CrackBerry 112: Z3, 10.2.1, BBM... and Kevin and his toys

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Feb 2014 03:15 pm EST

It's been a while since we've thrown down a CrackBerry podcast, but we're back in full force! Adam and Bla1ze join me on this one and we talk OS 10.2.1, the rumored BlackBerry Z3, BBM Channels and much more (including all the toys I've picked up over the last few months). I'll be heading off to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in just a few days and we should hear more on the Z3 very soon.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this one! And apologies on us taking so long to record another podcast after CES. Coming home from Vegas (even while in Vegas) I lost my voice... this is seriously the first day where I can (mainly) speak again normally. So we put it to good podcast use!




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CrackBerry 112: Z3, 10.2.1, BBM... and Kevin and his toys


I've stated I'll concerns toward Mr. Chen but this statement, in my mind pretty kick won me over as a people's CEO and he may just have my vote, may. Should he continue on this course and really work with the entire staff of BlackBerry to bring really quality top notch products in each market and market segment then he has my vote.
For now it's show and prove, taking the talk is in line in time the show and prove will show of he's really - along with BlackBerry employees as a whole are along the same line.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

When are you going to grow up ?just joking,but why don't you go into a store with your google glasses and show the world how little these guys know about BB,you know ,the carriers,catch them in the act ,should be really funny.

Kevin's gadget addiction is supporting it's own mini-economy. lol

The government won't even let him stop now, as they consider him "too big to fail" lol

Posted via CB10

Kevin; "all these apps, that we couldn't get before ..."

- that I realized, as I scrolled through the Amazon store and the Snap client ... I never really needed or used anyways. I think I have found 5 games or so that have kept my interest for more than 3 minutes. Only the quality stuff comes to BlackBerry World anyways :)

Tint those Google glasses and you'll look like Bono, Kevin.

Posted on my BlackBerry Q10, because I'm so Bloody Special.

Google Glasses entrepreneurs, have wo former avant garden complain about huge eye strain and headaches - no surprise there - and not.liking the product over time

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

I'm wondering, Kevin, if you tried the newest 10.2.1 update to see if the Android Runtime update in .2141 fixes what .1925 (I'm guessing you tried Sonos app with that ver) couldn't do. Every several thousand builds up allows more Android apps to work correctly.

EG: Dead Trigger 2 was noted as not working on .1803 but when .1925 came out it worked just fine.

I like the USB on the side.

A bit harsh on the droid app compatibility. Give them some credit. What they did with runtime is simply remarkable.

Posted via CB10

It's totally awesome. They just need to "finish" it.. which is more of a relationship / legal thing than a tech one I think. On the tech side, they rawked it.

Help: my horizontal mode isn't working when I try to watch a video clip. Rotate and tilt and still nothing. Thoughts? Yes I rebooted.

 BBZ10

Why in the hell would you wear Google Glasses to a BlackBerry related podcast? Would you like me to come wave my American flag in Toronto on Canada Day? Sheesh!

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

True Blue Southern Cross with a dash of Union Jack in the corner? Let me join in.

That Google glass thing is really taking it too far, privacy? Walking Google bot. Assimilation now.

What I'm saying, smartphones ok, smartwatches ok, smartglasses cross the border for me, for now.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Kevin, does it feel like you're living in the future with a computer on your glasses, standing desk and leaning chair, a thermostat that knows when you're home and when you're not that you can set from anywhere in the world, with color-changing lighting and speakers throughout the house that you control from your phone, or maybe even your glasses or the watch on your wrist?! Do you have a flying car you're not telling us about?

Great Cast! And Kevin, the headphone /music listening part is perfect. Same here. Bought new and not so cheap loudspeakers. now I need a new amplifier. and i discover my music again.