CrackBerry Asks: Do you use Box or Dropbox on BlackBerry 10?

Cloud Storage
By James Richardson on 9 Jan 2014 07:39 am EST

Cloud storage is certainly nothing new, but more and more of us are using it these days. With your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you get both the Box and Dropbox apps pre-loaded onto the device and thanks to the easy sharing options we have, it's so simple to send a photograph for example up to the cloud. 

I was curious though as to which of the two services the CrackBerry nation prefers. Both Box and Dropbox do pretty much the same job, although the amount of free storage you get does vary. I'm not too sure if it has been this way since BlackBerry 10 was launched, but currently when you sign up to use Box on your BlackBerry you get a generous 10GB of free space in the cloud. Things aren't quite as lavish with Dropbox and your free space is currently just 2GB. This may sound a lot for new users to the cloud, but as cameras get better on smartphones, this means that each picture will take up more space. Once you start adding music, videos and documents that 2GB can get filled up fairly quickly depending on how heavily you wish to use the cloud. 

I'll be honest and say that I prefer Dropbox, although I'm not really sure why. I have a premium account though and pay monthly for over 100GB of space - but that's just me. If you use either Box or Dropbox, hit up the poll below and let us know which one is your cloud storage service of choice? And feel free to tell us why over in the comments. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Do you use Box or Dropbox on BlackBerry 10?



I use both. 50gb from Box and 50gb from Dropbox given to me by my friend who bought a samsung phone. Works like a network drive. Hopefully they can add Skydrive and Google Drive too!

side load skydrive/gdrive android apps... the only annoyance with BOX app, is that I have to go to web to share URL of the folder with friends.

Yes!!! That's extremely annoying, they really should work on an update for that.

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I purchased Play Cloud in BlackBerry world to "fix" that problem.. great app, and you can add Google Drive, Skydrive, SugarSync etc with it as well!

I also use both, but BOX much more due to the free 50GB space! On Playbook i use the Files & Folders APP and on my Z10 nothing beats the native File Manager :)

I use Files and Folders on PB as well, which got me going with both Box and Dropbox. So now I use them both a lot. I am using Google drive as well, but not as much.

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Plus having native integration with BlackBerry and auto picture/video backup, clear choice for me when you have 50 GB of space.

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I've tried them all and have accounts for loads of cloud service but the best one I think is Sugarsync by far. Yes it's a little more techincal to set up but the features are great. I'm also a subscriber.

BitTorrent Sync on the pc/mac because there isn't a native BB10 yet.

On BB10 use both although tend to use Box more.

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Here is a link for, it gives you 15GB free, the android app works great and there is a BlackBerry ap on the way

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Thanks for the link. 15GB is awesome! Can't wait for the BlackBerry version of the mobile app.

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Android app just doesn't log me in for some rwason

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Exactly. We needed an option for both. I use both. Small oversight. :)

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How about an option for SD card?? ;-) I have not messed around with cloud storage yet. I'm so behind the times...

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Same here!!!! I guess I'll have to give it a try to the Cloud storage....

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Haven't heard anything about that. Cant think of any reason why they'd wanna do that.

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I used Box to store a ton of pics and videos from a Metallica concert I went to. About 75% of what I uploaded "disappeared" and they didn't help at all. Transferred it over and just gone...

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Use neither, both useless. Make BlackBerry storage or give us native skydrive


Native Skydrive is on its way, I heard this today from BlackBerry themselves (no idea of an ETA though).

I hope this is true! Would be great!

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You may not like them or choose to use them, but they are hardly useless. Every photo I take is automatically uploaded to Box within seconds, not only backing them up but also making them instantly accessible on any other device I have Box access from, such as every desktop PC and laptop in my house.

I also save configuration backups there from any apps I have installed that support it. Makes it trivial to restore settings when changing devices or if a handset dies. Until I started using Box on my Z10 I had no idea how useful it would be.

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I agree 100%. I'd like to try Dropbox, but I've already side loaded the Sky drive APK, so I've not seen the need.

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I use both but Box offers more functionality and gave me 50GB on my PlayBook. I now pay for their 100GB option as its only $10 p/m and has made it just another huge storage space on my phone. That and a 64GB SD you can't go wrong

Single-finger-flickin-fun from the BEST damn virtual keyboard in existence...The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody! Running

I don't use it either for the same reason...i guess I could use it for backing up family pictures, but then there is Flickr...i wouldn't feel comfortable putting up sensitive documents etc...just a matter of time before it gets hacked.

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I agree with the security concerns. So, while I use both (one for personal, one for work - shared) I don't store anything on either that is sensitive. Fortunately there is a lot that I don't consider sensitive.

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Agree with the security issues. I use for non sensitive data. For other uses BitTorrent Sync it's the preferred choices. No cloud involved, syncs encrypted data between your devices only.

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I don't use use for security reasons. All my data is mine all mine my PRECIOOOUUUS.
I don't need access to that much stuff all the time. So more than enough storage on my phone and SD card. All else can reside on my home computer.
Heck why be using bandwidth all the time to access or save stuff. No risk of being unable to access when in a dead spot or have spotty connection.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

Don't use either, and any other for the same reason, security. If blackberry introduced Cloud based services, you know it would be secure and it would be an automatic hit.

If an app was released for other mobile phones, make it a payable service, would be a hit as people are already aware of BlackBerry security.

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And when I say "constantly" I mean that when I take a picture with my Z10 it automatically goes in a DropBox file, and otherwise all my computer files are on Box so I access them on my Z10 onb a daily basis.

Are you syncing the photos you take with the camera? Cause I don't see an option to save photos directly to drop box.

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You're right, my mistake, I use Box for my photos too.
Dropbox is for certain files of my computer, and since I only have 3GB vs 50GB I use it less than Box.

Posted via CB10 from France.

Box for me: the service has been flawless, I've got 50GB thanks to my PlayBook purchase, as well as the ability to give others in my small business the same 50GB if they're on the same email domain. The collaborative tools are great, customisable notifications, great add on tools for our computers, and fantastic BB10 integration.

Since I have a Windows Surface RT, I've transitioned to SkyDrive. The SkyDrive Android app works pretty well with my Z10. I can share directly to the app as if it was native. The only problem I have is when I download a file from SkyDrive, the file is saved in the Android folder instead of My Documents natively. Buy that's what you get with ported apps.

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I wish ed can have integration with NAS though! Especially the more popular ones.. and sky drive too

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Agree, and it would make it an automatic hit.
Free for BlackBerry phone owners and paid for other owners.

Hopefully capture from the transition of new customers because it's free for BlackBerry owner phones

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I use Playcloud (paid) and can access phone, network, ftp, and clouds (box, drop, skydrive and google). For me it was totally worth the few bucks I spent.

Box mainly, cause dropbox is very limited storage for me.

but now I found Copy.
Gives much more space, no file size limitations and BB10 app is comming soon!

Got Box 50gb with my Playbook, with an additional 9 co-workers getting another 50gb for free when they are on the same mail domain. I feel kinda schizophrenic, but having 500gb being 10 persons in one does the trick for me.

That's a pretty close vote so far.

I use Box because it's used at my work for enterprise storage. I have a folder on both my home and work computer, and I access it from my phone to upload pictures etc.

Great service.

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I subscribe to Box and have a free account with Dropbox (and Google Drive). Really don't use Google Drive much, but the others are used quite a bit - daily. Not exactly the same, I'm also an Evernote user.

And a plug - Play Cloud is a great app for managing your online storage.

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I use box as it has much better file sharing permissions, shared links with individual file and or folder passwords, expiration dates for sharing or deleting. Viewing vs downloading options too.

My own cloud is the only cloud I use... though I have nothing to hide, but the less data about me is stored over the pond (US), the better it is... That's my policy since the patriot act in 2002, not only since snowden... although it's hard to be clean on US Servers... no matter if cloud or not...

Have you ever read the EULA of some cloud services??? You'll be astonished if you would...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

^This. Agreed! i've only used both to store a picture or two and that's about it . I'm not comfortable with making the decision to have a cloud storage with much of my personal things that belongs to me and giving a company or whatever the privilege to pry into my life. If you trust the cloud services that much then kudos to you.

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Yep,both here as well. Got the free 50gb from signing up with my PlayBook. I have 3gb with Dropbox.

I use Dropbox for work files since those files are mostly pdf, word docs, and excel spreadsheets. Box, with the bigger storage, gets my personal pics and videos.

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I use both, 100GB Dropbox account that serves as a collaborative point as well a synced space across all my platforms rMBP, Dell, IPad etc.
Box mostly a space to backup my videos, pics as well my device backups are held there from my Z10 mostly.
I also use for its abilities as well as a personal cloud space from my desk.

I use DropBox, though I wish there was an app like DropTunes for BB so I can stream music. Otherwise, my preference is DropBox all the way!

I use both, but primarily Dropbox. I use Box, mainly due to it's auto backup/save feature for pics/vids I take with my BB. Dropbox is my main document/file system across all platforms.

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As mentioned multiple times, we needed to have one additional choice: I use Box & DropBox as well as SkyDrive, GoogleDrive and SugarSync. Not to mention my Link Remote Drives. :)

I use both as well. Plus Mega, and Google Drive, and Skydrive. Different stuff in different places.

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Waiting for BES cloud to be available.
In the meantime, I can access my files either via link or network (mine). Or I store them on SD, internal.

Have both, but use Dropbox way more just out of habit as I've had it a lot longer. Have a hefty SD so not using them much.

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As of the last month I have been using both, but I had started off with using Box like everyone else due to the PlayBook purchase.

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The poll is missing an option for Enterprise users, which is odd considering this is the core market and where they'll be focusing. So you need to add...

None - Such services are not secure enough for an Enterprise environment.

I garantee you BOX has enterprise services and that they are secure enough - or should be, considering how expensieve it gets.

1. Even for enterprise, there is still a personal side to the phone.

2. I use cloud storage all the time for clients, vendors and outside counsel for providing easy organized access to large volumes of data, when a VDR is not practical or necessary.

I have 4 cloud storages on the go. SkyDrive, my personal favourite, has all of my side projects/personal documents.Google Drive is used for work, kinda forced by the organizational standard. Dropbox primarily gets used for sharing photos with friends and family since the most people have it already. And Box is strictly for backing up media from my BlackBerry.

Now that SugarSync is giving free users the Middle finger, I'm using BOX as my primary cloud/sync solution.

All it took was moving my "Documents" and "Images" folders into "My Box Files".

Did I mention I have 50GB due to my PlayBook? ;)

I use dropbox because I have 25 gigs of free space that I painfully acquired by creating VMs over and over again and signing up for a new account with my own referral link.

Mainly though, I use my Synology DiskStation with 4 Tb of space. They have a cloud backup service similar to dropbox and sugarsync, but the data resides in my living room.

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I have use 50 GB of free space on Box, received it from PlayBook and use the 50 free with Z10 and PlayBook.

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I use SkyDrive, its nicely integrated with my Outlook account. 6gigs free. need more space? Just open up a second account.

I also use both. Got Box with the Playbook like many here, and started using Dropbox when I got my Z10.

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User of them both as well as SkyDrive. I like to have the phone and SD card as free of data as possible.
Although both are used, there's something about seeing crisp clean storage space on the device and SD card.

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Use box, have a premium account there...
Can transfer larger amounts per single upload, 5GB, loving it

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There should be another option: both. And I'm not the only one! I use the larger Box for business and put my personal stuff on Dropbox. Very easy to use and access.

I have accounts for both. I keep more work related things in Drop Box and sync my phone pics to Box.

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I'm using box, no particular reason but to explore it, honestly speaking I only knew about it as i purchase my Q10 a week ago.u

Use Box way more because of 50 gigs free with playbook and auto sync with my Z10. I have set up my family on it and use it to transfer photos and such. Great to use file sharing aspect and Box was just updated to make it faster. Drop box 2 gig free not enough to use.

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I use both of them but none is meeting my requirement which is being able to bind different folders.

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I'd be more than willing to use these services if they were more integrated/easier to use. If during setup I could tell the phone to automatically sync contacts and all media to Dropbox, Box or better yet Google Drive (where I actually have more than enough storage), I wouldn't have purchased an SD card at all. As it is it's a pain in the ass to have to manually sync and my preferred service, Google Drive, isn't officially supported.

Use both. 50g from box and 10g dropbox. They need to add sky drive and Google drive.

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I never use Internet storage for nothing and probably never will. I prefer losing all my stuff.

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I use DropBox, love that is syncs everything together across platforms. I can change something on my tablet or Z10 and automatically changes on my laptop. Exactly what I need.

I was lucky enough to get the 10Gs free when they had that promotion a year ago. Works well!

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I used to use Dropbox, because it's sync functionality in Mac was excellent and easy to use. But now that Box has updated it's Box Sync app for Mac, it's the obvious choice. I'm now making full use of my 50GB. It's become a true competitor to Dropbox for both desktop and mobile devices. Still wish we had the native apps for Skydrive and Google Drive.

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Another 'smart' poll that does not believe there is one single soul that uses both. So I can't vote. Sigh.
I use both, but prefer box. Automatic photo uploads, more sophisticated UI on the web.

I use box, 50GB
Just wish they would up the upload size a bit without having to purchase a monthly package.

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I used both, but Box has more free storage, so use that exclusive now.

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When I first got my Z10 I chose Box simply because the icon looks nicer. I'm pretty happy with it though.

I use hubiC for the following reason:

Confidentiality of your data
Only you can access and share the contents of your hubiC space using your username and password. You are also solely responsible for the content you place on hubiC and share with your contacts. As the OVH servers are installed on French soil, the hubiC service is subject to French legislation, which is particularly demanding in terms of personal data protection and respect for privacy. So, unlike many online storage providers that use machines located on US territory, hubiC does not fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Patriot Act, which authorises the security services to access any computerised data held by individuals and businesses, without obtaining prior authorisation and without informing users.

Plus hubiC has a free 25GB of data right now:

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I created an account on both, but haven't used either of them. Considering that you have to have the apps installed on every machine you want to retrieve the files on, what's the point? I could just as easily grab a USB and plug my phone into the computer and grab/move files. It's quicker than having to find and install the software on a bunch of machines and having to login and out of Box/Dropbox constantly. These apps' only usefulness is if it's a shared organization account. And most large companies are going to have in-house team sites for sharing data and files, anyway. So these apps are probably not doing much more than filling in a niche need.

You don't know what you're talking about. Unless, there's some sort of problem, you don't have to log in and out of Box or Dropbox apps on *any* platform each time you use them. As for the BB10 apps, you log in once and that's it, unless you manually log out at some point. All things being equal, the applications won't log you out without your say so.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I actually just tried signed into my box account for the first time, didn't realise it was as well integrated into BB10 as DropBox is. I really dig the way they both work with BB10

Should have included a choice for both, or maybe a multi choice. I use 3, Box, Dropbox, and Sugarsync.

I use both, but I do find retrieving photos from Box very slow. Dropbox seems better for that, but you have to manually upload the photo's. They don't seem to upload automatically.

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I used to use box exclusively due to the larger space. Recently I put my documents in dropbox as it seems to load quicker. I still keep my photos and a backup of my documents in Box.

The Android app for Dropbox also works nicely and had more options than the Box app.

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I have tried a number of cloud sites including SugarSync, Box, Dropbox, SkhDrive and Google.

I too prefer DropBox, but don't see a lot of difference.

My use is mainly business and I find I can get by with the free storage for that.

Box and Dropbox is best out there to take all your files with you. Where ever you have Internet, the files are at your fingertips. The best thing about these apps is they keep updating and improving. A trend BlackBerry should follow with pre installed apps.Plus it is secure over other cloud services like Microsoft skydrive. I heard they have been hacked in the past.


Lead. Do not follow.

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Used to use dropbox but my 50GB two year promo storage expired and they dropped me to 5GB. Have 50GB on Box and use it for auto photo/video backup, but the 250MB file limit stinks. Also dabbled with Google Drive and Skydrive, but neither have bb10 apps and the android Apk apps don't run well or at all.

Both, but have box setup for automatic upload of pictures. They are all basically the same to me.

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Was using Box for personal because I liked the auto picture and video backup features and the free 10gb of space.

I'm since moving to Novell's Filr solution as it basically allows us to take our existing network storage and put it in a corporate cloud as if dropboxing it, just without having to move any data, and keeping full control of it. My only hope is that Novell releases a native BlackBerry 10 Filr app to replace the android converted app they currently provide.

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I use both. Nothing beats 50 GB free from Box. I don't use Dropbox much because it's only 2 GB.

Currently hubiC is giving away 25 GB for free. There is a native BlackBerry 10 app also.

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I don't use either on a regular basis, but no have accounts on both. I only use it to be able to share vids or pics or what not, with friends, as can't send them as normal files via text or bbm or Whatsapp, etc.
Have to use a link to send to friends so they can view the file.

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Cannot vote, I (as most of us) use both...

For me, the auto-uploader is the key feature for both applications. Note, if I'm correct, the BB10 Box app is the only one having this feature (compare to iOS and Android versions).

Ha, I am such an idiot. I thought they were both the same and only ever used Dropbox.

Now, I only get 10 gig on Box and have 2 PlayBooks. Does anyone have any idea on how to get 50 gig now?

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I use both Box and Dropbox. Love the integration within #BB10.

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I have Sky drive and Sky drive pro with office365 which is all I need. Only use either when a document is needed to follow me otherwise I feel safer with my files on thumb drive.

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I use Box for the simple reason that I got 50GB free by using a Web coupon. I have Skydrive and Google drive accounts too but I hardly use them relative to Box.

Skydrive ticked me off by removing seamless Win8 integration unless you sign in to your PC with a Live account, which I refuse to do. Have to do a kludgy workaround now by assigning a drive letter to my Skydrive account.

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I use box for college homework
I can do my projects on the go, and finish them when I get home to make sure I can send them

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I have two accounts on BOX with 50GB each thanks to the PlayBook promotion. My wife, curtesy of me, has a BOX account with 50GB thanks to the PlayBook promotion. Tried it out with a few photos, but pretty much not using it due to file size limitation at the time.

I use Box. I got 50GB of storage when I used it on my Galaxy Nexus. with my Dropbox only gives me 2GB of data and its all used up. That and I find that Box to be better.

I do for all my school related stuff. Makes it easier to access between my desktop, laptop, and Q10.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I'd like to see Skydrive and Google Drive baked right into the native file manager. Or a dev like PlayCloud be able to do it.

I want to open a file directly from Skydrive and edit it, save it right back to Skydrive without having to first download it.

Make it feel like my Skydrive is just another local account.

WD MY CLOUD is my own personal cloud, $200 one time fee and it's 4 TB, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Unlimited users, Media Streaming capabilities.

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I love using Dropbox. Aside from the obvious storage use and access to files, it's great for sharing. My boyfriend and I have a shared folder, if he needs a file from my Z10, I copy/move it to our shared folder, he checks his Dropbox in his Z10 and typically move the files locally to his BB. Works great typically on music files when he wants a copy of a song he randomly hears on my playlists.

Neither of those, I'm a long term Wuala user. They don't offer as much free storage space, but better security. Actually I could use your support to get their developers to start working on a native BB10 app. There's a CB-forum thread, but I can't post the link here for some reason.

After the NSA revelations of 2013, I stopped using all cloud storage services and pulled all my stuff back locally with more sane backup strategies. Did the exact same with my Email, DNS and XMPP servers. Can't trust my data to other providers, and certainly not ones hosting within the United States.

Box for my work. Dropbox for stuff that I share with the family. Is all about those 50GB man!