CrackBerry 116: Loquacious

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 May 2014 06:02 pm EDT

I know it's been a while since we've recorded a podcast, but I've been traveling way too much. Adam and Bla1ze joined me today to talk more on the BlackBerry Z3, OS 10.3 / 10.3.1, the BlackBerry Windermere, and a few tales of BlackBerry Live from years past.

If we were at BlackBerry Live this week, by our Thursday afternoon we'd be exhausted and loopy and falling off the bandwagon, which is... pretty much happened with this episode toward the end. If you like CrackBerry podcasts though, you'll be sure to love it. So grab a drink and check it out!






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CrackBerry 116: Loquacious


I'm actually watching the podcast on the CrackBerry YouTube page right now!


Best. Podcast. Ever.


Well. It was OK. Good energy. That Kevin guy got a little loopy at the end. Clearly going through a quarter life crisis (assuming he lives to like 134). So much passion for BlackBerry and LIFE in general though. I wish he could bottle some of that up and sell it. Oh. Wait.


If you watch the intro on mute and just watch your face expressions, it is an interesting transition...

Yep, posted usin' mah Que10!!

Zebra with a short "e" in South Africa. Where zebras live by the way. Seems to only be with a long "e" in North America.

Unacceptable. I am in Barbados. We get most of our speech from England, and a little from the US. We say Zeebra. I don't know about this Zehbra thing. That sounds awful.

Hey Kevin! Can I get your personal opinion on regards of the camera on Z30? I have both and for some reason I find myself taking pictures with my z10.. is it just me or have you guys notice anything about the camera?

Coming from Zed10 now married to Zed30

Well I enjoyed the podcast. Somewhat rambling and awkward at times but never seen Adam and Chris look so animated and happy. Kevin just looks frustrated because he is stuck at home and not at a Blackberry event with his mates enjoying lots of drinks, food and party time! Or maybe he is having an early midlife crisis? Or maybe it's his unease and anxiety because Blackberry are having a mid life crisis?

It's being stuck at home this week! I want to be out with BlackBerry friends. 7 years straight... my body wants that Orlando sun right now!

Depressing pod cast. After the Z3 review it slowly went down hill and accelerated.

Come on guys you can do better.

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I am glad you did. I agree with you. I love BlackBerry but I also use a iPhone 5 from time to time. Also think the Note 3 is a good phone. Love Tech stuff. Maybe in the future you or Adam can do a write up on why BlackBerry needs to work with accessories companies like Belkin WeMo, smartwatches, home theater, fitness devices, eta so we can connect and control all our devices from our BlackBerry. Yes I know there are ways to do it now by downloading android apps. However would be nice to do it from a made for BlackBerry Apps that work 100%. Keyword Connectedly

Thank you

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Strange Kevin , the Podcast you thought was not up to par was actually one of the best in my mind. Perfect mix of fun and information. Thank you guys!


Great podcast, an instant classic - just wished you'd not listened to Adam and carried on for another hour (or eight ;)).

Kevin's exposition at the end about tech and BlackBerry through the ages goes up there alongside 'the smartphone hierarchy of needs' as a seminal statement in the development of CrackBerry for me :)

Am really enjoying this being retrospective week on CB this week with the WES posts too.

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Hey Kevin, Miss CrackBerry sounds a little violent if you ask me, throwing a phone at you several times? Bordering domestic abuse me thinks.

I don't know lol, next time it might be a knife or scissors or something. Personally I wouldn't tolerate anything like that. Good luck to him :)

Nobody ever does Kev, if it was the other way around you would be arrested lol. Can't have double standards I'd watch my back if I were you lol

This is what a podcast is about: Drop your guts on the table (pls not litterally). Other things than we can read in a more politically correct way in the blog posts. Share your rants, your joys, your enthusiasm (prefferred!)? Shut down the filters and let "crazy stuff" make their way; we need that space of freedom (raise your warning flag if needed) where we can actally feel the "CrackBerry style" passion besides the strict reporting/journalism work (we like it too).

I'm also voting for a weekly 10minutes chrono single&unleashed Bla1ze short "Tech&Rhum-ors" (lol). Besides the lol, on many aspects (marketing, finance, enterprise,tech) the podcast form may be used in a dedicated place *in the forums*, where - eventually - members may be asked to jump in ?

I believe it's after midnight for you K, so : Happy BDAY !

Glad you enjoyed the show. I agree with you... let the articles be "correct" in nature.. let the community podcasts fly off the handle. :)

And getting more of the community involved is a great idea.

I loved the energy and passion you guys have! Makes me love the BlackBerry community even more!

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Kevin, I agree with you 110%, I haven't had a blackberry for over a year now and I still keep up with what you guys are doing.. I would love to try a BB10 device, but I'm choosing cost ($25 per month Republic Wireless, with their Moto X) over versatility (having the ability to get multiple devices and stay on the same carrier) right now. What's funny is I bought some shares of BB at like $6.31 per share so I'm hoping the company does well. I like Chen and if he can make them profitable there is a huge upside for the future of BB!