CrackBerry Asks America: How are you coping with having to wait a little bit longer for BB10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 09:11 am EST
BlackBerry Z10

Good morning America! It's been a BUSY 24 hours for the CrackBerry team. This morning I'm trying to catch up on some of the reading and reactions to all of yesterday's BlackBerry 10 news.

Strolling through CrackBerry, it's clear a LOT of BlackBerry fans in the USA are ticked about having to wait a little bit longer for BlackBerry 10. It's understandable. You can buy the BlackBerry Z10 TODAY in the UK. Next week in Canada. But it will be March before carriers in the USA begin rolling it out.

There are a lot of ways to look at what this all means. Obviously waiting sucks, especially for the BlackBerry faithful. But there are some logical reasons too why in the grand scheme of things it makes more sense to launch BlackBerry 10 in a few other markets first before coming to the US. I've been debating it back and forth with Chris Umiastowski, and he's working on our in-depth editorial on that today. 

In the meantime, if you're in the USA and waiting for BlackBerry 10, cast your vote on the poll above and sound off in the comments and let us know how you're coping.

And here's the thing I want you all to ponder.... the fact that so many of you are ticked off about waiting for BlackBerry 10 is actually a good thing. IT SHOWS THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE IN THE USA CARE ABOUT BLACKBERRY 10 AND WANT IT! What would be really bad is if nobody cared that you had to wait a bit longer for BB10. But that fact so many of you do... well, that just means when BlackBerry 10 does launch in the USA it's going to be a success. So vent away! 

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CrackBerry Asks America: How are you coping with having to wait a little bit longer for BB10?


i think it's not Blackberries fault - blame the carriers for it!

in the UK they are able to do what the others aren't able to do.

Most carriers around the world now say they will have it by mid february ( to me thats 10th - 20th Feb)

tweet or email your carriers and show your anger

the only thing we can blame Blackberry for is that they are not able to sell their phones directly via the webside or amazone. . . many people would pay the full price

Can I purchase an unlocked Z10 directly from BlackBerry?? If I have the money to purchase at full price, why force people only through those damn carriers??

Google does this with their NEXUS phones! BB should have the option for those who CAN and WANT it NOW!! IMO.

I'd say its partly BlackBerry's fault. We all know what the delay is about. Its the carriers writing and installing bloatware crap more than any "testing" of the OS.

BlackBerry should have stood their ground and pushed for early release in the US too. If Vodafone can get the testing done in time so can ATT or any other major carrier in the US.

BlackBerry should at least have started selling unlocked models in the US.

Me personally I'm flying out of the country in a weeks time and am planning to pick one up!

I think it's unfair to call it BlackBerry's fault. The United States FCC and FDA regulations require far more extensive and varied testing than other nations. This applies to more than just phones. Look at some of the medications and medical therapies that are not yet approved in the US but our citizens travel to other countries for treatment. The red tape of the US regulatory process is intense (and sometimes overkill if you want my two cents). In addition, some states require separate and/or additional tests for their specific regions so the layers continue to build.

I believe there are also stipulations that say testing must be accomplished with final hardware. So, if there was any tweaking of the devices after testing but before release, then the testing would be null and void. Considering that BlackBerry isn't currently a tremendous money-maker for any US carriers right now, I could see where they would balk at testing until final hardware was released.

I don't see this as BlackBerry's issue at all unless you want to say that BlackBerry should have finalized their hardware earlier in order to allow time for US testing prior to launch. And, locking down development to cater to US testing requirements could have been a huge double-edged sword if it meant the launch of a half-baked product that they could no longer tweak.

I'm disappointed but not pissed... Waiting always sucks but I'm acclimating to it. :-)

Carriers are probably still trying to work out how they can use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act change on unlocking phones to their advantage to pinch more money from consumers :P

I'd be highly surprised if anything in the hardware of Z10 has changed in the past half year or so. Having said that, your point is well taken. I didn't say it was *all* BlackBerry's fault. However, considering that BlackBerry needed to have the Z10 out like last year, it is puzzling why they wouldn't capitalize of the incredible buzz they have worked so hard to create. 2 months is plenty of time for people to make "rational" decisions (based on reviews, new devices that will be announced and so forth). Blackberry needs people making emotional decisions not rational ones. My guess is that BlackBerry is probably focusing on the enterprise market in the US as opposed to the consumer market.

I am not sure if this is a conspiracy theory but I heard that Apple may be involved in the carriers delaying the launch until March. Is this possible?

I am a Blackberry fan and eagerly await the Z10, but let's not be Blackberry apologists and let's put the blame squarely where it belongs: on Blackberry. It is too coincidential that ALL of the US carriers are not in a position to release the devices until March without it not being Blackberrys fault. So the delay is either Blackberry's own fault or the delay was intentional.

Blackberry Fault. Blackberry has been in the business for a long time. It knows, or should know, how carrier testing works. So if the US carriers are still in the testing phase, then it was incumbent on Blackberry to get the unit's in the carriers hands in sufficient time so that the testing would have already been completed. I do not think that this was the reason.

Blackberry Intentional Delay. The US is Blackberry's toughest market. This, I believe that Blackberry did not want to risk an unsuccessful initial launch into the US. So they decided to first launch in more Blackberry friendly countries like the UK and Canada. The hope then was that successful launches there would build positive buzz and momentum that would carry over into the subsequent US launch.

This is very risky. Two months is a long time and Blackberry risks losing whatever momentum and buzz it now has in the US, which is basically positive. Loyal Blackberry users have already waited a very long time and expecting them to wait an additional 1.5 months is unreasonable. Also during that time, there is Mobile World Congress where many new phones will be introduced by other vendors including the Samsung Galaxy 4. People may jump to those phones, resulting in Blackberry losing even more customers.

Let's hope Blackberry knows what it is doing. Not very confident, however, that they do.

I think this is an intentional BlackBerry delay. Since they planned to launch in waves I think the positive reviews from end users is what they will use for the US. And I hope by March/May they launch more devices and update the software.

We all know that BlackBerry prides themselves on great relationships with the carriers. We also know the carriers have done a great job clearing out BlackBerry's old inventory in anticipation of this new launch. Finally, we know that iPhone5 sell-through has not been as strong as hoped, meaning carriers are left holding the bag on way more over-priced Apple inventory than they expected. I bet BlackBerry said to carriers, "we'll help you clear out all that old iPhone5 inventory that you've been stuck with by delaying our roll-out in the U.S. BUT in exchange you have to promote the hell out of BlackBerry when we say it is time." It's an I'll-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine that will be a big long term win for BlackBerry. It is great for carrier relationships and the fact is that once people get on the new BlackBerrys, even if it is a few months delayed, they will have zero interest in going back to a dated and expensive iPhone. That will help BlackBerry, obviously, but it will also help carriers going forward as they have been taking a big hit over the past few years as they've been stuck subsidising over-priced iPhones to the tune of a few hundred bucks a pop. This is BlackBerry's long-term play to kill off Apple in the U.S. and the only way that happens is with carrier support. It sucks for BlackBerry supporters today but longer term this will mean check and mate.

You say that "carriers are left holding the bag on way more over-priced Apple inventory than they expected." Come-on!! I am a Blackberry fan and simply do not believe that (or your theory in general). The iphone5 is still the best selling phone in the US. Didn't they just report that they recently sold around 48million iphones in the last reporting period? The carriers have no problem selling iphones.

Blackberry has a long way to go before it can report healthy sales, let alone kill off Apple. Seriously, how can Blackberry, which sells essentially 2 products, kill off a company like Apple that is extremely innovative, sells many more product types than Blackberry does, and has $137 billion dollars in the bank?

The moment of truth is that retail sales associate. Of course Apple doesn't have to worry about BlackBerry, Apple has to worry about Verizon and AT&T...

They will need all the positive reviews they can get at this point. The media has hacked at the product already and claiming this is the final nail in the coffin for Blackberry (RIM). They don't need the negative media right after the first day of launch. IMO if you have a special launch like they did in NEWYORK!! Be prepared. We have a 30 sec advertisement coming this weekend for the Superbowl. If it creates hype and people want,...and go looking,...and it's not there. What a waste of 3.8 million dollars. USA people want it, and want it now. Not 2 months later or so on, and on, and on,.. IMO

I think this delay is caused by the US carriers. I agree that with BB paying big bucks for a Super Bowl ad people in the US will try to check out or get a Z10 right after and not be able to. With people having close to zero short-term memory anymore a lapse of a month or so of the phone coming to the US won't be an easy lag to overcome in an important market. I hope it all goes well. Come on March!

I believe it is more about the ability to launch in all markets at once and cash. Next quarter starts end of March. Think about the costs associated with filling the supply chain. I think they built around 2 million phones initially. You just can't fill a global market all at once. 2million phones at a cost of $300 per phone. 600 million. To fill the US that number would be well over a billion. They need to ship into stores and then continue to build for their next wave. If you need to do this then choosing the US market for your second wave makes sense. Have some successes where you are likely goo and then attack the harder to penetrate us.

Agreed. If the Canadian & European Carriers can get it out within a few days of the Launch it's pretty pathetic that the US Carriers can't do the same thing!

Hopefully if enough people complain to the US Carriers they will release it earlier than March.


1. RIM did not get the phones to the carriers soon enough to make the
Feb launch date.
2. The carriers are playing hardball since RIM strong armed them into taking the non-3g OS 7 phones. Read the articles and posting on this.

RIM is to blame, period. They simple dropped the ball and/or getting back what they handed out to the carriers with OS7.

Stop protecting RIM when they drop the ball. Logic is not on your side of the argument.

Either way, it was the worst launch since the PB fiasco.

Ironically, BlackBerry managed to get the phones to carriers so fast they're available the day after launch. Blame carriers or government test requirement. UK carriers do not bully BlackBerry

I think this is absolute bs. Just another stupid delay of the phones. I don't care what people say about the carriers there's no way this is on the carriers. I don't think bb gave the carriers phones for lab testing at the same time as the others or else we wouldn't be delayed 2 months after everyone else. Huge middle finger to the us in my opinion

I actually believe the US carriers got together and all planned for March, otherwise you'd have some as early as Feb 5th. All in all though, I don't think its going to hurt blackberry too terribly much. The Z10 is an AMAZING phone with an AMAZING operating system, and that's a combo that currently is not available. You have Apple on one hand which has a beautiful piece of hardware, but an OS that is seriously lacking and out of date. Then Android on the other hand with a beautiful OS, but unfortunately the best of the Android phones (hardware wise) are not near as refined as the iPhone 5 (yes I know they have good specs, but they are clunky and cheap feeling in the hand)... The Z10 has both, and executes quite nicely in BOTH regards. Its going to do well, and VERY well... Even with a 45 day delay in the US.

I do think Blackberry dropped the ball. They should have released it when the buzz is high(which is now!!). With a non-innovative OS, weak camera, Blackberry took a huge risk in delaying, especially when proven devices like Galaxy S4 are going to be releasing. This might end up biting Blackberry's rear end after all.

I'm surprised that Canada is getting it before the States! Although why the UK gets it before anyone is interesting too.

Is it possible they just put names of countries in a hat and pulled 1st, 2nd and 3rd ??

Not just US, but people in other countries too are kinda bumped that we have to wait so long. And with no clear dates announced at all. We're just waiting blindly.

thats the worst part too there is no firm date Heins had to just put one out there for sake of saying one. I hate the big 4 down in the US when i was working at RIM they pulled all kinds of crap on us... if anyone remembers the Bridge incident and ATT where they wanted to TEST the applciation longer than other carriers. They simply wanted to test how they could charge for it and they did all carriers offered it for free and ATT said 40 for the app.....

Im glad im in canda and luckily get mine on tuesday, but feel so BAD for the guys waiting for it in the US right now.

Disliking the 4 carriers in the US. You can say that again.

Sucks for the other parts of the world that are going in blind.

I hoping that the bugs that the CB TO HQ found will be fixed by the time the US carriers start selling the Z10.

I hear ya. My contract runs to November.

By then, the Aristo will be out (or having its delay announced)

It's Blackberry giving the states a big middle finger and rewarding the rest of the world for being faithful lol... because the states abandoned them. and the whole carrier thing is just a big coverup :P

that would make hilarious sense, and i could totally see Thor doing that.... cuzz hes a badass

That may be "awesome", but it's also stupid. It's mostly US tech blogs that are lukewarm to the Z10 and it's the US market that Blackberry mostly wants to get back into. By delaying, the buzz from the launch event will have worn off and all the US audience will have left to remember how good the Z10 is will be mostly lukewarm reviews, even though most of them make less sense than a four year old pouting about something.

Think about what BB did. Canada gets the phone right away. Smaller population and waning national backing for the brand. Most of the major world markets get BB10 next. Who's last or just about last? The US market.

Blackberry has said they want to gain back the US market. But they're going to let the launch event glow fade before releasing it here. They're going to let the BGRs and the CNETs have greater influence than they deserve. And there's another impression they leave. While saying that the US audience matters, BB's actions speak differently. To give Canada immediate access while making its nextdoor neighbor wait at least a month shouts that, despite their words, they really don't care about the US market. If they wanted to regain the US market back, they gave themselves a whole extra year to figure out how to do it.

Think how well they communicate a level of disdain. Launch date is 1/30. Four days later, they're going to dangle the Z10 carrot in front of the audience of the most watched sporting event in the US. While telling that same audience that they don't count as much as the rest of the world and have to wait at least a month. Great marketing.

That would be hilarious, but that's no way to run a company.
I am Canadian, but I live in the US and I am disappointed that I can't get one until March - even though I am not in a hurry to get rid of my iPhone (I don't like it, but it's OK for now for checking emails and respond with my Playbook). From a customer's perspective, I don't care who's fault it is or what the rationales are for the timing.

This is a business. No rational Ceo of any company would have done such a thing. Especially BlackBerry who needs all the business it can get.

So proud to be from the UK sometimes :D Get my Z10 tomorrow! :D BUT hopefully, this'll help get bugs out and make fixes before it hits a much wider audience. As well as maybe more apps by the time it comes out.
Either way, hold tight you guys!

Had a friend in Toronto order me one. Screw AT&T. The only problem I see with doing this is AT&T is going to whine that they have no sales.

The thing I'm concerned about is losing the buzz that was the launch event. Will people care when it's eventually released? If the past is any indicator, it will be a non event with the carriers, and those who may have been considering buying in will have moved on. I can't upgrade until the end of April, so it doesn't really bother me, and I'm waiting to see if it syncs with Live calendars like the Playbook. If it doesn't, I'll be buying a new WP8 handset.

Can we unlock a Rogers Z10 and use it in the US on ATT? Cant beleive these US carriers will make us wait till March!

You probably can... althoough, it's now illegal to carrier unlock here in the US... I don't know how that applies in Canada, hehe

I was all excited about the Q10 until I heard that it will be April before I can get my hands on one. Then I look at Blackberry stock and it's tanking today after tanking over 12% on launch day. Not a good sign. And I'm not happy.

ever heard of a bubble? thats what happend to BB shares. . . relax take your time an see how a "dead" company provides some dead phone sale numbers in Q1 or Q2 :D

BBRY will do fine. The part I am not happy about is Q10 date. mid April is not the same as some weeks after Z10 launch. I can go back and retrace words but at this point I might as well gripe and wait.

It would be better if we knew when the big name developers will drop their apps. This smells like the playbook all over again. Waiting and asking and begging for them to bring thier apps and 2 years later...nothing. It's worth the wait if by March the big names are there, but no body really knows. I wish bberry would sheld some liight on that subject.

they've been "in talks" with a lot of companies since the playbook!

This. BlackBerry has made a lot of statements that create expectation on the run up to 10 and I want to see more and see more now. :)

And I know it smells like the playbook a little... But the thing that makes it totally different will be the number (in the 10's of millions) who will buy a BB10. Playbooks problem was it is a tablet... And even today, two years later, they probably haven't even hit the 10million mark?? That's not a large enough market to draw developers over. But the Z10 will be different because it is a phone, in the FIRST quarter it will probably sell 10+ million.... Developers will move their apps over, GUARANTEED! You wanna know why? Because firstly, bbry has made their new OS amazingly easy to write and port Apps to, and secondly the number of Z10's on market will be enough that developers will see it as 'worth it'. Just my 2 cents.

What was the point of doing a global launch with Thor in NY if one of key markets (maybe even the most important market) for BB won't have phones for at least 60 days???

Frankly, I'm both pissed and perplexed. Pissed at the US carriers and perplexed that BB is letting the carriers push then around.

Perhaps this will work out well in the end. Since the US is such a skeptical and difficult market right now, maybe the kinks can get worked out in a friendlier and more forgiving market so that its more "ready" to meet the demands of our market. maybe? possibly? hopefully?

I believe this to be true, even if it wasn't the "reason" why it was done... I truly believe it won't hurt bbry all that badly.... I guess time will tell. But generally if other markets buy the device in droves (UK, Canada, etc), then chances are the US will follow.

The only consolation is they announced a launch date for America.

Here in India, we still don't have any word about the launch date :(
Makes me wonder how long r they gonna take to release it here.

At this point, I have no problem waiting.. I'd rather not be an early adopter.. Those days are over. Let the bugs and complaints get worked out. Summer time should be a good time to come back to the BB fold.

I'm trying to look at it positively today; that bb faithful around the world will use it and love it, such that when it hits here it will be perhaps more refined (bug fixes) and more well-received by those who were either uninformed or on the fence. Enjoy UK, Canada, UAE, etc, lets us know how its going! =)

I don't see the logic, when Samsung has an event set for February, 13th - rumored launch of GS4. If the carriers do support the BlackBerry Z10, I don't know for how long with GS4, HTC, LG and other Androids being announced / released.

Does anyone here know the real reason why the US has delayed Blackberry from releasing the phone there? It was not Blackberry's choice of a March release.

The new Samsung coming out will undoubtly be a great bad it runs only on the Android operating system....for now anyway.

Am I wrong or is this a carrier thing and not a blackberry issue? Can someone please shed some light on how blackberry / carrier ship dates work and how they are decided?

Has RIM simply not built up enough phones for the US market?

Hang in there to those countries that have to wait and thanks for being part of the blackberry fan base. Hopefully we get a surprise and these phones are released a little bit earlier than first thought.

Also please send a message to your carriers that voices your frustration. It can't hurt.

Cheers to Blackberry phones being released somewhere in the world.

Well it sucks we have to wait, and it sucks double for Sprint customers not even having the Z10 carried, and for the T-mo users, I don't believe they will carry the Q10 at release at this point in time.

The way I look at it is that we will get a much more complete product when we get it, prob a software update would have came out, problems would be known, and a lot more apps would be available out of the box. That said I am generally an early adopter and I appreciate experiencing the "growing up" first hand, so that is the big thing I will miss.

I am severely annoyed by this. I do not know who is to blame for these shortcomings but excitement for z10 is at fever pitch right now; 2 months from now, the only people in the US for whom a z10 release will register is our beloved community. Tech consumers are like children, they want the new thing right now. I'm sorry to say this, but 2 months from now, the z10 will already be old in their eyes. Apple renews their products almost every year (Even though unnecessarily and via under a scheme of planned obsolescence). This is what the average cell phone consumer is used to... 2 months = 15% obsolete. I know it isn't true, you know it isn't true; but, the US market that Blackberry needs so badly sees it this way.

Here is a theory. Apple threatened certain carriers that it would substantially up the price of their products if they didn't delay the release of the new Blackberry phones.

I actually heard rumors of this, but can't really believe that is true or even plausible. Then again, Apple does have much more power than any other company in this industry!


Finding out that I have to wait... and AT&T isn't getting the White Z10 made my mood worsen yesterday.

I've had my current phone for a long time, I've delayed my upgrade for almost a year by the time this comes out in the USA

Same exact feelings here. I purposely sold my AT&T Bold 9900 to buy an unlocked Rogers version in white. And now, it looks like we'll have to do the same thing - except now, it's illegal to unlock phones here. I am completely disgusted that they clearly make a GSM version in white for the rest of the world, yet only Verizon gets it here in the US. It's hard for me to keep defending BB when they (or the carriers) pull stuff like this. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to wait / want to pay full price anymore. I hate iOS and Android is trashy to me... I don't know what to do.

I wonder how many people delayed their upgrades only to find out they had to wait more. and not have access to white.

I so want the white one also but I sure don't like the idea of having to pay more monthly over at Verizon to get one. So much for my AT&T upgrade.. ARRRRGGHHH!!!

Makes me glad I live in Canada.... But i still have to wait a wee bit longer for my beautiful Q10 to come out... :(

I think most Americans won't care. I'm sure there aren't many consumers aren't dying for BlackBerry these days. Its only in 3rd world countries that people still care about BB. BlackBerry will have to build from the ground up in the US.

The host of the today show were talking about the new BlackBerry and while one said "I'm tired of feeling trapped in by apple with new connections and new hardware every 3 months" "maybe ill get a BlackBerry ,its at least faster right?"

The male host then replied with: " ummmm...NO, no its not"

I felt like shaking the TV and screaming at them!
Am I upset? Yes just a little bit ;) I just want to know what RIM plans to do about people bashing the device while its available in the rest of the world. I mean by the time we get it no one will want it because all the American media does is Bash!

I seen a few U.S. News casters and TV host say that the Z10 is just a Iphone clone and is not as good as iphone and is slower than the Iphone. R u serious the fickle U.S. Media is really trying to bury Blackberry, buy telling the consumers Lies about the device, this is what has got me pissed off, not the wait march is good for me, for everyone who thought it would be sooner just be a little more patient u will have it soon.

Yesterday Maria Bartiromo at CNBC said she'll be getting one of the new BBs. She said she always had one but then she went over to Apple and was not thrilled, so she's coming back to BB. She's a smart woman.

It makes no sense to do the Super ball ad esp when they knew its US launch will be so late. This gives a chance for other major companies like Samsung and Apple to come out with their new software releases. RIMM cant even sue anyone now at this state of affairs. You call it a global launch but without details this is a bad launch and its evident by how the stock has behaved. May be apple or windows nokia guys would have requested the carriers to delay the launch in exchange to incentivize the carriers

Think of it this way - the US consumer, as well as the media would crucify BlackBerry for anything that is wrong with the phone - and they can't afford another half-baked OS launch.

What they are doing (assuming it is not the carriers delaying it) is letting the rest of the world be the initial roll out, (and by extension, first line of bug reporters). This way, when it launches to the masses in the US, it will have gone through hopefully an update or two (and not to mention giving time for the developers to get the big names that only the US consumer / media cares about).

As much as I hate the delay, I know its coming soon.

Yes, but who is going to re-review it again when it is released in the US? It seems like everyone has already posted their reviews.

My take on this.

BB asked US carriers - "How many will you order?"
US carriers said - "Let us ask our users if they are interested to find out"
BB said - "Not until we have our announce event"
US carriers said - "OK we will wait"

Or to paraphrase;

BB asked US carriers - "How many will you order?"
US carriers said - "Let us ask our users if they are interested to find out"
US carriers "Nope NA doesn't give a Rats A$$ about BB anymore"
BB said - "OK we'll go where the people do still want us"
US carriers said - "Whatever"

I'm glad that for once, it's recognised that the UK is a viable and important market. All too often we're the ones having to wait.

My contract has been up since last September and been waiting for the new release before deciding on a new purchase. Even though I could not have purchased a new device the day of release I at least was hoping to get to check them out. I had read an article a week or so ago and had a feeling they were not going to be available until later but was hoping it wasn't true. What really Ticks me off is that the event was held in the USA and we have to wait to purchase. I have been a proud owner of my blackberry but after this I am having second thoughts.

If it really is the carrier's dragging their feet then why doesn't Blackberry offer to sell unlocked phones to US customers during the month of Feb. Show that they are really wanting the phone in the US and they are not the reason for the wait.

According to previous CB posting Verizon will be the only one having the white phone. If CB had known this in advance then I think they have mislead all of us in the US about whether we wanted a white or a black one. This issue troubles me more than the delay. Since being an original PB owner I am use to seeing "delays" or "implied delays" coming from up north.

As a small time stockholder I feel that it has been irresponsible for them to go to the backyard of Wall Street to announce this product and to announcer earlier there will be a Super Bowl ad and knowing that it will not be available in the US right away. What a waste of money. While Blackberry fiddles the Blackberry stock is burning!

I think the U.S delay is intentional. BB's stronghold is on consumers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. I think the strategy is to build up steam there with sales and good reviews and use that platform to build for a successful launch in the U.S.

This new Team BB is much more marketing savvy. They know their long term success depends on the U.S. market and it is critical to do well here. If any issues do arise with the new BB10 os after launch they will all be worked out before the U.S. launch. I think this a brilliant strategy by BB...logical when you really ponder it.

I know it makes sense, give it to the loyal markets first, but it does not look good in the market you want back. also not happy with netflix, they have till it is released to announce an app or I will be an ex customer.
Also I thought waiting till march would drive me crazy waiting for the Playbook BB10, and now just for the phone UGH. was waiting for BB10 to launch and my Storm 2 took a dump so upgraded to a torch, it will be 1.5 years old when the 10 launches. You buy a new droid and the next level comes out two weeks later. the all new Blackberry with the same old issues. this is part 1 of my rant, tune in 7/21/14 for the follow up

Honestly, I was a little bummed, but realistically, I've been with BlackBerry since day one of the Storm (stood in line to get it ), and as wonky as the Storm was, I've always loved my BlackBerry's.
So anyhoo, I'm not going anywhere, I have no intention of switching to another platform, and I'm patient, so I can wait a little longer.

Two issues overall.

1 - Waiting is not fun and with upgrades sitting idle makes it that worse. I could have upgraded to another phone back in Sept. 2012 but waited. Now we all wait 6 more weeks - 6 more weeks of winter I guess.

2 - The stock took a hit and that effects me and others. I was finally at ease with the stock level and then it tanked based on the news. This happened before and it has happened again. - delayed.

I don't know who is to blame BB or carriers? If carriers take this long then get it to them quicker. If carriers are to blame then what takes so flicking long? New OS I suppose but really !!!!

Just venting ...

Sorry, don't see the bright side on this. Not devastating maybe but so not good. My wife has been anxiously waiting the past year and with my erroneous input about should be available in February right after the big announcement, she is ticked. Im a big fan and tried to keep her in the family. Alas, this just pushed her over the android apple ledge. This is so not good. I kept reading about all the UK Canadian announcements. Wondering what was going on behind the scenes in the US. Well, apparently nothing. This is sooo not good.

I do not see a bright side of this for BB users, Blackberry as a company or anyone..

We had 2 storm 2 and finally went out and bought 2 of the torches staight up because at the time BB10 was coming soon...then it got delayed to Jan. big it is delayed to March...

I have not upgraded my contract waiting for BB10...I could have upgraded and almost be done with the 2 years by the time March roll around..

I have been patiently waiting...the other person on the plan with a BB...well just like you, I told them mid Feb. we will have the most awesome phone ever....after the launch, I am not sure either of those are true....especially after getting to see what Samsung does with the Galaxy S4

I have never considered getting anything but for the first time I am honestly looking other places to see if something will work for me and something that I know will be around more than a year from now...

The stock price is a good snap shot at what Americans think of the delay. I, a past blackberry user (for many years) that went to iPhone, was getting excited about the BB10. But when I see a delay like this, it tells me that it's the same old company with the same old business plan. The could have expedited the carriers but don't have a clue on how to deal with them The tail wagging the dog syndrome.
I'll upgrade to a iPhone 5 now.

I wish it would be out already in the USA but I figure gives them more time to add apps & fix any issues before it gets to us. BlackBerry Z10 worth the wait ;)

After creating great expectations with the January 30th announcement BlackBerry will not have a product to deliver in the United States until late March. Heavy cloud, no rain? All hat, no cowboy? Somebody in the company is showing either bad strategic thinking or poor negotiation skills.

I think it's really more of an issue that it is available in other places earlier.

I don't get the logic of everyone being ticked off.

Apple announces a new iPhone - have to wait a month to get it. Everyone sits in eager anticipation, camps out and praises Apple for sticking an S on the end of the name. Stock soars

Blackberry announces a groundbreaking new phone - completely different from what is out there. Tells you that you have to wait a month and everyone loses their mind and the stock tanks.

Really one month? Its been at least a year...

Also, the wait would not be bad if you knew it was coming...Apple doesn't have a launch event and then tell people its going to be 3 is always what everyone expects or sooner...

There were so many chances for Blackberry to soften the blow but instead chose to punch everyone in the US in the face on launch day?

Neither Apple nor any Android phone maker does that...heck even MS doesn't do that...

Give me a break. They did not release the phone or announce it a year ago. They released it a day ago.

Okay so my numbers are a bit off.

Apple iPhone 5 released September 12, "available" September 21st but you had to enter a freakin' lottery that took months for some people.

Apple iPhone 4s announced October 4th available on October 14th.

Apple iPhone 4 announced June 7th available June 24th.

So yeah a couple weeks not a month - but still. Everyone needs to chill out.

BB10 was a complete rebuild from the ground up. Well worth the wait and I for one don't mind. Heck I'm in Canada and can get one next week if I want - but my company will not be ready to support it until March anyhow so I need to wait. And I will.


My Storm 2 is on its last leg, with a broken screen and failing battery. Been holding on for several months now, waiting for 1/30/2013 to rush out and buy the new Z10. Now I find out that it will be some time in March before they get here.

Not sure if it will last another month or two.
All of my associates heave since gotten rid of their BB's and gone to the iPhone 5 or the Samsung 3s. I am the only one remaining loyal so far, and hoping That I (and my Storm 2) can hold out a little longer.

It's been a good ride since the ole "clamshell", threading water as long as I can. Please hurry and get the Z10's to the USA.

I'm in the same situation as you. My Storm 2 is barely hanging on though the Playbook I got in December has helped get me through somewhat.

In the same boat with my 3 year old Torch 9800. Been holding out on an upgrade since August. It has been a trooper and served well all around the world.


And now it looks like April for the Q10 if we are lucky and the planets all align correctly.

Biggest complaints from yesterdays rollout:

1. Lack of enthusiasm from presenters
2. No vision for the future and roadmap for devices/BB10
3. No "new" features. Basically everything new about BB10 had already been leaked. No WOW announcement.

And for everyone who has been complaining about BB10 for the PB I have to say it was the right choice not to mention it. First because it was obviouly not going to happen any time soon and so why announce another delay, but more importantly because this was principally a "phone" announcement event and it made no sense to confuse an already complex event with other topics.

This sucks for us here in the US. It doesn't matter how you put it or if you see the good side of it. IT JUST SUCKS!!!

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life." (Proverbs 13:12, NIV)
Excitement turned to disappointment. I will wait, BB is worth it.

Glass is half full - while I'd LOVE to rock a new BB10 device, and make all my android and iPhone co-workers jealous, I'm somewhat relieved to not have to be a real world 'beta' tester...the extra time not only pushes the release closer to the Q10 date (so I'll have a choice to make), but it also gives BB time to tweak/fine-tune the OS.

Like I've said in a few other posts...The longer wait will allow my tax return to arrive, then I might just buy both LOL.

Stock price is tanking because of short sellers. Analysts putting out negativity, shirt sellers cashing in, then BOOM! people start investing in BBRY again once it becomes a hit with the public.

Saw on twitter a few minutes ago that in the UK there was a lineup outside a Phones4U store for the BB10. People will still buy it! It is a damn shame that the US carriers are stuck in their ways though. I'll be getting mine on Tuesday here in Ontario, Canada...

Still No Sleep Till BlackBerry10

Really ticked off at the carriers! I sure hope the wait is actually worth the quality improvement it supposedly will bring...

I was planning on waiting for the Q10 anyways but does this mean that I will have to wait longer for the Q10 because the Z10 isn't dropping until March? I am temped to find one through an online retailer off contract because I'm tired of waiting.

Not so strange when you think about the fact that the Super Bowl is not a uniquely American event, but is the most watched sporting event around the world - and BB is already selling phones outside the US and many other countries will be getting theirs in the 2 weeks after the game.

I am not happy. I called AT&T to complain about the delay and they were not even aware that they were carrying the Z10 & Q10 at anytime! :(

I had to give them the website of there own advertisement. Frustrating........

I called a local AT&T store right after the intro but they didn't know anything about new BlackBerries. They had to call someone else (their "contact")and give me a call back. Told me to go on the AT&T website and put down my email for info on the release. I couldn't even find the BB10 notice on their site until I saw another post here on CB where someone posted the link. It was in the business phone section- not with smartphones where most people would look first. Wonderful. Nice job AT&T.

I don't see them expending any more energy than that even after the release.

I can't upgrade until the middle of May, but the emotional letdown is large. The delay between launch and availability in the US may make it harder to keep the interest high. Wall Street certainly didn't like the launch. Time will tell. I am frustrated that I won't get any hands on with the Z10 until March. Such is life.

Hhhhmmm so everyone is bitching about waiting in US, but isn't this like the first time users in USA had to wait? Usually its the other way around, am I not correct on this? wow this first time the USA customers does not get the first crop of things and now we are bitching about it....smh...this does not make any least we are getting it, some folks are not even getting or has a time frame on when they are getting....I guess is to each his own, folks will never be 100% satisfied with something.....see what would happened if the US gets phone in two weeks and it was not up to par, then it will be a whole other debate about why they rush and etc this is just sad......*sigh*.....

It is not so much that the US is not getting it right away as how it is playing with the media and the stock market. Negative media reports can not be disputed if no one can get their hands on a phone to show that the media report is in error. The US Stock Market is a major player in world opinion when it comes to financial matters. The investors are lead by the media so the 2 go hand in hand.

As a stockholder I am puzzled why they would go where Wall Street is located and announce something and at the conclusion say oh by the way contact your carrier for pre order info because it will not be available until March. Spending $3.8 million for a commercial that will long be forgotten by the time the phone is out also I believe was a negative sign to investors it is time to jump off this wagon.

I only wish they just came up with a big lie (March release) on launch day so they could surprise everyone on their super bowl ad and say it comes out on Feb. 4th in the US... only in dreams

Yeah michjarv- I am from the US too and we are just a bunch of spoiled whiney bitches! Lol But I gotta say- I am deeply disappointed that I still have to wait longer to get my hands on this phone. Not gonna kill myself or anything- just disappointed.

yeah i would put my own two cents in but that would basically be combining all the comments on this blog post, and combining every single thread that has been made about this issue so far so im not going to.

Instead, im hoping that someone is willing to take our money ( a loyal crackberry user) and buy us a z10 to ship it down to the states.

I am pissed and my wife went out last night a picked up an Iphone. She says after 11 years with Blackberry she can no longer support a company that keeps failing it's customers. I am disappointed in BB, I have been reading over some of the changes and I am not happy at all, some of these are the very same reason I have stuck with blackberry. Just to name one, the fact that I can not edit my sound profiles. I like a loud phone ringer and low alerts for emails and text messages. I have 4 email accounts 2 of which I use for work and I like to set the sound of one of those much higher than the others. I don't even know if I will be able to set a different sound for each different email account. I really could care less about apps and games I need my phone to get things done not to play. My 9810 is on its last leg, track pad died about 2 weeks ago and I am patiently waiting but for how long and for what is yet to be seen. I must say I am truly disappointed in yesterdays launch. Totally not what I expected. And don't even get me started on BB10 for my PB.

THis SUCK! plain and simple. I dont care whose fault it is its all bad. I sold my stock this morning. Total waste of time and money to have a global launch and not have a global release. Then to waste $$$$$$$on a superbowl ad and not have phones for sale the next day? thats just crazy and stupid. talk about taking the wind out of the sail and sinking the boat. I would have rather seen them wait till march to do the launch event. I feel like its AT&T's fault and would switch carires in a heartbeat if any other us carriers had a z10. But they dont so now pissed and confused. I have been hanging on to this bb torch for so long it feels like forever. Another 30-60days wont kill me but im just so disapointed, this is the 2nd time (playbook the first time) Blackberry has let me down. Makes me want to buy a used android (so att doesnt get my phone $) but I dont care for android. I want a dam BLACKBERRY NOW!
#end rant

maybe its time to move to Canada

I wouldn't mind waiting until March if they at least released BB10 for PlayBook so I get some BB10 "buzz".
What I'm also disappointed is the even the Crackberry have said nothing about BB10 on the Playbook. No comments questions or even outrage. I guess they got their Z10s so they forgot about the Playbook faithful.

I was mad at first hearing about the delay. But just like a couple of other people said, it leaves room for improvement in the OS. I'm still going to wait it out and get the Z10 when it becomes available.

I was pissed yesterday and I'm even madder now that I have had a few hours to think about it. I have waited like the rest of you for BB10 for a year now. And now they say wait some more? I would have switched to a Galaxy device a long time ago if it weren't that I use the bridge app on my 9810 all the time with my playbook on the road. But let me tell ya I am getting sick of it and if they keep this crap up I will switch.

I'm still waiting for the Z10. If one of the carriers surprised us and launched it in February, I would switch immediately! I love my BB and have been putting off my upgrade since July. What's another six weeks for such an awesome phone? I'll just buy some accessories before then!

well im going to carphone warehouse in the UK tomorrow to buy my new z10 and get a free playbook :) ...sorry thats probably not helping is it?

i don't live in america so i'm not impacted (even though in Swizterland no one talks about it anyway) but i have to admit i was very disapointed with the March announcement as i have a few shares in the company and i believe this news really hurt the stock. Even though most of the fall was for more tactical reasons from the big players.
Also, i was disappointed by the presentation. We didn't see much of the device, and frankly, nothing new for us that are checking your website often. I wished that had shown more of all the possibilities of the device.

I was surprised they didn't even post the phone's specs at the presentation. That seemed like an odd omission for a smartphone release. Everyone always wants to compare specs with existing phones but they didn't get any for the Z10 except screen size and pixel density.

Maybe in Sunday's commercial Alysha's ad will give the date and surprise the Hell out of everyone. Go Blackberry Go. sorry for you USA folks but if CNBC and all the other so called analysts are writing BBRY off its only natural to make them wait till the rest of the world is a month ahead of them.

I feel bad for ppl who been waiting for so long. Counting days, hours, minutes, seconds. Looking @ the COUNTDOWN on Now they have to wait longer. I don't understand why USA have to wait more. My upgrade is due on July, so I can wait, but what about the ppl who can't.I have a feeling most of the fans WILL defenitely ditch Blackberry. By the the it hits US, Blackberry would be OBSOLETE..

I don't think I will wait it out. Phone on it's last leg. We don't even have the apps on the Playbook available for the Z10. I blamed both Blackberry and Carriers.

Didn't I read there were differences between US phones and the rest of the world? That along with no dev reward phone for Verizon makes me wonder if there is or was a technical issue that delayed testing. Or maybe the contract with Verizon requires no one releases until all US carriers release or something and there are issues with the CDMA phone.

I won't have an upgrade till december anyway so I'm fine with waiting, my Bold 9930 and 64 GB PlayBook will hold me over till then. Hoping that BB10 comes to the PB sooner rather than later.

In fact the more I think about it I bet there is a relationship between no Verizon dev phone and late US launch.

I voted I was fine with the US delay because there will be more apps (and bug fixes probably) but the truth is that if I was eligible to upgrade today, I would do so. As it is, I have to wait until May anyway because I bought a 9930, which I really like. I'm very happy that Verizon will be offering white. I'll be playing with both styles at the store before I'll be able to decide whether I could switch to all touch. I do most of my email on the 9930 and my work has evolved to using more text. I bought the Torch 9850 and loved the full screen but gave it to my husband and got the Bold because I made so many typing errors and I spend so much of my time typing. Maybe the new predictive text will be so usable that I can go for full screen, but then I'd still lose screen for the keyboard. Hard choice without having them in hand. What I am a disappointed about is that the PlayBook OS update didn't come with yesterday's announcement. I hope they move on that soon. The browser access speed is getting slower for some reason. I love my PlayBook and use it a lot for a variety of things.

Makes sense, if sales are the weakest in the US why worry about launching there first. Launch in your key markets first. Being loyal to Blackberry should have it's rewards.

I'm wondering if Verizon is taking extra time so they can give all of their sales staff some "shut up juice"? Not that RIM needed any help doing it to themselves, but those babies at Verizon did a fine job of helping to sink the Blackberry ship......If one more of those youngins asks me "why would you still want a Blackberry" or advises me that "Blackberry is for older people" I'm going to scream

I walked into a store to pick up a 9650. I talked with a sales guy and described my needs just to be sure. He pushed me over to Android without batting an eyelid. I then said I only want the 9650. He got lost for a second and then said, "If that is what you want." I have been screaming internally since.

Well, the press said anyway that's too late for blackberry to have a come back, USA people don't care anymore they buy what everyone else does, meaning they are getting Samsungs and IPhones more and more; where I work NOBODY has a BlackBerry but me and yesterday all were laughing about the fact that BBZ10 didn't get good reviews and lack of Apps and not to mention the New delay, and you know what? They're right, I have no arguments to said something in favor of blackberry. Honestly, nobody will switch to blackberry knowing this, will you?. Many told me, hey no difference at all with the wait of BBZ10, same old sh.....t!!!, sorry you waited for nothing.

You EXACTLY illustrate my point below. It was a wise choice not to take care of the U.S. first. Excepting Enterprise, the States is no longer BlackBerry's consumer market.

Yesterday's launch was nothing short of baffling. Held in New York yet yet not available in the US till late March which to me sounds like maybe April. I am not due for an upgrade until June but I planned to purchase the Z10 at full price anyway. But wait! Only Verizon has the white one so I guess I will have to settle for black if I don't want to switch carriers. But wait! My carrier Sprint has no plans to offer the Z10. Sounds like I am f@#*ed on every level. Going to pass on my 9850 to my daughter and explore my options

I suspect that the late U.S. launch has little to do with disrespecting the U.S. or the carriers being late. It's simple math. The States, for all intents and purposes is Apple and Google. Except for a large number of enterprise users, who's timeline isn't a consumer timeline, the numbers don't lie. BlackBerry has wisely chosen to first take care of their primary consumer growth markets. The States is now a secondary or worse consumer market for BlackBerry. Why take Microsoft's path and beat your head against a brick wall? Market first where you will succeed best, plain and simple.

The argument seems logical except that BlackBerry is marketing worldwide and delivering the product only to selected markets. Let us say that BlackBerry cannot have enough units built to meet the demand in several markets across the globe. A headline might read: "BlackBerry cannot keep-up with demand for the new Z10." Would this headline not be positive news? It is when it happens to Apple.

I'm just hoping that ATT doesn't pull the same crap they did with the 9900. If so, well here's waiting until August.

US carriers require more time to test vs Canada and the UK. Don't know if that is true but I have no understanding of why.

Frustraiting to wait a month while people in London are already buying!!

I don't give a crap whose "fault" it is. How do you have a launch party in the US for a product that has been a year in the half waiting, when the last "NEW" thing is breaking left and right (the Torch).

I put off purchasing a new phone - not a blackberry - for a month after the connection cord on my torch screen broke, in hopes I'd be able to get this yesterday. At this point, I can only use it as a touch screen phone and I can only talk on it with a bluetooth or on speaker. I'm obviously not going to pay the $100 for a replacement insurance phone when I can buy a new up-to-date phone for that price on (should have been today). To fix it at a 3rd party should costs almost that much.

I have no friends that have an AT&T Blackberry I can use as a backup any more because everyone has tossed them for a product that isn't 2 years behind the competition.

I work in a busy business, I can't go another month/month and a half for this BS. It was a poorly planned product launch that should have been held off until they were ready to supply everyone. A lot of people upset is NOT a good sign. It is poor PR, poor marketing, poor business management. A video kissing supporters butts is just salt in the wound... this launch this early was raising a big middle finger to American BB supporters, plane and simple. They suck and they've lost my business because of it. Going to get an Galaxy today... very begrudgingly.

I'm very disappointed about the delays but I blame the carriers more than BB. My 9650 is on it's last legs but I still have extended warranty service. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to bother but now I will have Verizon replace it so I can last until the Z10 comes out.

Im ticked! And i dont even live in the States, im in Manitoba, which is in CANADA. My local carrier is not releasing BB10 until March as well, their excuse is "we are a provincial carrier and dont get phones like the big guys at first" THEN HOW COME SASKTEL is releasing it Feb 5th!? They had no answer for me after i stated that. MTS SUCKS!!!

I'm upset big time. With all the press release and the release date of 1/30/13, why wait on the delivery to the USA.
I was hoping to go out any buy the Z10 this weekend for my 60th Birthday. Now I just have to eat cake!

I'm upset big time. With all the press release and the release date of 1/30/13, why wait on the delivery to the USA.
I was hoping to go out any buy the Z10 this weekend for my 60th Birthday. Now I just have to eat cake!

ATT sucks right now. How are they not going to have the white Z10 and every other carrier in the US will have it. Something is not right with that.

I think it is only Verizon who will have them in white. I'm also on AT&T. They didn't know anything about new BBs when I called them yesterday.

Here's the thing: Blackberry had a surefire 3to1 customer in me. I was prepared to go out and pick them up right NOW for myself, my wife, and my brother. Then I would have gone to work and raved about it and shown it off to my coworkers and friends. With no new phones from other companies on the very near horizon the Z10 would've eaten up their mindshare, and perhaps caused them to go out and buy a Blackberry.

Now I have to wait until March. If during that wait time iPhone announces a new phone my wife will probably buy that, so what started out as a surefire 3to1 becomes 2to1. The impact is magnified because in that same time span my friends and coworkers who would've been interested in at least learning about Blackberry will get caught up in the next iPhone clusterF*&K.

I mean, wtf would you even spend money on a Superbowl commercial that's almost soley a US thing when the phone is 60 days away???

I have waited long enough I am seriously thinking about leaving BB and I have been with them for as long as I can remember. BB was pager size when I got my first one.

As far as i am concerned its Verizons fault. I know its all 4 US carriers, but i am on Verizon. The Z10 is done, its available, and some people have it in their hands now. I have been a loyal VZW customer for at least 5 phones and three have been BlackBerry's. I should be able to get my phone before March!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a lot of people that are saying blame the US wireless carriers. I have a hard time beleiving that, for the simple reason that none of the US carriers are going to wait on each other for it to availble to all. if any one US carrier could get their hands on it they would have it out today, because people would change carriers in a heartbeat to get a Z10. No RIM dropped the ball on this one, and it is going to cost them.

Guys! Everyone.. Just enjoy this moment! BlackBerry 10 is finally here.. The Z10 is finally here..

Continue with your feedback! Continue with your great app ideas!

The time has come to push harder.. Work harder and PARTY HARDER!!!!


This is ALL extremely calculated and thought of.. Everyone at BlackBerry is giving double thoughts to all subjects..

Take it easy guys! You have nothing to lose. Just sit back and ENJOY the ride.

The BlackBerry 10 platform is beautiful.. See it.. Believe it..

BlackBerry 4 Life!

I have been a fan for years. I would not have mind waiting another 2 weeks. That is not a problems but to make us wait another 2 months and to not offer the white Z10 on some carriers but offer it on others. To me that is a big time fail.

I am not in the US but voted that I am ticked off as the word is that we in South Africa will also have to wait till March for the phones and we were meant to be part of the first wave launch. This is not cool. The reason for the delay given on this side of the world is due to the carriers and BlackBerry still negotiating the data deals to be available as the flat BIS rate will be no more with the BlackBerry 10 phones. Surely this should have been sorted by the time of the Global Launch? One of the carriers have a 3 tiered BIS plan. An email only, an email and social and an unlimited option. If emails and BBM still need to go through BIS then lower the rate and add a data deal to the package. Is it so difficult. If Apple phones and Android phones are packaged with data why is it so difficult to do the same with the new BlackBerry phones?

What are the contract deals being offered in the UK andC anada with the new phones? Do they still include a BIS fee?

A good strategy that i would hope for is that Blackberry sells the devices cheap to US carriers and then the US carriers offered it for 49.99 on contract. This way after a global launch (outside the US), maybe the buzz would get around and entice potential buyers to buy the phone at that priceline. It's a small victory for waiting so longm too. They need to get it in the consumer hands.. it may cut a little into their profit but Blackberry needs to get out there.

P.S. I HATE calling the company Blackberry now. I didn't realize it until now, but calling their devices and the company by the same name is annoying and confusing.

US carriers do not care about their customers they will charge as much as they can for the phone. It will be $199 or more. They will never give the customer a break

AT&T is still selling the Bold 9900 for $199 on a 2 year contract. Old technology, old OS at premium price.

These stock analysts are a joke. How on earth can you base BlackBerry's future on BB's stock performance especially when it's quite evident that market makers and deep pocket investors are manipulating the SP. It's a bubble for goodness sakes, they pumped the stock up just to sell out before launch to 1) give the illusion that BB10's launch was not successful and 2) to base there future on yesterday's performance and right negative articles and 3) to make pig profits because the fundamentals presented themselves.

Anyhow, for you Americans, I feel for you, but waiting a little longer is a lot better than jumping onto an iPhone and/or Android that WILL take you back into time. Or you can contact your Carrier and give them hell for mucking up the BB10 availability.

I'm a Canadian so it doesn't bother effect me. BUT... I think RIM, Oops... BlackBerry didn't pull off the launch right. This was critical for them. They should have had all the carriers lined up and say you can by it tomorrow. They couldn't afford to screw it up and they did and their stock price showed that they did. The reviews are coming in, and I have 4 or 5 days to review them, plus as of today we will get real life user reviews from the UK so I'm ok with that as a Canadian. Early people are saying that 69,000 apps are all crap and only 1000 are actually good made for BlackBerry apps. Also people are saying notifications are crap and they should have kept the notification bar which I like. And the hub, once you get too deep, you have to go back a few times to read a new email cause you are left where you left off and that could be a few deep. They should have kept the email folders. I hope these few get fixed in an update and the app gap... don't know whats going on there or if it can be fixed.

I agree with you about the launch. If it was only for Canada and UK then you should have said that in the beginning. You made this big event and only a Canada and UK can get the phone. I give "Blackberry" a grade of a big fat "F"

Don't bother listening to people that are anti BlackBerry. There's a lot of miss information being plastered all over because of die hard iOS and Android lovers.

It's the Carriers fault in the USA not BlackBerry. They were the ones that stood on the sidelines while the rest of the World prepared for the BlackBerry 10 launch and quick availability.

Yesterday's stock price was all manipulation. To give people the illusion that BB10 was underwhelming. Don't drink the coolaid. BlackBerry 10 has received over 70% positive reaction via the entire Internet after its launch.

To the those complaining of the US delay: Quit crying like little b*tches. You're talking 6-8 weeks at the most. Get over yourself. If that's all you needed for an excuse to go out and get an inferior phone - then go for it. You will come to realize in a few months that you`re missing out and when you do come to the realisation - the Z10 will be available in the US and we will gladly accept you back.

The Z10 will not be obsolete in 8 weeks - they are going for the "experience" race and not the specs race. They have already produced a higher resolution screen the the competition and the productivity and multitasking is unchallenged. THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE IN 6-8 weeks. If you're one of those people that changes to the newest phone with the newest 18-core processor because it sounds cool - BlackBerry is probably not for you anyways - it's about actually getting things done and not about talking about how great you can do things. The Z10 is as fast as anything else out there and that won't change anytime soon.

Tired of this whining and I'm also tired of the media saying things that are such BS - such as the iPhone 5 is faster than the Z10 - how the hell would you know that if you've never compared them.


You are missing everyone's point. The launch day was going to be a big deal and in the US is was a let down because you have to wait 2 more months. That is all. Just like me I thought it would be no longer that 2 weeks and I would have the phone in my had but that is not the case. I am very upset but we have no choice but to wait or to change phones. That is all. Plus no one is a little b*tch.

Are you serious? How about they don't get everyone hyped up about a Jan 30th release date? When the American fan base is just as big if not BIGGER than the fans in Canada...has nothing to do with "Americans be spoiled" (creative thought I must say..) but honestly every BlackBerry fan has been a victim of push backs and other bs like that..and that two month kick back is gonna be enough for alotta people who are still on OS6 and have ALREADY been waiting for the phone for them to go because its obvious BB doesn't know how to CAPITALIZE. Saying "well at least we know people want them!" is a I'm REALLY embarrassed to have a BlackBerry in the states. It's just frustrating..if you're a still a BlackBerry fan in America..we should've gotten a phone. BlackBerry or whoever did an excellent job kicking us in the balls..

Bold 9930 :: pin:330A92E5 :: Twitter: @ChrisJaam

I live in the US and i'm fine with the delay. Sure, it sucks that I can't get my hands on it RIGHT now, but I learned my lesson from the 9930. I was so impatient that I left ATT and went to VZW just for the phone and wasn't happy with the service. And it was just so buggy or VZW service was bad. who knows. All i know is that the text messages would constantly fail and I had to do a battery pull on so many other things. So here's hoping for a little more magic on this Z10 when ATT finally does get it.

This is so wrong, in some ways Kevin:

And here's the thing I want you all to ponder.... the fact that so many of you are ticked off about waiting for BlackBerry 10 is actually a good thing. IT SHOWS THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE IN THE USA CARE ABOUT BLACKBERRY 10 AND WANT IT! What would be really bad is if nobody cared that you had to wait a bit longer for BB10. But that fact so many of you do... well, that just means when BlackBerry 10 does launch in the USA it's going to be a success. So vent away!

There will be at least two new rival phones release around then.
Combine this with the number of pissed off "potential BB users/upgraders" that a percentage will leave BB now due to this uncalled for delay.

In short, the Super bowl advertising will be outside the two week attention span for marketing.
And the excitement will have died off.

I know you want to put a positive spin on a bad move by BB, but no matter how much perfume you put on a pig it is still a pig.


My initial impression last fall was that I would wait until Jan 30 because the phone will be ready - software, hardware and carrier support. BB told us that they wanted to avoid the clutter of the holiday season and have their own launch. Well, I am happy for those outside the US - good for them. But now BB will be pushed up against the iphone5s/6 and S4 rumors. I want my Z10 but I also want everyone else to actually see how great it is. How "Flow" makes your day better over and over again. That everyone that held off upgrading made a good decision and that they would be rewarded.

2 weeks would be ok but 6-8 is just sad and disappointing.

Decision makers at BlackBerry, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile do not monitor this blog. Let's be practical. What do we need to do to get their attention?

I'm having a full blown b*tch fit!

I know waiting for bug fixes and yada, yada..

I just want the damn phone already.

I kind of understand Kevin's reasoning about angry demand being a good thing, because any kind of demand is easier to convert into sales than indifference. But, it's still angry demand right *now*. The problem is that angry demand directly after the huge launch buzz and hoopla may not mean all that much in March when the Z10 will go on sale. By then, we'll begin to see leaked specs on the Galaxy S4 and the Lumia 920 refresh. Plus, I anticipate, we'll begin to see a "where are the apps" narrative start to form around BB10 as online bloggers and tech folks instill in everyone the unreasonable expectation that they should find their favorite apps from iOS on BB10. The time to have the device up for sale is within one week of the announcement.

It would be war, but I wonder if anyone at BlackBerry considered making a serious marketing effort to move them unlocked at full price during February...?

Thorsten Heins promised BB10 phones to be available in Q1, I believe March is in Q1. Americans are too darn spoiled. I will be patiently waiting myself. You people who are ticked of the availability in the states can jump ship anytime...don't let the door hit you on the way out.

CrackBerry Is My Choice Of Drug

Read the critics biased reviews and no one in the US can show that they are wrong because there is no phones. Read the stock report and see the stock falling. It has nothing to do with Americans being spoiled it is all about the business side of selling phones and the value of the stock

Still cannot blame RIM for this, UK and Canada and even UAE get it before the US, meaning US carriers likely want to add their garbage to the phone (and then we hear people complain about "Derp its slow...derp BB SUX xXiPhernXx...etc etc"..

Like many my comments will mirror what has already been said. Late arrival in the US no matter what the reason is bad for the stock as evidenced today. This is seen by the competition as a window of to upsell more of their product. People who are used to a particular OS may find it harder to switch over.

The business user and faithful BB users now have to wait and then hear that some functions are not a carry over to the "The Ten" along with NO WORD WHAT SO EVER ABOUT THE PLAYBOOK adds to growing frustration and confusion. Who did Black Berry listen to over these past two years, was it business small and large? Again there seems to be no lack of games and social media apps and capability for this new phone and OS.

I understand it is the start and new future for Black Berry, but to not clearly address the basic functions and needs of the users who put you on the map seems a bit miss guided to me. Active sync for calendar and contacts for both the "The Ten" and Playbook for those small companies and users who do not live and breath Google need to be made available. Print to Go still misleading and not renamed, these are a few that come to mind.

No doubt this phone is going to be awesome but for what target market and user if you can't address key features and needs of those who put you on the map. Data security yes is key but in this increasing Global market place you need to come with more and not leave your sage old customers behind.

There may be many who disagree with this post as it is not a personal attack on Black Berry but one persons observation. I along with others may not get everything we want out of this new phone and OS, but it is a start to recovery if they don't repeat mistakes of the past.

Carriers on the other hand are another matter all together. ;-)

hi everyone, let me give my opinion for this issue.

To me it looks like a commercial issue other than a technical issue.

1) Operator Technical lab test normal taken 1-2 months to do test the handset, mostly in the single and software management side.
2) Operator commercial team will take over to neg the teams and conditions and
3) Marketing team will follow, as well as training, logistical and shop roll-out.

If Vodafone UK can passed the bb10 for the lab test and commercial agreed upon, marketing, training, logistical and store roll-out ready why big 4 in USA cant do it?

I think there are some commercial teams blackberry cant match.

Maybe Verizon has the exclusive right to release the blackberry phone first in the US which signed long time age and Verizon is intentionally hold up the commercial negotiation.

It may related to MWC (Mobil World Congress)in Feb 2013, during MWC, there will be alot andorid phones release and hype is very much. So Samsung may release the S4 as well as HTC and others.

So operators in US may think there is not worth to invest too much resource in BB1O and push the release date to mid March after the MWC.

So how will you do with this? what advise can you give to BB?
Thorsten should know this by offer the un-locked phone for sale on bb site or on amazon.
BB lover will goto website to order one and Thorsten can give incentive such as a 100$ for future bb product or 100$ worth of apps etc to drive the sales.

There is a problem, RIM(Blackberry) was/is too much depending on the operator for its hand sales, there maybe a clause in the old contract signed 10 years ago prohibit this type of sales.

Thorsten need to waked up and do other marketing, merely has an ad on Superbowl cant help you to sort this.

You need to change the way blackberry operating in retail side, cant trust mobile operator this much.
Where is the Marketing Director of bb? where is the social media marketing of the BB10?

Enough said, i am very tired and angry now, take the "I" out of BIS is BS.

I guess if I were due an upgrade right now I would be more upset. But I have to wait until July anyway, so it isn't hurting me. But I am still stoked for July to get here. By then any kinks should be worked out, the app numbers should start rising, and by then I will have the wisdom of others to help me choose which phone (Q10 or Z10) I really want!

Very dejected to say the lease. I visit this site faithfully everyday, I even put friends onto it just so we can all experience another delay?! The storm was delivered with plenty of bugs also so I'm against the opinion that extra time is good to work out any issues. I 'd rather have the device in-hand and just update it as they roll out as we've done with Blackberry's in the past. I think I need a few days away from the site to clear my thoughts

Living Bold-ly!

I think the U.S delay is intentional. BB's stronghold is on consumers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. I think the strategy is to build up steam there with sales and good reviews and use that platform to build for a successful launch in the U.S.

This new Team BB is much more marketing savvy. They know their long term success depends on the U.S. market and it is critical to do well here. If any issues do arise with the new BB10 os after launch they will all be worked out before the U.S. launch. I think this a brilliant strategy by BB...logical when you really ponder it.

Hey Kevin - some day, when BlackBerry finally bites the dust, you are going to have a great career ahead of you as a stylist - because you sure did an excellent job of putting lipstick on this pig!


I am sorry to be so negative; I am no Android or Apple troll. I love BlackBerry. But the company is so frustratingly run. I feel like the one thing that anyone who knows anything about tech knows about the former RIM is that they have a problem with chronic lateness - and thus, the one thing that anybody you would take off the street would KNOW they had to do in a "comeback" situation is deliver their latest product FINISHED AND ON TIME.

And they didn't do it.

They sort of deserve to fail, tbh.

It is still in the first quarter. My god, what a society. So if I have to wait another 60 days for the next big thing I am literally going to shrivel up and die. Get a grip people, two months will pass and what world will still be much the same. It will still be worth the wait. How we wish our lives away.

Since november december to jan we' ve been seen vodafone orange all those crazy company names but after weeks the we saw huge companies caring about the device and i think thats the way they going to get it. Its awful and im so mad. All this excitement in the usa and we' re not getting the z10 yet wtf ATT? SPRINT? TMOBILE? VERIZON SAID THEY WIL HAVE IT FOR THE LAUNCH LETS WAIT. ATTENTION PHONE CARRIER VALENTINES DAY IS ALMOST HERE AND MY GIRL AND LIKE 1 MILLION MORE WANT THE Z10 IS A BUSINESS DAY. #SAYNOMORE

Probably not what you guys want to hear but I picked up 3 of these devices today in the UK without any trouble.

Sadly I had to then give them all away, but not before I had a quick play first!

Look. Do I want to wait? Hell NO! Will I wait? Hell YES!

My main problem is that it appears that Sprint will NOT be carrying the Z10...I mean WTF?!?!?! Here is BlackBerry's new "Flagship" device and Sprint is failing!! Do I love the qwerty Q10 as well? Yes. But I totally had my heart and mind set on the Z10 considering I'm a current Torch user and just love the touchscreen. I'm truly disappointed that this is how it's all going to play out...I'm even willing to wait a bit LONGER if I have to for Sprint to release the Z10 but give me an idea that it WILL be coming...otherwise I have a start a HUGE fight with the wife to convince her to switch to Verizon HAHAHAHA!!!

Though I understand the rationale, a company that brought on a new CEO to demand flawless execution has completely misfired here.

Aside from state-propped entities like the Chinese cell makers, I don't know how a tech/consumer electronics company can sustain itself without a firm commitment to presence and market share in the States. It should have included us today or next Tuesday. Now, there's a real chance one of the laurel-resting giants is going to steal thunder before a domestic launch here and deal a potentially fatal blow to BB. Show some moxie and guts to stand behind your product; prove the critics and naysayers wrong.

Instead, they've either shown a disdain for the largest economy and the greatest segment of disposable income consumers in the world, or are too timid to say what they have to offer is good enough to give Americans off the bat. America is, however, good enough to launch from, pimping NYC to sell products anywhere but. No matter how one slices it, it's perception that matters, and the perception is disdain at best, insulting at worst.

And BlackBerry does not have the time or wherewithal for either.

Exactly. Well said.

I will still buy a Z10... I've come too far not to... but my anger here has more to do with my perception of how the company is *still* not getting it than it does with any personal inconvenience to me.

I think this is BULLSHIT. If you live in American and youre STILL a BlackBerry fan..we should get support to! We know what we want! Why get the world hyped up about a Jan 30th release if people still have to wait another two months..cause honestly everyone is pulling the "i told you so" card here in America. And quite frankly its hard sticking up for a company that does that, they did a great job scaring away alot of potential customers and BlackBerry fans in US with that bs..I think they missed out on alot of $
Bold 9930 :: pin:330A92E5 :: Twitter: @ChrisJaam

It stinks, don't blame BlackBerry, but waited long enough, and the fact that carriers like sprint throw salt in the wound by only caring the Q10. Is wrong, looks like a great device, but I want the Z10.

I think this is BS. If you live in America and you're STILL a BlackBerry fan..we should get support to! We know what we want! Why get the world hyped up about a Jan 30th release if people still have to wait another two months..cause honestly everyone is pulling the "i told you so" card here in America. And quite frankly its hard sticking up for a company that does that, they did a great job scaring away alot of potential customers and BlackBerry fans in US with that bs..I think they missed out on alot of $ ..Thanks for the support BlackBerry

Bold 9930 :: pin:330A92E5 :: Twitter: @ChrisJaam

Of course, we will all still live regardless of when the phones are released but it does make it a great inconvenience for those of us who are currently having problems with our current blackberry devices. I have a Bold 9900 and am a power user. My phone freezes frequently, I had to buy a new battery because the original one it came with barely held a charge, etc. It's just time for an upgrade. I figured I'd have it next month. Just one more month but still, each day remaining day is a painful one.....

Did anyone see thorsten hiens interview on today show this morning i thought it was good they asked very commen questions but they were not negative.

i am not very happy about waiting till march either but dont really have a choice in my mind cause im not buying a iphone and i dont really like android because it feels like a race to the top when it comes to specs but the os still feels buggy. blackberry is really the only choice for me so im waiting. even my 3 year old bold 9700 still runs pretty smooth and has been the best phone i have had so far. tmobile z10 im waiting......

I'm in Canada but on a corporate plan so have to wait for my corporation to "approve" the BB10 phones before I can buy them from Bell so am probably in the same boat as my American friends. Frankly, I think BlackBerry did the right thing in releasing to the UK and Canada first. There is a lot of pent up demand here and we will go through them at a real clip and they'll be able to say that BB is the number 1 or 2 brand in Canada/UK so when they "RE launch" into the US, they get some excitement/lines like they are getting in the UK this am.

I'm sure the supply lines need a bit of juicing up as well and it didn't make sense to have all geographies unable to sell phones so releasing it in waves does make some sense and having ANY teething pains fully worked out before they get to the US makes sense too. I fully get the frustration.

it say accessories including for the new BB 10. That does not mean that the phones will be available

Now BlackBerry is spending tons of money on a SuperBowl ad for a product that consumers can't buy for over a month. I Still think it's a good idea, but it would have been so much more effective if the product were available.... Ans yes, I know that the SuperBowl is viewed all over the world, but it is still an American sport and viewed most there.

Funny how Crackberry says wait "a little while" until the release. It is 8 entire weeks people. 2 whole months. Let's do the math we are in late January and BB10 isn't coming until late March. Hmmm let's see.. Hey! That's 2 months!

And Please stop kidding yourselves. It's not the carriers fault. If it was Verizon's fault then At&t would have it sooner. If it was both their fualt then Sprint would have it sooner. Let's get real here.. It's BlackBerry's fault.

If they knew they wouldn't release it in the U.S. until late March then they shouldn't have announced it until late February or early March. You simply can't announce a new product and then launch it 2 months later. Not in the U.S. anyway. Because that is where Wall Street is and that is going to hurt BlackBerry very badly. The bleeding will continue.

What a stupid, stupid mistake made by BlackBerry..

Wall street don't give a dam about Blackberry, they just look how to find a fault in Blackberry so they can manipulate the stock for there benifit.I knew the stock was going to drop, you know why because not to many people got it on the bottom.Then you have the Tech people saying its nothing new.
If people want the Z10 they will wait, if they can't then go online an buy one from ebay.
My contract isn't up until Mayof this year, so i have time, i'm not going crazy.

Agree with this entirely. The ONLY way to justify this move by BB is if they use the 8 weeks they've now made for themselves to do an all-out advertising BLITZ in the USA. I mean blanket the goddamn airwaves. Get as many celebrity and celebrity CEO endorsements as you can. The Super Bowl Ad should kick off an 8-week run of excitement-building the world has never seen in the USA.

If that isn't the plan... what a goddamn waste.

I'm eligible for an upgrade on April 1st, so I'm fine with waiting because I'd be waiting anyway.. I understand other people being annoyed, though, I suppose -- we do have a "I want it & I want it now" tendency.

No shock at ALL... This was long far predicted, is BlackBerry nothing ever is on time or as it should be.

3 points

1 - This is exactly the thing Thorsten was brought into the company to fix and he failed too. The process needed to be managed so that the US Carriers had the phones well in advance of the launch date. It can't ne a suprise to RIMM/Blackberry that the carriers need time for thier own assesment and testing.

2 - Not only was the execution poor, it was done on a global stage arranged by themselves. I understand that they couldn't change the date, but come on and plan ahead! The CEO's comments this morning in the press didn't seem apologetic at all about the delay.

3 - CrackBerry missed a HUGE story. There is no way to sugar coat that this is a good problem and shows people care. If you're on this website, of course you're a fan and want the product. How about the millions of people who have moved on from BalckBerry's and yesterday's launch meant nothing to them. They see this as another one of the Company's failures and justifies their selection of another device.

Just being honest.

Here's what I don't get. They will have a 30-40 seconds Commercial during the Super Bowl, that cost them 4 million ( # 1 GAME in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) MANY " AMERICANS " will see it. But they will be dissapointed when they found out its not available until March/April.

Can't understand why people are so upset with Blackberry for a carrier issue. Look I understand the sentiment that they should have gotten the phone to carriers earlier but even if they did it would still be the same deal. Carriers are currently reluctant to anger the geese that are laying them golden eggs (apple and android). But as market demand increases and loyal fans that have been waiting in the wings for BB to step start to feel comfortable coming back to the fold they will be more willing to speed up those test.

A good case to look at would be Sprint, they are so tied up with Iphone subsidies that they can not really afford to take a chance on not selling these phones. That is a lot of cash to eat and Sprint should be tried of eating green. Just take a look at their reluctance to bring in the Z10 opting for the Q10 instead and then hesitation on the wp8 platform claiming they want something different, fresh and new.

Translation, we know there is a refresh around the corner for iphone and we have new androids coming down the pike, so let's push the ones we have to sell (iphone) to get from under this contract and then let's continue with what we know will make us cash (android).

So with carriers like this and the need for a sure money maker I really doubt if they would have ever gotten this phone out before March. Fear of competition is a B****

The longer wait makes me feel better about picking up a Bold 9930 on eBay in early September of last year. Otherwise I would have been stuck with the aging Bold 9650 for more months than I could probably handle.

I can wait, I have a BB Torch-9810 it is a great companion to my PlayBook.

Now I am trying to decide to go with the BB Z10 or the Q10 with the physical key board. I love the physical keyboard but I may wont to explore the Z10 and the touch screen. I enjoy using the touch screen on the PlayBook which I love, it is a great device! BTW I am 68+ years young and have owned a lot of smart phones, this is my second BlackBerry phone and my favorite, I have tried every OS on different devices except the iPhone, I have family members who use them; BB just keeps getting Better & Better!

I would really like to have both the Z10 & Q10.

My carrier is AT&T, so a little extra time will help me decide, make that 'Early' March AT&T!

I do sympathize with those who need a new BlacBerry and have been patiently waiting!


Let's also look at the Media attention it is getting. ABC news on Slacker every morn. NO ios this last two days....only Blackberry.....Bloomberg everyday too......It is awesome.........eventually even us, we the Berry Addicts that we are will create a hype.......just watch.......C.A.C.

I'm frustrated at the delay in release for the US, specifically Verizon. That's clear.

However, what is more frustrating is that it's all a tease. It's like waiting in line at your favorite restaurant for a long time, and then finally being served a bowl of steam instead of the soup you ordered. And the waiter telling you, "At least it smells good! And after all, the soup needed more salt anyway. But the restaurant is really making an impact with its revolutionary new kitchen! Just wait a few more hours for a really, wonderful dinner. After all these other clients get through eating, we will have perfected the recipe."

So, really, the best answer at this point is to go do something else, and ignore the fanboys of whatever type, and just get the work done. I'm not going to be doing it on a BB10 anyway, and neither will anyone else in this country, so this product and this blog is really a moot point.

OMG guys. I'm pretty confident that BB doesn't have an agenda to "punish" the US by making them wait.

Consider this scenario:

BB is building BB10 devices, months and months ago. They are traveling to meet with carriers all over, saying, "Who wants our great new game-changing devices?"

Canadian carriers, of course, say YES!

UK carriers say YES!

UAE carriers say YES!

US carriers say...."Yawn... well maybe we will take a few. We'll let you know when it works for us..."

The buzz starts to build. People start talking. All of a sudden the US carriers say, "Hey wait! Yeah, we want to get in on this!!" But they are a little late to the party. So instead of the first week in February.... they get March. Because of course they do need testing time etc. etc.... and it's not exactly a small market, so there are some laws of supply and demand that will take some time to kick in too.

Sound reasonable? Maybe even.... LIKELY???

And bit of a letdown but on the bright side, this gives me a little more time to save up some more cash.

Okay everyone RELAX! its one month!! by then all the apps will be bomb!!! so suck it up and lets make it a big BB comeback with BB10

Let's not lose sight of what is going on. I am typing this from my 9800 which I could have up gradeed last June when BB10 was originally set to be released... Then Fall 2012.... Then Jan 2013... Now the last week of March... Does anyone see a pattern here?! All I hear is people making excuses for BB and telling me to suck it up. "WE" have been sucking it up. We have been patient. We have been loyal. But when is BB going to return some of that loyalty. If the phone is ready... It should be released. Like some of the previous posts, I don't buy the notion that its an FCC thing. Its a DEMAND thing. And they simply cannot supply the demand all at the same time. Even though they had an extra six months to prep for it. And because of this, BLACKBERRY is going to loose A LOT of customers in the US market that have been patiently waiting for a year sitting on the poverbial pointy fence. Yes, it is just a phone and yes its just two more months. But its two more months more on top of delay after delay.

First I would like to say I do sympathize with those who need a new BlackBerry in the U.S. I do understand how you fell!

I can Waite because I am trying to decide to go with the Z10 or Q10, I love the physical key board but am tempted to try the Z10.

From what I know the carrier does tamper with the phones they sale. I have bought a lot of phones off eBay and I have learned to buy phones for AT&T service. I know AT&T has done this with the tethering of the BB phones to the PlayBook. AT&T took advantage of BB on this. One has to buy the 5gb data plan to tether. I have that and I love using my Torch-9810 with my PlayBook, but is it just not worth the $50.00 that AT&T ask for 5gb's of data. I don't use a fraction of this. So I am going to terminate that.

I am eligible for an up grade and I have looked many times at what AT&T had to offer in a BlackBerry. They have all the BB's on the last pages, at the end. the iPhones are on the first page at the top. That tells me a lot! I have been with At&T in one form or another for a very long time, and I have my internet service DSL, and also 3 lines on my wireless phone, but I am thinking about changing my wireless service.

PS; I have used a lot of different brands and operating systems/OS over the years and I find BlackBerry to be my favorite, I have even had an hp iPaQ a former runner to the iPhone, the iPaQ had the Windows OS.
The hp-iPaQ was a strong little computer/smart phone and sold for $1,000.00 at one time it was popular in the timber business for cursing timber.