CrackBerry App Store Client Updated: 20% Off Grand Opening Sale Extended Until July 4th!

CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2009 09:15 am EDT

Back on June 3rd we posted that the CrackBerry App Store client was now official and out of beta, but following that release still found we had a few bugs affecting a small portion of users that needed to be ironed out. The current CrackBerry App Store version -- 1.04 -- should address the lingering issues those user's faced. You can download the updated version from within the client itself (Check for Updates) or just point your BlackBerry's web browser to if you have yet to give it a go. You don't need to delete any previously installed versions before upgrading. And if by chance you do experience any bugs, you can email them in to crackberrysupport @

20% Off App Sale: To compensate for the problems some users experienced we are extending the grand opening sale with 20% off all software until July 4. The coupon code is  appstore. In addition, we've queued up a bunch more top-sellers for the Deal-of-the-Day which will be offered for 50% off. These apps include PeekaWho Email SMS Alerts, Par 72 Golf II, BatteryBooster, and NextAction.

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CrackBerry App Store Client Updated: 20% Off Grand Opening Sale Extended Until July 4th!


So I get almost all my apps from the App Store (vs App World) and check the Daily Deal every day. But I'm kind of wondering when you guys are going to start shaking it up? I feel like there's maybe only 5 apps that just keep cycling over and over and over... C'mon, give us a reason to get excited!

I just opened the app store app and clicked 'check for update' and it says i'm using the most current version. I looked in the 'about' section and it says 1.03. I know I can just go to the link and d/l the newest, but just wondering if anyone else is having problems using the 'check for updates' option from within the app.

the check for update option did not work on my Storm either. I sent an email to support. I was also not able to view all of my purchased apps via the client, only way was to view thru the browser.

I had to delete 1.03 first in order to get 1.04 to reload. I then had to send the appstore link to myself via email to get the updated download.

After fooling around for 15 minutes+ trying to get the thing to work, I then got the invalid coupon code error message. Pretty dang frustrating! I hope they get it fixed soon!

I was going to update, but when I opened the app it said there was a newer version.Click upgrade. So I did and got an invalid address on the brower. Click ok and it just sits there.

Clicked on the upgrade option in the App Store and it opened up the browser with an error "Improper http://".

Upgraded from browser at instead.

I launch the app store, it tells me an update is available, and I click on the "Upgrade" button, it launches my Browser, and then it tells me "Invalid Address"... WTF? Anyone else having this issue?

OK, I just tried to make a purchase and when I got to the screen for the coupon code, it wouldn't even respond to the click. I went ahead and logged in from this page and it completed my purchase, WITHOUT the discount. Great, now how do I get a refund on what I should have paid? HELP!

I was able to use the coupon code. It failed and exited the app the first time (uncaught java exception). The only thing I did different the second time was to enter the coupon code first (before putting in my password). Not sure if that matters or not though.


Just updated to the new version tonight and it freezes when I go to my apps. I have had to restart my phone five times within the last hour (do the math: Storm Plus five Restarts equals a half hour that I will never get back)now and have deleted it from my phone. Good Stuff

Where we you supposed to enter. I complete my purchase of
quick launch and did not see anywhere to enter.

Am I the only moron that can't figure out how to purchase an app? I select the app to purchase, enter my login info and it says Payment information is not available. I can't find anywhere on my mobihand account to enter a credit card for this OneTap checkout. If I try the "No mobihand account? No problem" pay by credit card thing that doesn't work either, it never takes me anywhere when I click it.

EDIT: I finally figured it out. I had to actually buy something on mobiband and enter a CC there and have it remember it. I've always just used paypal on crackberry. They really should add a spot to your account to enter a credit card