CrackBerry Asks: Are you embarrassed by your BlackBerry?

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2012 11:08 am EDT

* Update: The results are still pouring in, but I'd say we're at a level of being statistically significant now. And it appears about 1 in 5 BlackBerry users are admitting to feel a little embarassed by their BlackBerry. Keep in mind this poll is on CrackBerry - meaning we could see it bump even higher among the more mainstream base. Even if it not, 1 / 5 is still too high in my opinion, and it only means one thing... RIM has got to get BlackBerry 10 to market asap and tie it to some awesome marketing. In the meantime, be sure to check out our pal Al Sacco's post on CIO he just put up, talking about Why Using a BlackBerry Can Still Be "Cool". *

Here's a poll I never thought I'd be putting up on CrackBerry, but after an article yesterday by the New York Times titled the BlackBerry As Black Sheep (with a post url of blackberry-becomes-a-source-of-shame-for-users), I felt compelled to.

Nicole Perlroth wrote the story for NYT, quoting a sales rep by the name of Ms. Crosby who told Perlroth that she was ashamed of her BlackBerry and that she quit pulling it out at cocktail parties and has resorted to hiding her BlackBerry under her iPad at business meetings.

Personally, what I find shameful here is the article Perlroth wrote, surveying all of 2 people and posting it as representative of BlackBerry users everywhere. Looking at the 100+ comments left to her post, it appears many others agree with my sentiment as they too are tearing into the article.

And honestly, I was contemplating on writing a post here that really tore into it as well (it's not the first time we've had to correct NYT's apparent love for beating up on BlackBerry), but I'm going to take the high road this time around and instead turn it into a poll to see just how many people feel among CrackBerry readers may also feel this way. 

Look, I'm sure there are **some** people out there who may feel embarrassed by their BlackBerry, especially if it's an older, entry level model. I actually heard a local radio announcer just the other week say something very similar to what Ms. Crosby did, so she's not alone. I would assume among BlackBerry's 80+ million user base this is a small issue, but if it's bigger than I expect then it's one that BlackBerry's marketing department is going to have to figure out how to address as BlackBerry 10 advertising ramps up. So vote on the poll above and let us know where you stand, and be sure to sound off in the comments.

As for being referred to as a Black Sheep... well, let's just say I'd rather be called a Black Sheep over an iSheep any day. ;)

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CrackBerry Asks: Are you embarrassed by your BlackBerry?



One sure way to get BB10 pride up is:

If BB10 devices will have NFC compatable with the London Oyster Underground (subway) payment system, that would *REALLY* drive UK use of BlackBerry OS10 devices...

Imagine other consumers see you paying with NFC of BB10 devices, they say, hey COOL, what device is that... a BlackBerry? COOL! I want to have one!!

Now imagine you can start paying grocery with your BlackBerry OS10 device also through the London Oyster NFC system...

This is the kind of thing that can really win back consumers to the BlackBerry fold...

(fyi, We here in Asia had already been using NFC for 15+ years for micro-payments including transportation and groceries now, so it would be brilliant if BB10 devices would support NFC payments!)

NFC was rejected by TFL (Transport for London) as being too slow.

"London Oyster NFC system..."

It's not NFC based.

"(fyi, We here in Asia had already been using NFC for 15+ years for micro-payments including transportation and groceries now, so it would be brilliant if BB10 devices would support NFC payments!)"

Impossible - the NFC standard wasn't ratified until 2004.

I think the issue is you are mixing up NFC (specific standard) with contactless payment (any range of standards might be used included NFC).

Many thanks for clarifying NFC payment standard just ratified in 2004.

Here's what we want our BB10 device to do, which is what we in Asia *are* already doing with our proprietary contactless payment system for the past 15+ years:
(North America need to catch up in this respect)

All of below is already being done with a credit-sized contactless smart card that you can fit into your wallet (or tuck away into your smart phone!!):

1. Already using contactless payment system for transportation (buses, subway, underground, ferry, railway, even car parking lots).

2. Fast food and restaurant payment. (McDonalds, KFC, other fast food outlets).

3. Make grocery payments, with automatic customer participation bonus reward schemes. (Groceries, convenience stores, even retail stores).

4. Say goodbye to your key: use this same contactless card system can be used for entry into apartments, club houses, fitness centers, etc.

5. You can link a Bank auto-pay to automatically top-up this contactless smart card (it is basically a debit card system).

6. Citibank has a credit card that also include this contactless smart card, so literally this one contactless smart card can pay for anything; you can almost live without your wallet with you!
[We can actually tape this Citibank credit card + contactless smart card to the bank of a BlackBerry 9900 for a DIY solution to smart card payment!!)

Note: We are writing this in hopes of BB10 leveraging its early NFC lead; this posting is not trying to elevate the perceived lifestyle in Asia or North America in any way.

Yes, Japan has their FeliCa system and they use it everywhere.. even to open doors! and what do we get? Stickers that can put our phones on silent when we place them on our bed side. [and many other useless things] (using NFC Tag writer whatever) I use my SoftBank 923SH here in the US (this phone is back from 2002) and it has FeliCa enabled. I use it to pay for stuff and it works flawlessly. Of course had to do a bit of modifying some stuff but it worked out great.

There is actually a neurosis responsible for the feelings of inferiority displayed by the small sampling of persons interviewed. Penis Envy.

If you are embarrassed by what phone you use I think you have bigger issues. I know people who still use flip feature phones because that's what they want and they really don't give a rats ass what people think.

So do I, and the guy is a VP at a large bank. It is a little bit like having an old, dented watch on your wrist that happens to be a Rolex.

Thank you,"donation." I could not have said it better! Great post. =0)

On another note, Kevin, good one on the iSheep vs Black Sheep. I agree 100%.

I'm not ashamed at all. I just had a friend last night post up on facebook that she is leaving BB to go to the iphone because all of her friends have it. I asked her why she chose to leave, and all she could come up with is that it's cool to have an iphone.

she has a bold 9780 and she doesn't like it because it is too small. I told her to try the 9900 or wait for 4 months and get the touch screen BB10

Not in the slightest. My BBs suit my needs precisely, why would I be embarrassed about that? I'd feel more embarrassed if all I did was buy a phone because of its cool factor.

i love the damn 9900 for the form factor the keyboard and touch screen combo has been wicked and has tided me over until bb10 releases

Sadly it's true. Almost everyone at my high school has an iPhone simply because they assume it's the best when everyone else has one. They look at my PlayBook and I tell them what it is and how much cheaper it is than the iPad, but all they come up with is "it's just not as good." The only positive feedback I've gotten for my Bold was that it looked cool.

Embarrassed? Never! The only thing that makes me a little shy is the fact BB10 is delayed..lets get that out and into our hands!

I'm not embarrassed in the least. I love my Bold 9900 and I couldn't care less about what other people think.

I can't wait until BB10 comes out :)

quote : "As for being referred to as a Black Sheep... well, let's just say I'd rather be called a Black Sheep over an iSheep any day. ;) "


It's embarrassing that the NYT allowed this piece of tripe to be even published. I'll call it "the rare one that slipped by" for the editors. But seriously Ms. Perlroth should be thankful she got away with it, for now.

I don't see many news organizations that would accept such shoddy shill-work.

The UK Guardian is a "news organisation" and a few weeks back it had a similar bubblehead feature on "what people had on their screensavers". Every single one was an iPhone 4 or 4s, including the one belonging to a 11 year old kid.

A cynic might wonder if a company with very large cash reserves was entertaining journalists rather a lot.

I think that's an indicator of the lever of tech knowledge people have when they go buy a smartphone. They don't even know the difference between a screensaver (something meant to prevent image burn-in on a CRT) and wallpaper. This is the root of Apple's success: convincing people they need something while simultaneously making them feel too uncomfortable to ask when they don't know about something for fear of looking stupid. Given a fair assessment of phone features, I doubt most people would even own a smartphone

Apple makes them feel like they need it until the next one comes out. Then you are told to believe you cannot survive unless you buy the new one. Its going to be called "the new ipad" until the next one comes out. Then people will still refer to the next one as "the new ipad". Same with ipods. Basically every product is "the new one" until the next is out. Then god forbid you have the OLD one. The little square nano was unofficially "the new nano" until the latest came out. And the cycle continues.

Crackberry Kevin wrote:

Every time I pick up the iPhone 4S, I find myself wishing the display was bigger. It feels so small these days, especially after spending time on a device like the Galaxy Nexus (who’s screen is arguably a little too big). I really hope we see a bigger display on iPhone 5. I’m also finding Siri just doesn’t yet fit into my mobile lifestyle. I never find myself instinctively using it, and even when I put it to use it’s more of a hassle. In retrospect, I probably could have stuck with my iPhone 4 another year and waited for the iPhone 5, vs. going to the 4S.

Apple must listen to you! You got your wish, they made the iPhone 5 bigger and they improved Siri! You must be a happy guy, is that why you bought 2 iPhone 5's?
P.S. Don't worry, I won't call you an isheep.

Haha. That is funny.. Apple did listen to me. Honestly, spending time on the other platforms has been a great experience for me. I keep a running tab of all the things I like, hate, love, detest, cope with, etc. Could easily come up with a 100 ways to improve the iPhone and Android more.

Can't wait for BB10! 

What's funny is you characterizing your use of the iPhone as "spending time on the other platforms"! When somebody has been using the iPhone daily, and buys one or more of every version that comes out, and is invested in the ecosystem (iPad, Mac, etc.), clearly they are IPhone by choice. However, do not worry, I still won't call you an isheep. Disingenuous? Yes.

Never embarrassed...I third the quote : "As for being referred to as a Black Sheep... well, let's just say I'd rather be called a Black Sheep over an iSheep any day. ;) " I love my Torch 9850

I am now one of the iSheep. I honestly think Blackberry was better at many things. My iphone notifications seem to take forever sometimes. But what really gets me is:

1.) no free turn by turn nav (i have an iphone 4)
2.) no customizable alert profiles
3.) my wealther widget always says 73 degrees
4.) imessage really sucks at times.

Hoping for a strong BB10, and I will come back on my next upgrade.

My BB9900 (along with my PB) do all that I need them to do. Not embarassed in the least. I'd be embarassed if I paid as much money for a device as some people do and I don't know how to use it. Just getting one because someone else did or to appear to be of a certain status level is pathetic.

The reporter was probably trying to impress her and get the hookup. Surely there is no other reason he'd waste time on such a baseless storyline.

I'm the opposite of embarrassed. I actually hope someone will make a comment or ask a question when I am using my BB. Gives me an opportunity to educate them about what it is capable of since so many people just believe what they hear or perceive. No, our BB does not have a trendy commercial with a silhouette dancing while listening to music via headphones to their device, but it does such a great job of blending business, personal and entertainment needs, I feel compelled to tell people. Plus the hardware is awesome. I've played with many phones running Android, and my wife's iPhone 4, and I am just not impressed with them at all. BlackBerry set the bar rather high and the other's just do not measure up, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Being proud of your BB is not better. It is the same problem as being ashamed. It suggests an emotional investment in the piece of plastic you carry in your pocket for communication. I am very happy with the device I use, but that is a far cry from shame or pride. In the real world, I don't care if anyone knows what I use. I also don't care if they know about, or approve of any of my other preferred brands. Just something to consider.

Never! Proud to show off my BB, even if I am surround by iphone users. My BB is a part of me. Cannot have a productive, functional day without it. My iphone user friends simply uses their phones for entertainment, when bored they are watching videos or playing games and the reasoning everybody has one. Not me.

Why is it people love to compare a brand new phone(any model) to a 3+ year old device and then bitch "why isnt my device as cool"....its like comparing a 1999 car to a 2012 model. No one does that because its absurd to do so, but so many love to pile on an older model phone. Not to mention there is SO MUCH misinformation and outright LIES that revolve around the BBOS platform vs any other. My girlfriend has a 9810, as do I and she desperately wants an iphone because it "can do alot more than mine". Unfortunately, she falls victim to the propaganda. too.

Seriously? Let's cut through the bs and go straight to her personal issue. Don't need a therapist to tell you that she obviously got some esteem issue. BlackBerry is a cell phone. An object, a device for communication purposes. There's no emotion comes with the device. If one is embarrass merely by carrying a cell phone device because of it's brand, this person obviously is having a bigger personal problem that hinder her ability to function in the real world.

I walked away from my BB 9000 and picked up a droid device about a year ago, I wanted words with friends, angry birds, and other random things that BB could not deliver. I’m on my 2nd droid device in a year, though there are a list of things I do love about android that bb was not able to give me, I still feel that longing of everything being integrated and working together like my 9000- though I don’t miss running low on Ram every few hours and having to do a battery pull...

I hope that BB10 will be enough to bring me back to BB... i've said it before, and the same still holds true today

Have you tried the 9900/9930? No battery pulls from low RAM.. and no dirty trackballs. Best communications device on the market.. hands down.

I wanted a 9900 pretty bad, but I’m with ATT and it was delayed for some time, I needed a new phone to replace the 9000, so I went with android because yes 9900 is an upgrade to the 9000 it was I hate to say it too little too late for me to spend the kind of money they were asking for it. I was able to get a really nice droid phone for free. Even now they are charging more than they should for the 9900 on a 2 year contract.

Uh, you can always switch to another carrier that offers better deals, or talk them into giving you a better deal.

See ya around I guess.

Embarrassed? not really. Its just really annoying when people make it a point to criticize you JUST because your phone says Blackberry on it. I could carry the lamest, cheapest, plastic-y (lol) Android and no one would care....or even a Palm Pre!!! But when I say I use a Blackberry I get the:

-Why do you still use a BLACKBERRY?
-They STILL make Blackberrys?
-Why dont you have an IPHONE?
-Blackberry's dont have apps/cant get internet

They dont care which Blackberry you have (I have the 9930), all the things it CAN do that they think it cant, or how beautiful it is (lol). JUST because its a Blackberry they look at me like im a fool. Its really annoying.

I've even had someone ask me on the elevator while I was playing with my phone, "Which iPhone is that!?" They smiled and were so curious. When I said Blackberry, they looked super surprised lol.

RIM needs a brand/image makeover in the U.S. IMMEDIATELY!!

Exactly. I don't care until someone says something. When they do I challege them to a messaging duo. Send an email to me let's see who can compose and send it first. 3,2,1 go.

Not embarrassed at all by my old-school 9650. It gets the job done. I was just explaining yesterday to a salesdude why I choose to use a BlackBerry; he came away impressed that someone would actually look at what they need a phone to do.

If I were to post why I choose to use a BlackBerry, well, this post would be too long. So I'll just say it fits my needs the best (and yes, I've tried iOS and Android).

Plus, I've always been a "zig when others are zagging" type of guy. I'm right with ya Kev...rather be a Black Sheep than an isheep (and you know that statement is going to rile up the masses...but bring it on!)

I think people that get ashamed of what hardware they carry around need to get some help.
"...she quit pulling it out at cocktail parties and has resorted to hiding her BlackBerry under her iPad at business meetings..." Fucking weirdo. Just saying,

Just read the article + the succeeding comments. It seems that people generally think its bad journalism.

I think the 9930. Is a top notch phone even still! So it don't have angry birds? Well I have a tablet for games and such ;)

No, I don't feel... Touch mobile phones look very similar and if you pull out your BB, you look originally. BB is not top high speed model and it's not playing machine, but it's working hammer and for instance Bold 9900 looks very, very sexy... No doubt!

PS: Many people use just common phone (even no smartphone) and they can work well, effectively. If anybody judges people according as their mobile phone, then they are very stupid and primitive.

Proud owner of the Bold 9900. Most people have nightmares of the old BB models and not something in the OS7 line. The article I found to be really distasteful. Why spend resources writing an article on a "dying" company(unless you had some iMotivation)? I would think you would ignore something so invaluable and disgraceful.

In the article, the lady has her BB(dint say what model) and uses it daily but carries along her Ipad for show in meetings to prevent being an outcast. WTH!?

I love the BlackBerry community because everyone is so tempered. It's true even with a 9900, People come up to me and tell me to get a new phone. I think the people who stayed on this platform have a great self-esteem not to let it bother them. There are so many people who are insecure about themselves and go to what is trendy or 'cool.' BlackBerry by choice people are strong due to this. To be honest, above all else, I think this is what attracts me to the BlackBerry and its community so much :)

I am not ashamed by my BB Curve. To semi-quote the Bible "Be not thou ashamed of..." your BlackBerry (2 Tim 1:8). Even though the rest of my Family (Not my wife), takes upon themselves to try to tell me that BlackBerry is dead (which it is not!). Never the less I carry my BlackBerry Curve and PlayBook with pride.

Here in the UK my blackberry is still the rolls royce of phones, and I guess always will be. Theres no helping the interlectually blind

Embarrassed? Mind boggled by this very question. Surely the NYT piece had to be satire.

Has the author read the interview with CIO Robin Beinfait posted here recently? After Katrina, after 911, after Haiti earthquake, after Japanese tsunami. Pick the phone that worked from the following list. BlackBerry. Anyone else? Crickets.

Ask yourself why you carry a device? If you are embarrassed by the tech you carry then yes your "smartphone" is smarter than you are.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

The best part of the whole article (other than the fact that she surveyed a statistically valid sample of TWO) was the fact that she didn't once mention what models they were using. Are we to assume they are using the newest flagship scratch and light leak resistant flagship BB models? I love when reporters write incomplete OPINION stories and don't give complete information.. it is like saying "XYZ sucks" but not giving reasons why..

I had to say "Yeah, I admit it" not because it's a BlackBerry, but because my beloved 9810 is so chipped and scratched up that I'm embarrassed by how "jalopy" it looks. And since the AT&T firmware upgrade, my trackpad doesn't work and that's got me really irritated... but a docking / charging pod is incompatible with a protective case... it would be really helpful if a charging pod for the BB10s could be adjusted to accommodate protective cases, because no BB10 device should be subject to the beating my 9810 has taken.

It must be a slow work day at the NYT. Though our newspaper The Toronto Star once wrote about our Mayor going into a KFC... I recently got my first work phone, a Motorola i576. Yes it's a 5+ year old flip phone with a pull out antenna but I think it fulfils its intended purpose just fine. I can only complain about things that relate to it's intended function: like how it's not loud enough on construction sites. People can be fickle with all kinds of products when they act as a status symbol such as cars. Some guys would never drive a "Chick car" and if one was given as a company car there might be similar stories. Btw I rock my 9810 wherever I go!

id feel embarassed if my phone had purple tinged photos, scratches over the case out of the box, a maps app that poor the CEO has to appologise about it and a green glow in the corner when i go to unlock it!!

As for the NYT article? well lets just say its a tad loose with the facts, like the `charging story` erm im pretty certain microUSB is a charging standard, and you`d be far more likely to be able to charge your BB/Android device in a place over a (proprietary connection based) iDevice. then add in theres now two iDevice charger sizes and the point is even more relevant.

Not embarrassed. It is humorous the allegations that imply iphone is always the answer. The lady that hides her's is in danger of "wanting to feel accepted" like many folks. I'm definitely not worried about anyone that can't help me run my business more effectively. Right now, my 9930 gets it done. No embarrassment here.

I'm wondering what happened to the ~20% who say they are embarrassed. Why haven't they posted a comment? Are they that embarrassed?.
I have a different problem. I have to fight off my little daughter, who wants to have my old 9700 whenever I get an upgrade (hopefully in Q12013 and to a fine BB10).

And that's really what it is. Why does everyone seem to care which phone I have?????? How in any matter does it affect them??? Why is it important to someone else that I don't have apps???? Are people so desperate to feel like they fit in????

I have a Curve 8520 and a Torch 9810 seeing the quality of apps available is an embarrassment especially when I compare what I have on my iPhone for anyone who used Facebook, Linked In or ANY game you know what i'm talking about right now its strictly a BBM device I mean even the emails are better designed come on what have you guys been thinking from OS5 to OS7 ???

Not embarrassed at all. Most of my friends are die hard iPhone fans and I do catch flack from them (mostly good natured) about why I still use a BB. It was especially true when I had my old Curve.

But the bottom line for me is that you use what you like and what you are happy with. A lot of people don't believe me but my BlackBerry does what I need it to do in a way I like and am comfortable with. So I would never be embarrassed about that. And I sort of enjoy the 'uncool' status BB has achieved. I never liked being part of the in crowd anyway.

Why should I?
Have been a BB user since 2006 and I'm still in love!
Blackberry all the way!

Sometimes I switch my SIM card in to my trusty 8700 and I'm still impressed how perfect it works!

8700 -> 8900 -> 9900 -> 9790

everytime People see my Blackberry they think i´m very important because I´m using such a professional phone. bb´s are not seen often in Germany, but People know that Manager or Bosses use them because they are very secure and powerful. thats what i experienced

My wife had to stop me from buying the "BlackBerry By Choice" shirt with the middle finger if that answers your question, Kevin.

I love my Berry. It's like my right arm! And my Playbook is my left!

I went to a karate tournament with two of my students and took pictures and video with my Playbook. Everyone who saw it (including iSheep) were amazed and asking "What is that?". I took the liberty to show off my BlackBerry loyalty and did a quick demo.

Never am I embarrassed by BlackBerry. And it's only a matter of time before BlackBerry 10 restores the platform to its rightful spot.

really? the "isheep" where amazed by your bb and playbook and their ability to take photos?

did you show them how your BB has no autofocus, and cant get any macro or close up shots? did you show them how you have to tether your BB to the playbook in order to give it data service?

are u sure they were "amazed?" or were they curious about it because its such a failure that theyve never heard of it?

did the isheep show you how their ipads automatically upload all the photos taken from their devices into photostream? did they show you how they can actually focus the cameras on their iphones? did they show you how they can shoot edit and upload HD video from their device? did they show you their youtube app blackberries dont have?

ya dude ill bet everyone was suuuuper impressed.

Look, all I know is I was standing in front of a few people with iPhones who couldn't take their eyes off my Playbook. If that's SO offensive to you that you have to result to trolling, I'm sure anyone can see who's the fool here.

It's a personal experience. I didn't say I think I'm better than anyone because I have a Playbook, nor did I say I told anyone they were dumb for having anything else. I just find it refreshing that even people with "the better device" are surprised by what a BlackBerry can do.

So I hope you're very proud of yourself for "proving me wrong" about an event you weren't present for in the first place.

Hey sound butthurt.

"did you show them how you have to tether your BB to the playbook in order to give it data service?" - I laugh when people say things like this. Really? I can TETHER my PB to my 9900 OR i can BRIDGE it. Can you bridge your iPad to your iPhone without having to jailbreak and pay and extra $20 for the app?

And if I wanted such great photo quality, etc, I'd just break out my DSLR which takes better photos/videos hands down over your precious iPhone. Phones are supposed to be for communication....

What is wrong with you people? Of course im butthurt!
I spent $300+ on a bold 9930 only to be completely dissapponted and aggravated with the user experience. So aggravated in fact i went and bought an iphone!

Now i just laugh at the people who make up these hilarious excuses as to why they continue to use a bb, because i used to be one of them!

So you keep being a bb fanboy, ill keep using my "itoy" (one of my favorite terms from the bb community), that allows me to do most everything a bb does, on the virtual keyboard that shockingly, yes, can be gotten used to (see: BB 10) and used productively, and ill enjoy all the added features that come along with it being an "itoy" (metal slug on the go sure is good for nostalgia, gta3 too).

I know I'm probably going to regret this but what issues were you experiencing with your 9930 that made it so disappointing? I run a 9900(personal) and a 9930(work) and have no isses with either of my devices. My wife is running a 9900(personal) and she hasn't had any issues either.

Oh yea because the wifi only ipad can get free data service from the iphone While on the go? Oh it cant? Right you NEED to buy a 4G device and data plan...try throwing a feature that doesnt make you look dumb under the bus next time...secondly only the 9900 is lacking auto focus...there are other bb7 and lower devices with it. Educate yourself then try again. Ive had plenty of isheep leave genuinely impressed by a personal demo of my playbook bb combo., get off his back.

I run my business through emails and apps plus I keep my ever changing family schedule on my BlackBerry. Simply put, my 9900 pays me and for itself, in addition to keeping me sane as I fight the daily dragon.

So I'll keep sitting it out and let the red light glow!

i used to come to this site religiously when owning a blackberry was relevant, but now i just come for laughs. its so funny to see BB users get so defensive of their outdated devices...

"BB is for people who do!" to use multiltiple devices because the bb cant do anything but email.

"BB is by choice!"....because im making some sort of personal statement about how anti apple i am.

"BB10!" a year overdue and probably going to fail.

"BB has a replaceable battery"... that costs upward of $50 and has a shorter life than the iphone4s (i own an 9930 and this is very true)

"Iphone just has fart apps"...along with hundreds of thousands of other applications in every category that BB will never see, other than cheap knock offs.

"I dont need angry birds on my BB"... just the 5$ version for my app-less playbook

i used to love my BB too, but you guys should stop being so defensive and criticizing this perfectly relevant NY TIMES article, written for a younger generation, by a younger generation.

i know you use bb by choice, and it really hurts your ego when you face the fact that the most modern BB is a piece of shit when placed against the competition, but cmon guys, if its really "just a cell phone" than this thread wouldn't exist.

Yeah... You sound like a troll more than anything. If you werent, why would you be here?

I too hate the 9900s battery life, but it does last longer hand my 4s. The 9700 I have as a backup goes longer than both put together.

im an owner of 5 BBs and 2 iphones.
the 9930s battery life is atrocious, and it has bricked itself 4 times.

my 4s is still going strong, still outlasts my BB battery, and all the while has an actually useful camera, and applications besides twitter and facebook.

i have spent many hours on this site, spent many dollars on applications, and countless hours playing with my BBs, trying to get people to use BBs, and most importantly fixing everyone at works BBS. this was 2 yrs ago. now everyone has an iphone or an android because BB has become so irrelevant, you cant even buy one anymore at my verizon store. (i had to ask to be shown a 9930, which wasnt on display when i bought it, and as of now there isnt even a blackberry display at all). the last person to switch from a BB was my boss, who kept it for email. know why she switched? because her BB would routinely pull in hundreds of past emails that had already been viewed and sorted on her PC, out of the blue. this was the final straw, not to mention the BBs great email doesnt even allow for folder sorting...

you may call me a troll, i call me someone who has used the competition, and am purveying my opinion on the blackberry community that i am a part of.

this site used to be interesting when RIM was stille somewhat relevant, but alas, it has now become nothing more than short articles on some lame game or theme, as there is a severe lack of any actual news coming from RIM other than delays on BB10 and promises to indy devs that arent able to create the mainstream popular applications the user base wants.

the user base on here used to be interesting, but now i just envision a bunch of bitter people who think they need to make a statement by keeping and defending their blackberries, and referring to anyone who sees differently as a troll.

Coming to a fan site while not a fan with the intent to criticize people's choices and start arguments is not only trolling, but it's also a sad, sad life. Why all the hate? Does it really bother you SO much that somebody enjoys something different than you do that you have to convince them that they are wrong? Who are you trying to convince, yourself or them? If everything suited everyone the same, there would be only one kind of car, house, phone, kleenex, dish soap, toilet paper, etc... Do you walk into a friend's house and start criticizing their furniture or their artwork just because you would have picked a different painting or couch? Well, maybe you do and maybe that's the problem...

i am already convinced that RIM is ripping off its customers. i am convinced i wasted 300$ on my 9930, hoping that it would be RIMs comeback, i am convinced that blackberry owners are for the most part just as judgmental towards ios or android users, i am convinced you have no valid argument to my prior post which most certainly justifies my right to an opinion in this community, which resulted in an attempt at personal defamation.

no i do not judge friends houses on what they chose for furniture, or artwork.

i do judge a company that sat idly as the competition passed them by, that had promised repeatedly to deliver and constantly failed.

i wish bb10 the best, but alas, after this many delays, in my personal disgruntled opinion based off many poor experiences dealing with RIM, i dont have much confidence.

If you hurry you can still sell your 9930 on Kijiji for at least 250. Then why don't you ask your mom for 50 bucks, call it even, and quit whining! Then everybody will be much happier. Go away now, iMore is up and to the left.

"i am already convinced that RIM is ripping off its customers" - How? My 9900 and PlayBook work just fine.

" i am convinced i wasted 300$ on my 9930, hoping that it would be RIMs comeback" - Sorry you paid $300, but blame Verizon or Sprint.. I picked up a 9900 from AT&T on the first day it was released for $199 and one for my wife recently for $99.

"i am convinced that blackberry owners are for the most part just as judgmental towards ios or android users" - you realize that you are leaving negative comments on an post that was in response to a large media outlet bashing BlackBerrys right? Talk about tossing fuel on an already burning fire...

"i do judge a company that sat idly as the competition passed them by" - so what does this have to do with you? Were you forced at gunpoint to use one of these "subpar" devices?

"that had promised repeatedly to deliver and constantly failed"." - I'm curious what you "feel" you were promised but never received?

Perfect reply to all the Haters of BB..I appreciate :)
we are nt inviting any1 here but if they are coming then they sud respect others feeling.. we love what we choose to have, why should other have a headache about it. It is a SICK world..

He probably does criticize his friend's house, and that's why all he has left is to come here to vent. Nothing else to criticize!

because i own many blackberry devices, and this is the site i come for to read news about them, and also a site i used to frequent and love.

Okay... but you have made it abundantly clear that you think BBs are junk, RIM is a joke, and this site is useless drivel.... so you coming out here posting negative comments is perceived by many as trolling. Do you not get that? I get that you feel you need to voice you opinion, and nobody is saying you cant... you just may want to revisit your approach. Just my two cents...

Oh you iPhone users!
"They moved the headphone the bottom!"
Sorry you didn't like your 99xx. How that old iOS doing for you? (insert your "it works for me" rebuttal here). I personally have also had other device users call the pic quality of my 2-yr old style "cool". The fact is, outside of these forums, most people will overlook brand for features used in he real world. Like Bridging your PB to your BB which IS an eyebrow raiser. You can dismiss this all you want. In Q1, iOS will be the oldest mobile OS in the market. And for die-hard iPhone users, it's okay. But hypocritical when you go "it does everything for me" and bash us for the same comment. Now what if on impressive there's a huge list of Apple device cons or an article bashing iDevice and a BB user make a comment there similar to what you just did? You'd be more annoyed than a someone who gets heckled at their job by a comedian! I'm not by any means calling you a "troll" or even once in his comment throw out the "iSheep" reference because everyone's opinion is relevant. But you must admit that within the NYT article, 2 people isn't a significant slice of the opinion pie in an article. Maybe you should take a look at a Jimmy Kimmel skit from September 12th about iPhone users and ask "how many BB users would get caught out there looking foolish like that"? But in both cases, you have to show a bit of maturity and realize its just a device!! We can pick apart every platforms pros and cons and still get nowhere. No matter what region of the planet we are in. It's like Apple is the Borg and we all MUST become assimilated. IDK about you, but I'm happy with my bb experience even with its current flaws. To love something is to acccept it 100%. Todays trends prove that popularity and what everyone else thinks has become a priority and that's sad. Forget "iSheep", most people are just flat out "sheeple". Believe what you are told because some $500-a-share company came out with an app for that.
I'm glad you found a device that works for you. Don't bash us for our choice. Or else someone will come to your job and mock how you flip burgers. And it will be a yeti. So please, spit out the hater-aid....or yeti will find you.

I think i would be more embarrassed to have the phone everyone else has just so I can be like them... Black Sheep much better than iSheep!

heck no!!i have a 9300 and i love it!!it suits my needs!i dont care about the browser i have a tablet,the apps available on the blackberry app world suit my needs and also a lot of people that i know own a blackberry!!since the contracts on my country are expensive and dont offer phones worth getting even if you have a 2 year contract and 75 euros per month a lot of people end up staying with blackberrys like 9300 ,8520 and 9870 because they are cheap compared to the bold 9900..BLACKBERRY FTW!!

The article was just poorly researched. It seemed to accept as fact that BlackBerries essentially don't have apps, that there is no map or driving directions, that you cannot make restaurant reservations, that you cannot surf the web etc. I'm the first to admit that my BB is not cutting edge and that RIM has suffered a serious lack of market intelligence and innovation the past few years. However, allowing such patently false assertions to go unchecked is unforgivable for a tech journalist

Embarassed! That's just ridiculous!...I spent my hard-earned cash on this device..why should I be ashamed when I CHOSE BB over all else!? It's not like there was a gun to my head! Some ppl just hav esteem issues and live their lives by other's rules...some ppl's pride is just false n over-inflated at best...

I'll be the odd one out here then.... I'm not embarrassed or ashamed, but I do certainly feel it from MANY when I pull out the blackberry... The "oh you still use one of those, I feel sorry for you" looks from friends and colleagues. Let's not kid ourselves, the best RIM has going right now is the 9900, and its 14 month old technology, doesn't keep pace with the latest from Samsung and Apple. I just can't wait for bb10, then we'll be rockin.

Hey Kevin, The NYTimes published my comment which includes a shameless plug for CB following the article:

"Judging from this article, one might think that people are abandoning their BlackBerrys in droves. This is simply not the case all over the world. In fact, there is a very vibrant community of BlackBerry devotees everywhere - There are milions of members, sharing information, helping each other resolve issues, discussing new devices and operating systems (the article fails to mention the upcoming BB OS 10), accessories, and much more. I think it is unfair that the author chose not to interview or talk to people who are still strong BB supporters. Yes the iPhone and Android phones are fine for certain people and a certain market but as communication devices they are second-rate in comparison to the security, data compression, physical keyboards, and, first and foremost, call and speakerphone quality."

It's located here:

If any (and all) of you would "Recommend" the comment, it'll be pushed to the User Choices (and maybe Editors' Pick) tabs! Thanks.

One of my favorite things to do is waltz into the local Apple store in MetroTown with my daughter (iphone freak) and yank out my BB 9900, play games, text, scan emails, phone people while she is waiting to be waited on. Just for fun. LoL

If you find you get your self esteem through your cellphone, I'd say you have bigger issues to worry about. It's a tool. Do you get all upset over a hammer or screwdriver? Get new friends and get a life!

not ashamed or embarrassed. just picked up a 9790 and am loving it. i have no problem showing it off in public.

I don't think I fit in either of the two options, I'm more of a I'm not embarrassed by a BlackBerry but I do have to make excuses for it.

I am not ashamed of my torch 9850..... Sometimes when I pull mine out people ask "what model is that" and are shocked when I say BlackBerry. Then I proceed to show them how easy it is to access my FB app and they have that deer in the headlights look...... They usually like how fast and quick it runs. Anyways I am due for upgrade and am patiently waiting for the BB10.

I was never a trend follower... I do what I like, I use what I want, and I live my life however I feel it. Unproductive critiques are ignored by me.

I proudly use my BB wherever I go with confidence because I choose to do so not because I'm peer-pressured to do so.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I was not embarrassed for having a BlackBerrry when I used one. However, I did have an embarrassing incident. My mother asked me if I knew when one of her favorite TV shows which had been on hiatus would air new episodes. I said I would check. The BlackBerry browser froze up, and then the BlackBerry itself froze up. I pulled the battery, waited for the device to reboot and told my mother I would check via my PC browser when I got home.

I felt like tossing the BlackBerry across the room at that time, especially since my mother, who is not the least bit technical, commented about the failure.

Ultimately, I got tired of the spinning clock hourglass, freezing, lagging, battery pulls, and long reboots. Those are some of the reasons why I no longer use a BlackBerry.

That last paragraph is a good, logical smart reason why people choose to go to another device. Not because it's popular, but because a user experience should not be frustrating. Don't bash a product because it's the bandwagon to jump on, but because your personal experience hasn't been well. I applaud your decision based on usage. It wasn't biased towards a brand blindly. Some people should see the example you made.

My wife's iClone did exactly the same thing this summer. I tried to open a video attachment to an email on her phone and the thing choked up and froze. After three minutes of fighting with it, (surely this "wonder device cannot fail??!!), I grabbed my 9900 opened the attachment and bridged it to my Playbook so we could watch it together on a bigger screen. Like buttah! All devices will fail sometimes, especially when you really need them to work, but my 9900 / Playbook combo hasn't failed me yet.
From my BB10 ready BlackBerry Playbook

I used to go to the Apple Store and load BlackBerry's website on the iPads. I thought it was funny at the time.

I still think more people than should have iDevices. I don't deny the cool factor, nor do I deny the abundance of apps. I just can't think of any reason ONE device should be considered good for everyone. That's like saying everyone should only wear one brand of shoe, use one brand of toothpaste or have one hairstyle.

I am proud of my BlackBerry. The folks who use other platforms because they choose to should be as well. I just get sick of the jerks who buy Android and iDevices because "they have more apps" or "everyone I know has one". There's Crackberry folks who are like this as well.


Wow, that post and the comments are "interesting".

Not 1 mention of BB10. F*ing United States and their sucking the iD*ck.

*sigh* frustrates me.

A Proud Canadian

Again, makes me laugh to see people who tie their sense of self esteem, importance and worth to a physical device or gadget...especially a smartphone. Makes me wonder how they manage at all.

I am not embarrassed by my Torch 9850, but I am embarrassed at times by BlackBerry, its lack of mainstream apps, the delay in BB10, the stock price, and general poor mojo. With that said, however, I regularly challenge others to prove to me why their phone is better, and I have yet to have anyone beat my 9850.

The issue here is RIM is working day and night for a massive comeback. All these news related sites are looking for news, and so they will continue to hammer Blackberry over and over again until they release Blackberry 10.

Once upon a time, RIM releases BB10 and it becomes a success. What do you think the NYT will be writing about? Completely retracting the past doom and gloom nonsense they've been spreading around about RIM.

People forget that Blackberry is still Number 3 in this industry. RIM has no debt, loads of cash, and looking at BB10, this hardware and software should rock away both Apple and Google by far.

It's never embarrassing to have done research and selected the best device for my needs. I have an iPhone (no service) that I use as an iPod with my car stereo. Why did I buy the iPhone instead of the iPod Touch? Because the "thinner, lighter" iPod touch split wide open the first time I dropped it in my driveway. It's all about priorities.

Now if RIM could release an adapter for BB10 devices that would convert the MicroUSB and MicroHDMI ports into a 30pin Apple connector that would respond to controls from 3rd party accessories (cars, alarm clocks, etc) and transfer song information and album art, I could ditch my iPhod once and for all.... New version of the Music Gateway maybe?

From the very first moment when I bought my Curve 8520, I have realized that I made a right decision! Until now, even offered between Bold 9900 and IP 5, my choice always be Bold :D

I'm still using a 9700, having had my contract expire when BB10 was originally supposed to debut, and I'm holding out until it is finally released! I am always happy with every aspect of my device. I access daily my various email accounts, extensive database, memo pad (for everything from poetry to recipes), calendar, fabulous media player, web browser, and of course cell phone. My device functions as an infallible modem for both my laptop and desktop computers; the connection is fast and I have virtually no buffering when I choose to watch videos on YouTube. The battery life on my 9700 is tremendous requiring charging about every day and 1/2, and contrary to what others have paid, I purchased a second, back-up battery for $19.95 on the site. Embarrassed of my Blackberry - NEVER!

I felt the preasure for the past year or so, people looking strange at me or asking me, oh you still have a blackberry? But not anymore, somehow, since late summer its been changing from that to some people telling me they want to change from iphone to blackberry, specially the 9900 for the keyboard. Others tell me the iphone 5 has nothing new. But android is gaining adopters and the samsung s3 is being described as the best phone ever made. So for RIM blackberry 10 should start from there the s3 as minimum specs for it to make a statement.

The line I found hilarious was the bit about us probably still using AOL. Do they realize that we have the best IM platform in existence? If you're going to complain about BlackBerry, complain about the lack of media apps or the browser or maddening clock when it freezes. But that guy showed how clueless he was about BB.

Well I stored my BB 9810 to get a Galaxy Nexus to which I am running CM10 Nightly. My next phone will be the Galaxy Note 2. Curious about the "Nexus 4" from LG but hope it doesn't have 8GB RAM. I'm hoping for the best with BB10 and the London phone.

Well I stored my BB 9810 to get a Galaxy Nexus to which I am running CM10 Nightly. My next phone will be the Galaxy Note 2. Curious about the "Nexus 4" from LG but hope it doesn't have 8GB RAM. I'm hoping for the best with BB10 and the London phone.

EDIT: Double post. Sorry about that.

I carry my torch with so much pride & confidence...
Its elegant.

My question is no1 is puttin a gun on her head & asking her to carry a BB... if she don't like it then she should nt carry it all... Bloody Stupid B!#ch... Cant hate her more for her stupidity....

Hell no....BB is my key business communication tool to help me pay my bills and grow my family like nothing else can. Each of us miles will vary of course. But it does exactly what I need to do my work, to stay in touch at way less expensive and much more efficient than other mobile platform.


Is there really a general consensus that BB10 will be the "savior" RIM is looking for? Why is that? I'll admit I don't know enough about what makes BB10 "different". I know of the "time warp" feature, but even that seems a bit more of a toy, and not in line with the "BB as a tool" philosophy. But can BB10 really have the impact that everyone is hoping for?

I'm not an Apple guy. My wife has an iPhone, but I have a 9900, which replaced my 9700. My tablet is a Playbook. But I have to admit (notwithstanding the prejudices here) that Apple does it right. I still remember Jobs introducing the first iPhone; it was huge. It had so much built into it, that wasn't there (at least in one place) before. And then he made it available shortly after the presentation. None of this "Here's our new's great, and you'll see it in six months or so".

I honestly feel a bit bad for RIM. If I were them, I'd be looking over my shoulder and living in fear, knowing that by the time BB10 hits, there's been enough waiting that people will be expecting something truly revolutionary. Is BB10 revolutionary? I don'y know enough about it. I do know, you CAN'T make people wait months for more of the same.

And in the meantime, are the competitors developing a product or OS that has the same features, or perhaps even something newer and better? If I were RIM, that would keep me up at night.

Again, Apple does it right. The anticipation is not the release of their's hearing about their product. The release is just a few weeks later. But RIM has let us hear about their product, and anticipate it's release. Is it still possible to be "wowwed"?

And honestly, "BB by choice" is the worst slogan I can imagine. It doesn't fit. How many iPhone owners were 'forced" to go Apple? How many Android? But I talk to BB owners all the time that HAVE to carry a BB, because of the company network. I’m one of these. I was perfectly happy carrying my HTC Diamond (yes, it was a while ago) before being forced to take up a BB. While most of my resistance was to being accessible via email at all times (my Diamond had only my home email), the point is I, like so many, had BB forced upon us. You really don’t see that on other platforms.

And here’s the real problem…more and more business (mine included) are moving toward allowing whatever device the user wants. That will mean less BB’s in corporate hands, not more. I understand that my company’s move has been held up only by the delay of a new BIS (or something along those lines). So I guess in some cases, these delays by RIM are a positive.

I’d dearly like to see RIM succeed, and hope that they do. But I’m having trouble being optimistic about BB10; I don’t think it can possibly live up to the “hype” that has grown from its delayed release. Particularly with the way tech is moving now…what will Samsung have brought to the table by January/February?

Who knows…with my lack of optimism, perhaps I’m the only one who won’t be disappointed.

completely agree, the longer the delay, the higher the expectation, the larger the gap between bb and others, can BB10 actually answer it's critics? And let's face

Very valid post. But for the "BB by choice" being the worst- that iPhone and Android users aren't "forced" to go that route, is a matter of debate. The majority of the masses aren't tech savvy like us. So when they go into a retailer, they aren't up to speed on what works. Even if we, the tech savvy go onto one, and ask for a BB, what happens, we get ridiculed, led to an apple or android product, or both. The non-tech savvy are going to be talked into buying the product. Forced, no. But just as bad if we are being questioned about our choices. "BB by choice" is truth in a way. We know what works for us and what we like and will not be "steered" away.

"It had so much built into it, that wasn't there (at least in one place) before" - really? like copy and paste... oh wait, that came much later.

Wow...good found a deficiency. Have a cookie.

Is that really what you came back with? How sad. Yes, you're right that the iPhone, when first released didn't have copy and paste. But you're fooling yourself if you deny that the release was seen by most as revolutionary...not just the product itself,but also in how Jobs delivered it.

But you're right...copy and paste was missing. Say...what was missing from the Playbook on release, that required the release of a patch a week or so later. What was still missing before 2.0 was released thereafter?

Come to me when you have something.

Love all the BBs i've had, still love it, I'm just fed up of defending the brand and the constant postponement of the release of BB10, I've never read so much about a phone (over a year of articles), I will wait for BB10, can't see myself using an iphone or driod and yet I just hope that whenever it's released, it's not too late to save BB.

Must also admit, the phone CAN be embarassing as it fails me in public when I need it most at times and the fact that apps come out and are generally available for iphone and andriods only makes it worse.

80% (of 140people) of people in my church were using BB last year, including the church staff that had switched ALL phones to BB, as of last month, about 30% still use it, the staff have switched ove to iphones/ipads and others are waiting till they can afford iphone5 or switch to galaxy s3

Even my car charges driods and iphones and not my bold 9900 (had it replaced twice, still doesn't charge it) but the bluetooth works fantastically, plays all songs on my bold without any prompts, car connects and music starts to play (LOVE IT)...CAN'T WAIT (HONESTLY) FOR BB10!!!!!!!!! GOODNESS

C'mon blackberry, I've talked you up too much, please don't dissapoint


It's apparent that the motivation of the NYT article is to get responses. It is very easy to get this/our community up in arms. I am a strong believer in BB, I own a 9900 and the apps I use are more than helpful, quick and up to date.

The current and past messaging about the BB experience mostly comes from the competition and very little comes from RIM/Blackberry. Going forward the feeling of pride and pleasure for carrying a BB is going to be based on how much muscle RIM puts into the brand, the marketing and after sales support.

Forbes and WSJ put out an article on Friday stating that MSFT is planning on spending $1.5B on the marketing for W8 phones........They know that to get any traction they have to blast prospects with the message that they are "new and better". I hope Rim marketing pays close attention, it's gonna be a war.

To close this up, I'm quite sure that as BB10 gets closer to launch, the PR against the device WILL ramp up like never before. Small advice, ignore, ignore, ignore.

I'm not embarrassed with my current Torch 9810,...however, I want to express to Heins what I'm expecting from RIM upon the launch of the new BB10 devices. Mr. Heins, I, like many others are patiently waiting for a BB10 device that is on par with the soon to be released HTC One X+. Note that a device that exceeds the HTC One X+ would be nice,....but I,..and many others feel that BB needs to step up their game or leave the field.

That said, being that you have had plenty of time to spec' out the competition devices, there is no way that RIM should release a device that is subpar on every level.

Again, if you want to be the Boss,...then be the Boss!,....respect isn't given in this market, have to take it!

JMD, Northern VA - USA!


I wanted to respond directly to this post to ensure we all express a united point to RIM. IF the BB10 is a better device than the rest, do you think it will help RIM?

The reason I ask this loaded question is this, right now the 9900/9930 smartphone is more then enough phone to manage the tide of agnst most BB users feel. It does not do the app stuff great, but I submit it's less about the device and more about the ecosystem and brand than the device.

RIM has to be competitive ( not just just some, BUT WAY MORE) not only with the device, but also with the brand and the company pride. I was shocked when I read a very positive article from CNET this morning about the BB10 experience ( not one caveat, just praise.Why should we be shocked?

I already know that the phone will be a great device: However it's not gonna change or stop the bashing or defection unless it's supported by a strong voice and $$ behind marketing.

so, what do i advocate; RIM, CEO, bet big on brand update, marketing muscle and ecosystem support in every way.

Show your supporter, you care about the BB brand.

HA! That's a good one. When it comes to communications- I'd be embarrassed by having an iPhone or anything else besides a berry. If you want a shiny toy to play games with- get that icrap and have fun being mindless.

more often than not i'm frustrated at it's slow behavior, but that's about it, blackberry is more or less a fad where i live. i just can't wait until the l series bb 10 device is launched so i can finally get rid of my old storm 2 9550

Let's see...iOS is currently the oldest OS on the market. Some may say they found a formula that works. But when the EiC of iMore (arguably one of the biggest iPhone supporters around) has multiple gripes about iOS 6, I have to agree it's showing some grey.

Android is the OS that changed the smartphone market, allowing more companies to produce smartphones than ever. My issue is quality. Apple and RIM produce their own devices, and therefore make the OS fit the device. Android seems to only be really impressive on the big names (Samsung, for example) and has a bunch of plastic slabs with a cookie cutter interface fill the rest of the space.

I dropped a BlackBerry Storm from over 20 feet in the air when I was a cable installer. Nothing happened to it. It had fallen from similar heights multiple times. My coworkers with iPhone's laughed when they heard I dropped it, but stopped when I pulled it out to answer a text message.

Just another reason I stay BlackBerry: they're the best built devices I've ever used.

Embarrassed only because I'm still rocking the Storm 2 and I purposely put off upgrading my phone twice (with OS 6- and OS7-compatible phones) get use my upgrade to get the first QNX-powered BlackBerry.

If anyone tries to tease me into being ashamed of my phone, I usually just tell them that it works for me for what I want it to do, and clearly it's not the phone for them. But honestly, I could care less what phone other people are using.

I just had lunch with some buddies at work. 5 had iphones, 1 had a GSII. I had my 9930 proudly out on the table. I would never be ashamed of such a great device. But they know that, lol. They stopped bringing up, becasue they have yet to show me anyhting that I can't do with my BB. Apps simply don't count to me and that's all they've got. Haha

I think my Facebook post says it all :
Do you remember when the New York Times was considered a credible news source?
Neither do I.

I am not embarrased by my BB9850. I have had 4 BB's. 8830, Storm 1&2 and now the Torch 9850. To this point....the BB touchscreen is a little stale...I have had issues with the phone....and I would have upgraded to BB10 if it was out this month.

I think some of the problem is the Bad Press....a release date of March 2013.....and all the release pictures of the BB10. BB is trying to re-invent itself, start a whole new line of phones and essentially create a new hardware company.

I have to admit I have a friend with a new Galaxy S3...and it is pretty impressive. Hope I can hold out until March.

A good idea would be a pre-order or special discount from BB for people who have had multiple BB's....some kind of "Loyalty Program".

If u are Canadian like me, I'll proudlly say hell NO but sadly for most Yanks , I think of late that feeling is creeping in. Hopefully BB10 ( if no further delay ) will change that.

I can't speak for the US user market but I disagree with your observation. Maybe disappointment in some of what has been going on regarding models and support, but not embarrassment. If you are relegated to using what your company supplies then if not to the users personnel liking then maybe also embarrassment but this could be in any surrounding. ;-)

Everyone in my company knows I'll fight for BlackBerry and that I'm very vocal about it.
I take my 9900, Curve and PB with me EVERYWHERE and I'm not one bit nervous or afraid to 'whip it out' when asked for a PB/9900/Curve demonstration.

I will answer the demo bell call ANYTIME an isheep or droid user wishes. My iPad is usually with me in my bag but rarely sees the light of day, but I'll pull it out to show people that I really do know what I'm talking about.

I'm embarrased only that it's taken this long to bring 'The 10' to market. But I soften that with....the longer we wait, the better it will be from the gate. One of those "All good things come those who wait" ideas.

To me, this is a bit too much like "Honey, do these jeans make my butt look big?"

Regardless of the truth, there's really only one acceptable answer unless you want to be sleeping on the couch.

Why should I be ashamed of my Blackberry?

First off, just this past weekend I was trading phone numbers with someone and pulled out my 9860. They asked me, is that an iPhone? I explained no it was a Balckberry but the full touchscreen Torch. So why should I be ashamed of something that people on a glance think could be an iPhone

Second, when I would watch the judge shows my wife loves that are recorded on our DVR every day, invariably I would see at least one iPhone a month that was destroyed or stolen and the person who was suing for its value was someone with no means to buy an iPhone (in other words, a person with no job). At that time I had the Pre Plus from Palm and I thought to myself, well at least I never have to see someone suing their baby daddy over my same phone on national TV like I would if I owned an iPhone. I feel the same way about my Torch, its highly unlikely to be argued over on those shows because it is not primarily an Angry Birds player. It is a tool.

I have most recently owned/own a Touchpad, Pre 3, iPad 2, Playbook, Droid Pro, Galaxy SIII, and 9860. I use all the OSes out there except Windows Phone so far. Why should I be ashamed?

I am only embarrassed by some people's irrational reactions to it. A rude sales guy at T-Mobile belittled me for owning one. If someone puts you down for the type of smartphone you carry and is so shallow by making their iPhone or SIII some kind of status symbol, it says a lot about them.

I've waited this long, and I will keep waiting till RIM/BB makes their comeback. :-)


I'm not embarrassed by my phone. I chose it, I like it. It's no one else's business but my own.

That and the fact that for some reason or another, people I know talk to me like I'm responsible for leading them to a phone that made them unhappy. Whether they bought their phone because I told them I was happy with mine or not, that decision was their own. I picked the phone that was best for me, not the phone that someone else told me was best for me.

Not embarrassed just annoyed that people keep asking me why I still have one or when I'm gonna switch, or tired of hearing people explain why I should switch and they can't come up with a legit reason
Other than that proud to have a blackberry by choice. And not be drowning in a sea of iSheep who follow the trends. Black sheep all day. Mind you people don't bother me too much about my bb as much as that article glorifies it, maybe cuz I'm from Canada, the birth place of it, and it's pretty popular here, especially in Toronto

I wouldn't say ashamed. When ppl say, "you can't do this or that" I'll say "that may be true" and I'll admit but I will defend it tooth and nail against all phones. Just in durability it out shines most iphones, and allllllll htc sprint phones. Then I'll just use the I don't need a toy I need a tool and have an email off to show which is best!

I've never been ashamed of my BB (although my 2G 8900 was getting a little long in the tooth) but people certainly try and make me feel embarrassed about it.

I would much rather be a black sheep than an iPhone clone. Look at me look at me I have an iPhone just like my little niece and my grandmother.

There is no way I'd be embarrassed about my BB or PB,they are all ways with me and never hidden, out in the open for every one to see.

When I read these articles alot of ppl still have old 83xx series phones. I would be ashamed if I didn't have a 9810/9900/9360 phone as well.

Majority of what the person wanted to do could have been found in Appworld. Really sick of these click-bait articles on ZDnet, cnet and the like now.

Most of these sites are about money, so if one company (eg. Company A) says go and bash company B and C and we will give you $10 grand, of course they're going to do it. It is all about the money now, not about competition, getting better or giving the consumer a great product.

In an ever increasing world of metro-sexuals, I'll tell you what does embarrass me is seeing a husband and wife couple with matching iphones... Is it just me or is that visual just wrong?

I can understand if someone honestly has a preference for the apple products, but its perplexing to see grown men and women carry on with their devices like some high school attention craving spoiled brats with overactive hormones... Like seriously, it's a bleeping phone! Get over yourself and please shove that thing in your pocket or purse - its really not that special!

My family have 4 blackberry devices, 2 9810's and 2 9900's - they are all white and we use them to stay organized and communicate with each other efficiently with BBM groups (shared calendar entries for family tasks like doc appointments, garbage day, add salt to water softener etc.) we love having a tool that doesn't change our personalities into bizarre walking dead types.

When we are in public, you'll barely notice we have a phone, unless of course an alert triggers... Then we will discreetly find a way to react without announcing to the world that we 'got a message!'. When we are in public, we are in person.... And if we need to go virtual, we excuse our self and discreetly attend to the 'virtual' matter without trying to draw attention to the tool.

I think the 'embarrassing' part is that people think a phone makes them special.... Well, I guess it does make them 'short-bus' special!

Proudly hiding my device because it's a tool not a trophy!

I actually feel good holding my sexy 9900. And I certainly do not mind getting it out in public. Why should I? It's a device I love using! And especially when I have my Playbook with me, the two are quite the pair!

Curve 3g is my phone, kinda bottom end for BB phones but I love it, I do phone stuff on my phone, the Playbook is for everything else. I also love it when my old phone out performs new tech like iphonies and robodroids.

The thing I dont understand is that when I was at the point of my life to care if something was cool or not it definetly was uncool to follow a trend because everyone was doing it. The truely cool people (Pony Boy, Elivis, Max Headrom, Kermit the Frog, Metallica, Pink, Lady Gaga, Obama, etc... ) didnt follow what others did they broke the mold. Iphone people, in my opinion, are mostly people that want to fit in with the cool kids because they are insecure. Be Bold!!!

So well said!! I've tried to word the same sentiments but you nailed it. Carry on!!
From my Neutrino powered Blackberry Playbook

I love my phone (torch 9700), I will be with BlackBerry till the end. I am an IT Nerd, which seems to be accustomed with an Android device, but I do not care, Malware on a phone? What the hell is up with that. I am not a hipster, douche bag, so I do not want an iPhone.

BB for Life. BB by Choice. BB Forever

I used the 8900,9700 and now the 9900.
People asked me why is that green LED flashing and I explain to them "Oh, its a led notification of a specific color I set to when they BBM me or Text me.
It will flash Red when I have new Emails."
They started searching for a such app on their Iphone.
Just to find out its not possible to have this function.
I explain to them about how good and easy it is to use the physical Keyboard instead of a touchscreen.

In the end i asked them "why did you choose the iphone?"
Their answer was "i don't know, i don't even like this phone, its only fun for the games and everything but their isn't much to it."

I guess Iphone users are more embarrassed as to they choose the phone because of hype and not the function a phone it can offer for the user.

iPhone 5 battery issues reported

Apple’s claims to have improved the smartphone owner’s perennial problem of disappointing battery life with the iPhone 5 look to be wide of the mark today, amid an outbreak of complaints from chagrined early adopters.

With no official response and mixed testimonies online, it’s hard to discern the scale of the problem. However, threads on the Apple support forums, one of which stretches to over 100 replies, more than testify to its existence.

Among them is Holdrege, who reports that his “iPhone 5 drains way faster than my two-year-old iPhone 4. Meanwhile, DJleviathan attests that although Apple claims the battery will provide “eight hours of constant use” in reality it “ends up only lasting half that time”.

One London-based Orange customer who got in touch with us reported that his battery fell from “90 per cent to 10 per cent in eight hours with LTE on”, in which time he claims to have only used the internet to “check the Fulham scores once or twice”.

Apple’s marketing copy claims that the iPhone 5’s custom-built A6 processor is so power efficient that the phone lasts twice as long as the iPhone 4S on a single full charge, despite potential battery-punishing features on the new handset such as a larger screen and 4G connectivity.

The company is also currently attempting to deflect criticism of the iPhone 5's Apple Maps mapping solution, which has been found to be riddled with inaccuracies and spelling howlers.

Experiencing battery problems with your iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments section below.


Apple support forums

It may differ by country, but I've heard Apple's iPhone5 claim of battery life claim *on*GSM*mode*.

Many folks missed this; GSM mode is "3G" which uses much less power than 4G "LTE" mode.

So yes, iPhone5 advertisements are bordering on misleading to many folks...

I read that article myself this morning and I wanted to reach through the cloud and just b1tch slap the taste buds out of its mouth. I have never in all my life read such crap. To think that she calls itself a professional is pathetic.

I'm sorry - should I be? I see so many blackberries around me every day despite the various naysayers in the media. I'm located in Calgary where business is booming - and business people need a great weapon of mass communication.

I cannot possibly be embarassed or ashamed to whip out my white 9900 with its sherbert orange rubber on it. It looks delicious and I couldn't be without it.

im also in Calgary now and ive had quite a shock hearing everyone and seeing how many people use it on the c-train or while walking its quite a refreshing thing to see so many BB holders.

Altho... i can pick bbs out a mile away since i know them all by number and type ... damn my RIM training lol ive been BlackBerryized my eyes see them so perfectly due to shape form and style.

Bad Press can even prevent a political party from winning an election. The onus is on RIM to not only impress the customers but also members of the press. As we can see 2 persons' opinion were posted for all the world to see Blackberry in a negative light.

I have a 9800 torch and I can play games, read magazines, surf the web, bbm my friends, check my mails, take high res pics, facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.....

I say that to say this that Blackberry phones are capable but because of predominantly negative press it seems worthless. Most people don't know the use of blackberry beyond bbm....

BB10... Cant wait ^_^!

I am not ashamed of my Blackberry Bold (it being the nicest BB to date) but I do hate having the "have not" phone. I'm sick and tired of explaining to people why I do not have certain apps etc.

i only voted that I was embarrassed is because I am using my trusty old 9000 from 4 years ago. Now if I was using the new 9900, that would be a different story

Proud to be seen with my BlackBerry! I'm proud because I'm using it to be more productive: to write emails and stay on top of the latest business and world news. I'm not a teenage kid who plays Angry Birds. BlackBerry people do, and they are leaders, not followers.

However, I am embarrassed that RIM rested on their laurels for too long.

I love the physical keyboard on my 9900. I love being able to work efficiently with thousands of nested folders on exchange. I LOVE the context based menus I can access EVERYWHERE. I love the ability to customize just about everything from fonts, to sounds, to themes, etc. And that's enough to keep me on the Blackberry platform. But I won't kid myself - and I don't lie to others - in every single other respect the Blackberry platform (prior to BB10) is just plain horrible. The internet sucks. The battery life on the 9900 sucks. The spinning clock freezes the phone at least 10% of the time (oh, let's be fair, it's so f*cked the clock doesn't even spin anymore). There are dismally few apps for real productivity - to say nothing of the fact the small screen and slow processor and crappy rendering would render even a good app (if it were available) as useless. I have been on the Blackberry platform since 1998. I bleed Blackberry black. I have my Blackberry glued to my hip 24/7 and feel naked and vulnerable without it. So, yes. I am embarrassed when I pull out my Blackberry and have to explain to people why the 3 or 4 features the Blackberry does still offer are enough to keep me away from a shiny new techno-geeky toy. And I am freakin’ pissed to no end at the f*ck-nuts at RIM that are killing my Blackberry true love!!!

Little is said about the role of the rather incestuous tech "press". They decided, apparently, that the only COOL products are Apple, so everything else is no good. Take the short list of things that have been documented as major problems with the new iphones, add the age of the OS, even consider that it looks basically the same as every other iproduct - now, change Apple to RIM and see what kind of reporting you think there would be on the devices. Same for any statement by Steve Jobs like the one about the Kindle was DOA because "people don't read" or his dismissal of 7" tablets, put another CEO's name on them and wait for the howling laughter and derision from the tech press....

I still don't know why the tech press has decided there can be only one acceptable choice -- grownups should know better. Get what you like, enjoy it, and most of all -- don't tell me about it unless I ask.

Wow, the media has really hit rock bottom with this mobile tech article. I've know for a while that they are RIM adversed and Apple biased but this takes it all.

What I was extremely impressed with were the reader responses on the NYT site and on Yahoo's Finance site when they just re-posted the same article. A great majority has already put down the article for its stupidity of individuals with extremely poor esteem and being an absurd way the media can be used. Is this really what our society has come to?

Imagine if this was an article about an American car that was purchased.. what am I saying? .. that would never be written by the NYTs. So why then are they attacking a mobile tech manufacturer especially one that has paved the way for other mobile tech manufacturers.

The author should be fired for writing this drivel.

Proud of all my Blackberry devices. Use what makes ya happy!

I had to read the title twice because I thought i might have misread it. To be "embarrassed"about a phone. This is just a phone. it is tool of communication. Not a fashion statement. Honestly some have way too much time to think about stuff. Crazy.

I use mine proudly and will tell the naysayers why. I will give props to what other phones do better but I've yet to see anything that made me want to switch. I'll show them my 9900 and most are surprised by the look and especially the touch screen. RIM did a terrible marketing job on all of the OS7 devices so most people picture BBs that are 3 generations out or worse.

I also tell them to keep an eye out for BB10 next year and they will be surprised.

How many iPhone users are embarrassed by their phones if they're not using the latest model?

I bet the percentage is higher...

One way we can annoy them: everytime you see a 4s or something older. "Are you going to upgrade to an iphone 5?????" This will get the 4s owners heart racing and heart burning for a new product. Fire with fire my friends.

If you would be embarrassed about using an iphone from three years ago, then you SHOULD be embarrassed about using a current Blackberry!

I can't wait for BB10!!!

I have a 9900. Thin, upscale build quality and it does everything I need it to do. I'm looking forward to BB10, of course, but I've never been happier overall, and I've tried the others. 80% of my use is talk, text and email. I use BB Traffic, Wisepilot, Facebook, browser and music player the other 20%. Can't imagine being embarassed by a phone? Poor self-esteem? Of course, if your company gives you a cheap phone and only upgrades every 4 years, well a 4 year old droid is embarrassing too.

If you are embarrassed by the tech you carry then yes your "smartphone" is smarter than you are.

I love this comment above, by Glamriama. I drive a 1997 car because it well, and has great fuel economy. I use a 9810 because it well, and meets my needs. Lets get back to using tools, rather than status symbols.

I'm about DONE with this BB bashing nonsense....and for the non-Americans on this board, THIS is a great window into our shallow, pathetic, "OMG! what will my friends think?" culture. It's why we have to outdo each other in house size, car size, and breast size....empty-headed, plastic, trend following drones named Ken and Barbie.
"Like, I can't, like, watch a movie on a 4 inch screen or, like, waste time playing a game, like, about birds! What WILL I ever, like, do??", now we are all reduced to middle-school girl cliques, huh? F*** you

My BlackBerry phone does what I need it to do to keep me connected to my world. Was in the Sprint store today playing around with the Samsung Galaxy and the HTC, was not impressed. My 9930 is my weapon of choice and I'll whip it out in a heartbeat. Then again, I've always had my own mind about things (as my Mom will tell you! ). And here in NYC, there's still a lotta folks with BlackBerry. And a wide range of phones. I have a tech friend who still has a basic cell phone! (His way of unplugging.)

Now my younger brother who has a DROID phone gives me a lot of ribbing about it. He thinks I'm a Crackberry 'addict' in denial about RIM and the state of the company. Then again, we grew up in Queens as Mets fans, and now he's a Yankees fan. So you know what he says goes through one ear and out the other. Just waiting for BB10 so I can really blow him away!

It may be difficult to explain to people why I use a BlackBerry and convince people that BlackBerry is a great device, but I LOVE my BlackBerry and will stand up for it any day!!

I can't say i'm ashame of my blackberry, I'm just looking forward to something new, with more speed, more power, more apps, more games. I'm tired of the same interface, same freezing, lack of memory, issue. I feel like I'm running on 98/ME while windows xp is out there. It's time for an upgrade. Ashame no? wanting for something more YES. So so #bb10 patiently waiting for.

I can't say i'm ashame of my blackberry, I'm just looking forward to something new, with more speed, more power, more apps, more games. I'm tired of the same interface, same freezing, lack of memory, issue. I feel like I'm running on 98/ME while windows xp is out there. It's time for an upgrade. Ashame no? wanting for something more YES. So so #bb10 patiently waiting for.

I still have people asking me about my 9900 amazed that it has a physical keyboard and touch screen. Unfortunately nobody knows about my playbook they are in aww finding out that blackberry makes a tablet.

I still have people asking me about my 9900 amazed that it has a physical keyboard and touch screen. Unfortunately nobody knows about my playbook they are in aww finding out that blackberry makes a tablet.

I have no problems what so ever of using my Blackberry Torch "2" in public...especially when I hear of some of my co workers complaining about their new iphone 5 getting scratched after a week of having it, or breaking because they had it in their back pocket...I have dropped my Torch on one occasion and still in mint condition (had it in an Otterbox case)...also..this article is from a USA paper...I'm Canadian! and so is Blackberry!....

Bud you don't need an otterbox for it not to break. I have dropped my 9900 on the ceramic tile in the kitchen and the first thing I do is check if I cracked the tile or grout.

I use my BlackBerry 9900 to stand out amongst the sea of iPhones and Androids. And I put it on the table with pride.

Outside of the occasional spinning clock symbol, I really can't complain. It's a solid device that's taken a lot of clumsy falls yet still delivers all my emails/txts/msgs in a timely fashion.

The fact that this article became published goes to show where journalism has gone. No research and now concensus on newer devices. Pin a 9900 vs an I5 in real world testing.

Never am I embarrassed by my phone. If you try to make fun of me for my phone I will make fun of you for being insecure about your life.

I bet the woman in the article has an 8330 or an old tour. Get a 9900 and then write an article. Do that for research.

Ohh and if your embarrassed as a sales professional then get a new phone! Ohh wait your prob not good at your job to make the extra $ to get a phone you want.

This whole article from NYT is just pathetic and riddled with BGR support behind it.

Surprisingly, iBGR hasn't posted it yet... they just posted the "Instagram isn't coming to BB10" that was refuted by Kevin yesterday or the day before. Technobuffalo posted a summarized version of the NYT article.. sad that other media outlets give this isht more "air time".

I'm not even going to go check but if they posted that fake instagram article written by that van grove bitch after kevin CONFIRMED WITH HIS SOURCES and made a crackberry exclusive. That shows the true agenda of the mainstream

This is unreal! Its a phone. To be either proud, or embarassed, should be considered signs of serious mental health issues. I run my business from my smartphone, currently a BB, and the only thing that embarrasses me is having my phone ring while visiting with a friend or customer. I often use bluetooth headset, and rip it out immediately if I'm talking to someone. 'Silent' gets used lots on my phone, and customers leave messages.

Sorry to say this but I am... just tiny little bit though. That's just because whenever I don't have anything to do when I'm around my co-workers, I end up borrowing their iPhone/Android phone to play games which I really can't do on my Curve 9320.

Sorry to say this but I am... just tiny little bit though. That's just because whenever I don't have anything to do when I'm around my co-workers, I end up borrowing their iPhone/Android phone to play games which I really can't do on my Curve 9320.

Well, if you're at work, maybe you shouldn't be playing games in the first place. ;)
And if you're around your co-workers and don't have anything to do, then go home! Because your friends are boring? lol

No way. I love my bb. Beside why should I worry about what other people think of my phone. It's my phone & I'm the one using it.

I love my BlackBerry, even in it's current state of disrepair.
It's great.

I have been due an upgrade for a a few months now and, although I really like the new Bold, I'm holding off until BB10.