CrackBerry Asks: Are you now using a wallpaper with BBM?

By James Richardson on 22 Jun 2014 02:13 pm EDT

With the latest BlackBerry messenger update one of the new features introduced was the ability to use a wallpaper within BBM chats. Right now, we only have the choice of four colors available in the BBM Shop (blue, green, red & yellow), so hopefully we'll see some more roll out shortly.

For long term BlackBerry users many of you would have been into customizing your legacy devices with themes over the years. Things aren't quite the same with BlackBerry 10, but the BBM Wallpapers are a nice little option to have. Sure, it isn't revolutionary but it does give you some choice.

With BBM now being on iOS, Android and coming very soon to Windows Phone, BlackBerry are very much still pushing forward with the 'best' instant messaging service. I was intrigued to find out how many folk are taking advantage of the wallpaper choice so early on, so please cast your vote in the following poll:

Need to know how to set a wallpaper within BBM? Click here.



Hell yeah

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Mathew Wong

yes I am

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Tyler Nellissen

Yes and it's a minor ok feature. Wouldn't say loving it.

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Using it bc is there. But until I can choose my own wp. I won't love it.

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Same here. I was looking for the "yes but still waiting to use my own" in the poll.

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Ditto here. I mean, really, what a leading poll. I am using it, but I'm certainly not loving it in any way.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!


Agreed. I'm using it [for now] just because it's there and it's free. I definitely don't "love" it, and I certainly wouldn't pay money for it. At least, not for the bland wallpapers currently available.


Using the Blue background but I don't love it. Need some dark texture options

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Because of all the issues I've heard, ie..keyboard covers up conversation and overall lag, I didn't do the update. Don't feel like I'm missing anything.

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Prem WatsApp

See, now this is firsthand experience of too much UI customization, which causes features to lag...

TouchWiz anyone?

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Prem WatsApp


For dark options...

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Agree, is a theoretical nice feature but isn't implemented well enough yet in my opinion.


I had tried it out. But I found my conversations were lagging to open when I open them. Anyone else experience this on Z10?

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I have a Z10 and I have not noticed a lag.

Z10 with OS


I find it lags more when opening up chats in the Hub, so I've reverted to the stock black. This may be a problem that is particular to me because I have way too many email and social media accounts connected to the Hub; two of my Outlook accounts are set to perpetual for their sync length.

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Prem WatsApp

Need more RAM and quadcore, and faster flash chip. This is where we (power snoozers) hit the hardware limitations of current BB10 smartphones...

Passport cannot come early enough!

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Using blue but not experiencing any lag when opening conversations.

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Where's the I just found out bbm had wallpaper option?


Yeah. I'd definitely hit it.

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No and I don't see the point of it either. This update has totally lagged up my BBM group chats horrendously. Everytime I open up my BBM now I have to wait to see exactly which group has new messages because all 5 of them are the same one until I wait a minute for it to repopulate.

crackbrry fan

It takes a couple of days for it to "settle" in was slightly laggy when I installed it but after a day or so it's back to normal.

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Prem WatsApp

Thanks for the info. Thumbs up!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The Me

We need to be able to choose our own!


Yes, but don't love it.
Voted for 1 nonetheless.

Vachaspathi M

Yes... that's awesome



Yeah i love it.. I do find it lags but not a deal breaker.

Blue Background / Dark Theme

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We need custom theme option



I am using it but I can't say I'm loving it. You barely see it in a full chat page, I thought it would apply to the chat boxes themselves not (just) the background, that would make more sense visually.


I didn't notice this option. Now I am using it. Thanks for the article!

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Une raison de vivre

Yes the bleue one

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Yes I do. It's great

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Alattin Simsek

Yes I do, just to try... will probably remove it again when I'm getting tired of it :-)

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fab Z10

Got tired same day I tried... rather stay dark.

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Yes. Green for me.

Powered by BB10


So I was a big fan of the dark theme. But after the addition of the new wallpapers, im loving the default light theme with the blue wallpaper background. It really cleans it up nice.

BlackBerry 4Life


The options we have now are too bland and look horrible with the dark theme, and with the gray message boxes remaining you can hardly see it so what's the point right now?


They are ugly...let us use our own

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Tried the different colors, still reverted back to black. I like the idea but personally love the clean look of just black.

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Wish there was another option, I am using but but since adding it I have noticed that BBM has become slower to open chats. Sometimes even requiring me to close and re open the chat in the hub, I haven't found a way to remove it so anyone who knows how I would love some advice.

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Found it...reset wallpaper in the options.

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Love that you can now turn the theme black!! :D
Black BBM looks so cool way better than white and blue

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Great, another poll

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Nice option. No lag at all. Must be a connection speed issue for some, but not because of the background.

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Nope. I'm boring like that.

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I want to be able to use my own picture


Yep. Using the blue background and I like how it looks. Not experiencing any lag since the update. One thing I think would be great, is adding personal wallpapers and having the ability to assign each contact any custom paper to make each chat as unique as the individual you're chatting with.

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I had no idea this was even an option

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I use it but would like to see the ability your own pictures

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Of course, I was waiting for it, and it is amazing, hope we get that for sms as well

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Would but not sure what to use and only my wife uses BBM with me and she's on an iPhone. All my BlackBerry user friends jumped ship a while ago. :(

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No because it's really not special

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Just like my home screen...I keep mine simple black.

Easy to read and looks more professional at work.

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This isn't news. This piece is in the wrong section. News is all about broadcasting not asking questions.

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Customized background please.


Me to.

Z30 best ever


Yeah....woukd like the ability to match profile pic or to select from media pictures

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I voted Yes but I'm not in love with it. Would love move option: solid colors or use your own.

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You mean only one of the four choices? Yes, but would be nice to use our own choice...

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There will be more choices, but you will probably have to pay for them.

Seems like there going to sell them like stickers.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 


Votes not yet even though I am using, want me more features

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It's nice to have options... being that it's not a shared experience, I don't think I would pay for any.

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Yeah I'm using it, and? What?

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Go Black or Go Home!

BBM needs to keep it simple yet feature filled at the same time. I could easily live without this feature and BBM isn't intuitive at all in my opinion.

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CAUTION : MAJ On Z30 Now!!!!


BBM really needs to get 1 to 1 and group video going. Do that and they'll be #1 in cross platform chatting.

BlackBerry BBM needs to be more aggressive and try to beat their competition down.

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yeah! the green one!!!

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Yup. Love it.

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I did initially try it..but BBM started lagging...and I changes it back to Black. now I don't want to go back as I am wary of it lagging again

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Kevin crack user.

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Yes green

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I try for a day then went back to the dark one

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Now let me choose pictures from my SD card. And maybe different images for different contacts.



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It separates BBM from the rest of my messaging apps! It's great!

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Yeah! The blue one

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No I like the black.. I just want new accent colors

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There really isn't much space between the comments to make the wallpaper beneficial. Knock down the opacity of the comment boxes by 25% and maybe they wont look weird with the black theme. Maybe offer some dark themed wallpaper. Metallica Black Album, or other metal themed wallpapers. Black with 50% grey graphics.

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Yes but I would prefer to use one of my pictures as the wallpaper .

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Nope, BBM runs slower and wallpaper selection is terrible. Should be able to select from your own pictures.

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I only use it if I am using the white theme. Wallpaper with the black theme I think looks horrid IMO

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Uju Chiagorom

Works on my Z30...but can't work on my wife's Z10...and if I may ask...does the wallpaper change on the screen of the person u are chatting, like if I change wallpapers while chatting with my wife, is she supposed to see I just changed wallpapers or is the change only on my screen?

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It only affects your own screen.

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Just add more choices or the ability to make your own. Otherwise, this is a welcomed feature addition.

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I use it bit it lags. When I click on chat history it takes a second to load it

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Not at all. Dark theme is just better.

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I tried it but disabled it again and waiting for more designs to come.

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It's fun to change it up from time to time, but it's not a groundbreaking feature.

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I use Whatsapp where I can choose any background wallpaper I want for free!

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I noticed that it lagged my Bbm so I got rid of it.

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Nope, I hate the way it loads....looks buggy like Droid

Z30 : posted via CB10 app


I would like different wallpaper for different chats

Prince Onos

No am not... too colorful for me

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I like the colored WP and change it every few days.


Tried it when I first upgraded but took it off. Found it lagged way too much for my liking


Loving would be a bit much but I like being able to change the look from time to time. Wish we could use any pic to do this.

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Juraj Bencz

I don't use BBM at all. Please explain why is it better than WhatsApp.? Hmm...

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You not knowing is scary. How many times has Whatsapp gone down and how many times has it been hacked. Don't have enough fingers and toes. Not to mention it's a FB product now.

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Yes, but i find it slows down opening BBM. It is laggy and not smooth... maybe will be smoother with updates.

From the mind of a mAnIaC


I like using the added feature. It also gives me hope that BlackBerry is committed to add value to the BlackBerry Messenger experience.

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Yes sir!

Poster via BlackBerry Z10


NO, completely USELESS feature! Unless you can use unique background for each and every chat, like in Viber.


About time!!

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June Badayos

Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!! :)

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Yes. I want the option to be able to put anything as a wallpaper and be able to put a wallpaper for all and to out a different one for different if you want.

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I don't like how it was implemented. No option to use my own images, even though I'm the only one who sees the wallpaper I choose. :/ Try again.

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It'd be better if we could choose from our own picture folders.
But I'm sure they'll add this feature soon.

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Yes I am. However, I would appreciate sending multiple pictures at once via BBM would be far more useful and something that WhatsCrap has being doing for over a year!



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Z30 / STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA

Sayumi Whisp

Without a personal wallpaper? ... no

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Just made mine free yellow

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Yes. It's awesome. Stickers look better!

Posted by me. Just now. With my Z10!


No offense, but they look hideous to me. I may use it if there's more options and there's one that I like or if I could use my personal pictures.

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Millard Souers

I am now, but I'm not sure what the big deal is. I guess kids like colorful backgrounds...

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I'd love to select my own, I'm not using the bright colours I can choose now. Wouldn't be my choice.

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Yes I am but my bbm is frozen.....sighssss

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Solid black. Looks the best to me.

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Solar 77

Yep, using the blue option.

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Dave Hong

Tested it, but waiting for more options!


I'm not totally loving the new feature but I am using it and think it's cool!

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Nope.... the black background is better for battery life

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Yes I am

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The solid colors are a good start. Be nice to see premium wallpaper that have holiday themes and I'd like to see some themes for men,women, children too.

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Yep. Love the feature, I'm sure it was already in the planning, but funny enough, I had mentioned this feature being a good idea in a post and voila! What do you know a couple of weeks later. Backgrounds!

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I'm sure premium wallpapers will be next, for sale. BBM has to make money, but a few more free options would be nice.

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Still dark theme here.

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Yep, blue

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I will when I can customize my own...

I'm MongezaurioBerry


Dark theme and wallpaper!

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Bacon Munchers

I couldn't help but notice a pretty Asian lady with a shiny white iPhone that was using a messaging app, and the wallpaper matched the case. Now I am not a theme guy, but it really looked fresh, and I suppose that she was trying to match her phone to what she was wearing, because it looked great!

Anyway, although I like to play Batman with the dark theme, BlackBerry should consider allowing for full themes across the OS, including BBM. That would open more sales possibilities.


Yep! I use the green one and my wife uses the pink.

zoe sun

i tried, didn't impressed. so i roll back..

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I've used it for a couple days, but back to dark theme, cause I'm still thinking the dark background gives me the best contrast view, and, simple is good.

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Not me. All black.

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Also used it and had bbm lagging so back to black

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I like dark background. So no.

From my  phone


Using the green.

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Options are good to have. :)

I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?


need the freedom to choose my own...otherwise it's pointless.

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Using it.....and liking it, keep em coming!

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10

Shannon Stauffer

Can't vote because I only use BBM for the channels

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10


I cannot respond to the Poll. It's far to small for reading on a. Q10.

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Liking it on using different wallpapers on chat. But like to see in future BBM updates were you be able to use your own wallpapers like your football team you support or a picture from your family

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Ms Lady P

Yes, I am. I think they need to be bring individual wallpaper. Also, changing the font as well.

Ms. Lady P


Yeah!!!! Love the change

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Yes , but I wish I could use customized wallpaper just like whatsapp

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Yep I do. Much better

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Looks cool!!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


I don't have a use for wallpapers in general -- I see them as a waste of time. But it is an important feature to have (for the masses) so that's a good thing.


What is the point of having more options when majority of the wallpaper is covered by the text boxes.


So far it's only on BlackBerry, i wish it was custom wallpapers like what's app, but a step further even a different wallpaper for every chat if you could

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I love my black background!

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Luca Rmg

Not using BBM because nobody use it in eu.... Sad


Not yet. I prefer the BBM dark theme. Simple and practical.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!


Once I can choose my own or buy one I like I will.

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I totally take advantage of the wallpaper! It is a really cool feature that I love to use. Besides, it really makes BBM stand out.

Ojani Noa


When you can see so little of it, what's the point? Or can you increase transparency of the conversation backgrounds?


No! The wallpapers suck plus why can't I use my own come on RIM I thought restrictions was Apples thing

Zee 10 swish