It may not be Friday but here's our CrackBerry app bargains of the week

App Bargains
By James Richardson on 1 Sep 2013 06:01 am EDT

We're a little late this week with our CrackBerry app bargains, so apologies if you were expecting them on Friday - but the English CrackBerry control center was relocated. Now things are back up and running, in my new gaff, here's a few apps/games that have had a price reduction or gone free over the past week.

Once again, the majority are BlackBerry 10 but there is a PlayBook one in there for good measure.

GPS Maps using Nokia Maps: $0.99 $1.99 AT Bat 13: $4.99 $9.99

Advanced Camera for BlackBerry Z10: $0.99 $1.99

TV for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10: $0.99 $2.99

Toronto Subway - Built for BlackBerry: $0.99 £1.99

Calculate VAT: Free $0.99

Radio Player+: $1.99 $2.99

Table Football XL: $1.99 $2.99

Cricket Unlimited: $0.99 $1.99

And if you need more information and our opinions on apps, don't forget to check out our CrackBerry App Gallery where you'll find out what's good app/game wise for BlackBerry 10, including our editors choices!

Reader comments

It may not be Friday but here's our CrackBerry app bargains of the week


Well, technically nobody -needs- any app.

Replace need with wants and it would be a little more true, though that is up to the individual.


You could have just said 'First' and your comment would have been more meaningful. Talk about negativity.

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Why would anyone from Toronto spend money on the Toronto subway app when rocketman for ttc transit is free and superior.

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Enough games and 3rd class apps.... still waiting for real financial apps... what happened to bloomberg markets? on my bold it was nice... is somebody remembering 'NetDania' what a lovely app.... they said they won't do an app for BB10... such a pity... is BlackBerry still a business phone???

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BlackBerry can only do so much. It's up to the companies to produce the apps. I'm sure BlackBerry does all it can to work with some of these companies to bring high profile apps to the platform but they can't force companies to create the apps.

It's just the sad reality that with a declining user base it's not as lucrative to produce apps for the platform. There are millions of us, but compared to Android and iOS, the BlackBerry market is literally a drop in the bucket.

I'm still waiting for my CIBC payment app but unfortunately I do not see it making its way to the platform. I have three years for BlackBerry to either make, break, or sell to a company that revitalizes the platform. If they don't turn it around by then I will have no choice but to go over to iOS.


Yes me too, even I hate apple... but I need the apps they've in their market!

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hi James,

any chances you'll soon review the app named "Advanced Camera for BlackBerry Z10" ?
The description seems promising, but nothing beats a real life test by an experienced reviewer.

Great List, but here are my comments

GPS Maps using Nokia Maps: (paid), Google maps have several free apps including side loaded 'Navigator" (free) AT Bat 13: (paid), Got mine free a week ago (thanks to Crackberry advise).
Advanced Camera for BlackBerry Z10: (paid), Maybe good.
TV for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10: (paid), Maybe good: presently Time Warner has blackout with CBS in several areas of the US.
Toronto Subway - Built for BlackBerry: (paid). I live in New York City, no need for another city map now.
Calculate VAT: (Free), (paid), so you paid the VAT, so be it nothing to do about it as far as I know.
Radio Player (paid), There are several free apps.
Table Football XL: (paid), I have no idea what this is.
Cricket Unlimited: (paid), Living in the US, a cricket is a small creature :)

TV for BlackBerry not on sale. Why waste people's time saying it is 99 cents when it is $2.99. Plus if a developer can't calculate what 50% off is....don't think I'll be trusting them to do my programs.

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Thanks for your support :) the most recent (free) update made a big difference in how the app ran, I hope you got that.

Those links are invalid dude.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

The links are working fine on my Z10. But if you're having trouble finding them, just search for "scrapps" in BlackBerry World on your BlackBerry and you'll see them :)

GPS maps for Nokia is a ripoff! No ability to save maps as advertised . Tried to start turn by turn navigation if you figure it out let us all know. App stated that it could save maps for use while off line. Who decides to recommend these apps have you guys down loaded them and tried them first? VERY DISAPPOINTED

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George G, try leaving a review to that effect, the developers seem to have control over what reviews show up, I said exactly what you did and it never showed
Agreed a total rip off!

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Hi as a older person and new BB Z10 owner I have downloaded a couple of apps and for what ever reason they all want access to every part of my phones information which I am not happy with so I uninstall them immediately.
I have just moved from iPhone 4 and this was never asked when downloading apps, why is this information needed and with some apps it is set as default.
Thanks for any help

I am in the same boat as you.

I refuse to give a flashlight app access to my contact data. It's ridiculous at best to even ask for such permissions.

As for not being asked on iOS; I've never owned an iPhone but my guess is you're not asked because you have no choice. I think the apps submitted to the App Store are screened by Apple and if the permissions make sense they are automatically given the permissions required.

Again, I do not know this for a fact, but that's what I assume. You just have to hope the permissions given make logical sense and these apps aren't given your personal data without just reason.


Thanks, I believe with the security issues around phones,tablets etc we as the consumer need to protect our information. Why would these apps need my pin and other sensitive information, if they need a general geographical area that's fine, but to get into the nuts and bolts of my BB Z10 for a Bible program which I was after plus battery app, no the Big guy upstairs has all that :) I don't need some small app makers to have it as we'll. I think because of the battery life and the very small font on docs & emails which can't be increased in the BB Z10 I will return to my iPhone. Thanks for the help it's appreciated.