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CrackBerry Asks: BlackBerry Passport vs. BlackBerry Classic - Which do you prefer?

By Bla1ze on 23 Jun 2014 12:04 pm EDT

Now that it has been a few days and folks have had some time to gather up all the available details about the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Classic, we figured we'd put up a poll to see where each device stands in terms of love from BlackBerry fans.

On one hand the BlackBerry Passport is a new style from BlackBerry and many people after having seen the real deal have changed their thoughts on it. On the other hand, the BlackBerry Classic looks like an an aggressive revamp of the much loved Bold line and has won many people over based on that alone.

So, which do you prefer? Passport? Classic? Let us know in the poll or drop your thoughts on both devices in the comments. We'll do a follow up after a day or so and let everyone know which device came out on top!



Looking forward to trying BOTH, but honestly more inclined to the Passport as the Classic is more for those who are still on Legacy OS devices as an easier way to get them to upgrade to BB10.


Passport is new and fresh, Classic isn't quite as exciting to me as it looks too "classic"

Posted via CB10


Thank you! My sentiments exactly.

Posted via my weapon of choice, Z10.

Dat Gui

If the classic had the same keyboard stay as the q10 then I would like it, but it looks very unattractive as of right now.


Uh, it does, you're thinking about the Passport...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


With that pic and name, I'm your official groupie now... I haven't laughed so hard in a minute

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10


Well said!
I want new concepts and styles, not oldies


Hey man, you should replace the steering wheel in your car with a touchscreen display, same with your accelerator and brake pedals. I mean, that steering wheel has been the steering method since the 19th century. Stop living in the past dude. Newer is always better right? We should have stayed with the new Coke formula too, the Coca-Cola Classic is just so... classic, and not exciting...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


The Classic has the cool 9000 look to it. I'm sure it has its own fans.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere


Okay i think I've got this... if the CLASSIC sounds like holding on to the Past... This means the PASSPORT is what will take us to the Future of BlackBerry!!! :p


I'll add the BOO-YAH!

Posted via CB10


As we say in Nigeria......GBAM!!!



Posted via CB10


+ 1

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10


No, the Classic is more for those who want the convenience of getting everyday things done more efficiently. That's why I plan to get it (as long as the specs are OK) coming from a Q10...

But yes, the Passport is a more "intriguing" device. But I'll let you folks be the guinea pigs for that 3-row keyboard that basically rearranges the bottom row of keys to accommodate the space bar...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10


In white.

Frosty White Q10/ CB10'n

Graham Carruthers


Posted via CB10 using my Z10STL100-2/

Prem WatsApp

That's what the Passport's gonna be! LOL

Pasted via CB chen


My sentiments as well.

Posted via CB10


What if you can get one for free. Which one would you pick?

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere


I'd have to ask someone who has got something I need so we could trade... Lol

Seriously though, I think the Passport is so bizarre I would switch platforms if it was the only BB phone available.


Are you serious?! Even if it was given to you for free?

Well that's just not smart on your part, as you could easily sell it and then get whatever you wanted! ;)

I'm holding judgment on the Passport till I can see it with my own two eyes. But I've definitely written the "Classic " off. IMO, it's BlackBerry's attempt to sway BBOS users on BB10, which only further fuels the perception that BlackBerry isn't innovative in their handset design. You want BBOS users to come to BB10, advertise your shit! Provide ample learning resources, so when someone does acquire a BB10 device they don't feel lost! Get these two points straightened out and BB10 adoption rate will be just fine.

Posted via CB10


Bit will you be able to see it with your own eyes as they probably won't be selling it in the shops!!

Posted via CB10


I say keep the all touch stuff coming. I don't need or want a physical keyboard or a phablet.

Posted via CB10


The free one, of course:)


I guess they didn't include neither on the poll because anything that is considered negative against BlackBerry is usually deleted SMH


I agree. "Neither" should be on option.


Neither I would pick the Note 4 lol

zeon mohamedd

Note 4 is soooo big...it is not a phone..

Posted via CB10


I'm inclined to try out the HTC one M8 next, I'm looking for something new to change it up a bit, after that, when blackberry has 10.4 out and it's as good as we're all hoping, I'll make a return again (;


The M8 is a brilliant phone. I'm a neither on this poll too. There should be a "yawn" button!


I can't go back to a physical keyboard



Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Yep. Agreed.

Posted via CB10

crackbrry fan

Prefer all touch :-)

Posted via CB10


Looking forward to the new all touch device.

Posted via CB10


Then you should have voted for the all new, super thin, 1080p, quad core Z50 with no silver "chin guard".

What?... Not on the list you say? :(


Posted via CB10


Ahh, sounds like my next phone!


Would love to see an all-touch with a discrete trackpad.

It would be cool if the trackpad was almost "invisible" and just sat in the bezel. Don't need the full "toolbelt", but a stylish, discrete trackpad would be cool. Something that wouldn't take away from the elegance of a full touch design.

Posted via CB10

Alattin Simsek

I have also suggested this... would be nice, and a good competetive feature to other full touch devices in the marked.

Posted via CB10


Yeah, all touch for me too. I tried to vote but just couldn't. Although a track pad on an upgraded Z10 (32GB minimum) would be cool.

Don't get me wrong, keyboard is great for those who want one. I just want the largest screen I can comfortably put in my front pant pocket.

Shannon Stauffer

+1 I'm waiting on the next all touch device too! Even though my upgrade isn't until next October

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

Cassian Ljdtm

I love both but I would like to see and use a passport cause for now I don't understand how the keyboard works

Powered by  Q10


Apparently the physical keys are touch sensitive, meaning swipe gestures are possible which is awesome. Also rumor has it double tapping the keys turns the keyboard Into a trackpad, ie brings up a cursor on the screen. Sounds pretty cool.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.


Didn't the Motorola Droid get lambasted over its touch sensitive physical keyboard? Bad call, BlackBerry. I tried the Droid's keyboard, and it was awful, in my opinion. I would not want a touch sensitive physical keyboard.


You dare compare a Droid keyboard with a BlackBerry keyboard!!!!!..

Posted via CB10


+100! GTFOH Guy!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

Cassian Ljdtm

so each key has a display to show either a letter or a symbol ? does that mean no more azerty/qwerty version ? that should be awesome :)


Passport...I'm excited to handle both, though.


Passport. Something different. I love my Z10 but I do miss the BB keyboard...

Prem WatsApp

+1 for Passport.

Real breakthrough device, hopefully also on the productivity front

Pasted via CB chen



Posted via CB10


The only thing that interests me in the Classic is the trackpad.

Posted via CB10 on Z10


Well the Passport has a trackpad as well it's just integrated into the keyboard. The question is how well does it work in practice vs. the dedicated trackpad on the Classic?


I like the Classic because it small enough to fit in my hand. I have a small hand. The Passport is too big for my hand plus I don't really like boxy type of design.

Stephen Hollowood

You know what they say about men with small hands. Lol

I like that the passport is huge that means only real men can use it with real man hands of proportionally large hands.

Posted via CB10 via My Q10


Funniest comment all day

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10

Solar 77

The passport is looking better but that classic design is on a different class. Hate the plastic back though

Posted via CB10

Vithulan L Nathan

The passport of course. Not sure if it will be the greatest device of all time, but it's definitely a very innovative product from BlackBerry, even though we don't really know too much about how it works yet. This is definitely a ballsy move, and I would do everything I can to support it. I'll definitely be getting it when it launches in Toronto and I've even convinced a few friends to try it out. I sincerely hope this device changes the perspective everyone's got on BlackBerry. The classic seems to be a good phone too, but it will always have that familiar feeling to it, not something as insanely fresh as the passport. Still should be a good device though

Posted with the beautiful white Z10STL100-2/


Classic!! I wanted a BlackBerry when it was time for a new phone. Always thought the Bold 9900 was the ultimate design. Have been rockin' the Z30 and loving it. The Classic will be the perfect next phone!!!

Posted via CB10


Classic for sure, Passport looks better than the previous picks but would look better without the keyboard.

Posted via CB10



Posted via the CrackBerry App!


The BlackBerry z50 where is it???

Posted via CB10


And that is the only question worth asking. A 64 bits real-time OS with monster CPU and RAM with massive super amoled screen? Yes please. And all the useless gadgets I don't do nothing with but I still want in a nice premium aluminum case, top tier sound and video. Yes please. And no, I don't care how much it costs.

Z30 Vivo Brasil


Don't forget to add 32gb of internal storage plus an SD slot expandable for 128gb

Waiting on the Z50 with 32gb of internal memory

Febri Andi

Blackberry Classic..miss my physic keyboard,and trackpad,its kinda boring using Z10

Posted via CB10


Passport fulfills my need for keypad and larger screen. And most importantly it has gesture based keypad, which is innovative. The look also sophisticated.



Posted via CB10


I've seen a Passport in real life and the current leaked pics do not do it justice. Very classy and substantial.

Posted via CB10


Did you happen to see any keyboard gestures?


All touch screens for me. I love the viewing real estate. so neither.


Biggest blunder by BB/TAT was removing the optical mouse (OM). Give me a big screen and OM.
So I guess Classic is close.

Posted via CB10 /w Z10


Old or fat - decisions, decisions



BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


I have no idea if the Passport is going to work, without knowing more about the keyboard -- none of us does. But I love the fact that BB is trying something new and different. It shows a willingness to experiment, to be creative, to innovate, that the company sorely needs.


I hope there's an unlocked passport

Posted via CB10


Looking forward to upgrading to the classic from my Z10. Passport is to big and square for a phone.

Posted via CB10


I loved both & equally mummy and daddy ! Same applies here :)
Maybe classic for lightweight usage and "dinner in town" and passport for heavy duty and daily driver ...
Only concern : I still love the Z30 keyboard (uh, yes, even against Q10) ... will I switch back to physical ?


Where's the neither option? I'm hoping for a touchscreen like the Z10 / Z30

~Z10 Baby~


Strange, isn't it? Before John Chen showed the Passport off, many, myself included thought 'Damn, that is one hideous device.... What were they thinking'. Now, all i'm thinking is when can I get one for myself!? I have a Z30, love it, but this Passport device looks... magnificent.


Ditto! When I first saw the pictures, I was like,"It should have rounded edges." Then when I saw it in his hand, I felt like,"Oh that's not bad. Not bad @ all. Hmmm?"

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


That happened on every bb10 device when the grainy pictures & slides leaked. Nothing new, at this point the concept is boring now. "It's ugly, it's hideous, what are they thinking I wouldn't by that thing". Then once real pictures come out everyone changes their tune. It happened on every bb10 device so far.

Posted via CB10

DJ Reyes

I'm currently leaning towards the Passport. I would really like to see the keyboard in action, though

Posted via CB10


+1 I think everyone is curious in seeing how this new innovative keyboard actually works

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30


Z30 is by far the best offering. This said, Passport looks like it will be worthy of a test drive.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30


I hate the classic. It looks like every other old blackberry device. It's time to move on blackberry. Let the bold line of smartphones die.

Posted via CB10


I think you missed the point on what the 'Classic' is


Give me a break. If you hate it then cool. But there's vast numbers who would disagree with you, hence the reason they came out with the Classic. It's a proven design, and it works. It's in DEMAND.


Let's wait and see if these "vast numbers" of people actually buy a Classic first shall we before declaring that it's going to be BlackBerry's saviour.

The tool belt design was near essential to operating a legacy BBOS phone because BlackBerry chose to retrofit touch screen capability to their phone range and didn't do a great job of it.

Whether the tool belt is as useful on a BB10 phone will depend entirely on how well BlackBerry have retrofitted it in to the UI of an OS that was designed to make it redundant. No small task, and not a strong history of getting it right first time.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2


I'm intrigued by the Passport. I've always used all touch devices and only recently switched to Blackberry with the Z10. Lovin' it by the way. I've always wanted to try out a physical keyboard, but I'd like to reserve judgement until I've had a chance to hold the Passport in my hand. I'm generally not a fan of large phones though (which is why I chose the Z10 over the Z30), so I'm not optimistic.


I've slowly come to love the Passport. Can't wait to get one!

Posted via CB10


I want the blackberry classic

Posted via CB10


Classic! The Passport is too big.

God Bless You!


Passport hands down. When people see the Classic they will just say, "oh, it's a BlackBerry ..." When they see the passport they will say "Oh! What is that? Wow that looks like some kind of better than BlackBerry oh wow it IS a BlackBerry."

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


Well, actually, I don not care what other people say, because I have to carry and use the device all the time!


Or they may say "good god BBRY has jumped the shark"

Old Happy Days reference for those not familiar with it.


And hopefully, they'll eat all the other bad statements they've made within the last 6 months, too. ;) they've been in the lab. Passport!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B



Posted via CB10


Any new BlackBerry

Z30 best ever


Neither of them, I want a BlackBerry 10 with a better Camera like Samsung galaxy

Posted via CB10

zeon mohamedd

Yes camera is the most important thing for me in the phone...if passport wil come with good enough camera to compete with iPhone and galaxy I will buy....if not I will wait till the all new touch device from blackberry maybe z50!!

Posted via CB10

Detective M Downs

I will purchase the Classic, and win the Passport from a CB contest!


Good game plan.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere


The poll tells tale.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere


I plan on getting a Passport once it becomes available. I'll keep the Z-10, though.

Posted via CB10


QUESTION: I'm a strong BB10 supporter and Z10 owner, but I'm having a difficult time understanding the market need for a device like the Passport. Who is BlackBerry trying to target with this device?

I'm holding out hope that BlackBerry can produce a high-end model reminiscent of the new LG G3 or HTC One M8.


Power qwerty users, corporate / business types and hardcore BlackBerry fans who want something new. Seems like a good strategy.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.


Classic, but seems to be a little bit bigger than the Q10, what is not good, I prefer small devices.

Anyway, I still hope for a compact portrait slider with BB10, what is my most favored design!


As long as the 3.5 inch screen can adequately browse and watch youtube, it's the classic for me

Unless it's the passport


This is a question I have been asking myself for a while now!

Posted via CB10




Posted via CB10


My first thought was passport looks dumb.... but the the more I look at the more is start to like it. Maybe because it is just different from anything else. But I won't give up my Z30 for it just yet.


Classic! But I like what I've seen with the Passport. Can't wait to try both.

Posted via CB10


Z10/30 successor would have my vote. I won't go back to physical keyboard at the expense of screen real estate ever again. Too bad it wasn't a slide/flip out.

Sent from my awesome "that's a Blackberry?!" Z10 running

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


After watching the short video, passport looks great. Classic is nice too but Passport is new probably better specs and I'm ready to try something new. Exactly how Chen said, we start to get bored with the usual after so many years. Need something fresh, original how the IPHONE was when came out first time.

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Jimberry Storm

I voted classic cause there were no touchscreen only choices, but don't think I could use the passport at all, have to get a used Z


Passport - something new, not yet copied


Neither... they don't do anything for me.

Posted via CB10


Classic for me! This is the first device BB has released since I left the platform that has me considering a return.


Passport. No second thoughts. Its a BOSS phone.

Posted from my Black Beast Q10


Passport all the way

Posted via CB10

Une raison de vivre

Passport... I don't know... a small device has its avantages -

Posted via CB10

Shawn Paul

Using z10 prefer th z30..... between the classic / windermere I'll choose the windermere

Posted via CB10


Classic. Always loved the Bold 9900 look. And keep my Z10!

My Z10 - an extension of me


Passport for its uniqueness...

CAUTION : MAJ On Z30 Now!!!!


Both devices looks great but i would like to try the blackberry passport first. It seems like a new concept in a blackberry device with that keyboard and big screen.

Posted via CB10


A little of both for me. Like the size of the classic, but don't need the tool belt. Really intrigued by the capacitive keyboard of the passport, but don't want a huge phone. Update the Q10, with better specs, and make the existing keyboard capacitive as well, and I'll be the 1st in line, for now, I'll have to wait and see.


My main language is German - the Trackpad was a big help when typing with umlauts - for me that's a killer reason for the Classic. I'm no friend of big phones either.

Posted via CB10

garrett lajoie

I don't need a "toolbelt", let's move forwards not backwards! The huge screen of the Passport looks appealing, let's hope it feels good in the hand.


Even as a die hard Bold form factor guy, seeing that 1440 screen with keys is Wow. Can't wait to at least try it out and test the keyboard gestures


Passport by far.
I don't like the classic, the Q10 for me is the best looking blackberry ever.

Posted via my Q10


Passport Passport Passport! It's the future in qwerty phones. Huge screen with simple keyboard. No shift or alt keys. Touch sensitive gestures to delete, pull up symbols, caps, numbers and punctuation. it will definitely turn heads and spark curiosity.

BlackBerry 4Life


Personally, I feel like the the capacitive keyboard experience is going to rival the Z30 touch keyboard experience. Maybe not 'flicking', but, swipe back to delete and many of the other gestures, of which I don't know of. I have a Q10. :-D

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


'none' as an option is missing. I want a full touch phone.

Posted via CB10


I like both but that Passport is fresh and exciting. Fashion be damned that phone looks and feels like a contender.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.


We need to see a demo first. But gun to my head, I'll get voth

Posted via Crack-friggin-berry Z10/Q5


Here on mobile nations it's probably best we don't go anywhere without our passport

Via My z10 and CB10


Still using the Bold 9900, it has to be the Classic



Posted using Z30 and CB10


If I had to absolutely choose I'd go passport...

Posted via CB10


Poll doesn't have enough options.

I'd probably take the Classic over the Passport, but I'm not likely to purchase either device. What would change my mind would be either device having mind-blowing capabilities that truly leapfrogged the competition.

Posted via CB10


Passport for sure. It's unique and has a new revolutionary keyboard that we've never seen on any devices. I'm definitely looking forward to getting me one.



That Passport is really starting to grow on me


I prefer the classic. I found that I never used the "flick" function on my Z10, so I imagine I won't enjoy using the gestures that replaces the "alt" and "shift" keys of the Q10. Also, no "0" and "$" symbols.


Z50 please!

Posted via CB10

Tevhid Altinova

I cant understand the need of a trackpad if there is a touchscreen. Can someone explain please...

Posted via CB10


I had a 9930. U don't have to understand. It just worked!!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B


Passport can't wait

Posted via CB10


If I were choosing between one or the other it would be the Classic. It's not that the Passport holds no interest for me but I'd never be able to use it to its full potential. I'm far more intrigued by the Passport though, if that makes any sense.



Classic caters for the elederly....



Though the Mr. Chen video has seriously improved my perception of the Passport (I went from fugly to neutral), the jury is still out until I touch one in person. I'm wondering how battery life will be with the Passport as well as the keyboard interaction. I still need a swappable battery. I don't know if the Classic will have one either but it sure better or I won't be interested in it at all. I'll wait until they get full on reviews and read some early adopter feedback first but I'm leaning towards the Classic.


Z50 would be my first choice by the passport looks interesting.


It's no doubt that the Passport has caused a stir on the CrackBerry forums as well as the "outer world".

This is exactly what BlackBerry needs, to show everyone they're still alive and swinging. Let's hope this momentum carries forward. Passport is my choice.

Posted via CB10

Jay Hooker

Not a fan of the passport, actually not a fan of classic either. I would like to see a full touch phone come out... you know the kind that 99% of the world prefers...

Posted via CB10


Word to US 1%s then!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B



Posted via CB10


Stand in the crowd.

It's the blue ocean of Blackberry.

Posted via CrackBerry App


I recently switched from the Z10 to the Q10, I switched phone providers from Rogers to Wind and Wind only carries the Q10....at first I was disappointed as I loved my Z10, but I'm really loving the real keyword on the Q10! the only thing that I hate is the the screen is so small when watching a video! The blackberry passport will have the best of both worlds! My next phone will definitely be the passport!!!

Posted via CB10

Jonathan Franco

I'm going to get the Classic although I concede that the Passport is definitely the more exciting device imho. I just like the overall package of the classic. If the Passport also had the tool belt, I'd probably go for that instead, even though it sounds like the Passport will have some cool gesture control through the keyboard. But I'll try both before deciding. While the Classic's shape is close to the 9000/9900/Q10, it looks slightly more rectangular - I wish they kept the same shape, but it's close, and a small detail that's not too important in the big picture, I guess.


I prefer the passport.

Marco Tronchin

Passport but I fear it's too big

Posted via CrackBerry App



Posted via CB10


Both are going to be amazing additions to the BB10 lineup. Not 100% but I think I will buy the passport this fall! :) Long Live #Blackberry!

Posted via CB10


Passport #ichooseblackberry10 #blackberryZ30

Posted via CB10


All touch Z10/Z30 type device. And just maybe throw in a keyboard attachment, similar to the Typo.

Posted via CB10


This is a phone that will make a lot of difference....it has a very weird screen size & I can't wait to get it

Posted via CB10


I love classic!

Via BlackBerry Q10


Passport. As a longtime PKB fan, I purchased a Q10 as soon as it became available through my carrier. Because they (ATT) provided no OS updates, I loaded leaks beginning on 11/13. Not sure if I would have stayed with BlackBerry if I did not load leaks. 10.1.xxx sucked.

Was excited about Q30 initially and remain so. Bring it on Mr. Chen. Passport looks amazing both physically and conceptually. Please provide a removable battery however. I do not want a phone that needs to be sent back for a battery change.

From my awesome Q10 running Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


When the first pictures of the passport came out I though it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. But the pictures of it in JC's hands make it look really good. I'd definitely take it over the classic. But in reality it would take a lot to get me away from my Z30!

Posted via CB10


Didn't vote, but if you ask me, someone who is sporting the passport will look like a boss (especially compared to iPhone user)


The passport definitely.

Posted via CB10


I love that the Passport exists. I'll be much more likely to buy a Classic, unless there is a Z10 successor announced before then. I don't need or want the size of the Passport.



Posted via CB10

R. John McKinley

Have az30 would like to add the passport to my portfolio.

Posted via CB10


Neither. They both seem to be a step backward.

Posted via CB10


Passport in hands of Chen and on official picture the classic

Posted via CB10


Thanks to 10.3, Classic is usable, but will run out of steam before then end of 2015. That's a short life...

BlackBerry better do a good job at making all those new Android apps work well with the form factor of the Passport. I'm looking forward to being able to use 2 apps side by side-


None, both are ugly

Posted via CB10


Neither, looking for high end touch and native apps for consumers in BlackBerry World

Posted via CB10


Those are great poll results! I'm surprised with the Passport's results, and really think this phone will do good. The Classic is a no brainer, and will sell very well in my opinion.


I want a Z30 upgrade.

Posted via CB10


Would like to see more on the passports keyboard first

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Monica Buruato

Leaning more towards the Passport, although I like both. I need to see the Passport in action.


Love the touch screen on my Z10. Couldn't even think about typing on anything else. So much faster and easier to use!

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Passport for me.... thats the future right there.... very innovative

Fat Mexican with a Z10 in CB10


The Classic for me by a large margin. It just has everything I want in a phone. I will admit I have gotten used to the all touch BB10 phones but I still miss my keyboard.

I'm surprised at the poll results so far. The Passport looks a lot better in the hand but it still is such an unknown in terms of usability.


Rigged vote. No option to say you don’t like either of 'em.

Careful! Z10....er..... BlackDroid in action!


I'm curious to see which sectors snap up the Passport.

It definitely looks like a business device.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Mikey Mc

I'm curious how the functionality of a track pad and menu/ settings button will work. If there will be added buts to the GUI. I'd like to see both in action. Definitely swooning to the passport though.

Posted via CB10

Juan Patino

I want that passport!

Posted via CB10


I'd prefer to win the passport but holding out for Z50 all touch in terms of buying.

From my z30


In white.
It's mine.


Yes, with white keys that would look nice!

Leon Thiart

I prefer the passport, but I like a full touch screen

Posted via CB10

Leon Thiart

When is the Z50 coming out?

Posted via CB10


Agreed...how long will we be waiting for this?

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On tech site, often the LG optimus Vu is cited as a copycat of the passport (or the other way around), with the difference being the keyboard on top. And honestly, yes, it does look like it but the keyboard makes so much better though, can't wait to put my hands on this one after the summer...


I prefer the passport, he has class with a big screen! innovative touches! The design is different from all other smartphones!


Like the bigger screen on the Passport. Looking forward to what new things that keyboard can do!


Had a 'tool belt' on Bold 9000, had it on Bold 9900, never missed it with Q10 and have no desire to go back that road.

Passport on the other hand ... I can't wait September!

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CLASSIC all the way. Stylish and retro with the best operating system, can't go wrong with that!!!

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I can't wait for CrackBerry to do a hands on review of the passport. I like it, but I have my concerns and just can't wait to read all you guys have to say!

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I'm very excited every time BlackBerry pulls out a new device, well I confess I'd collect them all. That said, I really believe there is no need for the legendary Trackball (which have become a Trackpad) anymore. It now just steals room to the need of a bigger display. To me the Q10 phone's concept is the perfect new bold vision, fact that most people are addicted to Trackpad for ease of use, goes along side with people not loving touch displays that much therefore still "compelled" to BlackBerry old style.

New keyboard-touch BlackBerry devices should be, as they are now, compelled to the 1 to 3 proportion of the entire device. Plus landscape mode can be almost forgotten then, and this looks like a step backward to me.

I'm a BlackBerry 10 lover who believes that bigger screens are always better then small ones as does believe that after 5 models like z10, z30, Q5, Q10 and Z3 BlackBerry should focus on more powerful cameras, more profitable cooperations in terms of services (i.e. touchless paying), implementation of mapping and gas. Bit it looks like BlackBerry is forced to produce to ease the continuous money loss.

That said, I prefer the passport to te classic but I also find my z10's keyboard way better than the physical one.

Love BlackBerry, but to be honest, it needs a blast of fresh air on thinking, acting, producing, in 2 words: on command.

 does it better!


Respectfully, I disagree with everything you said about the removal of the trackpad. This is the epitome of the BlackBerry experience, and they should always offer a current keyboard device which has one (like the Classic). I really hope BlackBerry doesn't listen to people like you when it comes to keyboard devices.

Amer Bolbol


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Glenn Biddle

The passport has a tool belt but it is a virtual one.

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FPE Private Equity

The Passport is the one. Grabbing two at launch :)

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I choose both. I love the Passport look- but I will like to see a little more of the classic before I can make a good decision. But, overall the look of the Passport got me wanting one!


How about neither? Still waiting on Z10 replacement, high end touch screen device....Doesn't seem like they are producing one anytime soon. Very disappointing .....options?? Android or windows phones...not a fan but being left with little choice it seems.

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The Z30 is now 9 months old. I don't consider that a leading edge option anymore.

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The Classic

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This poll needs the: "I want an all touch device only" option

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The Passport, it looks so cool. I can't wait to see it...

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Dawin Arvelo

Honestly the Passport got my Attention. Looks great for me.

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Passports looking good

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ogi legenda

Passport for me.

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Classic, of course!!!

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Both look amazing wondering how the swipe text will work on keyboard

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Clifford Pilane

I prefer my Z10

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Definitely the Classic.

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Amer Bolbol

Want a glimpse of the new 10.3 OS? Change your wallpaper to plain black, and the black borders around the apps will disappear! Just figured that out. Looks neat

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Classic! Although I love my Z10!!!

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Bad Larry

I'm looking at the Passport with much lust!

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Passport, I have a q10 and i miss having a bigger screen.

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Passport. It will take you places. ;)

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Would buy the Classic today if it was available, Passport is too big for a phone.


Samsung, Sony, HTC and apparently apple among many other phone manufacturers would probably disagree with that last statement. Passport fits in a shirt pocket fine.

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Drop the keyboard and make it a full screen - then it will be great.



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Bold and Audacious is cup of tea. Have to get my Passport. :)

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