

Yes I did purchase a Z30 as a gift to myself a few days before Christmas and was very nice using it for taking family pictures and videos . I even received compliments from a family member currently using an IOS product. Region USA.

Posted via CB10

Nothing for me at Christmas, but I bought a Zed10 back in February and then upgraded to the Zed30 in October.. But our kids both got Zed10's for Christmas! :)

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

Didn't get a z30 for Christmas :( but I still have my beautiful z10, and I did have a very Dewalt Christmas

Posted via CB10

My wife got a black Q10 before 2 weeks early because her 9900 final died. She already managed to scratch the shit out of the Q10 screen.

Damn women! ;)

Posted via CB10

I got a Z10 and I am in Canada. I was tempted to get a Z30, but Koodo doesn't carry it. The Koodo sales person hadn't sold a BlackBerry in months and didn't understand why people would buy them. Not a good sign for BlackBerry, though Koodo customers (a lower cost carrier) might not really be their target market. I had almost convinced my wife to get a BlackBerry, but she got an iPhone. It was sad.

Posted via CB10

I treated myself to an early Christmas and bought a Z30. I gave my ex my Z10 just to bug her new guy lol. She knew why and thought it was funny.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30 (

Got a brand-new Z30 from Blackberries secret santa

Now on the Z30 - thanks BlackBerry!! OS

I bought a Kindle fire hdx and the new ipad mini, as gifts for my wife and daughter. I'd rather spend my money on playbooks but...

Posted via CB10

Yes I did. I got a Z30 and I have to say it is probably the best phone out there. I previously had a Z10 and ofter receiving the Z30 I could not be happier with it. To me it is far superior than the Z10 in every single area and hopefully the next Z serie will be built off this one.

Posted via CB10

Got the z30 just before Xmas and a z30 for my son. Old z10 went to an employee who had an S4. One conversion at a time. BlackBerry you need to show off the z30. No one knows what it is let alone what it can do. Guaranteed December sales were extremely dismal as BlackBerry shows no desire to sell/market them. Hard to believe buts it's true.

Posted via CB10

Sad but true. Where are BB promotions to bring new business in the US?
Many people still think BB is a dead company and they will not buy the products.

There is a desperate need for BB to advertise in a positive way: namely 'we have great stuff'.
Their recent ads have been focused to say 'we are still in business'.

Technically I did but it was just a replacement from T-Mobile and it was broken! Warning to all don't buy refurbished z10 from T-Mobile.

Posted via CB10

I got myself a black Z10. I came from a Torch 9810 so it took me a bit to get use to the differences between the OS but now I am loving my Z10! I am keeping my Torch as a backup. As soon as AT&T gets the Z30 I will be getting it too.

Posted via CB10

Waiying for the Z30 on TMO, almost switched to big red after playing in the store with one. Luckily they didn't have any in stock, or I'd be paying double per month with Verizon, lol

Vienna's original BlackBerry Abuser.

I got myself a Lumia 1020, then realized the camera wasn't as good as-advertised.
Plus, it wasn't a BlackBerry...

Went back to my Q10, which has everything I need except for a bright screen. :p

My wife gave me the Q10 for Christmas to take over where I started on the Z10. I absolutely love the Q10 with it's great keyboard and fantastic OS. Loved my Z10 but really missed the keyboard features from my legacy 9930.

James I hope you are right when you say "I suspect BlackBerry sales were pretty good in December".
I own BB stocks an look forward to a phone sale revival.

Unfortunately in the US there does not seem to be any advertising to get sales.
TM does not even have BB's in most of their stores, you have to order on-line.

Got my wife a white unlocked Z10 from for $199 outright here in the US. I think it is actually a negative for BBRY because they made nothing on the device and now she isn't on her BIS plan anymore (switched from 9900).

Posted via CB10

Still going with my Z10 but convinced a good friend to get a BlackBerry so his wife played the Santa role and now he's always hittin' me up for tips via BBM! Christmas BlackBerry contagious!

Proudly posted via CB 10

Apps are continuously being added, plus you can always sideload an Android app if you really need a particular app.
If people don't give BlackBerry a chance to get more users, why do you think there aren't as many apps? Developers will come as more users come.

Posted via CB10

I have been a BlackBerry user all my life and the only other device I have ever owned was an iPad 1st gen. (eugh, horrible) But this Christmas I was given... a Nexus 7. I feel really bad for saying this but it smashed my Z10. I was on my z10 for hours before now only a matter of minutes everyday. The Android operating system is just so much cleaner and has a lot more features. (a more quirky one being face recognition locking which is good unless someone has a photo of you). The main selling point is that I feel more comfortable and connected when using it. Even though I've only had it for a few days u already have more apps on it than my Z10 and it comes everywhere with me. Having never used another operating system other than on the 1st gen ipad I have to admit, i think blackberry have some serious catching up to do and that is a painful thing to say...

Posted via CB10

It really boils down to personal preference. I know where you're coming from though. I have a 9900, a PB and also an Android phone and tablet and have purchased the Z10 for family members and considering getting one also. Oddly I still use my PlayBook more often than my Samsung tablet, and personally I find the interface of BB10 and even the PlayBook to be "cleaner" than Android. You find the opposite, but that's our preference. Android is good if you want a vast selection of apps, but that isn't the only use thing for a smartphone. I also still love the dedicated call/end buttons on my legacy BlackBerry, which are not to be found on any newer devices. But the bottom line for me, is that BB10 feels a lot more elegant and advanced than Android. Forget iPhone, their OS to me feels like it's in the dark ages.

To each their own, but I think you are the only person I've ever seen or heard say that Android has a "cleaner" interface. iOS and BlackBerry 10 definitely have a much cleaner, and less cluttered UI, but use what you like.
What OS is on your phone?

Posted via CB10

I'd say the exact opposite about Android vs BB10. I got a Nexus 5 when it first came out because I couldn't resist the specs on the phone itself. After one month on Kit Kat on the Nexus 5, here are my observations:

1) the Nexus 5 is lightning fast - faster than my Z10.
2) the stock email client on Android is a joke. The sent emails cannot be set up to show who you sent the email to. It lists all the sent emails showing the sender (i.e. Me). Fairly useless information. Any other email clients that do show sent emails correctly, don't sync with Outlook
3) YOU CAN'T SEARCH THE DEVICE!!! And this is google - what a joke
4) the app gap - I use weather apps, sports apps, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, 3 email accounts, BBM, WhatsApp, Skype, Huff Post, CBC, The Verge, Dvice, plus various other apps. These are all available on BlackBerry and done much better - especially any communications. Thousands of the apps on google play are keyboard apps, calendar apps, contacts apps to make up for the absolutely deficient stock apps
5) I tried several contacts apps but none would include Facebook contacts and NONE contained all the information that BB10 contacts provides - not even close
6) Typing - I bought Swift Key and it sucks. BB10 typing is far superior. BlackBerry should sponsor a typing contest.

These are the things I use my BlackBerry for and it's better than Android in all of the above. There may be an app or 2 out there that I might use that's not on BB, but I didn't find it in the month that I was on Android.

The Z10 is a monster machine with an OS that is cleaner and more functional than Android. I sold my Nexus 5 and returned to my Z10.

Posted via CB10

After a long line of phones from Apple, Palm and Google I picked up a Z10 thanks to the Carphone Warehouse deal.

I am hooked. It feels like a phone for grown ups.

Just need the official update so I can install the remaining .apk files I miss from my previous life on Android.

Posted via CB10

I got a Z30 from , STA-100-5 ,
I'm on T-Mobile US and I am on 10.2.1

Can't get any better than that!!

And yes I get LTE

Posted via CB10

YES! It works amazingly as long as you got the STA100-5, and if you dare to load 10.2.1 it would be even better.

Battery life is great, Tmobile signal is great, I get LTE with no problems.

The only downside of using 10.2.1 is that Tmobile Wifi calling does not work, but since I don't use it, I don't care.

If you need it just keep the official OS release from tmobile.

Posted via CB10

Already had two Z10's before Christmas. Wish I would have gotten the black Friday deal, but I love my Z10 just the same.

Posted via CB10

Started w/ a iPhone, got a Z10 and had to zu back to iPhone 5 - finally got a Z30 and love it!!!

Posted via CB10

Nope! I'm still excited with my Z10. I just wish that AT&T would have released 10.2.x for Christmas. That would almost make it "like new" again with all of the new features that I can't access with 10.1.x. I'd be happy with just the Porsche Designed Clock ((fostah)easter egg). I guess it's coming soon. Jan '14.

I didn't, if you happen to have an extra Q10 lying around and would like to donate to me that would be a great new year

Posted via CB10

None for Christmas since my belated birthday gift to myself this year was this glorious Q10.

Posted via CB10

Picked up a Z10 utilizing a corporate credit that was about to expire from AT&T for under $10 US. Been trying to spend my entire nights up staring at manifest files & instead enjoying all of the quality that comes with a RIM product.

I have a PlayBook, 9300,9900 and a z10. I bought my kid a Samsung 3 7" tablet and I am so disappointed I also bought one for myself. Purely junk it's going back to the store.

Posted via CB10

I didn't personally get one but I bought a Z10 for my mom and a Q5 for my Mother In law. They both loved them and we had fun setting them up! :)

Posted via CB10

Sadly no i didn't but I don't mind if Team CB
would/could give me one. Hoping for a Z30 or a new Z10... Hehehe! Happy Holidays Team CB...

Posted via CB10

Took advantage of the sale, and ordered mine over black Friday weekend. Then, I watched in agony as my Z10 was on back order, and then held up in shipping somewhere. Eventually I received it on 16 December, an early holiday present to myself. :)

My mom, of 74 years, got a z10 for Christmas from my wife and I. She is loving BBM groups and is using BBM voice and video over wifi. Next week her other son & daughter in law will sign her up for phone and data on the new phone.
We are very impressed with her capabilities! I look forward to learning a few BlackBerry tricks from her!

Posted via CB10

Already have my z30. My wife's 9930 is starting to act up so I'm working on her to transition to my old z10. She is having a hard time giving up her bold...

Posted via CB10

Got the wife a Z10. She wasn't sure but it is growing on her. She has been using a Bold from work so the change may take a little time. The kids who use IPhones weren't amused. Tough titty was my response.

Posted via CB10

I rock a Q10 myself, but I got my mom a Z30 for Christmas. We're still working on getting everything transferred over, but she loves it so far. She was using a Pantech Breakout before so this was quite the step up for her. I'm also enjoying playing around with the Z30. Very impressive device!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

LMFAO... you created an account on a BBRY fan site just to talk trash about a device you had for "four days". Suuuuuuuuuurrrrre brah

Posted via CB10

BB10 has a steep learning curve. If you are impatient, or just not quick enough, you'll get frustrated and give up. But once you understand how it works and how efficient it is, it's hard to go back. So, kinda hope I don't have to.

Got a new case for my Z10 (a Case Mate brushed aluminium barely there case), does the count? ; )

Oh! And a screen protector too!

Whoosh!  Z10 in action! 

Nope. Just got a Samsung Exhibit from Metro PieCeofShit. Hopefully within the next 60 days, I'll be able to fling it up against a wall and get a Q10. I swear I will get one!

Was going to buy a z10 for my gf but she's on att and they only have black.. best buy wants 450 for a white z10 off contract but I think shopblackberry has em for 399... anyone know where I can get a white z10 for any where near 300 that's att compatible (pretty sure stl100-2/3/4 are but clarification would be awesome, 4g would be perfect) . Anyways, she's still rocking her white BlackBerry 9810 and black 9800 as a backup (her 9810 is defective, she gets so frustrated) . Anyways so I have had 350 set aside for 3 weeks to buy her it for Xmas but with work and inability to get a white z10 for att (my inability to figure out how) I was unable to give her one for Xmas. She's still pretty happy though because I gave her my nexus 7 32gb (2012) as I got the nexus 7 16gb* (2013) for Xmas n knew was going to so wrapped up my mint 2012 nexus for her - she loves it cept android has nothing on bb10. *16gb is NOT what I asked for as I game on my tablet but grateful anyways. Sorry for such a long post,

You missed out... got my wife an unlocked white Z10 from on Black Friday.. only $199 + tax and free shipping.. steal of a deal

Posted via CB10

I had my BlackBerry way in October. But still feels like santa brought me something great. But the real Christmas present would be an official 10.2 update for my Q10.

Posted via CB10

Got 2 BlackBerry Z10s 1 for the husband & the other for my son. Next one will be for my youngest daughter she's going to be so happy. We love BlackBerry! USA

Posted via CB10

Nope not for Christmas, but I sold my white Z10 last month to a colleague who had a BBOS device and then bought myself the Z30 and loving it.

There is a another staff member of our department that I noticed just got a Z10 but is still on 10.0 yes I know what a shocker, so like I did for all other 10 staff with BlackBerry 10 devices, I will be updating her software tomorrow.

The price of a Z10 has dropped to about US$320 off contract and about US$20 per month on contract, this has really pushed a lot if people to purchase it. Q10's price is still holding steady since launch.

I'm in South Africa by the way, where BlackBerry still has a huge following and has recently started to outsell Samsung devices and is catching Nokia (mostly cheap non smartphone), iPhone is still considered to be too expensive and there is still not even a million users, whereas BlackBerry has over 6/7 million and Samsung / Android growing fast but still only 1.something million.

Posted via Z30 STA100-6/

Yes...I do...but now is broken...the ear speaker is not 2 weeks ?? god damn it !!

Posted via CB10

I got a Q10 delivered Christmas eve if that counts lol I had ordered it a week prior to Christmas as a gift to myself. Had a Z10 and Nokia Lumia 920. Love the Q alot. Loaded on it. Things a beast now :)

Posted via CB10

My kids gave me an unlocked Q10 for Christmas. I am on Koodo in Toronto and there was no problem connecting. This is an upgrade from the old Curve and the improvement in speed and navigation is amazing. I'm loving my Q10 :)

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I bought myself this one! Transitioned from the old pearl to android to ios and now 8 years later I can say I'm enjoying the reliability blackberry offers. I just wish I had more confidence in my battery lol.

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No... I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Makes me think a lot about what gaps BlackBerry has in comparison to other platforms. The funny thing is, my PlayBooks STILL blow this thing away in terms of speed and functionality. But the apps... There's just no comparison to ANY platform at this point. Even Windows is making leaps and bounds in the Apps and Developers relationship front. There is sooooo much potential in BB10. Its ashame BlackBerry has dropped this badly due solely to poor leadership and lack of comprehension. As a fan, I eagerly await their next move, but realistically, everyone here who has half a brain knows that will continue to make the same mistakes.

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