CrackBerry Asks: Are you now using Instagram since iGrann was released for BlackBerry 10?

By James Richardson on 29 Jan 2014 10:46 am EST

We featured the release of iGrann arriving in BlackBerry World recently - even though it had been in public beta for some time. That said - the beta would mean side loading the file which not everyone is happy with. On other operating platforms Instagram is huge and luckily for us BlackBerry 10 users we now get to join in the party thanks to iGrann which does a fantastic job if you ask me. 

With social media apps being all the rage these days I was interested to find out if you had been put off of using Instagram previously as we didn't have a native BlackBerry 10 app. With decent third party ones now hitting the scene Instagram is open to us all.

So hit up the poll and let us know your views. Feel free to sound off in the iGrann forum thread if you would like to see any future changes in the app. 


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CrackBerry Asks: Are you now using Instagram since iGrann was released for BlackBerry 10?


While I have given igrann a try and given the app and developer 5 star ratings, I find the official app to be far better. More functions and better user interface as intended. I'll keep igrann as the backup insta for now though

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Same, no need for a 3rd party app of something now that I can load an official Android version. It's working great too!

Sorry iGenn, you might have made some coin if the Android Runtime hadn't of been updated to 4.2.2 Jellybean.

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I concur

They did a great job and I actually prefer iGrann over the official app.


I agree support native developers!
I have registered using igrann but I'm not 100% sure that this form of social media is for me.

All I see are pics of food, cars, shoes & women (not that I'm complaining) but seriously most the pics eventually start to get rather boring. I think I just convinced myself that it's no my thing but will keep igrann on my Q10 for a while, maybe it will grow on me some.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10  gotta really be a metrosexual with loads of time on your hands to play with Instagram all day. You know your basic iTard.

CB10 from the Z30

No. You guys just don't follow the right pages. There are plenty of beautiful art pages, earth pages and interesting things. That's why you get to choose who you follow. Duh.

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I'm not using either one at the moment, but I'm glad that we have the option to use one or the other on this platform.

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I installed the apk for Instagram and it's been working great for me. iGrann is great as well (mainly for the native aspect) but it's still a 3rd party app. I'll stick with the apk until it fails (which I hope is never).

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Yes I like the classic interface. It is what I am use to and with the release of 10.2.1 it works even better.

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After the update yesterday I installed the Android version, if this update allows this I do not see the problem of installing it,

Loaded up Instagram after the update yesterday with snap and it still sucks on my Z30... iGrann is much better imo, but I'm not a serious instagrammer and more of a lurker ha ha.

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I am not a huge fan of instagram yet. Been using it for my blog for a while now and don't get the fuss. People like it though and I want to be connected as much as possible. I am now using igran mostly though and the leak for video uploads. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I'm a new user of igrann now and I'll stick with it, I'm not going to sideload the real one...BlackBerry native have priority

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Was already using Instagram, but switched to iGrann the moment it was released, and loving it so far.

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iGrann > than the original Instagram. Once it has video/IG filters and hub integration it will be miles better.

I like to live a private life,so I'm not paranoid when my data is compromised...long live Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc etc no thank you I have deleted them all lol cheers oh except bbm lol

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Guys dont download vine, camera 360 and Instagram and other camera related android apps...I had a major problem with my camera after downloading those apk format apps...Im Using Z10 there's seems to be no way of fixing it...I tried to reset my phone, and remove the battery and all but only gives temporary solution, Green And Kinda Rainbow Screen shows up every time I open the camera!:-( too many problems with BlackBerry phone...I think its time to buy another phone...anyone had the same problem?

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initially I wasn't a fan. However I took some time to customize it and get familiar with it and I really like it. The native aspect is always a plus. I won't delete IG, but I've decided I will use Igrann as exclusively as I can. Especially if they are able to update a hub notification. I appreciate the work of the developers.

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At the risk of being an a**hole, when is crackberry gonna take a poll on how many times its readers gonna take a poll. Are these polls for analytics or just so readers have something to click on? Geez, get some real news and write something worth reading and clicking on.

Guys dont download vine, camera 360 and Instagram and other camera related android apps...I had a major problem with my camera after downloading those apk format apps...Im Using Z10 there's seems to be no way of fixing it...I tried to reset my phone, and remove the battery and all but only gives temporary solution, Green And Kinda Rainbow Screen shows up every time I open the camera!:-( too many problems with BlackBerry phone...I think its time to buy another phone...

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Was always using sideload instagram but now switched to Igrann. Features better, even with the new 10.2.1 I still prefer Igrann. But my wife prefers Instagram...yet I still love her.

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There's nothing like native application experience. Using iGrann now.
Moreover, developer has confirmed that he will soon introduce native IG filters and video upload which will complete iGrann!! :D

Just checking out what the hullabaloo is and reserving judgment for the moment. I'm needing a reason why I'd want to share pictures with the entire world and not just the people who I know and who know me. Still seems massively narcissistic to me, however as I said, looking for a reason use it.

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Forgot to mention I loaded up iGrann yesterday and as an app it looks great! Thanks dev!

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This poll would be much better if one of the options were:

I'm using Instagram exclusively
I'm using iGrann exclusively
I'm using using both
I'm use one, the other, or both... but I'd prefer an official native Instagram App
I don't use Instagram

+1000 which is why I have stated in the latest survey that CB needs more organization in small detail. Words put together can make a huge impact "tact".

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I'm currently using Instagram on both my Z10 and Q10. Was using iGrann before because the glitchy pictures weren't worth having Instagram. Now that was fixed and I'm using Instagram. Undecided about going back because I do miss notifications, but sharing with Facebook was very slow.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

I am using iGrann purely because Vodafone UK are **** and haven't rolled the update out yet.
However, iGrann is a great app and I can't see me using the Android Instagram when iGrann was made so well for BlackBerry.

Yes, and haven't gotten off of it yet... When the *bleep* is 10.2 coming to my world...

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Yes, been using it since it went into beta. Not really hooked on it however, I just check it once in a while. I'm a lot more engaged in BBM channels then instagram.

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I started using Instagram from the days of side loading, then Igrann came, i now have both apps running on my phone, switching from one to the other once in awhile

On my Z10

I have been downloading tons of apps since yesterday and Instagram did not cross my mind once until I saw this post. I think I'll just leave it at that.

I got both here. Instagram for full support of features (yeah right lol, as if I used it that much) and iGrann to show how much better the interface is on BB10. ;D

I only registered to support the developer and I have no use for instagram, but I do want developers to continue working on BlackBerry10 apps. I'd have paid for the app too by the way.

Z10 with OS

Since its first beta iGrann I have always been using the application iGrann... I like iGrann

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I have both on my Zed10 but I enjoy using Igrann more than instagram. It's just a better user experience and visually the app looks better. Also it's built for BlackBerry. I'm looking forward to future updates.

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The biggest problem I have with Android apps now is the way it picks files from the OS. It would be way better if Android apps could bring up the native file manager and grab files that way.

Both are good, so I'm switching in between occasionally... it's good to have options, I like both

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I too was going back and forth then woke up to find my account was disabled for breaching of terms and I suspect it was because I was using third party software (igrann) so instagram flagged me as possible spammer. Now I stick to 1 - igrann and am afraid to log into instagram for dear of having account disabled again. How do you guys manage to use both and not get flagged by instagram?

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I don't use either. But, companies like instagram and Netflix who snub BlackBerry can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. They really know how to do good business, yup, they are raising their noses to customers not Blackberry like they think they are, idiots. Hahaha

Team BlackBerry

Nope I didn't really bother to download the Apk file and some of the features are missing like the ability to save a photo and not to forget the awesome dark theme.

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I only use Instagram to keep an eye on what my kids post online. I downloaded the apk. just before IGrann was released and it's working fine for me so I'm sticking with it.

I have been using IG apk for a while now, however I can't upload videos. I'm hoping to upload videos using igrann. Can anyone confirm if this is possible.

Update: NVM, I found my answer. Not yet.

I have both..The IGrann app does a real nice job..The reason i still use the android version is beacause i like the photo filters it comes with, something Igrann doesn't have yet. Instead it uses the native bb10 photo editor. the dark theme in Igrann.

I have never seen the point of an app like instagram. How many social media apps do we really need. I use twitter and Facebook and already think this one account too many. Can someone point out the importance of instagram or tell me what it does that's special?

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Not into Instagram, but I might very well use iGrann and set up an instagram account to send a message to Instagram about how large the BB10 market is.

Yup. I downloaded igrann to show support and I'm really liking the app. Not sure if I will be a long term Instagram user though.

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I have both but IGrann works a lot better and smoother on my Zed 10. And the dark theme is amazing.

SKN. 869. Z10

iGrann for now...

The Dev is super responsive and promise to update the features that are not available now very soon and that by itself is a plus in my book.

It's like Blaq that a few updates later and the App is almost flawless.

Still waiting to see if the Feb 10 date for 10.2.1 with at&t is for real... will see...

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I have the blackberry z10 for at&t and still haven't gotten the update 10.2. Anybody in the new York long island area know anything?

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With the update os we can get the instagram.apk which allows you to post video igrann is pointless now

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I downloaded instagram and I don't get all the fuss. I don't really like it. Just another way for people to know your business

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I have both, iGrann and instagram on my Z10. I prefer intstagram for it's filters, and official setup, but if I do like the smoothness of iGrann, and the fact I can zoom in on the photos (though I find this a bit glitchy). Also the larger text of iGrann is nicer, and cleaner, to read.

For viewing iGrann, for uploading instagram

I have never used Instagram before IGrann was released, and IGrann is a good app. So do I really need to load the official Instagram apk file?
Advantages or disadvantages?

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No, iGrann has replaced instagram. Even with the 10.2.1 update I don't care for instagram now. iGrann does everything I need and runs smoother

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Love it. But it would be nice if Instagram can build for us a native one with BB10 experience. Not android experience..btw, two thumbs up for iGrann. :)

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Had instagram sideloaded before the update. After the update, I decided to skip reinstalling the android apps and try Igrann instead. So far I like it more than the original. I guess native is truly the best.

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Nope why should I waste a download on someone who wants nothing to do with us blackberry users, when I can get Igrann which looks better especially with the dark theme

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Igrann works so much better! Of course it has to work better, it's native!!! I've been using Android Instagram for a long time and it always had bugs and was slow. Igrann is great!

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I appreciate and respect the devs effort in bringing iGrann to BB 10 and adding another great app to BlackBerry World but I'm using Instagram and have had the app as well as similarly popular apps loaded on my BB10 devices from the day I was able to load them, no matter the effort.

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Instagram wants giving my notifications and was wrecking my battery. Igrann is better for my battery and gives me notifications.

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Love Igrann a true app for the bb10 system plus it's different and different is always good males ppl want to play with my Z30 when they won't even pay it any mind.

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Igrann works more flawlessly on my z10, but Instagram has better filters still, keeping both atm, if Igrann gets those filters it will definitely be better!

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If you have a Q10 you gotta have iGrann for the screen optimization feature which shows only the picture on the full screen!!! No buttons or anything blocking the pic

Q10 ~

I never used instagram before and downloaded it yesterday to see what all the fuss is about. I still don't get it besides making a photo look old, but to each their own...

From the mind of a mAnIaC

As you can see the full picture displayed on the screen, iGrann is far better ont the Q10. But yes the instagram filters are missing..

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I use instagram on my Q10, but switch to iGrann when watch vids or vines as it plays them full screen, where as Instagram cuts off half the videos. It works better on the Q10

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Igrann is faster than Instagram and I love the interface. Uploading pics is also easier on igrann.

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Even if the instagram Sideload is slightly better in some ways, iGrann is native and the developer took the time to create a great experience for BlackBerry users. I appreciate it and will continue to support.

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I'm happy to have a native App on BB10.

I'm happy to have one less reason to turn to my iPhone through the course of my day.

I love the UI customizations and dark vs light themes.

I'm happy just knowing that this is one last argument I have to endure from fans of other devices/OS's.

I'm not TOTALLY happy with the feels clunky.

Actually, I kind of like igrann more, it does have the active frame plus it loads up quicker maybe it's just me.
Android apps are great, but i still prefer native.
Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of android apps, but native is always nice

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Nah, can't upload any photos at all not even for my profile. Let me know when you get the real deal.

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Nope. Tried android version just to see it work. Then deleted it. I'm glad it's available though.

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No way
I Gram all the way very pleased with this App thank I'm holding the BlackBerry flag up high...thanks again....B


igrann would've been golden if 3 months ago the dev was able to release what they've just released, when people were figuring out how to install instagram using the ever so complicated debug token method. Now for 10.2.1 users (leaked user included) we have a choice and almost half of them are using the android.
I kept both, but I use igrann because of the dark theme and the active frame is kind of cool.

I use them both. I love igrann because it was built for BlackBerry 10. I have more native apps installed on my BlackBerry than android apps. :)

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Aside from the slight lag when scrolling through pics really fast, I love it, even more so I love the customization options and the fact that I get notifications, and can download what I like and repost from the app.

Video record, and headless will make it the overall winner.

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I was using instagram on my ipad, but use igrann on my Z10 with no plans to get the Android version.

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I will stick with the igrann because as it is,its already a wonderful app. And the developer poured some serious sweat and blood to make this for us here. And the best part is,the app is not yet complete so im more excited about igrann than the insta for android. Native all the way (if available). :)

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No, I will continue to use Igrann. The developer has done more for BlackBerry the instagram has. IMO that is worth sticking with. Maybe instagram will make their own for BlackBerry.

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Why no option for 'I was already using it, but am using it more now because of igrann'? In the US on AT&T and still on 10.1, so I don't have a current android sideload to compare it to, but it tears on the previous android version I do have. Double points to igrann for being native.

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Seems kind of senseless to use a 3rd party app when the actual app works great on 10.2.1

I run Instagram and I'm good with that.

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The question sucks -- it should have the option for 'Igrann is better than Instagram and instagram disavowed BB10 so its payback time nya nya for instacrap!

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Padgram is another well built mainly for iPhone now is here been using it on my Z10..the feel has been truly should try it can be gotten at the amazon app store.

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In short: No, I (still) don't use Instagram at all.

However I really appreciate the hard work the developer has put into this quite important project. Even now with the new OS update being (more or less) available to the public, allowing for easy IG sideloading, I think iGrann has the heavy benefit of being a native app.

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Well I found it that Igrann is way better Dan insta gram especially for da q10 devices love Igrann

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I prefer Igrann cos it's just 1.6MB while instagram is about 16MB. It saves my memory space and it's also fast. I like it!

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I do love the UI of igrann..still no luck uploading videos nor the option for direct. I'm sure those capabilities are just around the corner of these corners.

I tried using Instagram after 10.2.1 update but its not satisfying. I wont even consider using it over igrann anymore.

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I was going back and forth then woke up to find my account was disabled for breaching of terms and I suspect it was because I was using third party software (igrann) so instagram flagged me as possible spammer. Now I stick to 1 - igrann and am afraid to log into instagram for fear of having account disabled again. How do you guys manage to use both and not get flagged by instagram?

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

ι do not like the app very much as it does not have direct message and it does not let me upload videos, but it was working fine, and now all of a sudden my notifications have stopped working, can someone please help me find a solution to this