CrackBerry Asks: What's most important to you - apps or games?

Apps or games
By James Richardson on 11 Jan 2014 10:16 am EST

Since BlackBerry 10 was first launched, one of the main things that always gets stick from the press is BlackBerry App World. We certainly don't have the volume of apps that our Android or iPhone friends have, although I'm a great believer in 'quality, not quantity'. We do have many big name tiles, but there are still a bunch missing, although some third party apps counter balance this. 

Moving forward, BlackBerry is certainly going to focus on the enterprise side of things, but as CEO John Chen recently said, they also are not moving away from the consumer market - which is encouraging. 

What we use our BlackBerry smartphones for will vary from user to user and in addition which device you use may depict whether you are a gamer or an app person. For me, I use the BlackBerry Q10 as my main device. This is because the most important things I use my smartphone for is communication and productivity - and you won't ever find me without it on my person. Other people may well favor the all touch BlackBerry's as gaming is not only better on a larger display, but there are more games available to the Z30 & Z10

So which is most important to you as a BlackBerry user? Hit up the poll below and give us an insight as to what you want from your BlackBerry in the future. Maybe BlackBerry will meet us in the middle at some point and give us a larger touch device, but still with a hardware keyboard. 


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CrackBerry Asks: What's most important to you - apps or games?



Excuse my french but, *&¨$%# games. Give me apps that will make me perform better professionally ang GSD twice as fast!

Quality apps. If you're going to take this long to get apps in the store, then at least make the apps worth the wait. (Drops Mic and walks off stage)

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The most important thing is being able to rely on my phone throughout the day. Having the apps to do that are high on the list. Games are a nice option for down-time, but being able to actually be productive is more of a priority.

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Voted for both. Why? Because the platform needs more people to join in. And IMHO, if you have a touch screen than you also have a mobile entertaining system.
So, games and apps are equally important.

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The stock Blackberry 10 OS does 80% of what I need it to do without any apps at all. App World takes care of practically everything else. My Q10 isn't a gaming machine anyways so for me, games are irrelevant.

But for those that do game etc...Of course more choice is better. Although with the ability to load APK's directly now, the situation should steadily improve. Although native apps are always better. Than sideloaded/ported apps IMHO.

Hopefully devs get on board and we get more choice.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

Apps, I have always believed a phone to be too small for gaming. I think my reasoning is because I use to be a hard core console gamer and use to a controller and a large TV screen. Apps however can be used for productivity. I would like to see more medical based apps such as medscape and epocrates. I have side loaded the Android apps but would prefer native or official apps.

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Apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps,
apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps, apps

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Yeah I have that issue too. But then when I look at CB on a desktop, my avatar is there. I guess that's why no one takes the complaint seriously, since they can see the image clear as day on a computer! Must be a local fault in the handset. Not worth worrying about really.

Find the security/app permissions.

Check if CB has "shared files" as denied or allowed.

Not sure if it helps, but my little drunk buddy showed up after I changed to allowed.


Definitely apps. Not that I mind gaming but I have spent a couple hundred bucks on apps and maybe $2 on games

Posted from my 9900, z10, z30 or PlayBook

I could care less for movies...I have TV at home. if you have time to watch a movie or TV shows on your phone, maybe you should put the phone down and live your life.

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Apps for sure. I love my Z10 but I have really considered switching to an IPhone because the apps that I could use that work well for me to do my work are there. I was hopeful that with these new devices we would hace many more apps, but have been left a bit disillusioned. I have to carry both my IPod touch and my BlackBerry everyday. So yes we need productivity apps

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Can we have to the blacklist of android. With blacklist and white list. It is for free in samsung s3. Last time I bought it in BlackBerry world but still the android application still the best

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I only have a couple of games I really play. Other than that I need basic social networks with good features and productive apps

That is all

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I mean my z10 still has the orientation issue. Won't go into landscape mode when I rotate the phone. Am I the only one with the problem.!?

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Where on earth are the credit card payments apps! I'm a small business owner and need to be productive and responsive on the go and need to take payments! So frustrating. And half assed side loaded apps don't count if I can't swipe a card or better yet use NFC

From my new z30

Amen to that. I want to get a q10, and the only reason that is preventing me to ditch the Virus OS, AKA Android, is the lack of credit card processing apps.
Though I might get a cheap Android phone without a SIM and tether the Q10 data to use square card reader on the Android.

Apps are great but games are good too.. ;)

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

I could not careless about gaming on my smartphone. In fact, I've had a blackberry 10 for almost a year now and I don't think I've touched a single game on it, not even the ones it comes with.

Aren't games a type of app? I keep games for my 10 year old nephew (who loves BBRY) and apps for I guess it's a tie. Q10 does it all...BBRY4LIFE!

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Apps, hands-down. The only BlackBerry game I truly liked that never caused me any glitching problems or aggravation (that would cause me to stop playing) was Brick Breaker; and the new version is terrible. I prefer apps, and I don't use a lot of them; so though they're way more important than games, apps still don't make a break a phone/platform choice for me.

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Personally BlackBerry has all the apps I need but if they want to attract the masses they need all of the big name apps and games. That's simply the reality of the game, no pun intended!

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Neither for me...communications is where it's at. BTW..."Apps" should probably be broken down into a few subcategories depending on their type or function, no?

Too many to list... Stock Quotes, Mobile Banking, Sound Hound, CTV News...

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry need to get developers to get the latest apps on the platform, here are my top picks

Google Now
Google Maps
Sky News
The Times Newspaper
Get Running
Trip Advisor

Until these are available on BB10 we'll not see serious interest from customers

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I stay away from Google as much as I can like they're a plague. Sheeple will be sheeple.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Of course the BlackBerry CEO has to say they are not moving out of the consumer market, imagine he said they would! But slowly but surely they will I think. Maybe the Z30 is the last Fulltouch for long long time and they only make a qwerty phone this year?

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Speculation and nonsense.

If you want full touch, get one (BlackBerry makes two in BB10)

Why do you need a "new" one, that Z30 not good enough? Then just get the iToy you want.


Apps. IMO Q10 still the best phone on the market. Even though I have some big name games on my phone I never play them. I also have a PS4, XBone, Wii U, PS Vita & a 3DS and when I feel like gaming it's NOT on a phone.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

The reason I am still with BlackBerry is for the security that the device was built. With bb10 we don't need a BIS account for non corporate people like me. I haven't come across any convincing article that our emails are safe anymore. Having said that, my BlackBerry device is 100% for work. I'm hoping BlackBerry will still maintain security as her number one priority for both individuals and corporate users especially in this day and age where nations spying on other nations and its own citizens.

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More productivity apps. Looking for a credit card processing app (Australian market) and CRM that links in with BB contacts and has backup & export.

Not a toy quality app. Built for BB. Happy to pay $50+. Would make my phones so much more useful to me.

I assume there are a lot more small business owners that need the same.

Pair that with a productive OS, secure, fast, fluid, and I am satisfied. Add BBOS legacy features and some new stuff. Happy user.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

If you want to play games get a gaming system it don't matter what size of phone you have the screen is to small, phone are for communications.

Posted via CB10

I agree. On my Z10, I bought and downloaded many games and found I was using apps and communicating more than I was playing games. When I received my Z30, I only have pacman installed.

I think it more a novelty than anything else, unless (like some have mentioned on this thread) they have kids.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

I don't care that there are games available for people, that's all well and good but I would never want to see BlackBerry transform into a gaming oriented platform anymore than I want to see it transformed into an Android with a different name.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

I've got a lot of games. Mostly my kids play them. I have a Z30 now but I'm keeping my Z10 so that my kids can play the games without stealing my telephone.

My favorite app is Reebee. I also use Crackberry a bit. Apart from that I mostly use the Apps that came with the phone. I downloaded a bunch of apps but never use them.

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Why in the holiest fuck should it be even moderately important about the quality or quantity of games on a device you carry with you for communication?

Back in the day, my snake game on the Nokia was a feature other phones didn't have. I played it. But I didn't care that it was there. It was (barely) one step above twiddling my thumbs in a boring moment. I don't see angry birds or cut the rope or dead space or tomb chaser being anything more than a step above twiddling my thumbs.

Give me text to speech, geofencing, macros and shortcuts over those games. I downloaded and paid for at least 10 games with the intention of playing them. But I think across them all I've maybe logged 2 hours of game play since the launch of the z10. Touchscreen sucks for gaming. 4" screens suck for gaming. Shetty battery sucks for gaming when my battery dies and I can't call my wife because I was playing modern warfare for half an hour.

Posted via CB10

When playing games on my Z10, I need to hook it up to the charger. Otherwise it will die a very quick death. The situation you described is all too real.

Mobile gaming doesn’t really work, same as those Alienware and ASUS gaming laptops, gaming on battery is useless.

Sometimes, with wifi hotspot on, game on, Skype on, CB open, playing music over headphones and browsing with 20 tabs in the background, it will die ON the charger.

Will need to get a Playbook charger, or stop flogging the phone that hard!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I have a Q10 for business and communication. Battery life and charging is dramatically better.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Please Blackberry - focus on what business users need and want. Why is there no Uber app? No American Airlines app? If those companies won't port them over, you should do so in-house. My Q10 is my primary device - but I often need an iPhone or Android phone to access these apps for business I carry both. Not practical. Most of my business friends are hanging onto their Blackberry 7s for messaging, and use an iPhone as their primary device...and they're not going to jump to Blackberry 10 until core business apps are up and running and stable - and until that happens, nothing I can say to them will make them believe that Blackberry is here for the long haul. Focus, focus, focus on your core customers who absolutely crave the QWERTY keyboard. The Z devices are distractions for kids.

Even if apps would catch up to what we had on bbos7. I so miss my fuel calculator app. Kept track of my maintenance. Now it's basically gone because no other app can read the file. Even poynt Sucks now.

Reg leaked Q10

I rarely use my phone for games or apps anymore. But I would say try to get games first, this will appeal teenagers which influence their parents.

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So you are going to buy the best phone to be productive stay connected with the best keyboard on the planet and use it for gaming and not stay connected please go buy an android

Battery life was my most important aspect but I enjoy BlackBerry Travel a lot.

Posted via CB10

I would like some apps, don't play the games I have to be honest and I have some great games. I want banking and productivity apps!

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Apps. I don't think I've got a single game. Did the Q come with games?

Posted from my awesome Q10 via CB10.

Apps. But sad to say BlackBerry apps are very much less than par. Good hardware but poor apps. Even the basic apps like facebook sucks. I'm a loyal BlackBerry fan but I hope it doesn't come to a point where I need to switch phone already due to my needs.

Powered by BlackBerry Q10

I prefer games only for when I'm totally bored. I honestly don't enjoy playing games on my phone. The occasional candy crush or brick breaker or something sure, but I don't have the time for a real game. Use my PS4 for that. Now when it comes to apps? All the time. Lol

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Neither, a rock solid Web browser is most important for me, and BlackBerry 10 excels in that regard.

Motorola V3xx --> Nokia E63 --> Nokia N900 --> Nokia N9 --> BlackBerry Z10

Guys I really need help..My z10 still has the orientation issue. Won't go into landscape mode when I rotate the phone. Am I the only one with the problem.!?

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Apps for sure. But I do also enjoy the occasional game of it has good reviews that is.

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I think there is a third category that's been omitted that is the critical one IMHO. It's the one that many of my friends and colleagues refer to when they raise the topic of better apps on other platforms. And that category is Social Apps.

I think BlackBerry has done well in its first year to bring a wide spectrum of well known names in games and productivity apps to BB10. They just seem way behind when it comes to social apps and I include unified communications into this category i.e. Lync

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Viber is the app that i'm waiting for. I still need Viber even if the new BBM has voice call option. I can't get people to convert to BBM coz it sucks on iOS and Android.

My friend that I converted to team BlackBerry back in August just ditched her Z10 for a cracked iphone 5 :/ if BlackBerry World had Netflix + others she might of stayed but ahh it's definitely APPS! Always has been. She's happier now to. On the other hand my Q10 is perfect for me!

Posted via Q10

I just love see Netflix and in star am mainly. Love my z10 and I try to get other to join team BlackBerry lmao that only think I miss I don't use Netflix a lot on my phone but when I do like know I can. Buy I mostly use it for productivity myself.

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I also use my Z10 mostly for communication. And out of the choices, apps and productivity are definitely more important. However, I did not choose a touch screen because 'gaming is better on a bigger screen' but because BROWSING is better on a bigger screen.

I don't game at all on my phone. But I love surfing the web. So communication, productivity, and web browsing are what I look for. And the Z10 handles them fine.

Also, while I want a bigger screen for web browsing, I don't want a ginormous slab sticking out of my slim jeans like a boner. So its a conpromise between screensize and actual size that fits in a pants pocket. Again, z10 seems just right.

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Need useful apps, BlackBerry has enough games now, I like to play a few when I m waiting at the doctors.

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i think this is stupid question, of course answer is apps, if looking for games go buy PSP

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In my opinion it's apps because I use a blackberry phone meaning if I was an iPhone or Android phone then it's games.

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Am not at anywhere near the level of cooperation but I like the fact that BB always has been and now the majority of the world has the choice to step up the ladders just by having a BlackBerry or two ;)

What's more, it seems that all those apps on IPhone and Android are games for their toybox.
Personally my phone; a BB of course, is a ToolBox :)

Z10 Jtv

I use my Z10 (got it on launch day last February through Telus) as a communication device (95% Phone, Email, BBM and Texting) The remain 4% if for productivity apps (paper pusher scanner, converters and utilities) with the remaining 1% (games while waiting at the doctors office, airport and for my kids '5 and '3 year old when we're going for a drive and they're getting restless).

Since our Z10s (me and my wife's) are automatically blutooth synced...when we get a call, we grab it back so that they won't hang up. LOL

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We also want the apps and games that can be downloaded on Z10 but can't be downloaded on the Q10 such as sector strike and other apps and games.

Posted via CB10

Apps and games both suck for bb. Don't hate me, I love BlackBerry phones, but it's true. So many games I have to play on my ipad because it's not on bb10. And before you all start messaging saying to contact someone or other to port it over, I have. Blackberry might say the have thousands of apps, but I've been through BlackBerry World many times. So many apps that do the same thing. And some are just useless! Love BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry apps and games are seriously laking!!!

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James: "We certainly don't have the volume of apps that our Android or iPhone friends have, although I'm a great believer in 'quality, not quantity'."
Me too, unfortunately BlackBerry World has an amazing quantity of apps that are pure crapola. I know other platforms also have a lot of cack in their app stores, but when we have significantly fewer apps, the bullplop to quality ratio really is a problem. Its a shame that there can't be a minimum quality standard which developers must pass, i.e. "this app does not completely suck".

I use my Q10 for communication (no choice anyway). But if 10.2.1 do not resolve all the bugs I'm currently experiencing i will stop supporting this company that continue to make bad choices and offer devices with less functionality than the previous models. BB 2014 is your last chance at doing thins right.

Posted via BB Q10

An ecosystem should be well balanced. In my opinion there should be equal attention to both aspects. Such is why up until recently, Blackberry fell out of the limelight. Why get BBOS, when you can get productivity and games via iPhone and Android. Of course BB10 addressed that for the most part.

I agree to what most say... BlackBerry is a boring OS coz not like Android/iOS, they have tons of games & apps... But for my lifestyle, I don't need em... that's why I'm using the most boring phone & OS in the world! Long life BlackBerry! Anyway, I have my iPhone for my music & games... Never will I ever use Android.

Posted via CB10

There are some apps from the old OS that I really miss - stuff like Later Dude Pro which let me quickly deal with incoming calls, messages and texts and decide whether I wanted to file them for follow up for later.

Was incredibly useful when I was in middle of something and couldn't take calls. I could say that I'd call someone back in an hour, set a reminder and then have the app remind me in an hour's time with an option to initiate the call. Had clean calendar integration too.

I'd love to see something like that on the new OS either as an app or baked into the OS itself. My Z10 is otherwise pretty good. Don't miss games.

A native instagram app would be nice but don't think the developers are keen on BB10. A Flickr app would also be good.

But that's too big a wishlist. Santa's already finished his yearly run.

Posted via CB10

I am primarily interested in news and streaming apps (Internet radio etc). Games don't matter for me.

Posted via CB10

Apps, of course! Do you even have to ask?
Games are still good to past the time, and great games gets the younger crowd into the platform. Loving Modern Combat 4, but I'm an occasional user. It's really there to show folks how kick @ss BB10 is!

I'd like to see more sophisticated apps. The games seem quite sophisticated, but the apps lag behind in function and features. DocsToGo could use a serious upgrade too! Isn't this primarily a enterprise platform? More, more, more productivity apps please!

Perhaps a device with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB storage would give developers more ammo to create more sophisticated apps than what is available on other platforms. Bring it!!!

These two options are too simple. I choose apps, but being able to manage my email, contacts, and calendar are the most important things. I need to be able to sync with Outlook.

Calls, email, and texting should be an option. Making these as perfect as possible is the only way BBRY will survive. If BBRY cannot be the undisputed leader in these, what is the point of it existing?

To me apps are more important. However, we do have to understand something. If we want to see BlackBerry come back there has to be a good mix of both to attract people to BB. I can't help but think that, that's the reason why the two top platforms are IOS and Android. The number of apps an ecosystem has does make a difference to people when deciding what platform to go with. Yes, there are other factors. Nevertheless, apps and games do come in to play. That's just the way it is no matter how good we may think a certain OS is. Furthermore, consumer apps, not just productivity apps, are a must if BB is going to make a solid come back.
I know the question here is not about phone specs but I will add this. The phone's specifications must be every bit as good as the fiercest competion. Keep the removable battery as well!! All this needs to be done in a short period of time.

a neither! see this is the problem! not everyone is concerned about apps or games! apps or games did not bring BB to the fore front, ARE YOU LISTENING CHEN???????

Applications and Games are what deems a successful ecosystem these days. Apps and Games may not have brought BB to the fore front, but they sure as hell sank it due to the lack of while other operating systems prospered. The real question is, were you being serious or am I just missing a ton of sarcasm here?

Nope serious as a heart attack! Maybe BB should just go back to basics and what brought them to the fore front! Obviously what they are doing now (last few years) is not working!

Business apps is really the main reason for most BlackBerry users but remember a big feature of bb10 is the balance technology.

Having one device to handle professional work AND personal social life is the solution that most people need.

But I digress, the original question was a preference poll between games and apps. I would have to lean towards apps, esp business and productivity ones.

Though that does not mean I don't have games on my phone.

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