CrackBerry Asks: Would you like to see the return of official desktop charging docks for BlackBerry 10 devices?

By James Richardson on 7 Jan 2014 10:42 am EST

The other day I was digging around in a draw full of old gadgets and accessories when I found a few of my old legacy BlackBerry desktop charging docks. I loved these things and fondly remember using one with my 9700 all the way through to the 9900 before BlackBerry 10 hit the scene. 

Thinking back to when BlackBerry 10 was first announced I vividly remember thinking how much I would miss my cradle where my BlackBerry would sit every night in bedside mode. Clearly, I soon got over it once I had my BlackBerry Z10, followed by the Q10, Q5 and then Z30, as I've not really given it much thought for a long time. 

There are a few non official options for BlackBerry 10 - in fact we sell a Z10 desktop dock in Shop CrackBerry, but actually having proper BlackBerry branded ones seems to be a thing of the past. To many folk this won't be a big deal and to be honest, I've adjusted. Sure, it would be nice to see them make an appearance once again, but if not, I certainly won't lose any sleep over it. 

With BlackBerry now having a new manufacturing partner (Foxconn) and a long term deal with them I don't imagine the option of desktop charging options is high up on the list of things for them to get right, but I was curious as to what the CrackBerry nation thought. Hands up who would like to see the introduced once again further down the road?


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CrackBerry Asks: Would you like to see the return of official desktop charging docks for BlackBerry 10 devices?



How much engineering money do you need to keep making something you already made? You just add the charging contacts to your next phone. Done.

Exactly! I don't even care if it looks like previous model charging docks as long as it works and gives me the option for bedside mode upon connection to the charger, I'm good!

That last suggestion is strictly OS related but a must have if the charging dock is resurrected.

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Can I piggy back on you and ask........yall had an alternate charging option on the PB that was magnetic.........why in the heck isn't that included on these new BB10 devices and why not have that as a charging stand option for BB10? Just doesn't make sense why BB didn't capitalize on that one.

Exactly, I am totally bewildered by the fact that BlackBerry dropped a lot of things or features that were the reasons we all loved our BlackBerrys

That includes software and hardware features to the degree that when I bought my Z10 it had no resemblance to my previous experience.
I was expecting they would build on what they had.
Unfortunately this could be one of the reasons why a lot of existing BlackBerry users didn't upgrade

I love my Z10, don't get me wrong and wouldn't replace it for anything, but it would have been a better experience if they had included the unique ones such as:
1 Activity arrows in the top right corner
2 Contacts for desktop charger
3 Track pad
4 Menu and Back button
5 Ability to select where to delete an email (server/local)
6 Ability to change snooze period
7 Premium Charger
8 Magnetic Charging contacts
9 Headless Apps

It also hurt me to see an android player but not a BBOS7 player so we could port our legacy apps.
But what killed it for me was when they announced the end of the PlayBook. That hurt me the most

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I wouldn't say useless. I could put my 9900 on charge one handed in a pitch black room.

With a flat (horizontal) BlackBerry I have to lift my noggin to check it. With a docked BlackBerry I don't.

Yours must have been broke or not plugged in.

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I have one that I'm thinking of selling - seeing as I now have a Z30 and it doesn't fit in the BlackBerry Z10 Desktop Charger...

You must not be good with your hands. My Z30 fits just fine in the dock I bought for my Z10. :-I

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Ah too bad CB fails to allow pics in posts. I just took a pic of my Z30 charging on the dock for my Z10. Do without if you don't believe me. I couldn't care less as I can charge both using same dock.

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A man can you post a link where you got the dock from? Really need one, don't care if I have to mod it. Thanks.

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Wireless charging eliminates the need for contact pins so a true charging dock is not needed - just an easel with an inductive charging back .

Pretty useless for Q devices, they do not have external connectors for a charging dock... I am not interested in replacing the battery/backdoor to my device just for a charging dock solution, and it sounds like a costly option anyway.

Z devices might work in landscape mode using the usb connector, but Q ones do not have landscape mode to begin with.

They should have just added a PlayBook-like magnetic connector to the BB10 devices, that is really an outstandig charging solution (for docks as well), a connection like that has my preference over the wireless hype.

Agree. Magnetic, a la PlayBook, or wireless is the way to go. And should have been there from the beginning imo.

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This (and missing basics) just proves the BB10 design committee never used any of the legacy devices.

It is like someone placed a pile of Android and iPhones on the table, and told them to make a BlackBerry version.

As nice as the 10's are, they took too many steps back, and not enough forward.

With all the lay offs, we can only hope the jobs lost went to the foolish people who designed the BB10 lineup.


MrGlenn, ProClip USA (designed & built in Sweden, IIRC) sells a charging dock for the Q10, albeit for automotive use.

The Q10 slides in horizontally from the right to mate with the micro-USB prong.

There is no reason that an adaptation of this couldn't work on a desk or nightstand.

I'd buy one in a flash.

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I mean seriously, why would one not want or NEED the desktop charging dock? I keep on on my nightstand and one on my desk. Beats the hell out of those stupid looking hands to hold the phone which doesn't do anything else but look fugly.


I was just searching online yesterday for any type of stand/dock for my Z30 since I use it as my alarm clock each day. There's nothing out there from third parties. Unfortunate.

Just buy the unofficial dock for the Z10 on cb. I use it for both the Z10 and Z30. No modifying needed.

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Here is mine guys. It's dirt chep, well-built (a solid piece of plastic, no frills but it works) and it can charge an additional Q10 battery. An equivalent model exists for Z10 too.

Too bad neither Q10 nor Z10 have a real landscape mode, so you have to tilt your head to operate the phone when docked (unless it's on your beside, so your head is already tilted on the pillow :):):)

That link is dead. Please repost. Would love to get a charger for my Q10, don't care if I have to tilt my head, as long as it works! Working with a case would be even better!

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I'm using the Kidigi docking station for my Z10 now. And it's really good: build quality and looks are fine, and it sports both a USB and an HDMI interface! So no, I don't really need BlackBerry docking stations, as long as at least 1 manufacturer makes them.

Thanks for posting the name of your dock, got one on order right now. This is what I have been missing. BB showed us one after Z10 launch but still no dock, I am sure this will be just fine.

I have the mobi from Crackberry but it is a wack job as you need to remove the case from your phone to use it, thus it gathers dust.

Yeah I've got one for Z10 but can't be bothered to remove case every night so don't use it!

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Would love it big time. My Q10 is the 1st BlackBerry I've had that I haven't had a dock for in a long time. I had 1 for my 9930, the Style, and the Curve 8350i.

Two years of plugging in a usb cable vs setting the device into a dock.

Dock > cable

If you don't see value in a dock, that is ok. What is less than ok, is not having the option. Even the PB got a dock, easily one of the best accessories available for PB.

It wouldn't hurt BlackBerry to have another revenue stream.


125 folks voting already and 76% vote yes. Wow. Can't get 76% of general population to agree on color of grass or sky.

I bought one for my Z10 it didn't last even 6 months. The led light is so strong so I had to put double black type on it and still is strong. Bad quality, total garbage. Shop Crackberry offer send me a new one but I had to cover shipping expenses (29 eur) no way.

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Crackberry Asks: would you like the font on our polls to be a lot larger on the CB10 app?

Answer: yes

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always loved them, now using nokia qi stand charger which get the job done in a similar fashion. But would always love a BlackBerry version!

Yes I miss my charging dock and think BlackBerry should bring them back. I recently gave my Bold 9700 dock to a friend and he loves it.

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I have a desktop charger for my PlayBook & one of those dock apps that shows the time so no need for my Q10 to be docked.

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I have never used a charging dock but I have wanted one, but I really think that BlackBerry needs to fully develop the maturity of the os before spending a great deal of money on the charging dock ports and cradles.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Just bring external charging contacts back. Then 3rd party manufacturers will make full range of charging docks, I'm sure.

Hoe pathetic. Useless?

Just another hint that some at BlackBerry are smoking the hard stuff.

These charging docks are accessories. Those of you who are pumped up and saying that these thing are useless, are trolls.

So according to your words, BlackBerry should also skip selling cases, beat boxes and headsets, etc. They are useless right?

Watch over at how Apple are doing it right. Docking stations are giving your 600 bucks devices a secure place to charge and being always in the right sight.

Arrogant move from BlackBerry skipping the money for Accessoires.

A slick Dock for the Z30? I pay buckets for that. Not those crappy 3. Party stuff.

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Your comment has hardly any credit when you open up with "Hoe". When did speaking your mind become trolling, I guess I missed that article. Are we all supposed to buy smartwatches and docking stations to not be a troll these days? If so I'm a troll because I have a budget and I'm a minimalist so if it's not completely necessary then I don't need it.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Oh and by the way my Q10 didn't come with a headset and what is a "Beat Box" anyway.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Saying you don't need it is fine. It's your opinion.

Declaring that docks are "useless" and shouldn't be made and anyone who uses one is basically an idiot (like some people are doing on this thread) are being obnoxious prats.

Absolutely. Preferably with wireless charging, but I wouldn't die if they had to do it with charging contacts.

The one thing I still miss from my 9900 was dropping it in a dock at my bedside and have it automatically switch to bedside mode.

Really need one for my Q10, so sad that BlackBerry has forgotten about a dockingstation. My old 9900 has one and it totally rocks.

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Definitely YES!! Miss having a dock on my bedside for my Z10. A rumour came out that BlackBerry had manufactured a dock but wanted to get the multimedia right on the Z10 before selling it. Come on blackberry, let's see a dock for sale!!!

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BB engineers could pull off the universal cradle - nicely curved tray with microUSB that could carry any BB10 device.

From what I've seen, the micro USB and the HDMI are spaced evenly from the Playbook all the way thru to the Z30 a universal dock should be easy, just have it with no sides, like the Playbook charging dock. Job done. One dock for all the devices. The official blackberry media dock I have for my Z10 is about to get it sides removed so my Z30 can fit.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

How exactly was that silly? Unlike your post mine was constructive. Yours was a waste of time.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Silly because you're ignorant. Why buy a dock with open ended saddle for the Z30? Oh yeah, you're silly and your comment is useless.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

What I miss is the combination of charging points AND a cradle, being able to just drop it in and lift it out easily was so nice. I suppose wireless charging is doing that these days, so that would suffice for me :)

I was never one to use docks, but if this is what it takes in order to get proper landscape support, than count me in...

I'd love to have it back along with the charging contacts. One of the things they did well on the PlayBook was the magnetic charger. Wireless charging is fine and all, and USB charging is not going anywhere anytime soon, so the charging contacts are a nice middle ground.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡...... that would be awesome...

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I would love to have the docking station for BlackBerry but it has to be more than just charging dock.

It has to be able to connect to BBM in real time and show on the desktop.

The connectivity has be better and more efficient.

That would be a docking station worth talking about.

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I have an official Z10 one and rarely use it because I have to take off my flip shell case. I've had offers to buy it but still thinking I may use it in the future once I get sick of the flip shell.

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I was so very privileged to acquire one of the BlackBerry charging docks for my Z10. Despite having to be fairly precise when placing the phone in it (probably couldn't do it in the dark), I still love using it. One of my hesitations about upgrading to the Z30 is that I might have to do without a dock.

Does anyone know if the Mobi Z10 charger accomodates the Z30?


Oh, wait, No - because I enjoy crawling over my bed, fumbling with the power code twice a day hoping I don't damage the USB connector or have the power cord fall back behind my headboard where it's nearly impossible to retrieve.

I seriously can't BlackBerry gave up one of their few competitive advantages by not having charging contacts on the BB10 devices. Nothing beats the ease of use of placing a BBOS device in a cradle and having it charge and switch to bedside mode.

To date my favorite desktop charger was the OEM Desktop Charger for the 9900, I LOVED IT!!!
R.I.P Dock Charger :'(

Ditto that! I was hesitant to upgrade from 9900 to Q10 because there's no dock...disappointed is an understatement!

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I scarcely ever have taken any of my devices out of their cases. That makes a dedicated dock for a naked device useless to me. Wireless charging that works through a case has some promise.

Yea, the more accessories the better. Or just make everything very much so intergrated, like an intuitive BBM desktop with social networking capabilities, BB Calendar, and Email all for the web that can used on a desk top. Wirelss sync/over the air sync for all this. Might not need a dock after all.

I would if only the bb10 devices had charger contacts on the bottom like the 9900 has.

I find the micro usb ports finicky and don't trust they'll outlast the phone.

Getting the micro usb port lined up perfectly each time you want to charge the phone would get annoying imho.

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With the official dock, there's no need to line up the ports. The ends of the dock have an edge to them that there's only one way for the phone to sit.

There is an official Z10 dock, I have one. Not sure why BB had them made but refused to sell them to the public (yes, I get that the OS doesn't support landscape, but these docks are made and are just sitting in a warehouse!).

Yep, that's the frustrating part. I don't understand why don't they offer these for sale on ShopBlackBerry.

I have one for my z10 and love it. It charges the spare battery at the same time. It is very nice when mixed with the ultimate screen saver

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Yes, yes, yes! I've always bought (at least) two desktop charging stands for each Bold I have owned, so I can have one at the office and one at home. The removal of the contact/charging points from the Q10 has been a huge disappointment to me and other colleagues

I'm using a PlayBook dock for my Zed30 at work and it works fine.

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

I like the charging Docks. But it only makes sense if the Devices have charging contacts like the 9900.

Yes! Use a 3rd party one now for my Z10. Also has a slot to charge a 2nd battery which I also have and use =D

I would like, but with the Verizon wireless charging option on the Z30, I no longer need one. Not sure why all the Z30 did not come with the wireless charging option.

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YES! Absolutely. Need the legacy auto-enter bedside mode feature back and a charging stand. Worked perfectly to drop the phone on the dock on the nightstand before bed, made a great clock/alarm and convenient. I am sick and tired of chasing down the damn cord to charge my phone at night, always falls behind the furniture and have to go hunting for the cord all the time. PIA!

Yes, but why not go with the times, and use wireless ability on a dock; best if both worlds.

BlackBerry really needs to start wowing the mobile handset industry like they have done with QNX.
Relive the days of old BlackBerry!

I'd love to have them back. And even better. Provide usb connectivity for drives and peripherals (mice and keyboard) as well as hdmi/dport for display and an audio out.

It's not just a phone, it's a mobile computer. So, treat it as such.

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That's a yes from me. In case you missed what I said, it was YES, that's with a capital Y, E and S!

Was that clear enough?

BlackBerry Channel C0036A42A

Also, it would be good for BlackBerry because it's opportunity for profit. It's not uncommon for businesses to make more margin on accessories then the device. Maybe they only make $50 on a $500 phone, but they could make $25 on a $50 accessory.

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My Bday Feb 2nd, Z10 Bday Feb 5th, what would rock both days is if I could get one of those elusive official BBRY Z10 charging docks that a certain somebody has lying around.

I loved my Seidio docking station for the 9930, Had one @ home and @ the office. I want the external charging connectors back though. True, wireless charging would eliminate them, but still please give me a professional looking charging dock, wireless or not.

I would love to have the Z10 original cradle for bedside night clock and alarm as with my past Torch and Storm.

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Dock/cradle would be great, but I would love any type of separate charing option from the USB connector - the USB will break eventually and that causes other issues....

BB10 devices need media docks! Charging, HDMI connector, USB connecter for Mouse, Keyboard, or External USB Drive. They were supposed to be coming, but like the PlayBooks USB Ethernet Adapter we were told about at the PlayBook announcement, they never materialized (or only did to BlackBerry Employees).

I really miss having it be able to run my taskmaster when I got to work and threw the 9850 into it's dock. Now I just have a wire hanging off the from of my monitor riser and my Z10 is always just falling down and flopping on the desk like a drunk vagrant - This tool needs a proper home!
I'm going to look up the Kidigi docking station Xayinn mentioned ...

A dock with a spare battery charger or port so the battery bundle could plug into would be super sweet!

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I'd like to see wireless charging compatibility so I can charge multiple devices and not have to spend on model specific chargers.

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What ever happened to wireless charging for the Z30? Does it still support wireless charging?

My 9900 and Playbook stand watch it their respective stands looking over my Q10 as it lays flat on the night stand.

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I've actually been "waiting " for one to come out for my Z30. What good is a bedside mode clock if you can't see the clock or have to rig something so the phone can sit up. Therefore, I still have my 9930 Bold in its cradle doing its thing. It would be nice regardless of who makes it.

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I have a BlackBerry Z10 (landscape) charging base, that also has an HDMI out. BlackBerry branded. I have it hooked up to my tv. Too bad they scrapped it.

With my Z10, I use a case mate that fits snug. Would not want to pull the case off every day. ??

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And have to pay for another device? What's so hard about connecting to usb cable to computer, or charger?

Many of my prior blackberries have had a problem with the data-charging port going bad. Could access data via blue tooth and charge via cradle. I really enjoyed having an alternate way to charge device. My current q10 doesn't have the cradle option any more. So if the data-charge port goes bad I'm screwed.

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I have one for my Z10 with USB and HDMI out. Its excellent as a night stand and one of the best things about BB. I would however really like a wireless charging solution so I can just drop it on to a Qi compatible pad on my desk and keep the battery topped up. The stand I have is great for a night stand but it takes a little effort to remove so its not so good if you have a call.
I wonder how much effort it would take to create a wireless charging replacement battery door - Samsung did it for their S4 I think and the LG G Pro comes in versions that have a wireless charging ability.

There was one on CrackBerry when the Z10 was announced and then bit disappeared. I used it with my Torch 9800 and would do so again.

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Id love to see it back again on a new device, but this time maybe enable wireless charging rather than a dock for todays standards. One-up google and figure out a way to do wireless charge and data transfer, id pay the premium for that.

I wouldn't care. I am a fan of them and have used them in the past, but I've been using the BB Hard Shell for my Q and Z and really like them; they offer just enough protection without being bulky and don't collect lint, and I believe these docks don't work with cases on the devices. I realize I could pop the phone out of the case first, but I tend to move around the office a lot, so this would be a hassle to have to do every time I get up from my desk.

I suppose the dock provides two things: power/charging, and ease of viewing the screen. I have the BB Power Bundle for both phones (arguably their best accessory), so I have my power needs managed. However, if they built a dock that would merely hold the phone up (more like a stand), and work with a case, I might buy that, because I work off my phone all day long with slicktasks, and my calendar, and it might be nice to have the screen presented at an easy angle to see.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

I want the dock back.
I miss it on my desk. I am always forgetting to plug the Q10 in. This means I have to charge the phone overnight which can be inconvenient sometimes.

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A dock would be great, but isn't that obvious? Just make a good one... Oh, and in Poland we can buy these docks... for Z10, I don't know if their good or not, but soon I'll be probably getting mine.

p.s. It would be cool to have a dock which not only connect to a monitor/tv but which also is able to connect to a keyboard and mouse... That would be awesome... I come home, put my computer on the doc, and voilà... I'm back at work ha ha ha...

I use a Podprop (you can find them on Amazon) and an extra charger when I have my Z10 in Bedside Mode at night. Love it.

Kneel before Zod

I was able to get my hands on the dock that was made for the Z10 but not released tot he public because of the landscape issue. I use it to watch some media on my TV and I love it. I fond if odd that they could not fix the landscape issue with the Z10 with a simple OS Update and then release the original dock they made for the Z10 and make one for the Z30. Also a dock for the Q10/5 shouldn't be a big issue either since their screen are square.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Not sure what happened. They actually had one designed for the Z10. One of my friend worked at BlackBerry and she was giving one... it plugs into the rapid charger (aka PlayBook charger).

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I wish they had made them for BlackBerry 10 devices. The Q10 in particular, as it is a business device, and severely lacks a nice desktop charging stand. Come on BlackBerry, what were you thinking?!

Posted via Q10

I have one of the BlackBerry OEM versions of the dock. The Z10 version actually has an HDMI output as well so that you can use it to view videos etc. I only use mine at my bedside as an alarm clock but for that it has shortcomings in my opinion.
1) the Z10 doesn't automatically go into bedside mode.
2) the clock display is way too dim during the night. You need to be able to set the display intensity
3) it is useless as a desktop clock because, unlike my old 9800, there is no way to keep the clock display on all the time unless you're in bedside mode.

At least it charges my Z10.

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Tell me: was not a multimedia pod already on its way which then it lost the way? My z10 ist still waiting. I guess z10 sales killed the project though.... sad.

Me?! I keep movin'!

YES! Wireless or at least contacts! Big step back holding the cradle down with one hand and using the other to pull off or push my Z10 onto the UBS plug in the cradle . Used to have 4 cradles for my 9900 front room end table , nightstand ,truck and shop all within view. In my hand or in a cradle

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Looking to get an unofficial dock through amazon (crackberry doesn't carry any to my knowledge) Anyone tried this one - Dual Sync Dock Charger Cradle Stand Holder + Data Cable For Blackberry Q10 BB10 (Black)?

Posted via CB10

I like the cradle because it saves the wear and tear of the micro usb port and it was a nice stand for my phone.

If wireless charging is in the works that's fine too.

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I have one I got off Ebay. I love it and it works great. Can charge my Z10 with or without the case. Plus it will also charge an extra battery at the same time. I would buy a BlackBerry or Crackberry one if it was the same as the one I have.

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Shame they are only available on legacy devices :-(


With the Z30 having USB host mode, a charging dock with the option to connect to an external USB drive, HDMI and a keyboard and a mouse would be lovely - almost a partial laptop replacement.

If you could travel with it and have movies and TV shows ont he hard drive from BlackBerry World - and the option to add your own through iTunes etc - that would be very nice thank you ;-)

The docking stand for the PlayBook is fabulous.

Yeah! I'm still loving the one I'm using for my torch, and even though it doesn't have dedicated contacts at the bottom it still worked perfectly.

I moved around a lot when that phone was my main phone, but no matter where I was that was my bedside alarm clock and I was able to set it up so only important people could contact me at night!

The very first disappointment I had with the Z10 was no official dock, I waited for the Q10 expecting that to be similar to the 9900 excluding the dedicated charging contacts at the bottom.

I never had a dead battery with my previous bolds or my torch and I give a lot of that up to my charging docks that I had setup in the office and my bedside.

My favourite clock, a BlackBerry in a dock!

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I have the charging dock for the Z10 and it works wonderfully. It also works just as well for my Z30.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

The charging contacts are the number one feature I miss from my 9900. Until wireless charging is available, I would still welcome a low tech resolution: A small metal insert made to fit into the USB port with a flat lip that lays flush and extends a little beyond either side of the port (for ease of removal) that could act as a charging contact with an accommodating cradle to regain the old grab and go capability.

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When it charges in the dock, the os needs to have a fully integrated app where the alarm clock and weather functions come to life, among other things.

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TBH, I would love to see BlackBerry support the Qi standard so I could just lay the device down on a charging pillow. I believe Verizon's Z30 has this feature.

I'd rather see the wireless induction charging Pad rather than something you plug in. I wore out the USB receptacle on my Samsung galaxy s3 plugging it in daily in just over a year. Now I fit it with an QI induction charger. Its the best. Please make the pads for BlackBerry.

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Charging docks are a must, miss them terribly.

Don't care about HDMI in the dock, personally... prefer discreet charging points that allow effortless removal from the dock (one-handed lift vs. hold dock with one hand and lift off usb/hdmi connectors with the other).