CrackBerry 108: Mugging, Meetup, Monaco & More in Paris!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2013 12:35 pm EST

This Saturday I'll be making the voyage back to North America, but before I leave wanted us to get in one more CrackBerry Podcast from abroad so I could talke about some of my adventures in Paris. The stories are actually pretty exciting, including a mugging, a CrackBerry meetup and the discovery of my next new favorite beverage, the Monaco (seriously, between my love for Campari and the Monaco, maybe there's just something I love about red drinks).

Before we get to the story portion of the show, we cover all of the BlackBerry news of the week. 10.2.1 is here in leaked and beta form, allowing for Android .apk files to be installed on BB10. We talk about the newly-announced P'9982 -- I'm totally going to try and get my hands on a crocodile limited edition version -- and we talk about how things seem to be off to a good start with a new CEO at the helm of the company.

We also have a very special guest on this episode. From the CrackBerry forums, we have member SuperFly_FR. If you're active on CB, you'll of course know the name. AKA Antoine, he's super passionate about BlackBerry and at our CrackBerry meetup I found we had some excellent discussions and debates. A big welcome to him on the show.  

Ok, enough chat. Watch the video above, or listen to the audio below. Enjoy the show!

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Some photos from the BlackBerry France meetup!

Thanks to David Bensimon for kicking this off, and props to all my new friends at and (who all are frequent visitors and big fans of CrackBerry!).

Reader comments

CrackBerry 108: Mugging, Meetup, Monaco & More in Paris!


I will be listening to this tonight when I get home. I hope it delivers ;)

I love stopping the annoying people who post ___ because they think they are cool ;)

SuperFly moving up in life.!

It would be pretty cool if this became a regular thing, having crackberry average joes on the show.

I don't know whats worts, the firsties or someone "fighting" to stop them from being "first". I think I'll stick with the firsties as they dont hurt anybody.

Will listen to the podcast later on ;)

Posted via CB10

Can you Crackberry guys talk about Lithium Graphene Batteries in a upcoming podcast and get the conversation started.

This will be the #1 innovation in smartphones, tablets, gadgets, cars...(pretty much everything thing that uses a battery) ...since the introduction of batteries.

I want BlackBerry to take notice about this new technology even though it's probably 2-5 years away. It would be awesome if they could be the first ones out of the gate with this. Or buy up some companies that are going to produce and manufacturer this new battery technology.


Battery is a cool idea... but at this moment... BlackBerry needs to stick to its core competencies... Enterprise and OS... and hardware.

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Very interesting article.
But if I understand the current development, it's not even near release.

I would presume that this technology will first be integrated into the automotive industry to cover there R&D cost.

Don't expect to see this in a cell phone before 2020

Posted via CB10

I've been mugged before too, when I lived in Calgary, at gun point. Was brutal. Another time it was a knife to my throat from behind. Super lame feeling. The gun criminal was facing 10 years based on my testimony in court. He should be getting out next year.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has a patent for a fuel cell battery. I noticed a couple battery comments. BlackBerry should totally embrace building their own cool battery tech.

Posted via CB10

If companies that specialize in power system and storage have not gotten a better battery tech to work.... do you really think that little BlackBerry should spend BILLIONS in doing this same research? A lot of patents are not worth the paper they are written on..... case in point.

Man!! That's what I'm talking about.PUT ALL THE MONEY THERE!!!Anyway because it is R&D it doesn't cost anything for them,because Canada gives a tax credit for R&D.

Liked the podcast but as a suggestion, if there was a way to use close up mics as opposed to desktop mics, it would really improve the overall experience. Watch the whole thing and there were times when the booming voices made it hard to understand properly. Where Kevin mike sounded boomy, Blaze was had more bass and all. Just a suggestion but was impressed with the way scenes are just a little work on the voices (and let's face it, they are the content we are looking for) and podcasts would improve the listener experience.
My two cent anyway. And about Antoine, a.k.a Superfly_FR, While it was nice to put a face to a, hmm, legendary name, well, I thought he was taller and older ! Keep up the good work crackberry!

Posted via CB10

My thoughts at 29 min mark......It's BlackBerry, John grab the defibrillator. I have some growing confidence in the new CEO. Temp or not. I like the outsider view point.

Thank you Kevin for this unexpected invitation. I was reluctant to watch it and had to wait until this morning ... Well, now I know those podcasts do require experience and preparation ;) !
Mhhhoooooo ! [that's my Spanish cow shout]

So Adam, let me get this straight - you've download a banking app from a website origin unknown, without any official recognition or certainty about whether the apk is unmodified, and you're pleased about this and are happy using the app?

I really hope that when someone runs into a malware problem downloading a questionable apk as invariably will happen at some point from some corner of the internet, that this isn't blamed on the Android home in which it will be sandboxed, but on the utter 'what did you expect?' stupidity of the user.

AhAh! Monaco :)

I used to drink this, younger. Why did you stay in Paris? Should have come to Toulouse :)

Thanks for the show; et sympa de voir Antoine aussi ;)

I can't believe there are only 24 comments - LOL - As usual I have a million things to do at 3AM, but watched an hour CrackBerry podcast instead. FML.