CrackBerry App Store Client Out of Beta - 20% Off Sale!!

CrackBerry On-Device App Store!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2009 04:56 pm EDT

GRAND OPENING SALE: Save 20% on ALL Apps and Themes purchased through the CrackBerry App Store client until June 16th! Use coupon code APPSTORE.

* Note: If you have a previous version of the CrackBerry App Store beta installed, it is best to delete that version before reinstalling this latest version. This will solve the issues that some users have experienced while upgrading from beta to full version. *

Since we first introduced the beta of the CrackBerry App Store client, it has been a big hit with BlackBerry users everywhere. Our software partners Mobihand have been tweaking it up over the past couple of months, adding features and improving its ease of use, and today we're happy to make it official! You'll want to head over to on your BlackBerry's browser and be sure to download the latest version (v. 1.3.152). 

While RIM's App World is nice, there are many compelling reasons as to why you'll want to make sure you have the CrackBerry App Store client installed on your BlackBerry:

  • Deal-of-the-Day: Exclusive offer of a new top-selling app every day for 50% off
  • Specials: Loads of discounted apps and bundles can be found daily
  • Themes, themes, and more themes: we offer thousands of themes (App World doesn't carry themes)
  • Thousands of Apps: which can be browsed by category, top free, top paid, and new
  • Great everyday prices: apps are priced as low as $0.99 versus App World minimum price of $2.99. You'll find many apps in the CrackBerry App Store that are cheaper than they are in App World
  • Fast pay with credit card: eliminates the need for a Paypal account (Paypal mobile support is coming soon though - you can already purchase with paypal at our website app store at
  • Available in Countries Around the World: Credit card checkout currently supports many, many countries worldwide.
  • Dedicated customer service: to ensure complete customer satisfaction (email crackberrysupport @ 
  • Automatic version-tracking: instant update for every app on the user phone

Compared to our earlier betas, the user interface has been improved as well as the overall speed of the app (screen load times have been reduced). The new automatic version tracking feature is slick too - regardless of where you downloaded an application from, it will ensure all apps on your phone are up to date. 

Another reason you'll want to make sure you install the CrackBerry-branded App Store is to easily take advantage of sales. As you know, we often work directly with developers to come up with contests and sales which we tell you about here on the blogs. When we run these kinds of promos, we make these apps Featured within the app store, making them easy for you to find, take advantage of the savings, and get onto your device. 

Grand Opening Sale: To celebrate the launch of the appstore we've created a grand-opening sale with 20% off all software from June 3 through June 16. The coupon code is APPSTORE (note: only usable from within the appstore client - will not work on our website store). In addition, during the first week of the launch we have lined up a great set of Deal-of-the-Day products which will be offered for 50% off. These products include Real iBerry Blocks, Ace Email Viewer, Solitaire Buddy Gold, VibAndRing, Aerize Email Alerts, EasyTip, Empower Work Folders, TaskMaster, and Aerize Card Loader among others.

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Reader comments

CrackBerry App Store Client Out of Beta - 20% Off Sale!!


I would love to take advantage of this deal. But the one and only I have used the Appstore, I had problems with getting the product re-registered after a OS update. And it took literally 6 weeks to get it straightened out. The Appstore people denied any culpability and the developer must have been AWOL. No remedy available. You wont find me paying for an app through them...

The same thing happened to me. I had to uninstall the beta version first and then I installed the new version.

happen to me also... uninstall restart phone then re-download and it should work fine :) hope that helps

I just dont get the excitement over on device app stores. IMO blackberry app world is the failure it is becuase of the lack of a desktop client. Shoping for apps on a PDA is tedious and annoying.

I won't go into the details, but as others posted the update broke the app and i had to uninstall it and reinstall for it to work.

It seems more sluggish on my Storm than the beta version, though. About as sluggish as App World. Of course it will be blamed on the Storm by the masses, and nothing else :-P

Every time I click a category, it opens up the Menu in the middle of the screen? wtf... and it never did that with the BETA software ;-)

i just ordered an app and they said 15 minutes and still nothing!! i even emailed them back with my number confirming that it was me!! geez!

When I upgraded out of beta, it no longer works. I click the icon, and it does nothing. I deleted again, reinstalled, and same thing???????

Gawd, this app has a big memory leak on my Storm. I was consistenly at 45 mb of memory through the day. Less than 1 hour after installing I lost 11 mb. Needless to say, gone off my Storm.

Don't tell us to download the new appstore to get the discount and then give us a version that won't load and messes up your storm!!!!!!!!!

I had the beta and older version installed. the new version installed, but didn't work. Also could only be deleted (both versions), from the options->app menu only. very odd.
two reboots, deletes, and one reinstall later, it does load faster and look good, but ... :(

Since I updated to .148, appstore's all buggy
(already un/reinstalled)
Ill be waiting for a fix loved it before the update!

When I try to diown load, it only offers me version which is the same as the beta version I alredy have?

I had the beta that was out that was specifically for the storm which gave you a full screen view, now after downloading, it went back to the half screen view. I tried uninstalling, battery pull, reinstalling and i get the same thing.

I'll stick to the site launcher... at least that is fullscreen

why should we have to suffer with a crappy small screen like the "regular" bb users?

Liked most of the app on my 9530 but when I browse via categories every time I go to another category list the BB Menu pops up. Talk about annoying!!

Installed the app, clicking here and there including Search and nothing ever happens. Only thing that shows is Deal Of The Day. Even added some apps into my cart on the desktop but it doesn't sync on the device app even after login.
Real rubbish if they can't even get a simple thing working correctly and expect others to buy apps from them.
Perhaps its a scam in order not to give the 20% discount on purchases made via the app?
An absolute waste of time.

The Beta never worked on my Storm (.148). It never loaded any content on any of the menus. Contacted Tom Hunsdorf @ Mobihand for help. He said wait until the new software comes out. I uninstalled the old software, loaded the new version (1.03.152) straight from this article's link & still nothing works. I'll stick to BB's App World.

can't even purchase an app off the store, anyways you guys can make the code active to purchase off here? Really want a quick launch for 4$ but i can't get it to work. The appstore is kind of ridiculous currently.

got an email from blackberry owners lounge (from RIM) saying about a 20% `secret` (they said it not me) sale on mobihand, think its about as secretive as their fw leaks!!
made me chuckle, also made me happy :)