CrackBerry 114: We ain't sugarcoating

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2014 05:33 pm EDT

Today BlackBerry announced their fourth quarter earnings, so as always we're here to recap the news and break things down. Adam, Bla1ze, Simon and Chris U. join me on this one to talk numbers, devices, and leaks — even though John Chen is cracking down on them.

It's not our greatest but hey, we ain't sugarcoating. So sit back, grab a snack and enjoy!







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CrackBerry 114: We ain't sugarcoating


BB7 outselling BB10 for me shows that BlackBerry is still dazed and confused...

Posted via CB10

It's probably because they are activating corporate BlackBerry OS7, not so much that people are saying that OS7 is what they prefer. Also, the fact that there are no carrier support isn't helping BlackBerry 10.

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It just shows me that BB10 has yet to really appeal to long-time BlackBerry users. Hopefully the Q20 will bring more of them on board.

BlackBerry Q5 and Q10 are designed for the traditional BlackBerry user. You've got to realise the fault lies with BlackBerry management, carrier relations and marketing.

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Verizon is the only major US carrier to still offer the Bold 9900 (9930) new, but it's priced at $500. Not only is this outdated phone from 2011 carrying the same price as the Galaxy S4 and 2013 HTC One, it's actually $100 MORE than the Q10. One of BlackBerry's major problems has always been pricing. They are completely clueless. The price of the Q5 says it all...


Look how the z10's sold in India when they dropped the prices. If they had made them more cheaper / affordable when they released them they would have sold a lot more. Same goes for the q10's.

They have to realize they aren't like before when they were cool and popular and it was trend. Now what's cool and popular is iphones and Samsung s so they need to make their pricing more appealing to attract customers. IOS and Android have the app ecosystem BlackBerry doesn't so they can't go pricing their products like apple and Samsung can.

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

They are not clueless. What you're not realizing is that when legacy deals were made to retail for certain phones, they were sold by BlackBerry to the Carrier for a specific price. There are contracts around this that they are bound by. If BlackBerry wants to reduce the price, a new contract is required (if they can even do a new one, based on the terms of the existing one) and they would have to pay the difference to the Carrier. The Carriers don't want a new contract on old inventory, especially when the old contracts work better in their favor. BlackBerry doesn't want a new contract that makes them pay the difference and also don't want to spend more money on the outdated phone line, when BB10 is in the market and needs traction. BlackBerry is not clueless. There are factors at play that make pricing changes difficult on the legacy products that were already sold to Carriers.

Kevin and CB Crew... remember when many of us in "CrackBerry Nation" were so critical of Thorsten and Frank Boulben and you guys defended them all the time?

Well here we are.....BB10 has no "mind share", whatsoever, in the wild and we are relying on new contracts to manufacture BB7 phones....

Blaize. They had an opportunity to completely relaunch BlackBerry with BB10.....instead Thor and Frank just sucked....

And we are feeling it still...

CB10 from the Z30

Indeed they did!!! The BB10 launch should have been more exciting than it Boring!!!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

That is what happens when the 'media' tries to put a positive spin on everything.

Throw up votes on these comments you will see how people really 'feel'.

Chen is no saviour either, and having faith in him will help him perform. But at the same time I'm tired of all the defending going on. The critical editorials are gone, CB doesn't want to bash BBRY more I get that but they need to bring the fore of peoples reactions to the world, and BBRY as well, so they CAN improve.

Remember the Super Ball ads? So many people criticized it on the forum but CB defended it coz it was the highest "voted" ads on the website (when was the last time BB lost a vote on internet again?). That was the first sign of incompetence from BB's marketing team but was only a start of a money wasting campaign (Alicia Keys, Keep moving stories)... I understand that was the honey money period between BB executive team and CB team, and the whole media world was trashing anything BB, and before that CB was largely ignored by BB's dual CEOs. But it needs to be remembered -- CB possesses the knowledge and the power to influence BB in a large way through constructive criticism, but it would be wasted if CB chooses to sugar coat things.

Good job on this podcast though, you guys didn't sugar-coat it.... this time. lol

Yeah hearing BlackBerry 7 smartphones are still outselling BlackBerry 10 smartphones is worrisome. Of course BlackBerry hasn't exactly been marketing BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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""BB7 outselling BB10 for me shows that BlackBerry is still dazed and confused...""

How can BB10 sell more when there is absolutely No Marketing Effort. That is the reason they are not selling. John said he does not want to spend cash on marketing in North America, for example just yet until be can build carrier relations.

Let's not forget the cost of BBOS7 devices vs BB10 devices. Let BB10 phones be cheaper than BBOS7 and we'd see the exact opposite in sales.

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Dang!!! I'll have to listen to this later tonight once I get home! Gahhhh!!! I hate not listening live.

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As I put earlier in another post - How about something simple like get a BB10 device at half price against your BB7 phone? Ah yes, we need carriers' support for this one as we don't have our own distribution channels. But wait, it's the carriers' pastime to bash us. Hm ok then, we'll order more 2012 devices in 2014...

That'll make a great business school case...

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Why doesn't BlackBerry send pin messages to current users offering incentives/rebates, whatever to upgrade to a new BB10 device? So easy.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

No news is good news. BlackBerry might be bottoming out.

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BlackBerry devices retail pricing strategy to pit them against Apple and Samsung devices baffle me. They need to accept it that BlackBerry is not premium anymore. All new devices should launch at max $300 and low end should start at $150.

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Is it possible to download the podcast via CB10? I want to listen later but I won't have wifi.

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Every time a new device comes out it is the most important.... yet it never sales more than the last.

The device is only one part of the puzzle.

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You are comparing a high priced BlackBerry 10 phone like the z30...z10....and one will buy a blackberry for the price alone if they compare it to a s4 or iPhone or whatever...perfect example Nokia high end series when first launched poorly wasn't getting traction but the moment the Nokia lumps 520 low end launched especially the emerging markets it was selling like crazy.....and for 2013 voted the best selling low end smartphone of the year end.......once windows start building customer base then they starting getting the on. device is a big part of the equation...look at the z10 the moment the price dropped down big time got sold out in India....and just back in stock....pricing has been a big problem with bb10 think the non BlackBerry user with zero marketing is going to buy a z30 or z10 or q10 at premium prices at launch with zero app support??!? once the z3 launches with the under 200 price tag and then you will see bb10 adoption rate increase and start outselling BlackBerry os 7 then that is when you will start development support for apps.....once you start seeing apps then you will see more positive light towards blackberry but no support with apps no one will truly adopt bb10 higher end market so they need to target the low end market big time with the z3 and I know for a fact it will sell because of the price point again device is a huge part of it right now for BlackBerry 10

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While existing device are priced high for some markets, in many markets their current price is in line with average devices. Here in the US the Z10 is "cheap".... yet it isn't selling. In most of those developing markets $200 is still expensive, and it isn't the device price but the cheap BIS plans that drove BlackBerry sales.

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I am not talking about the the US blackberry is dead and I don't even consider a main focus in terms of a market for BlackBerry now at this very time....the price could drop to 100 for the z10 doesn't matter because the lack of banking apps and main apps as well.....i am talking about emerging markets...not everything evolves around the US....once BlackBerry sees growth in the emerging markets and starts to see profitability later on then the north American market should be their target later on once they have proper app support and have big name apps on board...the plan should be focus on your key markets where you are are billions and billions of people there where BlackBerry is strong heck they blackberry stores like we have apple stores get your mindset out of North America where blackberry doesn't have a strong presence.....blackberru focus now should be emerging markets and get the z3 out as soon as possible....and the price of the z10 will eventually drop even further over in emerging markets and start to sell even more...remember bb10 is a year old and won't adopt so easily given blackberry brand name right and lack of apps but the z3 will solve will be under 200 dollars and compared to the Nokia lumia and galaxy grand series for that price range the z3 is a much better phone specs wise and design wise with better software and 10.2.1 with androids it will sell for sure

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This doesn't have shit to do with apps, ,,the sales people in the stores. Detour people from BlackBerry, ,and lack of full carrier support

Posted via CB10

Oh trust me I know big time that the stores do that....i read the stories on the forums and I cringe when I hear them...truly pisses me off. especially in the us and Canada and it's the media that fools people thinking BlackBerry is bankrupt or something and that mindset sticks with people and don't buy the product. John Chen needs to solve the problem with the carriers first in stores because they are ones who determine most of the time what the customer should get....however my friend you cannot ignore the fact that we need more crush.....and I don't mean android I mean full native support from the devs....but we need to grow the bb10. user base first before we can truly see dev support that is why I hope they don't screw up the launch on the z3 and get it into people's hands in the emerging markets asap......blackberry will be fine I'm not worried however john Chen needs to solve these problems with the carrier first and foremost

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Hey I got all those apps you mentioned on my z30,and I've had then on my «Z10, it. Starts with us,we need to let our friends know how great our. Phone is, by the time they get the carrier they won't have a chance to change their minds, word of mouth, proof by example,

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I know that for sure I've converted 10 people so far to blackberry android and iPhone users alike easily to blackberry and loaded android apps....but I am talking the people who don't know about BlackBerry 10 awesomeness and android apk direct install....i am talking about the average consumer walking in to a store and getting a phone....i am talking about this scenario:

Hi I want a blackberry
Sales rep : why do you want a blackberry?
Because I want to see how they are and how the OS is
Sales rep: oh don't get a blackberry they suck....they don't have crush....and so on...get an iPhone or Android ..blackberry is going out of business....
Oh I didn't know know that ok I'll get the s5 or HTC one or whatever

Remember we the crackberry and blackberry nation know this....i am talking about the average person walking in a carrier store looking for a phone and has no knowledge of what BlackBerry 10 can think the carrier rep or average consumer will know about 10.2.1 and apk direct install? Or know that we have third party apps like igrann or whine or snap2chat.....??

John Chen needs to seriously focus on this major weakness and that is the customer experience trying to look at bb10

That is what is irritating me right now....

I am going to put a video on youtube....

Posted via CB10

Sales Are Low Cuz Phone Carriers Are Talking Ppl Into Android and IPhone! I've Been In There Just Looking And When You Go To BlackBerry They Try To Take You To Android Then IPhone.. They Don't Even Wanna Talk About BlackBerry! We Need To Have BlackBerry Supporters Working In The Carrier Stores!

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I'm with ya sista ,they don't get commission on BlackBerry so they don't want to try and sell it, like I said earlier, I had converted 25+ of my friends, and they are happier with BlackBerry 10,most have BlackBerry z10,z30 and q10,some still have BlackBerry 9930, what people have to understand is that BlackBerry build their phones to last,Blackberries are not a upgrade every 3 months type if phone, there are people still on the 9630 and lower,why?
Still works perfect

Posted via CB10

Exactly this is a serious issue blackberry needs to address big time...doesn't matter how great the blackberry 10 software is if no one is looking at it or the sales rep deter them from buying it. ..this blackberry major problem in the U.S and Canada

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Any new low end devices need to have what the moto g does or a little better. Motorola IMHO set the new standard for low end devices. It's a great phone, looks good, and is inexpensive.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

What is it you like about OS7 Jerry? As someone who is as objective and tech savvy as it gets I'm curious what you think it has that BB10 doesn't.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I want a simple device that can get all my email timely, and in a way I'm familiar with. If i want bells and whistles, I have a choice of everything from an iPad to a cheap Samsung media player running Android to "play" with.

Until it finally gave up the ghost, I used my old 8820 while out of the house. Because I'm so familiar with it, reading and answering email or messages was simple and fast. I want a choice that's simple and fast, but does more than a dumbphone (calendar, calculator, web browser when needed, doc viewer and Docs 2 Go). With OS7 I have that choice. Every other platform, including BB10 adds fluff I do not want or need sometimes.

But I'm goofy like that. When I'm out with family or friends, my phone stays in my pocket unless i need it for a few minutes of work or to get some info.

Thanks Jerry, from what we've seen so far I'm hopeful that Chen gets this and that BB10 is going to feel increasingly similar to BB7. Time will tell.

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You have problems getting your email on a Z10? As someone who owned a Curve, I think the new OS allows you to get your email much easier. It was designed that way.
If you want something you are familiar with instead of learning something new, you must still use Windows 3.1.

Terrible comment man, really?

You cant compare on that level because guess what, windows kept alot of the features there and just continued to build on them, they didn't take away the start menu (until recently) because they wanted to appeal to a touch screen market, they allowed for both.

Also Windows 95+ didn't take away being able to change your sound profiles did it? Like being able to set custom sounds?
Or not market the next software release,, where people actually wanted to downgrade don't think so Balmer was excellent at what he did.
Or did they release it and tell everyone TOO BAD cant run anything you had before no legacy paths, step on this ledge and take the plunge?

Once again what a terrible terrible comment

At the rate OS7 sales are declining, you need to buy two of them just to keep the status quo...

yay... crack... i'll just go hide out at a family cottage and eat blackberries till i hallucinate a great future where blackberry makes enough money off QNX licensing to pump out phones at a loss *sigh*

Guess they'll have to serve apple and android. They gotta eat too. The Tone of this last podcast had the flavor of hedging to it.

Posted via CB10

I'm sure how anyone would think BB10 devices would have sold well while the press, sales reps etc claim BlackBerry is going out of business? Not to mention BlackBerry pretty much halted any sort of marketing in the quarter. I'm surprised they sold as many as they did.

Powered by BlackBerry

Putting up that public for sale sign was the worst and dumbest move ever. It will take a long time to reverse the damage.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

YESSS!! KEVIN.. YES!! BBM needs a BIG IMPROVEMENT. Thank you for not being shy to talk about what needs to be told.

Yet, why did everyone on the CB team shun Umi's comments on how BlackBerry is supposed to get out of this hole. Valid questions. CB can't take the hard questions? This also happened back when Craig Johnston used to bash BlackBerry on the old podcasts on why BlackBerry needed to improve.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

How does the first year of blackberry 10 sales compare to the first year of windows phone sales? I seem to recall windows phone struggled to gain any momentum for a couple years. BlackBerry is going for broke. They either succeed in turning it around or they are finished.

Posted via CB10

Once again 0 Marketing efforts for BB10 devices. As soon as they start marketing these BB10 beasts people will bite and bite hard.
BB10 is just a bit too sophisticated for the dumbed-down consumers who have used Apple or Android for the past 5 years. It is hard to change what you become cognitively habituated to. That hurdle won't exist in emerging markets and eventually will seep more and more into markets when it's superiority becomes better understood. the incredible functionality of the QNX-based architecture.

I'm glad that you want BBM to be more stable... but I'd also like that crackberry would improve their own software.... as CB10 hasn't been updated in a while...


I'm so pissed off with how things are going with this once glorious company. It frustrates me so much to see all of the BlackBerry bashing that happens on other websites. I opened Flipboard earlier to see a story about Android and iOS devices making their way into the US government, and it chilled me to see the line; "with BlackBerry's continuing demise"
I wish I could get these devices into more people's hands. I managed to get my partner to switch to a Z10 and she is loving BB10 (apart from some missing apps).
It pains me to see this happening to BlackBerry and I can't see how they come out the other side...??

Posted via CB10

I also convinced my wife to stick with BlackBerry this year and move onto a Z10, but I'm not too confident she'll want to stay with BlackBerry for her next phone.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

Ask around people aren't willing to give it a chance and carriers are still pushing the other brands hard!

Posted via CB10

What did you all think? How do you expect people to buy without any marketing and a huge price tag? The q5 price alone.. also products fragmentation doesn't help

From zee coolest flicking smartphone ever

BB10 is only slightly more than a year old. One cannot compare to existing platforms like Apple or androids. That's the growing pain. It takes a lot more than just putting a phone in consumers hands. It's not an easy task for any company to launch a new platform. Hence it's a do or die for BlackBerry. That's the challenge for BlackBerry, if the company will survive long enough for majority of the consumers finally accept a new platform. Average consumers are not members from crackberry, they do not have the kind of interest or patience to learn to adapt to new phone. Yes, some of your grandparents can do it, does not mean everyone's grandparents know how. At least not enough to make a difference at this juncture.

Good podcast. I am however going to disagree with one thing. Waterproof phones. There is a market for one and BlackBerry could in fact capitalize in it if they use Foxconn and make it affordable. I was in Puerto Galera this past few weeks and had no access to a waterproof camera but I did have a Z10 that I was desperately trying to keep dry on the boat. At the end if the day I could only ponder what great pics I would have had if my phone was waterproof.

Posted Via my second Z10

^ ya i don't think it should cost Foxconn much, and it definitely would be great for travel, think backpacking, portages, coral reefs, tropical islands, WHATEVER, that would be fressshhhh

As an active person who loves to ride my bike almost daily, I would love to have a water resistant phone. I really don't like putting my ph in a zip lock bag to keep sweat or the occasional rain shower from ruining my Z10.

BBM Channel: The Group Ride C00055B7C

On the panorama mode. There is a great app "360 Panorama" for $2.99 The UI is incredibly easy to use. Way better than that dumb square to align. Also my Sony camera does a better job that "align the square."

BBRY should just buy out the developer of 360 Panorama...

Don't knock it till you try it. I have 360 to and it's not all that great. You have to hold it extremely still. Tbh I never see a need for it really


After watching that entire video, I got the sense that BlackBerry should just give up. Like you said, doesn't matter if BlackBerry comes out with the best of everything, it's too late. Why don't you guys just pack it in Kevin? I also believe in not sugar coating. Of course it's not looking good, but you all really sound as if you don't even want to be involved with BlackBerry anymore. Sorry to say, buy if it comes across as if this is all a big chore, I can't see how this is going to be beneficial to any of your members moving forward.

Powered by BlackBerry

First, they don't need BlackBerry anymore... Mobile Nations > CrackBerry. Second, BlackBerry is transforming into an enterprise mobility company, which is of little interest to the consumer-centric blogosphere, Mobile Nations included. And despite the sometimes feigned interest in security and enterprise functionality among visitors, this new BlackBerry is of little relevance to most CrackBerry users, the majority of which have never been on BES.

Almost all of the CrackBerry writers have other phones and contribute to the other MN sites. They've mentally moved on and are just going through the motions. The site is effectively in maintenance mode with new content posted just to keep the clicks coming in. That's not meant to be a criticism, just an observation of the past 6+ months-- basically, when it became apparent BB 10 wasn't going to save the company.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

You might be right. I think CB wanted/hoped BB10 to succeed, but the last year has put a lot of doubt in everyone's mind.

That's a good point too about the enterprise-focus of BlackBerry not really being fodder for CB. There isn't a huge focus in articles on the WP Central site on enterprise, although Microsoft is deep in that. Chris, Blaze, and Simon write on other Mobile Nations sites a lot now, Adam is in Smartwatch land, and Kevin seems to be doing upper-level admin stuff behind the scenes. Kind of a bummer, but understandable I guess.

Exactly. How much would change for the CB writers if BlackBerry wasn't around anymore? Not much. Of course, they may want the company to survive for myriad reasons (friends work there, market competition, nostalgia), but I think they're not as personally invested or even as passionate about the company anymore, Kevin included. And that's OK...CB and BBRY had a good run.

Of course, Mobile Nations could start an enterprise/MDM site, but I don't know if that really matches its target market demographic and the backgrounds of its current content team. Plus, there's a different type of competition when it comes to IT-centric news and info. But, it's an option.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I think you're right. Maybe CB is on track for becoming what WebOS Nation is now: a burned-out ghost town. Kevin will become like Derek in the future perhaps, perhaps writing more pieces for the other sites.

I disagree kinda, I think Crackberry is the most active site on mobile nations, but there just isn't as much to write about nowadays. The forums are really active and seems to be a lot more comments on Crackberry.

People focus to much on the company sometimes. My Z30 is awesome and I really enjoy it so I'm happy. Updates are still coming most apps are there.

You can't really change what BlackBerry does or doesn't though Crackberry can have some influence. So if you like your device just enjoy it while you can.

I think the Crackberry team still very interested and passionate about BlackBerry and really want to see them to secede. You have to understand that this is their job and there's only so much news in the BlackBerry world.


TheStoryUp Yup, can't make stuff up to write about and no one likes the constant 'this person is leaving', '100 more people were laid off', 'these properties were sold off' stuff. Those things get tired after a while.

I understand, I truly do.
I guess I just got the feeling that the podcast was more of a chore is all. Understandable for sure, but if I owned or worked for a site that had few opportunities to directly talk to the people that paid my wages, I'd put on a game face and at least look like I care to be there. Bad news or not. We get enough hopelessness from following BlackBerry without Chris coming across as if this all a waste of time. This is not going to sell accessories in your store with this attitude. I don't know if this makes any sense. All I can say is that the best coaches in the world motivate their players even with a 0-10 record. If they didn't, there would be no reason to keep the team.

Powered by BlackBerry

Blackberry is trying to transform into an enterprise mobility company, only problem is enterprise is likely to skip right over them (except for government)... consumers have already given up, so they are really left with prosumers only, which is what Crackberry users are all about...

Crackberry members don't make a living from this site. Completely different.

Powered by BlackBerry

This company baffles me to no end. They work hard to put out great new bb10 devices and don't market them at all. No wonder bb7 is out selling bb10! I always get the feeling the world still doesn't know bb10 exists! How will BlackBerry ever turn itself around without super aggressive marketing!! It'll never happen. For the millionth time, where's the marketing???!!!! If you don't SELL your product, no one will ever buy it!

Posted via CB10

Marketing is very expensive, if blackberry can return to profitability then they'll have the chance to advertise. By that time the OS should be finally tuned. I really think that mobile is going to go through a shift in the next couple years with the use of octocore devices. QNX is the best OS to make use of these chip efficiently. Android developers are going to be forced to learn new programming language to keep up. This shift might cause developers to look at other OS and QNX will become more popular.

I'm not a developer and this is just what I've read


To bad you sugar coated everything until now. BlackBerry could have used it's champion site telling them they need to pull their heads out of their @$$ about two to three years ago.

Posted via CB10

bb10 sales aren't surprising and neither was this earnings report. If you expected a drastic sales increase just because you took down the for sale sign your crazy. People overall want hip, cool and popular and that is not BlackBerry for most.

Now IMO the next earning report will be more important as it will show if the Z3 is successful in the low end market. If the marriage with Foxconn works it should help boost revenue which is slipping fast.

BBM still has work to do and like BB10 has catching up to do because whatsapp is so easy to use. Security is better but people have shown they could really careless.. if the addition to new sales of BB10 and pre-installed on LG and others works great. Revenue from the stickers and Ads should help by next earnings report as well.

Posted via CB10

I think the BB7 models that are still selling are the curves, hence Chen had this data and is now making the Z3 so that a percentage of that curve buyers might consider the z3 instead..

Posted via CB10

kevin at 33:25 you are looking for an app called flipshush which is headless and turns your phone to silent when you flip it. It works really good and again it's headless

why the hell you dish bags talking bout BlackBerry failing, BlackBerry is not a 50 million a year phone maker,they build phones for you to use for the next three years if you want to, fun iPhone, fun android, people have been fooled the hell out of, "hey buy a knew phone every 2 months" that's stupid, the problem is carrier support, and ignorant bias ass reviewers that love raggedy ass android ,,if. Their Android worked like the bb10 of they would all have a field day, don't be fooled people, BlackBerry isn't going anywhere soon, business rules the world,not. Fake ass sandle wearing. Sensitive iPhone and. Samsung users, by the end if the year when their phones have let them down they will seek out BlackBerry for the new new,

Posted via CB10

I don't understand why blackberry is managed the way they are. I'm not a business person nor a stock holder, and it baffles me everyday that these people like Chen and the rest of them can't get their act together. This goes back to the launch of bb10 I mean they have the press release in new York yet the US is the last to get bb10. There is no marketing for the devices which is one thing but to not even market cross platform BBM is beyond me. I have seen numerous commercials about this messenger called LINE. Not sure how it is but at least they are marketing it. But I guess it's true Chen and his team may be able to run numbers and are able to keep company afloat but Mr. Chen you can't rely on your loyal customers to be your marketing. Start getting things done and stop wasting time giving press releases about a software designer violating contracts. Listen to your team and what the blackberry loyalists want and execute now. It's been a year since release of bb10 the z10 and q10.there should now be a new version of each device out by now just like Samsung and apple release there phones once a year. Get with it BlackBerry will you!

Posted via CB10

I understand that BlackBerry is restructuring and sometimes tough decisions have to be made, ie job cuts selling assets and so on. But BlackBerry can't afford to leave advertising on the back burner. I have yet to see some advertising on 10.2.1. How many people really know that the app gap is closed and how easy it is to download your favorite android apps. Also the carrier support Is pathetic. I was at a mall and went to a cell phone kiosk near where I live and was checking out the z30, I asked if he had one to purchase and he said why do you find the z30 so interesting. So I showed him the keyboard and hub. I Also mentioned the ability to download android apps easily and the security was a no brainer. He showed me his Samsung and showed me what it can do. I said for me security was the most important thing and his swiping on his keyboard was still no match for bb10. People need to be educated that BlackBerry 10 is not os5 .

Posted via CB10

I thought there was an issue of BlackBerry not officially endorsing/supporting the use of Android apps, because it using alternate Android app stores is an "unofficial feature" or "officially unsupported" feature." (Someone correct me if wrong... lol)

The app gap is most definitely not closed, not until they have an Android Store within BlackBerry World. Plus the VM needs a lot more work. I'm hoping 10.3 is the real winner it needs to be.


How can BlackBerry 10 devices sell when the carriers are pushing the apple/samsung duopoly? Without marketing, BlackBerry is dead.

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10 but I really miss some features that came standard on the older OS 7 models I really want my alarm clock back added to the BB10 line up. I loved being able to save my battery and turn off the phone and the beautiful thing is my 9810,9800,9550 would all come on if I selected it to turn on at the alarm time. I didn't need to have the phone constantly on for it to work. I'm big into camping so I don't always have access to an outlet to keep the phone charged while sleeping. Besides it was a great selling feature.

Posted via CB10

Looks like you will have to cut and paste on browser for this video to work? Sorry if that's the case.

Powered by BlackBerry

Oops tried to help, didn't work. It will bring to the site and if you click on the menu bar and select Tech & Science it's in there under

"BlackBerry loses $423M in last quarter as revenue plunges"


So, if OS7 which required my device to be rebooted every 4 hours because it locked up so much how is that better? People who prefer BlackBerry OS7 over ten haven't supported the companies move to BB10. When do we as supporters of BB 10 move away from a company because they are stuck in the past? I'm starting to see a division here. people like myself, I bought into BlackBerry 10. I supported the company, I went out on launch day for Verizon and got a z10. I still try to market the phone to other people. Now there seems to be people who are locked into BlackBerry OS7. If BlackBerry decideds to stay in an OS7 mindset, I think the company is done in 2 years. I almost feel torn and betrayed. Maybe I'm looking into this to much.

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I've been a long time user of a BB. I went from the original rzr to the tour to a htc thunderbolt back to my tour and now a Q10. I hardly see anyone where I live have a blackberry or hardly see any commercials for blackberry on TV. It's all about marketing, it's why the Icrap sells or S4 or windows phone sell . If blackberry doesn't market itself, this company is as good as dead and right now it's going that way. I feel like I'm on a sinking ship.

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Just a couple thoughts:
- On the lack of mass marketing / advertising - with the business model pivoting to enterprise customers, they're selling directly to corporate purchasing departments / IT, hence the focus on building an enterprise sales force, and not consumer ad dollars. The majority of us 'consumers' in developed markets will not see ads - they're not trying to reach us that way. If you work in corporate or regulated industries you'll be targeted via people who make your IT decisions.
- On the decision to keep producing BB7 Bold - this makes sense as long as BES12 is rolled out and that it can manage both BB7 and BB10 devices. This gives corporate customers the incentive to remain in the BlackBerry ecosystem, and crucially, to then gradually transition over to BB10+. The key is BES12 - it needs to cater to and capture the largest footprint of corporate users, whatever device they may be on in order to then convert them to BB10+, eBBM etc.
- The key to all of this working is Chen's enterprise sales force.

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Ever think Jon Chen is tired of CB and wants to put a stop to the leaks since CB has branched out into all the other competitors....just a thought..

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So I just finished listening to the podcast, and as far as BBM, if the can improve the reliability, and add BBM Money, that's going to be the eye grabber for other platform users.

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It sounds like Chris U is getting ready to throw in the towel as far as the hardware is concerned. The fact that HTC just launched the best android phone and isn't going to get much traction even though there is no app gap for them makes it pretty much impossible for Blackberry to make a comeback with hardware. JC's backwards innovation strategy certainly won't increase market share.

Those are interesting points. The new HTC phone (M8) and the Android apps that they have access too and it seems as though many analysts are saying that this phone isn't going to sell much... The industry seems significantly more consolidated that it was even a year ago, let alone when BlackBerry was flying high several years ago....

I rarely comment and enjoy reading everyone's comment...but my thoughts have not been said here goes:

OS7 sales > BB10 sales? Is it at all possible that users do not want the features BB10 offers, rather they prefer the simplicity of OS7? After all none of the apps were present on OS7 and still are its not the apps in my opinion. Lack of apps is a non-issue at least where the OS7 is selling.

BB10 was never ready for prime time and then incorrectly marketed. It was if there was confusion as to how to market the device. There was a culture struggle...a company that took pride in ensuring secure communications for the business community now wanted to expand to have their hardware in every Tom, Dick and Harry's hands (also Jane). But no one in marketing or design had ever dealt with this new subset and their 'wants' were 'foreign' at every level of the company. A colossal screw-up and the end result, they are trying to play catch up in a business environment that is unforgiving and they shouldn't be as its people's hard earned money. Remember the super-bowl ad....yes we BB users got it (most of us did anyway)...if you honestly asked non-BB users....they didn't even know what it was about. Again a 'foreign' group who's wants/needs/desires were a 'foreign' and poorly researched.

Denial is NOT a river in Egypt!

fyi, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia:-

1) Z10 non contract price is RM749 which is USD228
2) Z30 non contract price is RM1449 which is USD442
3) Q10 non contract price is RM1249 which is USD380
4) Q5 non contract price is RM749 which is USD228

5) S4 non contract price is RM1599 which is USD490
6) NOTE3 non contract price is RM2099 which is USD642
7) 5S non contract price is RM2399 which is USD735

all comes with 2 years BlackBerry warranty, is it cheap or expensive?
for me here its cheap that's why I can help to push BlackBerry in Malaysia.
Plenty of my friends switched to Z10-Q10 from S4 or 5S because it's
cheaper and the performance is almost the same. But all BB10 device
that I sold to them, I must install latest, android shell, snap and
latest leaks so that they can get updated OS or download anything that they

bb7 is really more of a problem. obviously it still holds some customers althought the customer base is thought to be all moving to other platforms. Maybe they just make a bb10bold replacement. These are people in business that just want a business phone that simple and works. They dont need the oher stuff. Just something simple that s reliable and works. Thats it. They dont even need huge numbers of apps. I think perhaps thats what they need its a matter of transitioning people over. At some point they have to say mabye bb10 is just not going to work. This is the guy that doesnt care about any of those supposed must have features. A strpped down bb10 phone thats bruttaly effective. Just the few features and they dont need the huge screen or the extra apps. Again to me its just abasic business phone. Thats what bb7 is. Unless they can transition those people over to bb10 they are done. IF all the phones they sell are on one platform thats so much easier cost wise and advertising wise and development wise.

I don't believe it's really that complicated. why not market the hell out of the phones and show their true capabilities? does it really keep you moving or is that just bullshit? put up and show what you got or what do you expect? Samsung is constantly marketing its products and talking about their capabilities. geez, low-end phones, what the hell? , the damn phones could be free, but if you don't market, you won't sell crap, the phones don't advertise on their own.

Opined with my Z10!

I think BB7 is outselling BB10 simply because BB7 gets the job done for corporates. Its good for them, but bad for Blackberry...similar to what Microsoft is going through with Windows 8 on Laptops. No further upgrades are necessary...that is Blackberry's major problem. I think Chen gets that now and that is why he is making the Bold line of phones again. I think it is a smart move, although it was stupid for it to be discontinued in the first place simply because BB7 is a good OS for simple tasks and good battery life. BB10 is a VERY good OS as well...but the price is far too steep to get an upgrade to something you don't even need. They should have launched those newer phones at lower prices...not TOO low, but lower. Perhaps $200 for Q5, $350 for Q10, $400 for Z30. It wasn't a good idea to release the Z10 IMO since the Z30 is superior in almost every way except for the screen size...some people like the smaller screen and portability (I know I do). But as the way it is now...$200-250 for the Z10 would be reasonable. They shot themselves in the foot a long time ago....I have no real good ideas to help Blackberry...the phones they made years ago are still just as good now. That is a boon as well as a hindrance.

So more marketing will improve BB10 handset sales? Err.... no. Sounds great on paper but the fact is the consumer out there just isn't turned on by Blackberry anymore.

I live in the UK and I the only mobile phone advertising I see are adverts in the national newspapers from the mobile phone shops promoting selected Android/Windows/Apple and sometimes even Blackberry handsets.

Fact is people are just not interested in buying a Blackberry phone anymore. And no matter how much marketing you throw at it nothing will change people's opinions or perceptions. It's just too late I'm afraid.

Btw....If I go on the UK blackberry site I can buy a Z10 sim free for £175. If I walk into Carphone Warehouse I can pick one up for £160. Even at these prices the public still aren't interested.

With the right marketing BlackBerry could be cool again and there would be interest. Bb10 is great and far superior to a lot that's out there. It all about correcting mis-perception. Marketing CAN do that.

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Ok so the £6.4 billion dollar question is... HOW? And why haven't blackberry already done it? They have had over a year to come up with a effective marketing campaign.

Look back through history, there have been many superior products that failed against lesser products due to many reasons. Main reason was money and influence. Something that Blackberrry hasn't really got when compared to the might of Samsung and Apple. It's like Kevin was saying about the fortunes or lack of HTC. Fantastic products but they can't compete with cash rich Samsung.

I think Blackberry should maybe focus on cheaper sub £100 end of the market and produce a solid, attractive phone that will appeal to the consumer. Trying to compete with a high end phones such as the new HTC One, the Samsung 5 and the iphone 6 just isn't going to happen.

Forgot the say... Yes there is a great sense of apathy from the crackberry team after watching that podcast. But I can't really blame them. It's difficult to be a cheerleader when there is very little to cheer about.

Great Adam, when it comes to Umi saying how BBM is doing and what Blackberry should do to push BBM? ..."Stickers". LOL Made my day.

Bb10 phones not selling fast because of the ridiculous pricing it's as simple as that.
I love my z10 and I like the z30 more but not at £490. To all the idiots in charge.. in today's market you cannot pitch your top devices up with the iPhone at around the same price and hope to win. I am available to join your marketing team for around 200k a year to inject some basic common sense

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I agree with Anthony, about the Z3. Going "high end" with a new platform against the already established platforms hurt BlackBerry. Also I question what would have happened if they pushed the bb10 further away, released a q5, q10, z3 and z10 at the same time with q5 and z3 around the $200's and Q10 and Z10 mid tear around the $400's p. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wI

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Blackberry should see the possibility of a "trade in" option for BBOS7 users to own BB10 devices... they need a strategy that OS7 users will still be part of BB10 platform.... or simply stay with BlackBerry... how they can convert some iOS and Android users if can't even convert those OS7 users to BB10?...

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BlackBerry can go to hell as far I'm concern.
No full touch screen announcements

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Nothing that concrete was announced on the keyboard side. The reality is a skipped product cycle and vaporware keyboard that can easily be used to fake being interested in device making, but can easily be pulled off with saying market has moved away from them. Also, this wont put on hold the potential touch screen buyers.

To be honest and in their defense when BB10 was first released what would have been the point in spending billions on advertising since the OS was so new, full of bugs, lacked apps and lacked so many basic features. If they sold twice as many phones they would have had twice as many returns. I think NOW is the time to spend the money advertising since we have a mature OS, the Z30 and no more app gap.

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It's very sad and telling that, except for Verizon, there are absolutely no bbs on display (and very often in stock) in the US.

The fact that BB legacy devices running what I consider is an obsolete BB7OS, are still outselling BB10 devices running what is a superior OS in every way, is quite telling, especially that over one year after its release, the new OS and the accompanying devices remain still largely unknown to a large majority of consumers.

Lack of advertising and marketing is still an ongoing issue. One which, given the realities confronting BlackBerry, should have been addressed head on. But in that aspect the company is still dragging it's feet.

I cannot tell you how many times I have met people, some of them hardcore BlackBerry users, who are surprised when I show them my Z10 and what it can do. While some might have seen the Z10, Q10 and even the Q5, for example, they're not aware that the Z30 even exists. These are the people you want to go after!

I still believe that pound for pound the BB10 OS is one of the best on the market. But BlackBerry has to prove that...not just assume that people will automatically gravitate towards them! Especially when BlackBerry's image has taken such a beating over the past few years.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

My question is how many physical keyboard have sold vs all touch up to this point. I've seen Z10s and Z10s around but never a Q10 or Q5....

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BlackBerry community, be calm this. Isn't nothing we don't already know, that doesn't. Take away. The fact that BlackBerry is rising, we have the best device on the market hands down. We are just waiting for for a advertising push,stop the losses first, then promote, and Kevin stop it with that we won't sugar coat it, we are in a turnaround! ,your acting like your losing. Your faith, and tell you friends on mobile nation. To kiss my azz,blackberry is the best,blackberry z30 is the best on the market, every body needs to stop worrying about shit you can't control,,you need to be trying to get all your friends to try BlackBerry. Z10 and z30, we can't just rely on BlackBerry. To do all the promoting, friends buy from word of mouth ,so do your part,
Please reply with your email address, I would like to connect with you, people need to see the new BlackBerry, it's to terrific to miss

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What do I have to do to get someone to listen to me on how to save this company? I have a great way to save Blackberry and no Im not joking. I can't stand ios or android.

BlackBerry 7 devices are just awful IMO. When I use my daughter old Curve with OS7 I am just amazed how bad it is after using BB10 for over a year now.

Making more Bolds is just weird but I guess BlackBerry knows they can sell them. A huge BB10 push is needed, especially on the enterprise side.

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I'm from Poland and BlackBerry unfortunately is not popular because there is not trend in Europe for BlackBerry. It's extremely hard to get BlackBerry with contract mobile network. I bought my Q10 from BlackBerry shop because it was easier. The most people take iPhone and some Samsung shit because it's popular and more common apps are available for these platform. In my opinion to increase popularity of BlackBerry products is good marketing and more native apps like instagram (well I prefer Ingram) candy crush, snapchat, viber KIK and much more popular apps. What's more BBM lacks of some improvements for example like video chat on iOS, android and windows platform. Well even design of bubbles looks archaic comparing to WhatsApp. I would like to use BBM with friends but it's hard to convince them to drop WhatsApp or Viber which use everyone in Poland. BBM have just 5 my friends so in consequence we stick with WhatsApp where we've got over 60 contacts.

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I'm just listening to the podcast today and I'm screaming to myself because I can't chime in on the conversation that is being had. The question asked was even if BlackBerry make this amazing OS that is considered by everybody on the planet as the best, is it enough, what would it take to turn this around? What I'm screaming is MARKETING, ADVERTISING, SELL THE DAM THING TO THE PUBLIC! I don't understand why this isn't said at every available opportunity. I don't remember the last time I saw a BB commercial. I know that it was also said that the marketing department is reviewing past marketing procedures now and that's fine if this was a company like iPhone that can afford to sit back and review but BlackBerry can't! Fine you want to take some time to review what has already been done as far as marketing ok, but you have to get out there still and let people know what BlackBerry has to offer.

Also along the same lines, I can't believe that BlackBerry keeps developing new phones and trying to flood the market with 5 or 6 different BlackBerry phones and yet nobody knows anything about any of them. I've always felt that they should have 3 -4 phones max. A high end all touch, high end qwerty and one, possibly two lower end phones for developing markets. They make the Z30 and I'd say it's the best phone I've ever had. Why not update the Z30 with newer hardware, why do we need to have the Z30 out for 1 run, then make another new phone with a new name that again, nobody knows about, all they know is "its a BlackBerry, that company that's gonna be out of business soon"

I know I'm probably coming across as rambling but man I can't believe how steamed not being able to call into this podcast has got me!

Long live the Z30, LONG LIVE BLACKBERRY!


Where's the money going to come from to do mass advertising? Let me ask you a question.
What do you think the main goal BlackBerry should look to achieve? I'm being serious.


The money would come for what would have been used to design, develope and manufacture the other half dozen phones that BB is planning on bringing out that really aren't needed.

What I think BlackBerry's main goal should be is irrelivant, it's what Chen thinks it should be is what's important and he's decided be on the Prosumer market. That I don't have any problem with but Prosumer or Consumer is still going to net the same result if you don't advertise. Let me give you an example.

My wife and I have two friends that live in Ontario who for many years were both big BlackBerry supporters. He through work and her for a personal phone. She had some very bad experiences with her 9860 Torch and decided that BlackBerry wasn't doing anything to help solve those problem, was disappointed in the lack of apps for BlackBerry at the time and decided to go with an iPhone. For years the company he worked for was all BlackBerry and took the secuirty of the BlackBerry very seriously. His last phone was the Bold 9900 which he didn't really like (battery life etc.) and when I switched to the Z10 and then the Z30 I was constantly telling him how great the OS was and encouraged him to have his IT department look at the phones and and upgrade to BB10. The company he works for (a huge international company) has now decided they were only goinng to offer more Bold 9900 or the iPhone 5, no way were they even interested in looking at the BB10. Because he didn't like the Bold 9900 his only other choice was to go with the iPhone. All his IT department knew about BB10 was the doom and gloom they have read about the demise of BlackBerry.

You can stand up and beat the drum about the security BlackBerry has to offer all you want, design all the keyboard and touchscreen devices you want, but in the end, if nobody knows about them, they are going to sit in a warehouse.

When I said Market the device before, I should have added CREATIVELY Market a few great devices. How many sales has BlackBerry lost to somebody going into a store and asking about the BlackBerry, only to have some clueless salesperson tell them "I wouldn't get at BlackBerry, they are going out of business"? Creative marketing doesn't have to be expensive. Stick some people that know about BlackBerry10 in some stores and let them show off their products. Don't leave it up to the salespeople in the stores that have already decided BlackBerry is dead and base what they tell consumers and prosumers on what their own choices and beliefs are, as flawed as they may be.

Take a look around CrackBerry and YouTube for some videos called "Why I hate my BlackBerry". BlackBerry needs to hire this kid on ASAP. That's exactly the kind of creative marketing they need right now. He infuses humor into his videos and yet is able to show all the great things about BlackBerry that iPhone doesn't have and it would cost BlackBerry next to nothing to do. Find somebody that is as prosumer orentated as this young fellow is to the consumer and they will be set.

I know most of my ideas will come across as simple but that's what BlackBerry needs, to get back to the simple basics. Complicated marketing doesnt' work. (remember the Superbowl commercial a couple of years ago?) Nothing turns me off quicker than a commercial for a product that when it's over, I end up saying what the hell did all that have to do with the product they were trying to advertise.


To those blaming carrier support, this isn't the case everywhere. I was looking at a variety of Android phones 1 year ago when purchasing my first smartphone. The Verizon rep I spoke to told me about bb10 and the new z10, and talked me into spending $200 on the newly released device. Never looked back. Had I not spoken to a rep, I would've purchased a Droid.

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Why isn't Chen pushing the Q10 instead of the Bold? It has a keyboard. Is it really that difficult to learn to use the keys and screen instead of the top row of keys?

Not sure what difference cheaper phones are going to make if the carriers don't approve new versions of the OS in a timely manner.

Why would Bold users buy another Bold? Are there old ones breaking?
John has to get his salespeople over to these companies and show them how to use the Q10.
BlackBerry cannot continue to sell Bolds because people will not be exposed to the new OS and will think all BlackBerrys are this antiquated.

Sugar Coating?
BB Problem:
Loss of market share
Loss of moneys

"Same old Same" old formula from Balsillie/Lazaridis/(Watsa)/Thorsten/Chen:
Cut cost (layoffs/Outsource/Sell off assets)
Bring out New Phones (that are not selling)

(Same old) Prediction:
BB value will continue to decrease

Same old giant aircraft to transport CEOs needlessly around the world, wonder the cost of that thing?

BTW, BB jet is larger than Apples Jet.

I agree that BB10's Q10 and Q5 were made for legacy BlackBerry users. I loved my BlackBerry Bold 9930 I almost didn't part with it. But since upgraded to BlackBerry 10, never looked back.

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I would like mention an amusing incident.I am from Bangalore,India. A few days back I went to enquire about Q10 device(white colour) with a dealer where presumably the price is lower.There I chanced upon.two BB marketing guys.I talked to them for a while... they almost seemed apologetic that they were marketing BB devices!! no there was nothing wrong with them but I got a feeling that they were a bit timid.W.r.t the dealer mentioned he is still waiting for the devices. Its been 30 days since BB has gone out of stock!!.Funnily though BB India put in a half page 'ad'(about reduced prices) in a national daily a week back the devices are still not there.Sitting here in India I keep reading a lot about unsold inventories

Cheese N Rice folks, the ship is sinking, flat jacked up on the shoals , has been obvious for two years now, just get a frigg'n Nexus phone n tablet n get on with your lives!

No. I'm from the generation where you pay money for the OS. I don't want to be spied on by corporations. Do you remember the story of Troy? It may seem like a gift or too good to be true but I don't want my phone to run on a Trojan horse .

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They can get the developers on board by making android apps work just as well on BlackBerry 10 as android. Allow developers put them in to BlackBerry World. This is the best and cheaper way going forward. If enough people use the app on BlackBerry World and people complain for a native version we may just get the native version down the road. BlackBerry needs to ride the wave of androids success without being android.

What do you guys think?

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How is BB going to get more developers to port apps now? They've been trying all last year for BB10 and it didn't really go that well--at least not nearly as well as it was hoped by many. Apart from paying developers (and burning more cash), how do you do it? (Not just a rhetorical question here...because I've been wondering that too... lol)

Let me make a statement without sugar coating. This podcast was pretty close to a 'jump the shark' moment for Crackberry. I'm loyal to the BlackBerry brand and products. Not necessarily to crackberry.

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Let's face the music. BB7 is outselling BB10 for one BIG reason: BBRY hasn't learned how to market the benefits of BB10 - until they do they will continue to lose market share and will eventually have to get out of the device business.

Is there really something wrong with saying how good BB10 is? Actually, on that note, most folks don't even know what BB10 is all about, and releasing new BB7 phones will make it even harder to let folks know what BB10 is. Yeah, us techies know the difference but the average guy doesn't.

It's time to get out of the cave, BBRY. Leave the goatskins and herding stick behind. There is a brave new world out there and you have to tell everyone what you're bringing to the table. So tell them and stop trying to live in the dark ages. That ship has sailed!

Advertising for the z10 I don't recall seeing. Any on the TV I don't recall seeing any on billboards either I phones and other phones are constantly being advertised. If the blackberry 10 fones were advertised like the others a lot more people would have them z10 lover and always will be

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honestly, the more i listen to these dudes, especially KM and CU, they don´t really care about BB, but more making money for themselves off BB ..... that´s my opinion and feeling i get, nothing that BB does is good, nothing, so why don´t they go over permanentely to apples and droids ......