CrackBerry App Store Client Updated and 20% Off Apps Sale

CrackBerry App Store Beta Updated & 20% Off Sale!
By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Apr 2009 03:01 am EDT

A month ago to the day we introduced the beta of our new on-device CrackBerry App Store client. We're still leaving the *beta* tag on version 1.02, which features several improvements including: a much more polished and user-friendly interface (now optimized for the Storm), better use of the menu key for navigation, faster load times, support for coupon codes and many minor bug fixes. Still to come before we leave beta and make the app store official is version tracking, integrated downloads and support for Paypal.

Update: The Crackberry App Store is optimized for the Storm, but if you had a previous version that was installing on half screen only, please use the link below to upgrade to a “special” Storm version only that will fix this problem:

Download/Upgrade: If you already have the CrackBerry App Store client installed, you will automatically be prompted to upgrade to version 1.02, or you can click the BlackBerry menu button and Check for Updates to make sure you are on the newest version. If you do not yet have the app store installed, simply point your BlackBerry's web browser to to download. 

Beta Feedback: If you have any feedback on this update, we want to hear from you! Be it suggestions, bugs or otherwise, you can email it in to crackberrysupport @ We'll pick the top 15 emails received over the course of the week and reward those people with $15 in free app money!

Why CrackBerry App Store? There are a lot of compelling reasons to have and keep the CrackBerry App Store installed on your device: Deal of the Day features a new popular app at deep discount every 24 hours; there are themes galore; app pricing as low as 99 cents (you'll find many apps that sell for $2.99 in App World for a dollar or more less); credit card checkout supports countries around the world... and the list goes on. You can click the image above for more details.

20% Off All Apps Sale: In honor of passing the One Million Member Milestone, we've set up coupon code onemillion for use at checkout within the on-device app store (will not work in PC web store). The coupon code is valid until this Sunday at midnight, so be sure to download the updated app store client and give it a whirl and save! *Please keep in mind the coupon does not apply to already discounted apps.

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CrackBerry App Store Client Updated and 20% Off Apps Sale


Awesome stuff with the 20% off all apps!

And even awesomer still, is that I can finally get the CrackBerry App Store app running on my 8900 :D

Typing the password/login info is horrendously slow, I can't even type in my stuff because it lags constantly, double typing letters and stuff.

Sent an email already to support.

I downloaded this new version on my strom but I cant seem to make it go full A. Plus the keyboard comes up and I cant make it go away at all, any advice??

When I sign in to app store it does not prompt me to upgrade. If I hit BB menu key there is not a choice to check for updates. Can someone help me on how to upgrade my app store version to 1.02.


I have the keyboard issue too. I am using the BB Storm with OS 122. Can any of the Crackberry staff advise on how to get the full screen view of the app store? It is very hard to navigate with the keyboard up the entire time.


I got prompted for a 1.2 update a while ago. Crackberry App Store is where I shop. E-mail updates for all app upgrades, log into MyAccount and there's my history with links to download the latest versions of my apps. I do agree the layout could be a little better for inputting e-mail address and password and also the LOGIN button. Can't tell you how many times I've typed it all in (even Zoomed in) and instead of getting the LOGIN button I end up on the frigging "forgot password?" screen. Space it out guys, I got a ton of screen real estate and you got me all bunched into a corner.

go to options then, advance options, applications, highlight app store then push menu button then click disable compatibility mode. this solve all those issues that everyone is having with thier storm running the app store.

try uninstalling the app and redownloading it. this is what i did and I have the option to disable compatibility.
I am running .141

the speed is pretty good, if definately seems more responsive than rims app world was before thier update.

Just a would be nice if Crackberry or Blackberry sorted the apps and themes by compatable devices. Many do not offer a free trial and it is hard to tell if it will work on my Storm.

It asked if I wanted to upgrade and then did nothing, except close the app sore program.
Went to the CB site and DLed the App Store Client and then it replaced my old one with the new one.
(Using an 8330 Curve)

I disabled compatibility mode, and it did make it full screen. When I click on anything though, nothing shows.

On a Storm. I don't get the compatibility mode option either. Did as someone earlier suggested and uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no compatibility mode option.


I went to the options ,advance opts., applications, (hover over) do no select the app store, hit menu the,. Disabled the the compatibility mode, pulled the battery out and wah lah. thanks for the help peeps.

I've purchased 1 measly little application. It worked until I tried a feature to store my results. Upon retrieving the results it want me to register. WHAT? I never had to enter a code and don't have one. So now I'm locked out of the application. I've sent numerous emails to the developer and forum posts at the Blackberry site without getting any help at all. You won't see me spending anymore of my money there if I can't get a few simple questions answered. And I would caution anyone else to make sure they know what they are getting into!

I followed the link for the "update" above. Still only displays on Storm 1/2 screen, no compatibility setting.

If you're going to offer something, you should make sure it works first.

I have the storm and have had the problems with the app store that everyone else has had. The compatibility fix works, but you have to make sure you close the app store or do a battery pull before it actually disables the compatibility mode.

to disable the compatibility mode:
go to options then, advance options, applications, highlight app store then push menu button then click disable compatibility mode.

Still can't enter with TCP or WiFi, even after tech support told me the other day that that would be implemented with this update. Well guess you won't have my app-money until you fix it ;).

Doesn't seem to be a way to ebter cc info into my profile. When I log in and pay from the BB client, It prompts me for a cc when I try and check out but then tells me I'm not logged in. Finally I had to check out as a guest which doesn't link my order to my profile.

Definitely a great improvement over the earlier beta. On the prior version, the sections were hard to see (still a tiny bit smaller than my eyes can see clearly .. gotta get them checked). Otherwise, there are many reasons to keep this installed, including promotions.

Very nice!! They must have fixed the half screen issue from earlier today. Now this makes me wonder why RIM's App store is so ghetto?? I'm really beginning to think RIM has a ton of HORRIBLE PROGRAMMERS!!!!!

Don't know if this happened to anyone else but when I was trying to checkout/complete a purchase it asked me for my CC information(this is not the issue), I put in all the information but the app would not let me enter the phone number, it did let me select the phone # field but i could not input numbers(or dashes, or letters, nothing).
Tried using ALT+CAPS to use only number but that did not help and if I hit "submit" it would come back as saying that I needed to enter the phone number before I could submit the information.
Hopefully someone has found a solution to this issue... or will soon, or should I just reinstall the app to see if this issue is resolved?

I have downloaded the new storm special version but it still comes up with the half keyboard half app store. I was just wondering if there was something that I should do to fix that or if it is just the link.

I had the beta version of this app installed on my Storm, and it was always showing up half screen with the keypad on the bottom half of the screen.

Today I was prompted to upgrade and it was still opening on half of the screen. Was so excited when I turned on the computer and saw the link that was supposed to solve the issue.

I have downloaded, removed, downloaded and removed again using the "special" link to download the Storm version of the application.

Please really fix the issue, so that I can take advantage of this application as I am not always able to use a computer.

Anyone else have a problem with the new updated storm version? I downloaded it and it did not change at all from previous version. Well previous new version.

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Storm 9000 .78 Vodafone issue with compatability mode app shows up as full screen. Fast to connect and flip through screens, no problem with logging in and seeing past purchases or checking out new purchase. Def a big improvement on earlier version! A very viable alternative to CrAppworld thanks guys ;-)

I was successful in getting it to run correctly: uninstalled the app, rebooted, reinstalled the new "storm" version, went to advanced options > applications > app store > made sure compatibility mode was disabled, it was already on mine.

Using a Storm 9500, running .75.

Any attempt to click "upgrade" when the alert pops up in the store app closes it and does nothing.

Nice one guys.

Excellent upgrade! but it looks to good, like I'm going lose more battery power. Lol. Just one suggestion, when you have new apps come out and they're on special, how about adding them to the top of the special list. Not that I don't like scolling through the list but it could save time.