CrackBerry Asks: What's most important to you - apps or games?

Apps or games
By James Richardson on 11 Jan 2014 10:16 am EST

Since BlackBerry 10 was first launched, one of the main things that always gets stick from the press is BlackBerry App World. We certainly don't have the volume of apps that our Android or iPhone friends have, although I'm a great believer in 'quality, not quantity'. We do have many big name tiles, but there are still a bunch missing, although some third party apps counter balance this. 

Moving forward, BlackBerry is certainly going to focus on the enterprise side of things, but as CEO John Chen recently said, they also are not moving away from the consumer market - which is encouraging. 

What we use our BlackBerry smartphones for will vary from user to user and in addition which device you use may depict whether you are a gamer or an app person. For me, I use the BlackBerry Q10 as my main device. This is because the most important things I use my smartphone for is communication and productivity - and you won't ever find me without it on my person. Other people may well favor the all touch BlackBerry's as gaming is not only better on a larger display, but there are more games available to the Z30 & Z10

So which is most important to you as a BlackBerry user? Hit up the poll below and give us an insight as to what you want from your BlackBerry in the future. Maybe BlackBerry will meet us in the middle at some point and give us a larger touch device, but still with a hardware keyboard. 


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CrackBerry Asks: What's most important to you - apps or games?



Yah, all these productivity obsessed people hanging out on the internet and voting in a poll.....

How productive...

We can because we are efficient and productive giving us extra time. We’re not spending all of our time playing games :)

CB10'n it via da Z


My mobile is not for gaming. Production all the way. It's so sad to see grown adults playing games on mobile.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10SQN100-3/

@moyah8, I disagree.

but what is sad is closed minded people who think there are a limited number of approved ways to have fun.. when really they are the ones losing out..

therefore, while they may chuckle at a few people, even more are laughing at them...

And the average age of a child in 2011 was 37 too.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

People forget that it's the 40/50 somethings that were the pioneers of the games explosions in the 80's (no pun intended). And Internet in the 90's. Without us, you wouldn't have a world wide forum to bitch and be childish on #justsayin

Zee10 shamone

Wheeling on Z10 power

...the question was : "What is most important to you and your BlackBerry - apps or games?" So, it's important we all vote for what is important to EACH AND ONE OF US, but there is not need to make other NEEDS less important... So if you voted, good. If you have an opinion and want to expand on it further in this post, fine... But, no need to trash other's people opinion. It is less likely that anyone will accept advise or an opinion from an utter as***le.

What is "sad" for one (adult) person, it might be way of expressing yourself for other person. If you play games, it does not make you less mature or less "adult", compared to the person of the same age.

This comment is not trying to directly insult any of the above posts, but it's my opinion and view.

Nothing disgust me more when I ride the train home. Far Out!! Especially that candy crush shyte!!! Grrrrrrrrr

But shouldn't you be using that extra time to find more ways to be more productive and more efficient? Playing games or replying on internet boards, time is time.

Just saying.

Yah, this takes up so much time. I launched the CB app, read this post and replied and OMG the entire day is gone!! :-D

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I agree, it's more about getting things done. If my phone gets things done, that's what makes me happy. And BTW, my Z30 helps me get things done just beautifully.

Posted via CB10

I so want to get the z30! When I can hopefully soon I ll pay off my z10 contract and order the z30 unless the z50 is more than just a rumor

You know I played with the Z30 and I think I'm the only one that hates it. Z10 and Q10 are far better. It feels like I'm holding the GS4 and the display reminds me of the Galaxy Mega (screen is not crisp with colors/put z10 next to it if you can't see it) and moving through apps and the hub feels like a knock off BlackBerry. When you use BlackBerry Messenger on an Android it feels like android except on the z30 it feels like that on everything

Posted via CB10

Popular apps that are on other platforms so I can connect with others that don't use this platform, and productive apps, if I wanted games and wanted a toy to play with I would have bought an iPhone.

Posted via CB10

Not gonna talk myself outta the Z30 because I can't afford it. ;). On the other hand, there's no huge need to upgrade to a Z30, although it's obviously a desirable luxury. For now, the Z10 is good enough, and a whole lot more.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I agree just hate the battery on my z10! Want a battery that can last full day from use something like the z30.

So stupid BlackBerry makes a small battery for the z10's LCD screen which uses more power than that of the q10 and z30 which use Super Amoled technology that uses less power and have bigger batteries. Go figure!!!

Try this to make your battery last longer, turn off "Allow Gestures When Locked". Go to Settings-Display to find it. What it does is turn off all touchscreen functions if the display is off. Really cuts down on power usage for me. You can also buy a bigger battery through Amazon.

Posted via CB10

I disagree totally. I have a Z10 and Z30. Once I got the Z30, I knew that this was the phone for me. The Z10, to me, is like the curve series but the Z30 is the bold series. Z30 is faster, screen looks way better and it feels better in my hands. Feels more solid and better built.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

But not just productivity is important, also look how many people are not in the business industry.
Games and also social apps are important as productivity apps in my point of view

Posted via CB10

+1. While the poll seems to be capturing current BlackBerry users who are more productivity-orientated, I suggest that that is a function of the relatively low "consumer" base currently on BlackBerry. And that is due to the previous paucity of gaming apps on BlackBerry. The competing ecosystems have had more balanced offerings between productivity and gaming. BlackBerry needs to stay in the competition if it wants to share in the way larger "consumer" base. And it needs to, because the other ecosystems are certainly in the fight for the "enterprise" base. BlackBerry needs to remain in the top echelon of "enterprise" while also being serious in winning over masses of "consumers" if it has any intentions of selling hardware to "consumers" and regaining it's relevance in mobile.

Posted via CB10

Agreed!! All around functionability is what is really important. Apps are secondary. Games a distant third.

Posted via CB10

Access to apps doesn't mean a lack of productivity. There are plenty of apps that increase productivity.

I have Webex and GoToMeeting (Android app) loaded & they allow me to stay up to speed even when traveling.

Also, I have multiple banking apps installed that help me to manage my personal and work life while on the road. Again, keeps me more productive.

And I see nothing wrong with having a device diverse enough to allow consolidation. I stopped carrying an ipod years ago & store music and movies on my SD card. Helps a lot when there's down time or when I'm on an international flight.

Blackberry devices are currently capable of supporting a broad range of apps & games. All that's missing is developers deciding to support the platform.

I don't understand why so many BlackBerry users criticize and ridicule those who want to see more apps available. The platform already exists. What's the problem?

This attitude reminds me of the BlackBerry of 6 years ago. Some people want to do more than check email on their phones. Respect that.

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

Need more of those.

Games can be a time waster, which results in real lost income for small business people. Will have to delete some. ;-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I rarely play games, but i wish they had the more popular games from Android and Apple. I'd probably play a little bit more. But more productivity and ALL-IN-ONE UTILITY apps! Bundle them up, I know I'd pay a bit more for first rate all-in-one apps!

Posted via CB10

Please make it easier to vote on the polls over the phone. It's very difficult to strike the right option on the touchscreen when they are so small! I'm using a z10

Posted via CB10

All the three: apps, productivity and games.

I wouldn't trade my Z10 or future Z30 for a keyboard based one. Even though my previous BlackBerry was a 9900

Posted via CB10

That's why Blackberry needs to offer a diverse set of devices. I had a Z10, gave to my kid, and I got the Q10.

I love that I can type one handed with my thumb, under the table without having to see the keyboard.

Posted via CB using my Q10

There has got to be a "balance" of work and play. To many productivity apps means you end up wasting "productive" time trying out all the productivity apps only to see that most of them will do the same thing or that your pre-installed productivity apps works just as good. So in reality you waist the same amount of time playing games and finding the right productivity app. Just sayin'.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

In good on the game front. It would be nice we were at the same speed as other platforms for games but there are apps I wish we had a better selection on.

Posted via CB10

Games! I do work on my phone to take a break from them...

Bard's Brew: [URL="bbmc:C00347F03"]C00347F03[/URL] Role-play resource channel

Games are nice to have. And certainly a nice distraction on a bus or train ride. But apps are much more important to me.

Depends on the person. I prefer apps. I use my phone 80% of the time for work and other communications. I have games, yes. I rarely play them. And after dealing with emails, text and BBM's I'm really not trying to look at my phone. I need a break from it.

Posted via CB10

Apps. I would like to see a native app where I could save some music to my ext SD card. This Z30 sounds great so it would be nice to be able to store some

Posted via CB10

Apps, but more specifically, functionality. I'd like to see support for connected devices (i.e. FitBit), and it pains me that Miracast is not coming to the Z10. I find the quality of first party apps and the overall 'thought' put into the user interface on BlackBerry 10 to be excellent.

Posted via CB10

Games are nice to have to kill a few minutes, but to be honest if I really want to play games I'll just pull out my 3DS :p Apps are more important to me.

Posted via CB10

James do not take it wrong ! we still love your game reviews, but productivity apps are key eg BlackBerry Express, but nothing beats your " Cheap as Cheaps " BBOS 7 Bold reviews :))))

Posted via CB10

Most definitely apps!!! The fact that I have to use my roommates IPHONE on a weekly basis to deposit my check with TD mobile banking really pisses me off...No reason at this point why I shouldn't have that app working properly for my Z30!!!

Posted via CB10

Amen! Many apps add a ton of convenience. I hate hearing my fellow BlackBerry users derail those who desire better app selection! And consumers have already spoken about the issue, so I'm surprised that this mentality persists!

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

There's a Kindle app in BlackBerry World. I've had it on my Z10 for nearly a year. Does it not work on Q10's?

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

Funny how 74% right now say apps and productivity, but when the previous BlackBerry management was in power they wouldn't shut up about the new game launches coming to BB10...

I use apps, like paper pusher for work and business, i need those first and foremost.

I play games on my dedicated gaming systems, when im home and relaxing.

Posted via CB10

Even when I had a phone with games - whether it was Palm OS, iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone - I didn't have time to play them anyway :(

Apps are what I spend more time with. Obviously games are needed to attract the unwashed masses ;)

Both. Especially if Blackberry is interested in gaining more market share through gaining younger audience.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

Apps first, but even then, the productivity apps are most important: slicktasks, remember, calendar, contacts, BB maps, beweather, moneyplus, password keeper, dictionary plus, search for wikipedia, linkedin, etc.

After that, the second tier would be social and news apps: facebook, twitter, crackberry, foursquare, I may use instagram when it's ready, bloomberg, gnews reader, wall street journal, etc.

After that, the third tier would be fun apps: soundhound, flixster, fast tube, crackle, mlb at bat, ar kick, etc.

After that would be games. On my Q and Z I keep asteroids and backgammon. On my playbook, I have a bunch!

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Thanks for getting specific. I agree in that order. Although Fart Machines probably rank a little higher than social.

Posted via CB10

The issue is that there are a very small number of apps that are popular today, which everyone acts as if they're a "make or break, must have", yet basically shun BlackBerry.
Meanwhile, that set of apps may change in a month.

And even beyond those, right now every random business loves to advertise "Hey, check out our mobile app!" Whether or not those apps are actually of any use at all, they're almost guaranteed to not support BlackBerry either. This issue is less of a real problem, and more of a perception problem. Still, it probably affects consumer decisions.


It is nice to have a few decent games to pass the time waiting in the doctors office or something...but if I want to play games on a regular basis, I have consoles like the Xbox360 and PS3 for their great gaming experience.

Posted via CB10

Apps that help me all the way. By this I don't mean "trendy" apps. I mean ones that help me do my work - things like Remember, internet, RSS reader etc.

I do have some games installed but rarely use them and I wouldn't miss them if they weren't there.

Apps are absolutely critical for any mobile ecosystem to succeed whether if it's for Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8, Sailfish OS, or Ubuntu Touch. That's the number one reason why iPhones and Android phones are selling very well. People don't care about getting the greatest hardware specs, they care about apps. Especially the big name apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Candy Crush etc. In BB10's case, not only it lacks some of the big name apps, it's biggest issue in my opinion is its tarnished brand leading to bad marketing perception from consumers. Even if BB10 closed the app gap with Android or iOS, it would still have a bad name in the minds of consumers. Again, it's only my opinion.

Posted via CB10

If BB wants traction, they will have to seriously court developers for certain apps. Non-native ported apps are fairly slow to load and android apps are very slow and oft times crash. Despite what we all do here, the casual user will not pull android apps unless it is much easier than today. Remember, Snap is still sideloaded. There are perhaps 10-15 apps that most people would be happy with. I only used 5 or six on my iPhone and had about 15 loaded. Subsidies or outright development. How about:

1. social (Facebook, instagram, twitter)
2. banking (5 major banks for US users- TD, you're Canadian for G-d's sake!) QuickBooks does it with so many banks, so it can be done
3. a current popular game or two (Candy crush, WWF)
4. a pdf scanner (Genius scan or another)
5. ESPN fantasy apps (androids load, but you can't sign in)
6. a wallet of some kind to hold travel docs, boarding passes, Starbucks, etc
What mainstream, popular stuff would you like to see? Think of very popular rather than a game you particularly like.

If they can get "loading Jelly Bean Android apps" to work flawlessly on 10.2.1 - things will get very interesting.

Two videos, in the last two days, of Z30 productive text killing iPhone 5s for speed in texting and the article in Wired Magazine showing Z30 "outperforming 5s" to cover the CES show were very strong advertisements for Z30.

There is an opportunity here - need more quality apps for "liftoff"...

CB10 from the Z30

I think currently that everyone who has a BlackBerry is not concerned with games. People who are die hard gamers on cellular devices don't consider a BlackBerry device. Blakcberries are known business phone, and android a 'youth' look and feel to them, which in turn attracts the younger generation who want games. I want apps that we helped me keep organized, help me get things done during the week when I am busy working, and stuff that I can depend on. If BlackBerry wants to expand there user face an increase in games may attract the younger generation, as where the majority of current BlackBerry users want professional apps over a game.

Posted via CB10

I'm using both and they work great. I have OS10.2.1.1925 installed, by the way.

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

I use my phone for productivity. I have never been one to like games, on my phone or Xbox etc. My son loves using my phone for games and my daughter probably uses her Z10 for both productivity and games.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

Being older, I must side with apps on this one. My Z10 is among many things a practical tool which allows me to perform certain tasks the would others be time consuming or plain inconvenient. From banking to tracking packages in the mail to keeping connected with family and friends, staying informed about my community and the wider world, on line shopping, making dinner reservations etc. that is what I most get from my Z10.

There is nothing wrong with games, but for me personally my BlackBerry device serves as I mentioned above, a practical purpose and with the utilitarian nature of BlackBerry products it serves me just fine.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I prefer games over apps. TetroCrate, 2 Player Reactor, Solitaire, Stick Tennis.

Could someone recommend something strategic and fun?

Posted via CB10

Apps. Games are cool to have when there's downtime, but most importantly my phone must be able to do what I want it to do and that's why I love my Q10. It just gets the job done. :)

Posted via CB10

The only app I miss is Netflix. Give me that and my iPad would collect dust. Everything else I use is already on BlackBerry 10.

Oh and side loading is not an option as the only Netflix apk available stopped working at 10.2 about the same time as when Netflix created "profiles" :(

Posted via CB10

I'm in OS & I had Netflix works great on both. With, you no longer need to side load apk files. It's made a world of difference to me.

There are a few apps that won't work, but those are apps that rely on Google Services to operate. Most apps now work.

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

What irks me the most is the statement "Available at the App Store and on Google Play". Useful little apps tht are not available for the most business-oriented smartphone. There are days when I rage against the former CEOs of RIM. They brought us to this point. And T Heins didn't do much more either. Blackberry's credibility in the marketplace is at an all-time low. Developers don't think it worthwhile adapting apps for our new platform.


As if there was only two platforms. To me it's like, "We only care for mass market. All others buzz off." Not even including Windows Phone which is getting traction.

I'd like to see four icons there, "Supporting all mobile platforms". BB,W8,A&A

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy....all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - The Shining

It has to be both, but the overriding apps and games is......SECURITY

You only eat Spam when there's nothing in the fridge.

Posted via CB10

We need BlackBerry To develop a new tablet.
Fix up your issues with lack of apps too BlackBerry.

Posted Via Z10

Had an ipod for 3 years after the first 3 months of playing I didn't even play a single game on it.

In my late teen years now the apps I use are social apps. Don't got time for games and when I do, I'd rather do it on my exbox anyways.

I'd love love love native apps but it seems they just don't feel like there's enough demand for it. If android wasn't merged for users, I'm sure they'll only design for ios. Sad cases!!

Posted via CB10

I agree. I look at this question as asking if there's demand specifically for more games on BB10, or if the demand is more broadly for other apps...understanding that games are apps...

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

I rarely have time to just sit around and play games. And if i do its just to pass a few minutes by.

If i wanted to fame I'd buy a good console or computer

Posted via CB10

Apps is the most important! BlackBerry should put more efforts in improving its social apps! facebook is kind of buggy.. unlike those in ios.. BlackBerry must improve it extensively so that fb for BlackBerry is on par with fb for ios!

For skype, BlackBerry also must take it seriously... it must be improve! twitter is ok.. whats app is a bit outdate if compared to those in ios!

To be better, BlackBerry must compare its app with ios.. improve all the apps first to be on par with ios then only the games come in.. most of the ppl using BlackBerry is for productivity! Hence games is not that important overall!

Suggested apps to be improve and transform them into BlackBerry native apps: facebook, whats app, wechat, kakao talk, gmail, skype, instagram, twitter, waze, foursquare!! These basic apps must be improved extensively! For gmail apps please make it as a free apps instead of paid ones so that BlackBerry can gain more user for this app!! In order to gain more ppl using it, it must be a free app! Of course for those premium apps developers could charge a price for it.. for gmail I don't think it is appropriate to charge for the app...

I wish I could have Papago offline latest and updated paid version in BlackBerry world! I have one in ios and I paid for it! It is worthed the price! Since I am switching from ios to bb10 so I was hoping BlackBerry 10 could provide me the same app ecosystem experience as those in ios...

Please constantly update the fb app.. make it user friendly!

Posted via CB10

I do know... these all are just suggestions to make BlackBerry better and competitive... ! I'm sorry for the trouble!

Posted via CB10

The biggest disappointment for me switching from my Bold to the Q10 is an app like Vlingo. It is unbelievable that nothing out there that I am aware of comes close. Nothing that will read my text, emails and BBM collectively. And if it is a design (BB10 issue) then someone should have done their job to make sure we have equal not less productive features. Still waiting for SafeDrive to take advantage of the headless feature and get his app to equal Vlingo. This kind of problems I am hopeful Mr. Chen will address.

I would have to say the best productivity apps are important to me. Gaming apps are cool but let's be honest, if you spend the majority of your day playing games on your phone, tablet, computer; you're either unemployed, that's your profession, or I won't get rude with the last one.

I experienced it initially when I first got my iPhone and Z10. It's the app crazy phase, where you just download apps just to download and only use it twice then it sits there taking up space. Like clothes, if you haven't use the app in the last two weeks (which is stretching it). You probably don't need it.

But to answer the question...
Productivity apps, sports apps, key social media apps (no trending social apps), and candy crush saga (Z10STL100-3/ )

In that order...

Posted via CB10

I would be much more productive if the polls on CB10 were easier to read. The don't is too small and we can't enlarge them.

I chose "Both" in the poll. I think ;)

Posted via CB10


But all kind of apps not only Social Apps like most of iOS freaks always talking about!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

For me,i use my Q10 as my main device. I play games,to kill time. But even if the BB world is missing some of the top games in our iOS and Android friends,i wont bother. But for me,having the basic apps like the nike free run,updated wechat,and among other apps that most people need. I am from the PH,and honestly,my friends like my Q10 for its superb functionality,but hesitates to switch because of the lack of some comm apps in which they can talk with other friends. I think resolving this wud make my friends think twice about BB. :) As for me,blackberry forever. :)

Posted via CB10

Email & BBM & Phone.
Love apps but I only use to assist in my productivity and to fill a void when I take a break from work.

I have erased all games from my z10 both paid and free games. Just don't have the time to play the games.

Posted via CB10

Everything thing is important. My phone is primarily for work but their are times when I at the doctors office or waiting in the airport or the ferry terminal I do play a game or two to get away from it. We are supposed to be balanced creatures not just wrapped up in one aspect of life.

Posted via CB10

It depends: apps that are good and useful - like poynt for os7 is key for my collection. Pure and simple. Not flashy and bloated. Game such as cut the rope can be used to test touch screen sensitivity and fun, sure. I haven't seen any thing like myst type of games yet. Although the phone nowadays almost as powerful or more than pc in 2003.

Posted via CB10

Apps!!!! We have enough games. I need a Juniper Junos Pulse Client (and Cisco shops will want AnyConnect), Instagram needs to be there even though I don't use it, productivity and business apps are lacking severely. BlackBerry needs to go to developers of apps in the regulated industries they plan to focus on and work with them, even develop for them if necessary to get things moving. Games are nice to have, but only after the work is done!

Posted via CB10

Try as I may, gaming on a four inches screen just doesn't work for me.

Give me Skyrim on a 55 inch LED!


With BlackBerry 10, I find the OS itself to be more than enough to get things done with, but there's always a need for a few apps. I think games are where it's at for the most part.

Posted via CB10

I need Social Media Apps, and Productivity Apps. I have been patient and hope to see an increase in app support this year.

Posted via CB10

An awesome phone, with awesome operating system, don't need games and have the actual apps that I need and not the ones for show!!!

Posted via CB10

Sr. Chen la comunidad necesita 8 aplicaciones claves: INSTAGRAM, VIBER, SNAPCHAT, LINE, NETFLIX, GOOGLE MAPS (porque en muchos paises aun no tenemos BB Maps), AMAZON, SPOTIFY.

Mr. Chen the community needs 8 key application INSTAGRAM, VIBER, SNAPCHAT, LINE, NETFLIX, GOOGLE MAPS (because in many countries dont have bb maps), AMAZON, SPOTIFY.

apps of course and some games ,nice games that shows the power of bb 10 devices.
For example there are some big games on blackberry world that have amazing graphics ,best than any other platform out there .
This shows us that bb devices are very powerful also.

Banking and other key apps for the US Market would be nice. Maybe Duck Dynasty should endorse BBRY as it seems even US Government officials even chime in to save them. :-) Hmmmm priorities.....

Posted via CB10

Instagram please....
I'm settled with the sideload ones... but it would be nice & lovely if bb10 have native Instagram with special UI.

Implementing the peek & flow gesture... I can't wait until the good news... keep up the good work BlackBerry!!!

Posted via CB10 with my roxx Z10

Apps to produce higher productivity. Stocks, Blaq, agenda, BlackBerry hub,...

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

Apps. The more apps the better. And bring over the big name. Make them native to BlackBerry.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Another "tiny" vote. You should fix that crap CB, IMHO.

Missing something. The "none of the above" or similar option.

Neither apps or games are important to me. Games are not important -at all- to me. Apps may not be important, but I do like having useful ones.

I have a PC for games. The idea of playing games on my communication device seems ridiculous to me. Tiny screen, mono audio (Q10) and just a poor experience compared to what I have on the PC.

For apps, I have none that are must haves. I don't consider BBM an "app". I like the ING banking app, however not having it would be fine -they have a mobile website that works fine. CIBC app is just garbage, but their mobile site works fine. FB app is similar, it works, but their mobile website works well enough.

What would make me happy, is 10.2.1 dropping. More functionality, like legacy features we had and are missing from bB10. And how about Bridge, sure would be nice if that embarrassing "app" gave us all we had, but lost.

BB10 was two steps forward, but in some ways we took five steps back.


You know the only app I really miss from another platform is Nokia Here with offline maps. That's a productivity app I wish BlackBerry would stock in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10 on my  Z10

Really? This question is being asked? Sorry James but as far as I'm concerned BlackBerry was, is and should always be a business tool. I'm dismayed that BlackBerry has spent time on games and not on better business apps. Like I can get Blue Beam Revu on my MS Surface but not on my Playbook. Where and when do people have time to play games? I'm too busy trying to run a business and keep 7 people employed. And to do that I use my Z10 religiously. I just wish there were more and better business apps.

Posted via CB10

Apps like square and banking apps. Don't care about games or apps to customize pictures

Posted via CB10

+100000 where are the payment apps? Getpayd or square? Or better yet nfc tap functionality

From my new z30

I don't care for games that much. The best game I've found imo, is Real Racing, and that is tarnished by in- app purchase bullschidt. I'm more inclined to shell-out cash for productivity apps that keep me ahead in the game of life.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


BlackBerry Q5, Z10 and hopefully Z30

1. Security
2. OS can improve in functionality and efficiency
3. Utility Apps (many crucial missing)
4. No Games on this phone.

Posted via CB10

Apps are important. Quality not quantity!
Docs to Go, paper pusher scanner,Adobe ,Story maker,Animoog and Calculator. Best pre installed calculator I seen in any OS. Plus the ability to run 8 programs together on BlackBerry 10 is pinnacle of efficiency. Progress like this is Research in Motion.

Developers this is your machine!

Sure the gaming will be around for long time. BlackBerry do not disappoint. The z10, z30 has the capability. Games like Alpha Zero, Jet Car Stunts, Batman has proven it.


Lead. Do not follow

Posted via CB10

Apps. I game A LOT, but that's what the 3DS and Steam are for. My BlackBerry is what I use (need) for my job. I have games on it, in case I'm stuck sometime in a line with nothing to do. However, the other night was a more typical example of my time. I was on the road overnight for work and I used the BlackBerry to remain in contact with work and my wife, and Money Plus to keep tabs on my travel claim expenses, and the 3DS later on for "A Link Between Worlds."

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I am not much of a gamer actually the last ones I tried using caused issues with my Z10 and I removed and didn't look back. I still have a couple of games on my PlayBook that I use when I think about them. I would definitely like to see more quality apps instead of 10 or so different versions of the same app. Also there have been a few useful apps I had on my 9930 which didn't make it into BB10 that I wish to have back. Has anyone tried sitting down and browsing through the thousands of Android apps trying to find interesting ones then willing to give it a shot and see if works ok for you? I have an android tablet and on occasion I may think of a site and search to see if there's an app for it them bingo I get various versions. This turns me off to searching and back to dealing with the native apps. My goal is to create my own app which does what I need and go from there.

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Apps are what counts.

A good selection of games is nice so there's something to do on my phone when I want to clear my mind, so to speak, but apps are what I need to make having the device in the first place.

Otherwise I would just carry around a 3DS or Vita.

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I have a fair amount of games in my uninstalled BlackBerry World. I only have 4 games installed and that's more than enough to entertain me. What I would like to see is more features from bbos in future updates.

Native Poynt is what I need.

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If android app not come in blackberry new mobile like z10 and z30 blackberry will be finish today every body want android phone so please contact with Google to save the company otherwise blackberry die

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Not everyone wants Android -I would never have one.

I want a BlackBerry.

TY for sharing your opinion, but remember it is just YOUR opinion.

The idea here is to speak for yourself, not everyone else.


Apps for productivity but also for personal things such as Vivino, Instavenue, CB, Twitter etc, Would be awesome to have a Q40 or Q45 for 4'' or 4.5'' inch screen not we would have a great seller phone!!!

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Also quality is more Important that quantity who need 15000 clocks or 10000 weather app?!?!?

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As a Q10 user, I'm wanting games and apps that use the keyboard!!!! Every app and game I have used is just touch based including the build for BB apps :(

It's a phone. It's about communicating. The Z30 is by far for communicating in a variety of ways.

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Unfortunately Apps make a platform successful, I love my z30 but would prefer a split between the z10 and z30 in size the quality of the z30 is awesome. As for the apps I enjoy flixter and my grocery store points app. What I miss the most since I switched from my z10 to the z30 is NFL MOBILE..... why wasn't it able to be put on my z30!

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I get what you mean. I write songs and really liked the music creation tools with the likes of Animoog, Caustic, and Metronome. However, when I got my Z30, I could re-download all but Animoog....why?

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I prefer legacy  OS Apps... Traffic, Wallet, etc.. I miss my 9900 sometimes.

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I have a few games on my Q10 but my most used are CB app and Pulse which I have sideloaded. I seem to catch crap from friends when they see me carrying a phone from a company they believe is going out of business...until I show them a quick demo and discuss the phones reportedly coming out this year.

I'm going to have to go with apps, hence the reason why I downgraded my Z10 to an iPhone 5c after only 5 months. BB10 has been out for almost 12 months and I expected more by now.

When is CB going to fix the poll box so it can actually be seen in a decent size on the mobile app?

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Apps in all cases. Looking at the vote, apps win by a majority, not surprising given blackberry and it's customer base.

It would be interesting to see how IOS and Android users would vote

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Having voted for apps in the poll I truly believe games and gaming is a potentially realizable strength of this platform and game availability goes a long way to allowing a teen/twenty something consider picking up a BlackBerry. It's a big mark against if those games aren't there. But the distinguishing feature of a BlackBerry should be productivity and for that you need apps that allow unique and efficient ways of doing.

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Neither are important to me. What I use most on my phone is what came on my phone. I do have a bunch of apps and games and I give them equal importance, they are fun distractions including CB10. I pick up a lot of other people's smartphones and it is shocking how many people have no apps other than what their phone came with and with almost everybody in this country owning an iPhone now, I am referring to them particularly.

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Overall everything is important. The apps must be at par or better than any other os and productivity should always be better only because it's the basis of blackberry.

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