CrackBerry Asks America: How are you coping with having to wait a little bit longer for BB10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 09:11 am
BlackBerry Z10

Good morning America! It's been a BUSY 24 hours for the CrackBerry team. This morning I'm trying to catch up on some of the reading and reactions to all of yesterday's BlackBerry 10 news.

Strolling through CrackBerry, it's clear a LOT of BlackBerry fans in the USA are ticked about having to wait a little bit longer for BlackBerry 10. It's understandable. You can buy the BlackBerry Z10 TODAY in the UK. Next week in Canada. But it will be March before carriers in the USA begin rolling it out.

There are a lot of ways to look at what this all means. Obviously waiting sucks, especially for the BlackBerry faithful. But there are some logical reasons too why in the grand scheme of things it makes more sense to launch BlackBerry 10 in a few other markets first before coming to the US. I've been debating it back and forth with Chris Umiastowski, and he's working on our in-depth editorial on that today. 

In the meantime, if you're in the USA and waiting for BlackBerry 10, cast your vote on the poll above and sound off in the comments and let us know how you're coping.

And here's the thing I want you all to ponder.... the fact that so many of you are ticked off about waiting for BlackBerry 10 is actually a good thing. IT SHOWS THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE IN THE USA CARE ABOUT BLACKBERRY 10 AND WANT IT! What would be really bad is if nobody cared that you had to wait a bit longer for BB10. But that fact so many of you do... well, that just means when BlackBerry 10 does launch in the USA it's going to be a success. So vent away! 

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It's not fair to BlackBerry! It's the fault of those carriers in U.S.
Can we sue those carriers?


First I would like to say I do sympathize with those who need a new BlackBerry in the U.S. I do understand how you fell!

I can Waite because I am trying to decide to go with the Z10 or Q10, I love the physical key board but am tempted to try the Z10.

From what I know the carrier does tamper with the phones they sale. I have bought a lot of phones off eBay and I have learned to buy phones for AT&T service. I know AT&T has done this with the tethering of the BB phones to the PlayBook. AT&T took advantage of BB on this. One has to buy the 5gb data plan to tether. I have that and I love using my Torch-9810 with my PlayBook, but is it just not worth the $50.00 that AT&T ask for 5gb's of data. I don't use a fraction of this. So I am going to terminate that.

I am eligible for an up grade and I have looked many times at what AT&T had to offer in a BlackBerry. They have all the BB's on the last pages, at the end. the iPhones are on the first page at the top. That tells me a lot! I have been with At&T in one form or another for a very long time, and I have my internet service DSL, and also 3 lines on my wireless phone, but I am thinking about changing my wireless service.

PS; I have used a lot of different brands and operating systems/OS over the years and I find BlackBerry to be my favorite, I have even had an hp iPaQ a former runner to the iPhone, the iPaQ had the Windows OS.
The hp-iPaQ was a strong little computer/smart phone and sold for $1,000.00 at one time it was popular in the timber business for cursing timber.