CrackBerry Asks: Are you running 10.2?

CrackBerry Asks: Are you running 10.2?
By DJ Reyes on 9 Sep 2013 12:39 pm EDT

BlackBerry 10.2 leaks have been dropping thick and fast lately and you know 10.2 brings a bucket load of new features with it too. The forums are buzzing with activity with people loading it up on their devices so that they can get the latest features. One thing we're curious about is just how many of you are running a 10.2 leak. One developer took to this Twitter account and stated that he noticed that thousands of BlackBerry users have download his apps are running 10.2.

While he calls it worrying it can be argued that since OS updates are still dependent on carriers, users sometimes have to take matters into their own hands. This was the case when some carriers took their sweet time to release 10.1 but with 10.2 not officially being released yet is it worrying?

We've looked at Ten things we're looking forward to in BlackBerry 10.2 and personally, I'm looking forward to toast nofications, priority Hub and a native Evernote app. As well as the ability to finally specify a tone for each BBM Group, or turn it off all together. I do also like those lock screen notifications too.

So, CrackBerry Nation. Are your running a BlackBerry 10.2 leak? If so, what were your main reasons for jumping the gun and loading it up? For me, personally, I loaded it up initially on my Dev C, then gave it a go on my Q10. While I love the new features I just didn't want unofficial OS on my Q10, so went back to 10.1. I still have 10.2 running on my Dev C but couldn't bring myself to load it onto my daily driver. Maybe that's just me. 

We'd like to hear your thoughts on running the leaks. Sound off in the comments.


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CrackBerry Asks: Are you running 10.2?



Love Ebscer, but disagree with Eric's sentiment that it's a bad sign....  lots of installs of the latest leakead OS is the signal of a solid "hardcore" community. The average person won't go through the trouble of loading up an official OS. 

What would be a horrible sign was if a leaked OS was available and NOBODY was installing it. That's what would be bad. That would mean your hardcore audience moved on to another platform to be hardcore about. The enthusiasts want the latest and greatest no matter what. It's not a sign of the state of the current OS. 


Can anyone confirm the cons of installing the latest leak? I know the pros but the cons are the ones that make it or break it for me.

Helpful. Thanks for wasting the time of everyone who bothered to read your reply Bacon Munchers.

On OS7, I installed pretty much every leak. I have yet to install an OS10 leak and have the same question as morpho. What is the downside to moving to the latest 10.2 leak?

Really there isn't one. My leaked 10.2 runs perfect since the moment I installed it.

Posted via SEGA master system

The downside is app compatibility and potential bugs. Some developers haven't updated their app for 10.2 compatibility because the gold SDK was just released. If you're on the fence about a leak, hit the forums. Plenty of posts covering all the pros and cons.

Berryleaks could only release what BlackBerry had been working on, and we've always been at least a couple of days behind them... none of the leaks were made to be released, so I can only disagree with your opinion on this one.

OK so to clear up what bacon meant. Berryleaks beat BlackBerry to a release of said os leaks. I have no patience for the ignorant and power greedy carriers. I hold my power.

As long as someone leaks me the power. Lol.

Posted via CB10

Lol. Awesome. Thanks for that. And yeah. That is the only con I have found.

Posted via CB10

Just don't call BB looking for support if you're running a leak as they won't help you, and they'll tell you your warranty is toast... other than that none really :D

You can't call BB for support anyway - they tell you to call your carrier. But Rogers isn't any better in my opinion, they're all basically useless. The forums here are the only helpful source.

10.2 has features from BBOS that should have been there in 10.0. And I mean really simple things, like multiple alarms.

10.2 is also popular because the autoloaders make it very easy to install the leaks. A big thank you to the BerryLeaks team!

Posted via CB10 on Z10

+1million. If it was not for the leaks, we would never have the face to recommend BB10 to anyone. BlackBerry had the b*alls to release 10.0 with basic functions missing. It was not a smartphone but just a "martphone". Not to speak about the features that were on BB7 and not on BB10!!!!!

With 10.2, we finally have the smarts. Lots if cool features like the menu option to email meeting participants if running late.

All in all, anyone who feels that 10.2 early adopters are doing a wrong thing, just don't understand what it takes to win. If team BlackBerry is to win, fight is the only option. Not flight and not delay.

Posted via CB10

I like _martphone! But I feel a MartPhone is a more appropriate term for phones which are NOTHING without an healthy supply of heavy apps which handle all of the functionality for them. [Not that we don't need what the other guys have, but stripped of 3rd party apps, how "smart" are the competitive phones really?]

By the way, it also pisses me off when some people (Not the OP) refer to BlackBerry as a feature phone and not a smartphone.... Didn't we invent (I mean really Invent) the category?

With every leak comes an improvement or enhancement to the OS, and the autoloaders have made the process so easy. I never miss one.

I agree that it is a bad sign. It proves that bb10 didn't live up to the standards that users require and users are resorting to taking the risk of bricking their device to take advantage of the features not yet available . While I am on 10.2, I hated the fact that I had to do it. While it was relatively easy and did not take too much time to do, I'm still not the type to sit down and figure out how to make my phone more user friendly. There's many phones out there that are very user friendly and if I wasn't obsessed with blackberry I would probably have switched. I still love me some 10.2 though. Waiting for the official release. #BBM4ALL

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

There is very little risk of permanently bricking a BlackBerry. BlackBerry Link can almost always flash it back to the most recent carrier supported version. Yes the risk is there but the benefits far outweigh the small amount of risk involved.

I completely disagree, I am on my 3rd z10, both previous have been bricked. No idea why, got the dreaded blinking red light, Link wouldn't recognize the phone being plugged into the computer. I am a BB die hard but am getting tired of these issues. (Contacts not syncing correctly, music not syncing correctly, I could go on, but it is frustrating.

Edit - I do sideload a lot, but have always run an official os.

That's because you didn't know what you were doing and blew up your phone. Well done sir.

Posted via SEGA master system

@YourMobileGuru - I wish I could agree with you. My Z10 bricked 8 hours after autoloading I may be the only exception on this board, but it has me scared enough to not want to load another leaked OS on my replacement phone.

I would love for someone to come along and convince me that it is 100% risk free, but the disclaimer from CB before you download says it all.

I've been loading leaks since it began, never have something happened to my phone never random reboots nothing of the sort

Posted via CB10

Nah, even if 10.0.0000 had everything that was needed, people (esp tech aficionados) always want to try anything that's new.

It shows a user base with awareness, a generally above-average technical skill level, interest, and most importantly --- hope in the platform's growth potential.

Posted via CB10

I agree, I loaded it ages ago, still waiting for O2 UK to release the official verson.

Posted via CB10

Not correct. No email from pop / IMAP accounts. Rendered my co email useless. That didn't work out of the box until 10.1.

Posted via CB10

Misread your post. My only point is that some leaks were used out of necessity and not just to try new stuff.

Posted via CB10

People have been using leaked os o Blackberrys for years. This is not new to blackberry 10. So your argument doesn't make any sense. People wanted the latest and greatest and leaks give them that

Posted via CB10

I can see it both ways--good for the enthusiasts, but maybe hard on developers, since the OS is not yet officially released, they can't release their 10.2 versions yet in BB World. And perhaps their official versions don't work seamlessly with 10.2 for whatever reason.

So, enthusiasts can have the new features of the leaked OS, but without any official apps being able to take advantage of those features, I'll personally stick with the official release. Which, barring any catastrophe, should only be a matter of time.

As long as the 10.2 enthusiasts aren't giving developers flak for any discrepancies, I can't see the harm overall.

Sorry, I stand corrected then.

I'm concerned for compatibility issues, that's all, but as Kris points out below, no leaks were made available until at least Beta SDK.

Just cut the developers a bit of slack is all I'm really saying if the current app doesn't work with 10.2 yet. Once it's live, then start leaving bad reviews if one must.

Actually I think leaks are a good idea. Keeps the user base energized and keeps devs on their toes to continually update their apps.

Posted via CB10

I'm running 10.2 and love it but the problem is some people who install a leak then go on BlackBerry World and write a bad review because a certain app is not working properly with the leaked OS. I've seen this countless times while reading reviews.

I would think this would be good motivation for developers to keep their development devices up to date with the latest leaks. There is a reason Google releases the newest OS versions on the Nexus line first and Apple releases developer previews to developers 3 months before consumers see it. Developers have to stay ahead of the end users if they are going to have goof apps and help the platform grow.

The 10.2 SDK was only released last month. People have been loading 10.2 leaks since B4 the developers could have updated their apps. It's not fair to blame developers or BlackBerry for this.

yea but APIs can change until it goes Gold. Programs using API Betas run the risk of not working when then those APIs are finalized.

Also, MobileGuru pointed out that Apple releases dev previews to devs B4 they go to the public. What he didn't mention is that that doesn't mean that all the devs make the changes B4 it's released, just like BB Devs

Leaked and other carrier OSs are a part of the Blackberry culture probably more than any other platform I think because they are fairly easy to install and you don't need to "root" the device or mess with unlocking boitloaders. But perhaps most importantly its (usually) relatively easy to go back to the most recent carrier supported OS with BlackBerry Link (or BlackBerry Desktop Manager for legacy devices).

As for me, being on Verizon and having my Z10 on a 10.0.9 build where I could not get the most recent apps in Blackberry World made my choice to load a 10.0.10 build 3 days after getting the device an easy one. I don't install every leak but that device is on I think its second 10.1 leak. My Q20 lasted a bit longer before it got a 10.2 leak but its now on the second one largely because I kept loosing LTE on the first leak I tried.

Leaked OSs are a part of the BlackBerry experience and I don't see that changing.

Completely agree. Nothing at all wrong with the leaks. I would however like to point out that the developer's concern could relate to the fact that the introduction of newer OS versions could break app compatibility if BlackBerry is not careful. The developerd should get early notifications of any critical changes so that they can take them into account when publishing their applications.

Posted via CB10

Agreed you 100%.
Also, if a lot of ppl are installing leak versions, is because official builds lack a lot of core and important features.
So, if BBRY wants us away from leaks, they should release updated official builds on a faster rate.

Posted via CB10

I think his concern related to the ONLY users remaining with the platform is a small core of hard core users? That's what I got from his small blurb anyhow.

Our developer friend needs to mind his own business what people do with their devices if you ask me.

Posted via CB10

I think the concern is that it shows that the community has to go outside of "conventional" means to get the features they want. . . It shows that BlackBerry isn't moving fast enough to support their base. Yes, it does show an active and engaged core but it also shows an impatient one and hints that the core is in fact a difficult one to grow. . . IMHO. . .

While hardcore community interest in the platform is awesome and a very positive sign, as a developer I can understand Ebscer's concern. Since 10.2 has yet to be officially released, and the 10.2 SDK for developers only recently out of beta, many developers will not have had a chance to test their apps with 10.2 and verify nothing broke. In many cases apps compiled against the original 10.0 Gold SDK will continue to work fine since BlackBerry has been doing a good job of keeping things stable, but you never know.

By using an untested app with an unreleased OS version, users may encounter weird behaviour and unexpected bugs or even the app not launching at all. This can cause a flood of unexplained support requests or worse, negative reviews in BBWorld. Thankfully, while I have seen the number of downloads from devices with 10.2 rising steadily, I haven't had any such issues and I hope not to.

While a lot of BB developers are enthusiasts too, some of us "Weekend Coders" simply don't have the time or resources to be running the latest and greatest. So my read on Ebscer's comment is not that the 10.2 uptake is negative, but something for developers to be aware of due to potential support issues. All in all, definitely not the worst problem to have on a platform!


As a dev I have received Mails - inapp buy doesn't work with 10.2 - please fix - days after the first leak showed up!

Have no problem with leaks, but have problems with people don't get that early leaks can be having a lot of issues and are maybe not meant as daily drivers!

Posted via CB10

It's just a bit concerning for developers because the API levels and other functions can often become broken in leaked OS versions which would require developers to update their app before they are theoretically given the gold SDK. Makes it difficult to ensure your app can run well on all available OS'

Download PinGuin:

I am not installing leaks because the official release works perfectly and totally satisfies my needs. Having said that, I would love to have the latest goodies but I am not willing to risk. If it ain't broken...

Posted via CB10

So very true! We also have to say that for Zed's users, the leaks since 10.1.4633 ( I think) has doubled the battery life! I almost forgot! Posted with my incredible Z10STL100-1/

With the attention this is getting perhaps I should spend more than 140 characters on my thoughts.

First I should point out that I am mostly alone in seeing this as a bad sign. In addition to Kevin and DJ, my Twitter feed is full of disagreement from many other developers that I respect. As such you should feel free to disregard everything that I am about to write...

The fact that the hardcore CrackBerry community is downloading leaks shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. While I am not currently running a leaked OS, I will admit that I was running 10.1 well before Verizon approved it, and that back in the OS 4.7 days I was installing a new leak almost weekly (it was much needed then).

One downside is that with so many turning to leaked OS versions it will become the expected way for users at large to upgrade their phones, slowly driving away users from the simpler official way to install OS versions. Also it means that there is less pressure on the developers at BlackBerry to finalize their release, and to get the official out to consumers as quick as possible. (This paragraph's arguments also explain why I see side-loading android apps as negative to BlackBerry's ecosystem.)

Furthermore, my concern is not that some of the hardcore community is running a leaked OS (which is expected), but that such a large percentage of users are. While the hardcore community is clearly there, it points to the fact that BlackBerry 10 may be having trouble reaching beyond that into the mainstream. In fact the demographics of BlackBerry 10 look worryingly similar to those of the PlayBook.

While I have your attention, I see that 12 of you are running OS 10.2.1 so I was wondering if one of you wants to explain to me exactly what new features are in that release...

(I should probably add that compatibility isn't much of an issue. BlackBerry 10 has had great backwards compatibility and everything that I have tested has been fine...)

P.S. More details to come on Wednesday, but I am releasing a brand new game later this month that is sure to please fans of Pixelated...

I hear you on your concerns that it's making up a high percentage of total downloads, signaling that BB10 is not yet going mainstream.

I don't think anybody disagrees with that sentiment. Given last quarter's BB10 sales numbers, that was the big revelation at that point in time which we discussed. If you look at the total handsets sold (sub 3 million then), that's the type of numbers we see in our regular CrackBerry audience. Those are the people you KNOW we're going to upgrade because they're longtime loyal users, fans, the hardcore, etc. To be a success, definitely need to see the numbers go far beyond that "PlayBook" audience as you refer to it. I think there is a larger audience to BB10 so far... I am seeing a lot of "normal" people with the new phones (in Canada at least), but not sure if that's true in other regions geographically.

I'll take a look at our CB10 numbers soon and see how they stack up to yours. Given the nature of CB content, you'd expect that our audience is more hardcore... can compare how the stats on a hardcore app compare to a more general appeal mainstream app. 

I had a similar discussion with Alec Saunders over BBM on Friday.
I agree, leaks and sideloading Android apps are hurting BlackBerry in the long run - it's time both were stopped.

If you removed sideloading, you might as well pack it in, since 3/4 of the apps I use on a daily basis are not available on BlackBerry World.

It's a bad sign. Leaks are NOT meant for the general public plus the app's that work well on BB10.1 might not function as well on 10.2
In addition, if you're in a BBM group with a lot of people running leaks, you will experience issues with lag and syncing.

To say that leaks aren't bad is to be mis-guided.
Also, running a leak is theft.

Yup running the 1443 version. Great. Tonight installing it on my wife's Z10. Including the dark theme. This is my first leak. Went from 10.1.


My exact same problem! Finally remembered that my school library has Macs with dual-boot capabilities. Score!

...And can you use the computer four the four hours it might take to do it (that is, if you backup and restore; if you don't it might take less than an hour)?

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Hey. I kind of have the same issue. So I just bypassed the BES server and am using the exchange server for email. Now, I have stored the relevant data about the server address and name, my password, etc and I can get connected with the server whenever I want. As long as they haven't changed anything, and they typically don't, I don't need them to connect with the server.

Via Z10 & CB10

Some people want to tinker and explore. Also, users are not happy with the carrier testing and release. Until BBRY and the carriers work to make that a more streamlined process to ensure a better user experience, expect hardcore users to continue to load up on the leaks. with the unlocked runtime is rock solid stable for me. 2 or 3 later versions are available but the OS config I have is running in a sweet spot right now I see no compelling reason to upgrade.

I load all the leaks I possibly can and have always done so. If works and not too quirky why wouldn't I want the latest and greatest?

Posted via CB10

as much as i like BB, bb10 has lots of gaps that need to be addressed. its great to see BlackBerry addressing them and putting out substantial updates pretty quick, but not good that carriers are gating them. leaked OSes are good, cause it lets BB loyals see where bb10 is heading and hopefully be apart of the feedback process.

Which we've seen result in good things

Aka choice for dark theme

Posted via my Q10 that's making #IChooseBlackBerry10 trend on twitter!

The new 10.2 leaks seems to be great ones, especially hybrid ones. I suppose, BB10 is the only OS, where we can make hybrid versions.

I have stock 10.1 on my daily driver (LE) and i have a leak installed on another Z10 tho for testing. Plus there is the developer 10.2 I have on the Dev C.

Posted via CB10 on my LE

I had the OS10.2 on my Q10 and I really liked it but I was not satisfied with the batterie performance. On 10.1 my Q10 lasts a least 36 hours, on 10.2 I didn´t even get 24h.

Hopefully the official release comes early this month :)

I run on my daily driver. Battery life isn't great but it's otherwise perfect. More stable and performs better than 10.1 MR in every other way. Havnt spotted a bug as yet on this build

Posted via CB10

Yes, But I am noticing a lot of lag in this build. Love the new features but I think when the next version leaks I'll update to that.

Posted via CB10

On leak and the next one I load will be the official OS. 10.2 is great if you don't mind tweaking it the features are awesome!

Running? Not yet, just walking. :)
10.2 is not yet buttery smooth, but it keeps improving! Can't wait for on official release!

Posted via CB10

Wish there was another option, the only reason I am not on 10.2 is because of the lack of an option to hide the bar in side loaded android apps.

Posted via CB10

If you're on the Z10 it's really not that bad. The screen can get a bit cramped when running Android applications on the Q10/5, but remember that a bottom bar exists in many BB10 programmes anyway. Also, the Q10/5 make use of it to show word suggestions when typing.

Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Running10.2.0.1443 so far with no issues,I say keep them coming looking forward to the next one.

Posted via CB10

I agree with Kevin on this one in regards to the health of the enthusiast community. Although, Eric has a point from a developer standpoint in regards to testing and fragmentation.

Frankly, BB10 was delayed too long, but 10.2 is the first version that has started to feel hardened to me... like it should have been the initial release. In particular, in 10.0 and 10.1, the settings had tha leggy, Adobe Air feel like they were left over from the PlayBook prototype days. But, the settings are more responsive and more fleshed out in many areas on 10.2. There are performance increases throughout, too... BlackBerry is correct not to allow delays to prevent users from using this much improved version of the OS.

Posted via CB10

I will make the switch once I get back to my Windows PC... and thanks to the Berryleaks team for getting the latest 10.2 for STL-100-1 :)

Posted via the awesome z10 using CB10

Installed it the day after I got the Z!

Hardly use my laptop anymore!


Posted via CB10

Im waiting for the official 10.2 to try to intall it on my i dont want to wait for my carrier to do it...
But i dont want leaks, ill wait for the gold version

I have had too many problems with beta's (not necessarily BB's).
For me, the 10.2 'improvements' are marginal and are not worth the effort to upgrade.
10.1 works great for me.

Then you haven't see 10.2 or used it. If you did you would switch.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Is it possible that the developer is worried about that some of the current apps might not be working that well with 10.2 and those developers getting criticized for not updating to work with 10.2?

BB LInk saves my game progress. My issue with BB Link is that I cannot device transfer or restore to a lower OS version than the back up. So, if I did load 10.2, backed up, went back to 10.1 I couldn't restore that back up.


I would like to see how you can restore apps only with saved data without the system files. There is no option in Link to do that.

I have a question with reference on installing leaks and side loading apps. When a carrier like Tmobile releases a upgrade like they did last week, is it possible the update would have issues due to their testing was done with their official OS?

Posted via CB10

If you are on a leak you won't see the OTA update even if its a newer build. You will need the auto loader or to 'restore' via BlackBerry Link , both of which flash the entire OS. So no that's not an issue.

Hmm then that's something new. I just checked my Z10 and I'm running 10.1.2342 (Verizon official being 10.1.2049)somehow I got it in my head I was running an older one. Cool thanks :)

My brother has and just loves it. I'm just going to wait. I do agree that BlackBerry should have started at this point. Might have avoided all the negative press. Not sure though?

Posted via CB10

The press would have been negative regardless. The media wants Blackberry to fail and is doing everything they can to make it happen.

I totally agree with that. It's such a shame. Sometime the mainstream decided Blackberry is bad and they don't want them to succeed. I love the OS and the hardware. But BB is out of favor; it's cool and fashionable to hate on BB. I'm still loyal.

Via Z10 & CB10

Running 1047. Always love a bit of tinkering for features and more options. However I only go for more stable versions as I use it for my daily driver.

I do hope, instead of leaks, BlackBerry could release these versions for the enthusiasts. They would have got a whole lot of beta testers and we could have latest versions.

Posted via CB10

Most are waiting for official wifi ota release of 10.2.... including me... but we appreciate the core who lead the way in testing out pre-releases... if pre-releases were easy wifi ota upgrades, then most like me would do it...

Posted via CB10

If it wasn't for any of the 10.2 leaks, i would have been sold this Z10 on craigslist and bought an iPhone 5... #IJS

pin:2ABDE35D ¤ Z10STL100-3/ Posted vía CB10

10.2 to 10.1 sounds like your a iPhone person to me I think you should switch as you don't know what's in your hand.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

10.2 is my daily driver. No issues at all. I'd like to say I'll go official when my carrier releases 10.2, but I expect they'll be far behind the latest leaked version available.

Those leaks have been just a 'good rumors' generator since those who already belong to BB10 family and still not in the 10.2 are really good features coming soon to our devices, meanwhile, those who are not BB10 users are just right in the corner watching the better BB10 is getting every day. I admit I prefer to wait the official release but it's great to see in advance the upcoming improvements that make feel proud of my decision of giving BlackBerry one more chance.

Posted via CB10

No surprise that the Crackberry community is quick on the uptake. I am a little disappointed as I was hoping for headless applications. Fingers crossed this is possible and just hasn't been implemented by the various applications. Of course then why wouldn't BB apps be headless?

Headless apps have been there since 10.1

The API opened to devs in the 10.2 Gold SDK

Dev's have to apply to run fully headless

Headless is a Battery killer

with 10.2 and the app manager, you can now kill "headless" apps so that's why BB apps haven't been headless

Kris. I remember checking my Bold on OS7 for what apps were running by looking in settings at the processor usage.

On BB10 is it true that the only apps that are running are the ones you see in your active frames?

Via Z10 & CB10

Give us the Official 10.2 NOW! Crack the whip and get into gear., LOL

Just give us a date when it will be out and stick to it

I believe that it's a good sign. The fact that so many people loaded it and are still using it shows that these are the features we want and how much of an improvement it is over the 10.1 builds.

I use bb10 leaks for the same reason I installed cm10 on my spouse's android phone (also his last official release was 2.3 and that won't do when bbm comes). I like to tinker and I like to have the newest software.

If I had an android device I'd have rooted and flashed a new ROM on day one.

I also think BlackBerry could stop the leaks if they wanted to. But why? They get feedback and consumer beta testing by letting us do our thing.

Posted via CB10

We've had this discussion since the legacy OS days. Internally Blackberry is so far ahead on the OS builds that any feedback from the community is way out of date and of very little use.

Extra option for the vote:

I love leaks, but not confident enough with 10.2, waiting for complete and stable leak.

For example somewhere around

Posted via CB10

I'm running 10.2 although not the latest leak, I'm actually on .1371 and it's working great. Add to that the dark themed contacts and calendar, toasts, lock screen preview and even thrown in the beta of BBM Channels and I'm happy. Make no mistake, as soon as 10.2 is official, I'll be keeping an eye out for the 10.3 leaks. It's fun to be in on the latest releases that's out there and get a preview of what's coming out later on. The risk is relatively low and if there is a problem you can always rollback to a different release that doesn't have any problems. After all, we have to "Keep Movin'" with BlackBerry10

I had 10.2 downloaded to computer and was waiting for the the weekend to load. But Big Red jumped in and updated my Q10 to Maybe I will try again this weekend. Is still the latest for a SQN100-2?

I love 10.2, I love leaks (thanks leak teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and 10.2 IS JUST THAT GOOD!!! I couldn't go back to 10.1, and 10.0, that almost had me leave BB. LEAKS ARE GOOD!!!

I'm running 10.2 and I think your poll question should be "Yes I'm running 10.2 but there are issues....". Can't say I'm "loving it" as much as "using it".

I'm using it because I like trying the latest and greatest and once I got my hands on some of the new 10.2 features I don't want to go back to 10.1.

I had to start loading leaks because I was tired of waiting for AT&T to release 10.1. It came out months after everyone else had gotten it.

Posted via CB10

Leaks are there for a reason. If we didn't have them people would soon complain. I love 10.2 I love BlackBerry but I wouldn't have one if I couldn't play with the software

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10 and 10.2. I'm using it due to the fact that blackberry doesn't offer so many apps, so with 10.2 and android unlocked runtime I can finally have all those apps impossible to have in blackberry. I just keep with blackberry because of its security, because I live under a dictatorship. I have my Android device for fun, so I'm using both my Z10 and my Android device

Posted via CB10

10.2 is honestly what 10.0 should've been. It's basically got all of the bugs worked out in the basic areas and is fully functional. When it becomes official they can focus on UI changes and adding the "wow" features everyone whines about

Posted via CB10

I believe it's a good sign that people want more from the device they love by loading up the leaks this gives more features and brings a greater value to the well known device we have become to love blackberry

Posted via CB10

We're Crack Heads... we do it for sport..

Been on 10.2 since the first leak and will NEVER go back to 10.1. I also feel 10.2 has been ready for the masses months ago.. I have 5 users running 10.2 and they have no idea its a leak.. They also no longer bitch about taking the z10 over a iPhone. Q10 users are another story...... They just want a Z..

I believe we're all used to broken software.. Windows? .. How about offering OPTIONAL upgrades to (pre-release/beta/good-enough) like beta zone but for OS's. This would get MORE users excited about new features and more willing to help make the OS better.. People LIKE to help.

In the end.. we love BBRY and we want our devices to be the best and leaks are the only way we get to see them shine, or at least see a glimpse.

i don't load all the leaked updates.. only the ones that fix a major issue. if the update process wasn't so fragmented.. i would wait for an official update. i'm tired of hearing how great the new os is when everybody has it and I have an old os on a phone with a red check mark.

plus i feel like a beta testor when i install leaked updates.. be sure i'll comment if something is broken..

The fact it's very easy to install a leak on BB10. You only execute a download and after 10 min it's done.

With android in the beginnen you must install a modem, PDA, etc and also think about what to check or not. So BB10 installing is .a piece of cake. People reading that so they just do it.

It's the same as installing an application on your windows computer but the harddrive is your mobile.

Had 10.2 on my Z but then I switched to the Q. Keeping 10.1 on the Q bc I like the dark theme. I will wait till the options for dark theme become available again in 10.2. I think having a taste of 10.2 already on the Z helped out.

Posted via CB10

Lol thanks...I was thinking of putting up a q10 one but someone else already has it

Posted via CB10

Loving it. I was contemplating it for a couple months but finally did it yesterday and I'm super happy I did. It works smooth and haven't had any hiccups. I love replying without even entering the hub for messages, awesome!

Posted on my Zed10 running 10.2

Loved 10.2 but had to revert back to 10.1 due to Wifi issues. Fingers crossed next leak or official fixes that


I'm loving 10.2 but dammit I wish I had wifi calling! I'm so close to switching back to tmobiles os but I don't want to lose my features. I wish blackberry would just do the "all at once" updates for everyone ota. That would be awesome! Guess I'll just wait for wifi calling and not have reception in my room downstairs :(

Posted via CB10

Running 10.2 and loving it. I have run into the odd thing that doesn't work right with some apps but I have always taken the approach that these things can/will happen. Looking forward to the official release and the following 10.3 leaks

Posted via Z10

The question should be why ate you still on 10.1 or ever 10.0. When 10.2 is avail as a leak or official.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

He should worry if no one load his apps but as long he see 1000 users I am happy that means we are moving ;-)

I tend to agree with the tweet and I am running a leak because I wanted better runtime support sooner. Would have liked to use my device official otherwise.

Running leak, first one ever! Not into doing that, but I like it! Waiting on official!

Posted via CB10

For some stupid reason Rogers Wireless disables visual voicemail on the original os version! So since updated to a 10.2 version os visual voicemail is now working as it should from the beginning!!!

Posted in CB forums and on Bbos leak 10.2.1047

I think it is very healthy that BB10 has so many pioneering users prepared to try, test and comment on leaked OS releases.

Definitely a great sign for our community.

It is a double edged sword for developers though - nice that we have telemetry that gives us OS version but tricky from a support viewpoint - what do you do about issues found with your app by a user running a leaked (non official) OS?

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G

Guys & Kevin being very frank and honest I don't see anything special and significant in the 10.2 version that Android 4.2.2 does not offer. The notifications on the Android 4.2.2 is a lot more better and advanced than even the 10.2. How shall Blackberry do better than it is doing now with 10.2 release. We must admit that such basic features that one sees in the 10.2 should have been there at the 1st place. Multiple alarms are you kidding me? That was there even in Android 2.1 The only thing that shall LURE people back to Blackberry 10 are MUST HAVE APPS. I know I would have said this time and again but MUST HAVE apps with this new OS will rock Blackberry! Also that shall help people and especially enterprise beg Blackberry to use their OS 10 on their hardware: likes of Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, LG, HTC. These are the people responsible to Android's success and kicking Apple's butt!

The 10.2 leaks are a welcome addition and very much appreciated by most who have dared to install it, it also shows off the true power of what blackberry 10 can do.

The problem most people seem to experience is mainly because certain carriers do not do much with regards to releasing the most current version OS which can be very frustrating when apps are being updated and leaving others out in the cold. To anyone who has taken the time to read these forums should just update to 10.2 and not rely on their carriers because they truly don't care about their customers getting the latest updates and news as much as Your crackberry family do.
There is more than enough knowledge and help to get you on your way

Posted via CB10

I have always been on the latest leak. Even with legacy devices. I never once bricked a phone. As I see it, every leak makes the phone a little better. If you go from 10.1 to 10.2 things get a lot better. Just do it!

Posted via CB10

I have no issues with 10.1 so I have not download the 10.2, I prefer official OS....

Sent from my Z10

I had decided to install the leak for my STL-4 on Verizon, but decided to wait cause I'm going to buy a Q10 and want to be able to restore from my Z's backup file before trying any new OS on the Q.

I will be among the ranks of the 10.2 crowd soon enough. I hope they fix the issue with pictures and the camera on this leak!

Via Z10 & CB10

You needed more options in the voting. I'm on 10.1.4687. Instagram and evernote wouldn't work for me on 10.2, so I rolled back. z10 stl100-4

I am in a small island in the Caribbean and almost died waiting for 10.1 to roll out for my Stl-100, its not that i wouldn't wait for the official release but by the time 10.1 was remotely close 10.2 and the new features already started to wet my palette. keep the Leaks rolling for the the Loyal BB testers and hopefuls out there. Good job guys.

Running 1371. Installed it a week after I got the Z10 and I have no regrets. It has been running really well on my STL100-3. Added the unlocked Android Runtime as well and I have also experienced superior performance with my sideloaded apps. No issues whatsoever! I can understand people not wanting to install the leaks on work devices, but on your own personal Zed? I say do it up!

Yess my Zten seems like to date with the leaks. And my Qfive stay on the track with official (I hope)

I wish both slt-1 and non slt-1 got the same love from the leaksteam.

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having done OS changes on ios (must use latest and cant roll-back without tedious work) and android (gotta root and find the right package for the right device for the right make/model) i must echo that installing a different OS on blackberry devices are a breeze. especially (thankfully) the autoloaders from the leak teams.
even in BBOS days, i've almost ALWAYS used leaked/hybrid builds.

since im one of the last to get my bb10 device (sprint customer in the us) i just got my Q10 5 days ago. 10 minutes after first popping in the battery and doing initial setup, i loaded never even used 10.1. based on all the features missing prior to 10.2, im completely satisfied. i second the notion that when it officially is released, i'll be on the lookout for the next leak.

to respond to developers complaints... yes it means wider audience and more compatibility to deal with but doesn't a more feature-rich os allow for better utilization of hardware/software to allow your app to do more/do things better? in turn, wouldn't that allow for more satisfied customers and more profit? i don't mean to offend the dev mentioned in this article but it almost ALMOST comes off as a lazy dev who doesn't wanna update for future OS compatibility

to those who say that it shows bb10 (official) doesn't live up to standards of its users, i have to ask: how does that even make sense? when ios first came out, it didn't have copy/paste. when android first was introduced, the list of things that cant be done on those devices is endless. that's like saying the first computer ever built should have been the super computers we use today? technology is always evolving and in the case of operating systems, the makers (apple of ios, google of android, and blackberry of bb10) ARE in fact improving their own software. do these leaks NOT come from Blackberry? if 10.2 came from a company OTHER than Blackberry internally then okay, your point is valid; but thats not the case.

TL;DR: i think its a great thing! it means flaws are being worked on, features are being added. also, @devs: more capability to do more with your app to sell more? and most importantly, people love it. lastly, wheres 10.3? and sorry for the text wall =[ the best smart phone on the z baby!

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10

BlackBerry culture... simple as that. These leaks come from blackberry, their easy to install... and work like a charm. I hated waiting for updates when I owned an iPhone.

Z10 100-3

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DJ, I think it is worth asking why people are/ are not using leaks - for example myself I would love to, but I can't as I'm a mac user. I wonder how many are limited from trying it and would if they could?

Somebody has to be beta testers for new OS's! 10.2 so much smoother than 10.1 and the battery life increased tremendously.

Posted via CB10

Back when I was an Administrator on and NerdBerry (my second favorite site) was just getting it's feet wet, we were drowning in "Leaks!"
And we were Hybrid-ing to boot! Installing a Hybrid was not, generally, an easy process.
All The Same....I didn't hear any complaining back then.

The ease at which The CrackBerry Team makes these leaks to install, along with today's desktop software,
I really don't understand why all the fuss about Leaks, now?
(and,I'm being serious!)

My setting stated below is working fine for me and I don't see myself going back to 10.1. I also consider myself with enough knowledge to deal with the bugs these leaks inherently have. On the other hand I have a friend and my wife on 10.1 and won't recommend them to move to 10.2 because they need a more stable release mainly because they are not power users nor experts on the platform, they just want something that work and don't think about it.

Z10STL100-3/ w/last unlocked android and dark themes on AT&T

He needs to site why he feels it's a bad thing. Maybe he is thinking about it from some different angle...

Leaks are never bad to the consumer, they can chose to use it, or stick to the official. To the source that it was leaked from-thats a different story (not necessarily a bad one, but different).

The fact that so many are using it as a daily driver is a testament in itself.

Posted via CB10

I personally don't see any reason not to load a leaked 10.2 OS on my daily phone. I love the toast notifications and instant replies. The cons would be that every time I load a leak I have to get everything organized including my contacts and sideloaded apps. I don't restore from a previous version because it just makes things all screwed-up.

I did not load 10.2. Not because I am not an enthusiast. Only because I depend on my phone and can not risk any interruption.

Posted via CB10

No, I'm sticking with official builds. "" fr my z10 STL100-1

10.2 got's a lot issue lately ,, like " heating, rebooting my device , sometimes the 10.2 OS it's not recognise my sim card or Media card and BBM got stuck like #always !!!!

I installed and then grabbed real racer 3 from the crackberry link! What makes my BB10 experience so exclusive and unique is "CRACKBERRY" I couldn't imagine! BlackBerry without crackberry! CB is how I found all my apps! And installed a leak! the proper way! Soo? The real question is??? What would the BB10 experience be like? Without crackberry! And guys like Kevin and blaze! And their info! I love 10.2! I use it! On my daily user Z10! No matter what app im using! The email notifications let's me know specifically what emails are coming in! Brilliant! I switch to 10.2! Cause I was running! And it just couldn't Keep up! All the apps are being updated for 10.2 and my phone started to get a little wacky! Once I updated to 10.2 I received less app updates! And less be real!!! once your running a leak! You can't go back! The advance features are awesome! Its like going from a car to a skate board! I'm loving blackberry so much these days! Never mind main stream! I find my self to be a "unique" individual! and my berry is also!

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I'm not running 10.2 but I wish I was. I never installed a leak nor have I ever installed something using side loading. Hopefully the official 10.2 comes soon. I can't wait to use those new features!

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

Ok.. this is how great I think the 10.2 leaks are: I've installed the 1047 leak on both my kids q5's and my wife z10. If work would allow me (which they won't), I'd install it on my work z10 as well. Here's to hoping for an early release of the 10.2 update!

I don't install leaks just because my son plays on this phone and he would've be very upset if I make him lost his progress and highscores.

Posted via CB10

Love 10.2, I have the side loaded android 4.2.2 runtime (unlocked or w/e) and it's awesome, candy crush and most android titles now work and work well thx to the 1.5 dual core snapdragon and it's adreno 225 chipset. BlackBerry 10 ftw :D~

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 running

I'm on 10.2 and it has been the most stable OS on my phone. I had the random reboots before loading this leak and they are completely gone for me. There's a couple of bugs but nothing major and I mean nothing major that would cause me to go back to an official 10.1 release. That's my story

White Z10 Verizon

I'm running the 10.2 developer release on my RedZed which I only use as a dev test phone. On my daily Z10 I'm using the official carrier release.

I am soooo tempted.. If I had a back up to my zed10, then I'd been on it like a fat kid on candy.. But since my zed10 is my primary with no backup, I remain 10.2less.. I'm afraid I'll lose access to some of my apps which would be a bad thing.

Hoping it becomes official sooner than later.

Posted via CB10

Z10STL100-1/ is good! I'm BlackBerry dev and I know bb10 isn't brickable! I'm installed tons of OS to BlackBerry 10 devices! Best hardware ever!

Posted via CB10

I was installing every leak I could get my hands on right up through the latest 10.2. Then in the course of side loading android apps I bricked my first z10. Now on my second I've stayed with the official 10.1 Verizon flash. I don't miss the leaks.

Posted via CB10

I haven't jumped over to 10.2 yet, but I'm definitely tempted to try it. I just keep hoping that they make it official later this month, releasing it out to the world. If that happens, it will be on my Z10 before T-Mobile releases it in the USA.

Posted via CB10

I tend to stick with official releases, however the thought of putting the 10.2 leak on my phone has crossed my mind several times

I've done leaks before but with my BlackBerry, my most important phone I don't do leaks I want it all official.

Posted via CB10

Not yet but really waiting for this official update. When is it gonna release? Any idea?

Posted via CB10