CrackBerry App Awards party videos part 2!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2010 02:19 pm EDT

Over the weekend we posted some of the video from our CrackBerry App Awards party in San Francisco and today we have the rest of them for your viewing pleasure. Included here are some interviews with sponsors Xobni and the BlackBerry Partners Fund as well as CrackBerry Idol winner Dave Peckens. As I watch these I get super excited to think about next years awards party (planning is already in the works for an even bigger and awesomer event). Stay tuned for that!

Keep reading to check out all the videos. HUGE thanks again goes out to our co-sponsors Xobni and the BlackBerry Partners Fund. Thanks too for everyone that came out to support us!



These vids are great. My fav was "meeting" our CB Idol Dave. Very personable interview.

Yousif Abdullah

Looking forward to work with you, Dave :) Some day, just give me a bit of time, I'll hang out with you guys reporting about all things BlackBerry. Until then, a big and great welcome hug from Finland!

Dave Peckens

A welcome hug? How awesome! Thank you Yousif!


Good party. Thanks Kev.
I was actually at this party but was taking pics of the
crackberry bathroom when they announced that video interviews would be held in the back so I never got to do an interview. :(

Anyway, congrats to the winners.


Congrats to Dave again... dude is a cool and a down to earth person. Doing what you love and helping people... what more can you ask for. Yes indeed, I digg that line.