CrackBerry 117: Shut up and take my money!

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2014 09:57 am EDT

With it being an incredibly busy day in the BlackBerry world yesterday, we still managed to find some to settle in and do up a podcast for everyone. If you missed out on the live version, you can now grab check out the recorded video version or grab the audio version in whatever way you wish to listen to over the weekend or better yet, right now!






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CrackBerry 117: Shut up and take my money!


@Bla1ze...did I spell your name right?all mighty one,lol,what about an article on Citron Research's latest upgrade to $20,I was hoping for something and just snuck in here,keep up the good work!!!

There is no "app for crackberry twitter" application existing. Lol

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Am a big fan of the decision.
Mr. Michaluk is really awesome, but funny how iKevin made it a point to say that the reason he'd stick around is because he's the founder. That's not the greatest clarification to make to a CrackBerrry audience since we know how that turned out for the founder of RIM lol.
He just said it as if that was a reason for it to be a given.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Perhaps after promising results yesterday by BlackBerry, perhaps iKevin and droidChris, are having second thoughts on jumping prematurely!

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Seriously?! That's what you took away from my like 15 minute discussion on this?! Watch it again. I think I was pretty clear that I'm going to be here a lot still. Nothing really changes on my end - as I have the past year I'm going to chime in when I want to. We're just putting Bla1ze at the helm so there's a person with 24/7/365 time to dedicate to CB, whereas my time gets split up a lot these days between multiple things.

Also... I want my BlackBerry Passport!

I'm just kidding. All in good fun. You're the man at the top. A little jest and jeer comes with the territory. We just exaggerate our reactions at times because we're passionate about your work and the great things you guys have done over the years.
I get it, but also understand that the fact that some of us are critical and bust your balls, means that we stick around and like the overall work being done.

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n need a seem to be wound up a bit tight and are snapping an awful lot these days...

These people are all having fun with you, at your expense, because when they come to the Crackberry website they don't want to hear about keyboards for iPhones or Android is better than BlackBerry...that's all.

If members of CB choose to espoused these notions - it is perfectly understandable that they should be dealt with in the same fashion that someone perceived to be disrespecting BlackBerry would be on any blog site....I mean there used to be a level of pride in all of Crackberry Nation....some still have it, especially, with the amazing work ths Chen is doing.

It is all rather simple...if you think about reason to respond or defend your position....just take it in an ruminate on it over the weekend.

Very good coverage of a watermark day in the history of BlackBerry yesterday.

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Nah... thats not it. Ever since I punched that mugger in the face and started working out a lot, my T levels are through the roof which causes my aggression to increase. No patience for diplomacy when I can just respond directly and get into fights. Cage Michaels is actually my fighting name for the new career I'm launching in Mixed Martial Arts.... Kevin Michaluk is just slowly morphing into Cage. ;)

Sounds good, Cage.....just making sure you are alright...

Be a shame to see you have a grabber in the middle of "BlackBerry's Rise from the Ashes" that we embarked on starting yesterday....

"Can't we all just get along"?
- Rodney King

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Sure would be ironic if his home is the first house on the street and he lives in the basement.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

"Shut up and take my" was exactly my feeling when I the photos of Chen holding the Passport.

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I just wonder sometimes is there like a prize money for the first person to comment on a post?! Just wondering

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Maybe CB should start sorting comments by newest first or by comment rating, then you see that others deemed good/useful or agreed with up top...

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In some Star Wars character's voice: "And so, the Bla1ze era begins."

Q10SQN100-1/ CB10'n

Totally what I'm thinking!!! Let me get this Passport NOW!!!

In white...

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Ermahgerd, all the 'where's the Z50' etc comments already feel like spamming. Be patient! The Z50 will arrive in due course! For now, enjoy the sight of the Passport and Classic :)

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The more i look at the passport, the more i think it is going to be an iconic BB phone!! It is going to be thee phone to be seen with, the phone that will stand out and shout out at people ............... BUY ME, BE COOL AND BE PROFESSIONAL LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and once they try 10.3, it´ll blow them away

Go BB ...... flowing with my Z10

Passport will be like the original 9310 was with the roller ball and Qwerty - amazing phone ahead of its time.

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I'm glad the Passport is going be out there, it looks pretty cool, and most importantly I hope it sells well like AWESOME well.

Shut up and give me your money so I can buy a Passport (which reminds me, I need to renew my passport)

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً


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Great podcast!! Listened to it last night.

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Does he sound a little selfish, taking all the glam and glory to himself and leaving bits and pieces for the rest?

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I am happy for Bla1ze. He is clearly a dedicated crackberry and he tells us like it is. Hope they don't make him polish up too much for the new role! ;)

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Take my money too I want a classic phone as long as it can run most of the android apps,I BBM more than anything,got 2 channels and a group as well.

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OMG why do you guys want it in white???

First off white is for girls.... so that's a bit feminine.


Two words why the Amazon app store is never going to be a replacement for the native apps: APP PERMISSIONS!
Maybe the ordinary user stopped caring about this, but at least I don't, and I'm sure there are lots of BlackBerry users who are likeminded. So I really hope that there will still be a healthy focus on native development, and that the Amazon deal is just a temporary solution to close the app gap.

I do strongly agree with what Bla1ze said about the Z10 size: it's exactly right for a lot of people, myself included. I do not want to "upgrade" to a Z30, and I neither want to go back to a keyboard device. So I really hope there's a Z11 or whatever in the pipeline!