CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards - Vote Now!!

CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards
By Adam Zeis on 21 Dec 2011 01:52 pm EST

Vote now for your favorite apps, games and devices of 2011! Voting ends this Sunday at midnight!

It's that time again! We've compiled a list of the best phone and tablet apps, accessories and phones that were a hit this year and now we need to pick the overall best! For that we need your help. While we asked our editors and moderators to choose the tops in each category, we're letting you, the CrackBerry Nation, let us know what takes the cake. Keep reading and choose your pick in each of the polls below so we can crown our winners for 2011 in our CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards. We'll be adding in our top Editors Picks in addition and we'll be posting up the results next week. These polls will remain open until midnight on Sunday December 25th, so get to the voting. We're not showing the results on the polls so we don't spoil the fun :-)

CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards Voting

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CrackBerry 2011 Year End Awards - Vote Now!!


Thank you for Voting! You want to know what I really think?
Best phone app Telenav
Best Playbook app aVNC
Best tablet game 3D Tank Recon
Best phone case Otterbox Impact

if you have a script blocker or ad blocker on, you'll have to switch it off temporarily for the radio buttons to show up.

BB Travel is amazing, but understand that a _lot_ of people will never install or use it. As someone who travels occasionally for business, it's sweet!

I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't. Since it's best device instead of best phone, I voted PlayBook, since I use my Playbook a lot more than my 9900 due to its awesome selection of games and much smoother gameplay, bigger screen, more memory to store movies, better speakers, HDMI, better browser, etc.

tough call between the 9900 and playbook - but there are a lot more 9900 owners, so odds are it'll win.

Let me get this straight... Keyboard isn't an option for the best feature of a BlackBerry smartphone? Because of that I didn't vote on that one.

I was very disappointed by the standards used to select the contestants or nominees by the CB staff for App of the Year Award. There are omissions that are pervasive. I compare Xobni, which got awful reviews on the CrackBerry App Store, to productivity applications such as MeterBerry, Leaveiton, and the most productive of them all, a previous 2009 CrackBerry Winner and best OS enhancement app of 2010, QuickLaunch..

Just the mere fact that ALL Theme Developers select QuickLaunch for their home screen hotspot, reveals how lame this omission is.

I'd like to cast my vote but the real winners will merely have to laugh at this "contest" from the sidelines.

Poor selections to choose from but I went with what I thought best.

Best game on handheld... Where is Angry Pirate?

Best phone app... Where is Sugarsync?

My selections are.

Best phone app - BB protect
Best tablet app - Blaq (PlayBook is in real need of a decent twitter app)

Kevin, Where is the "Angry Pigs" ?
This is the BEST Angry Birds replica on BBOS and 10x BETTER than Angry Farm..!
Runs very smooth on BlackBerry 7 Devices..
You and other CrackBerrians must try this game..^^

The best Blackberry feature of 2011 is the updated web browser and OS 7 all together!!! Why is that not an option?

OS 7 and the new browser was huge for the new Berrys this year!