CrackBerry 4.5 OS Roundup.

By Bla1ze on 13 Oct 2008 01:58 am EDT

With a lot of the CrackBerry news as of late being focused on newly released and soon to be released devices, it's easy to forget that a lot of BlackBerry users out there are still waiting for official versions of the 4.5 OS to be launched. Before any of this Storm and Bold and Kickstart stuff even surfaced users concentrated on who had the latest 4.5 release, well... finally... I'm glad to say the search is coming to a close as more and more carriers quietly announce 4.5's availability. After the jump I've gathered up offical links for the latest in 4.5 OS versions for everyone. If you are having issues with updating your OS, you can always refer to the BlackBerry 101 on just how to do it. Don't forget, you can also visit (need to use Internet Explorer) and follow the instructions on screen to find and install the latest officially available OS for your device.

Now I realize your specific carrier may not be listed as a download site and some prefer to use nothing but their carrier issued OS - it's a personal choice to wait or not. Use caution in making your descision to upgrade to an unsupported carriers OS. When in doubt, hit up the CrackBerry Forums to see what others are saying about their upgrade desicions.

Click for OS 4.5 

  • Pearl 8100
  • Pearl 8110
  • Pearl 8120
  • Pearl 8130
  • Curve 8300
  • Curve 8310
  • Curve 8320
  • Curve 8330
  • 8800
  • 8820
  • 8830
       No Official Downloads
  • 8700

That's it everybody, be sure to check out How to Install or Upgrade to a New RIM BlackBerry Operating System (OS) as well as How to Reload the Operating System on a Nuked BlackBerry in our BlackBerry 101 section.

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CrackBerry 4.5 OS Roundup.


I've been watching and waiting am now want to know why theres not an upgrade for the 8830 WE? Is there going to be one?

OK. Apparently I did not have one. I just tried to install the 4.5 OS and one appeared. But the 4.5 version did not appear as an option in the app loader. The .exe ran fine and Desktop Manager launched on it's own but it still says 4.3. Oh well, off to the other thread for this issue.

The file is under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

Otherwise the OS will not show up in apploader.

the vendor.xml file is located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

hope this help

Larry... I have the T-Mobile 8820 and tried the East Asia OS 4.5 upgrade a week ago. It nearly destroyed my 8820. I had to call T-Mobile and work with 2 Techs to get it back up and running. About half way through the upgrade I got a "Fatal Error" message on the PC and then my BB screen went completely white... game over! We had to downgrade it two levels of OS before it would take And at that, it took nearly an hour to get it out of perpetual boot mode. It was nearly the end of my BB. The Techs said that the problem is that every carrier uses different software codes in their OS versions, and T-Mobile is still working on getting RIM's basic OS 4.5 to work with their network without any glitches. A lot of it has to do with the Wi-Fi functionality and the ability to switch automatically from EDGE to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

I did try one of the upgrades.. I think it was the UK one a month or so ago. It worked fine for a couple of days, then the phone started shutting down in the middle of calls and then the BB would turn itself off. Others that tried that specific upgrade and are on T-Mobile had the same exact issues.

I think the bottom line is that it is just safer to wait for T-Mobile to release their version of OS 4.5 and let it stand at that. It may take a few more weeks or what ever, but well worth not having to go through what I just went through.

Thanks for saving me the trouble. I really want HTML email but I can wait if it means avoiding downtime.

Wish I had read this about an hour ago....

Still trying to get my BB 8320 from t-mo back up and working. Grrr.


Yes. I can confirm that the 4.5 software is a little glitchy on the tmo network. It doesn't switch as seamlessly from wifi to edge as it should but i am running a im not sure where i downloaded it from but if you wan to run 4.5 on a t-mo 8320 then i can confirm that it is working and does support my-faves. just re add your pictures to your my-faves contacts

Hey guys,

I just finished the download on my 8320 t-mo and everything works perfectly. The 3rd party apps even restored with no problems.

I have downloaded the lastest OS for the 8320 (East Asia version) and haven't had any problem with the phone switching between wifi and EDGE. The only problem I have and have had is the dropping of calls when coming out of a wifi going into cell tower coverage.

I have downloaded the lastest OS for the 8320 (East Asia version) and haven't had any problem with the phone switching between wifi and EDGE. The only problem I have and have had is the dropping of calls when coming out of a wifi going into cell tower coverage.

if you have probs after install, call Tmo and ask tech to send you the service books to your phone. install OTA and you're golden.

You did something wrong, cause I have the 8320 from T-Mobile and I downloaded the OS from Rogers CA and man my phone WORKS GREAT NOT ONE PROBLEM WITH IT, I promise you that, Never better, but b4 that one I have the East Asia one and have NO problem, but I uninstall it and install the one from Rogers CA cause it was from North America and I felt more comfortable, I still have the download on my pc if you want it, no BS...

I've been using it on my T-Mobile 8320 flawlessly as well. For about a month now, no problems. Plus with video recorder, voice recorder, youtube and, I've gained way way more than with the stock OS [4.2].

I've been using 4.5 on my 8320 curve for a couple of weeks on T-Mobile and have not had one single problem with it.
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader is where you'll find your vendor xml, once you delete (or rename like I did) 4.5 will show as available. The version I downloaded was for Orange Lithuania (mutlti language) so just getting the version for the correct model is all you need to do really....

I renamed the file as you said and connected my device, then did the "check for upgrade" feature in desktop manager, then went to upgrade and it told me I have the latest version. I have a 8310 from AT&T. Any thoughts?

Has anyone tried to use this upgrade with Verizon's 8130? I am gonna get the Storm on D-day, but I would like to get my pearl operating better. If anyone has tried this with Verizon and specifically the 8130, please let me know. I wanna try and install in, but I don't wanna brick my Berry either. On a side note, I know that we have most of the info for the Storm, but am still a little sad that nothing new is coming out. Seemed like we got an overload of info and now everything has dried up.

I tried a few weeks ago to update my 8130 with a different carriers OS, but I nuked it. I was able to recover though. I may try again using the Cellular South OS.


Currently in the process of updating my 8130. Just like last time, the updater is at "Loading applicaiton modules" and "Loading module net_rim_cldc.cod"

I've been at this point for about 1.5 hours now.

After nuking it a second time, I followed the restore process, only allowing it to use the 4.5 Os and all is working now.

I too am intrested in knowing if anyone else has used the update on their Verizon 8130 - guess I don't want to be the first to test.

Also, don't worry about not hearing anything else on vzw's info well on the Storm - they are doing that on purpose. Generate interest and then let it simmer a little by drying up the info well. Believe me, it's just a game at your expense. When they are ready to sell the damn Storm, you won't be able to shut them up and you'll probably want to flag all their email surge as spam. They'll flood the airways and anything else they can think of. So my advise for now - enjoy the calm because there is a Storm coming...

Still no 4.5 on AT&T's site for Curve 8300. Using .81 from Australia with no problems. BTW -- The Verizon Storm had a full page ad in the NY Daily News this morning!

.93 is out there for the 8300......more stable than .81, which I also snagged from the Aussies. I think the Betas that are being leaked are better than the "official" versions.

I had to go to a European source to get my OS 4.5 to install on my BB8800. It works just fine. I can't understand why it's taking AT&T so long to release the OS. If they have, I sure haven't heard about it...and they usually send out an update email when it happens...if it happens. Seems like all we hear about from AT&T is the iPhone.

Been using 4.5 on my 8300 for a couple of months now. No gliches to speak of. I used the East Asia download. Installation was basic and pain free. I would recommend it simply for the "flashlight" when using the video capture feature!

Same traffic, I downloaded the 4.5 like a week ago myself followed the directions here in the forums, didn't do anything tricky or different. Worked perfectly.
Have been nothing but happy so far.

OK. Successfully upgraded my 8330 and all "seems" fine so far. Except, one of the things I was waiting for, html email, does not seem to be there. All the messages appear as before, just html gobble-de-gook. I looked for a setting to turn it on or off but found none. Any ideas?

OK, just tried that and no difference. Should I do a batt pull?

Side note: I installed the version on my Verizon 8330 Curve and while all seems to work so far, it is very very very slow!! Viewing photos takes forever!

Valace2: Don't know how to post an image, but the full page ad had the Storm pictured with text saying "THE WORLD'S FIRST TOUCH SCREEN BLACKBERRY. WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE? Coming soon. exclusively from Verizon Wireless."

No 8830 upgrade for VZW, no suprise there. However, I am running on an 8830 and it works great, been running it for 1 month now. Not sure who's (carrier) OS it is. Remember, all VZW users, and maybe some others, the HTML email will not work until VZW upgrades their service books for 4.5.

Actually, I've been running for a while now and all I had to do to get HTML email to work right is to have my service books resent (through the BIS site). I did a battery pull and *voila*, HTML email. I don't recall if I had to delete my old service books first.

There's info in the forums on how to do this if you do a search on HTML email.


So, if you have AT&T, we can't go with 4.5?? I saw it on Blackberry's site for download, but did not have the time to do it, so I did not try. Can we go to the "source" and get it?? Anyone tried that yet?? I would really like to bring my 8310 "into modern times".......

As of today I am running 4.5 from Rogers. I am on AT&T and have a Curve 8310. Just need to make sure you delete the vendors xml file from rogers before you open and run the desktop manager for the update (which I am using v4.6 of that). Everything is running great and love the email experience.

Hope that helps

The only phone with no download just happens to be my beloved 8830 WE. Any reason why this might be?

Why is it that the company with the best network (IMO) is the last to introduce ANYTHING that will benefit it's customers??

I, too, have the 8830WE and am trying to wait patiently for the upgrade via VZW. But, I'm afraid I'll be upgrading phones before I upgrade OS's (not really a bad thing! I can't wait for the Storm to hit!).

Do those of us who "overshot" with .81, weeks ago, and are now running .93, wait for 5.0? Not complaining, just wondering where to look from here...Thanks!

What about the OFFICIAL Verizon release?

Sprint is sinking. Unless you need to stay with them, change carriers.


Great advice. NOT.

It may or may not be a good idea to switch off Sprint depending upon the situation. So my wife and I share 2000 minutes, 1000 texts, unlimited EV-DO, one phone on the blackberry plan and the other is a Centro. We have unlimited free roaming, mobile to mobile and nights and weekends starting at 6pm. My bill runs between $110 and $120 per month.

Good freaking luck finding that pricing anywhere else. Here in Indianapolis and everywhere I travel in the midwest and almost everywhere else, my coverage is more than adequate - frequently better than other carriers. And when I traveled for over 30 days straight and racked up a $610 phone bill THEY called ME and offered me a $300 discount and suggested I look at other plans if I intend to travel that much in the future. Would your carrier do that? Doubtful.

Hey, I don't love everything Sprint. Going to one of there stores is a 2 hour waste of time almost every time I try it. And it takes 3-4 calls to customer service to find a sane person who is willing to help.

Fortunately, I don't need help often enough to pay $50-80 more per month for the same data and voice plans.

Maybe you have money to burn? Regardless, staying with Sprint makes a great deal of sense for many of us.

verizon charges u so much more per month plus sprint once gave me a credit of 100 dollars on my 160 dollar bill!

of my post.

There is a reason Sprint is offering all of that and them some for their beat down crack-ass service.
(Depending on your coverage reliability of course)

You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get in the end of it all if Sprint goes under.

If it was ALL ABOUT PRICING, we'd all be on T-Mobile.

Let's see, oh yeah, Sprint leases coverage from Verizon.
And every other CDMA so called cellular provider.

I DID NOT say go to Verizon, just that it may be time for Sprint users to jump ship.

See that? It's a TIDAL wave coming and things aren't going over very easy at Sprint.

Do a simple GOOGLE search, it's all there. In the pudding of things... :||

I hate to wait for the Verizon 4.5 but isn't Verizon's 4.3 almost at a 4.5 level? With out the Docs and HTML eMail?


here is a little comparison:
unlimited voice = 99.99--------------149.99

Sprint Nav = included----------------9.99

Sprint TV = included---------------15.00

total = 99.99----------------174.98

Do i want to leave for the storm? i dont know yet, i will wait to see how the phone works and maybe get the 2nd gen version that hopefully sprint will get.

and release there official version of this OS cause im not chances messing mine up on a vodafone DL.

Never had any luck with these!!! 8310 would always lock-up. 8110 wouldn't install at all. Hopefully at&t will get it right once they finally release their version.

I finally took the plunge on Saturday after losing patience with AT&T. The whole process was pretty easy and non-eventful. A couple of pointers from my 2 days worth thus far:

Ringer is not as loud as it was with 4.2.

HTML is SOOOO much better, however, the imagines contained within emails are still not loading even though the settings are correct in the options.

I had the BB Dimension Today Plus theme with 4.2 and ran across the problem of the icons not staying put when I had to reset/reboot/battery pull. Still no work-around to my knowledge.

The most annoying factor thus far has been a few times when deleting my emails, it would still show 1 unread message despite the fact that I deleted all new ones. I searched for any unread messages and/or saved messages and there were none. The only remedy I found was a battery pull. So far, I only seem to get that error if I delete an email without all the imagines completely downloaded.

I love the video recorder and the re-vamped media player. You can now create and edit playlists from the device. Pretty nice improvement.

Overall, I like the improvements and I'm glad I took the plunge and not wait for AT&T.

I dont know if it will work on the 8330 for alltel and i dont wanna mess anything up please let me know if anybody has downloaded it and used it for alltel.

same here has anyone got to the sprint 8330, if so drop a line in here.


as for up there^^^^^

sprint may go down but who will buy them VZW and they will hold the prices out thru the end of there term and you know sprint every time you call they tack time on your end date!!

yeah this flat out SUCKS for us 8830 suckers! we are the only ones who are still shafted here. rim and the carriers have to had known last year that this cdma 8830 was a bottom of the barrel phone,a throw away,a quick hit and forget about them in a few months kind of phone. they sucked us in (alltel) cuz it was the only other choice besides the pearl at the time. so either you get a small bb with 1/2 kboard, or u spend alot more for a full kboard...then get shafted because they dont care much about u after they get all your money.i want to get rid of mine so bad!

does anyone know if the 4.5 os will be available on the 8703e. I tried the 8700 os but that didnt work. Any suggestions?

i tried to upload the east asia 4.5 os and in the middle of the sync the screen went white with a picture of a circle square and triangle with "507" under it

can anyone help please

If you call sprint 'customer service' (and oxymoron) they have no knowledge, no idea, no date, no nothing on v4.5 for the Curve.

Does anyone know anything different?

i loaded up the OS 4.5 for my Curve 8310 on AT&T, ran my desktop manager, started the application loader and 27 minutes later... DONE. everything works fine and i like the new features. runs smoother and browsers seem to move a lil faster. thanks!

ntensive.....where did you find it?? I went to the sites (AT&T and Blackberry) and both "told" me the version was the most current version for my phone. Running a 8310 myself and wanted to move on up to 4.5.

I know I can download another carrier's flavor of 4.5, but if it's coming out soon from Verizon, I may as well wait for it. Anyone have an ETA yet?

I have tried to load the system three times on my 8320 and all three times my phone has crashed. I backed up my information, deleted the vendor file and upgraded. I don't know what keeps going wrong. I'm about to pack it in and just stick with the old OS.

I will copy verbatim the message I received from Verizon about the 8130 upgrade...

"Good morning. My name is Jerry, and I am happy to assist you regarding software for BlackBerry.

As of this moment, there are numerous applications being tested for functionality and reliability with our network. Verizon Wireless will not offer a product or service unless it meets the high standards our customers have come to expect. We constantly strive to improve the services, features, and wireless phones we offer to our customers for their communication needs. I regret to inform you that I am unable to provide information regarding which software is being considered or approximate release dates, as this may raise expectations that may not be met.

For the latest downloads for the Pearl, please visit the following link:

At the bottom of the support page, you will see a section for downloads, along with an additional link for the latest software enhancements.

You can also check

Thank you for contacting us through our website. We appreciate your business, and thank you for using Verizon Wireless. Should you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us via one of the methods mentioned above.


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service"

Seems like they're holding out on us. You know d@amn well as do I they've had it for months screwing around with it. Just put it out there, ya know!? We all know we're getting screwed with VZW's service (or lack thereof) when it comes to RIM products. We're just puppets and they're pulling our strings.


Oh yeah, anyone with other news about this heinous atrocity VZW has put us through please keep us informed.


Thats what Im trying to figure out. Im not downloading it unless im positive that it will work. So, I will probably wait for the official TMobile release.

AT&T Curve 8310 - Every time I attempt to load OS 4.5 it works up until the point where the device has to reboot. At that time I get the 507 screen and have to revert back to 4.2 to get it to recover. Any suggestions?

Anyone have any idea when TMO may come out with 4.5 OS for Pearl 8100?

All the comments I've read seem to be in reference to the Curve and other models.

I updated to 4.5 from 4.3 and you would think that you would not have any problems accessing secure web. Sites. I ran into an issue with my retirement fund site that I could not access the user name and password login, yet I had no problem accessing it with the 4.3 version. Can someone explain why this is.


Anyone has any idease why after installing the .exe 4.5. upgrade on my pc, the desktop manager does not detect that there is a new software update.

My current peark 8100 version is on 4.2.1.

Can anyone help please?