CrackBerry 106: November 4th news debrief

By Adam Zeis on 4 Nov 2013 10:42 am EST

It's been a crazy Monday for BlackBerry news but we're here to break it all down. BlackBerry isn't going private but they've received a $1-billion investment. Current CEO Thorsten Heins is also stepping down.

Join Kevin, Adam, Chris and Simon as they break down all of the big news and what it means for BlackBerry.


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Kevin Michaluk
Adam Zeis
Simon Sage
Chris Umiastowski


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Reader comments

CrackBerry 106: November 4th news debrief


BlackBerry is f#*$ing DEAD. John said no plan to shut this and that down is because he does not have ANY PLAN YET.

BlackBerry WILL shut down the ENTIRE hardware business. This is what Fairfax wants. This is the hidden condition for the additional $1B injection.

Shame on CEO Thorston and CMO Frank! Kick these guys out ASAP. Then fire the middle layer directors, managers and VPs.

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Exhilarating WOW, way to begin a Monday and keep BlackBerry All In! having Flashback of Bond in Casino Royal.

Yes, there must be a difference of opinion and vision of the company. I think the two could work well together as they both are passionate about that company and its continued success. That passion is critical for the next CEO. This is why I like Mike L as CEO because he would put the company's success ahead of his own monetary gain. For many CEOs, it's just another step in their ladder to wealth and success.

For some reason Prem and Lazaridis are not working together and hence PW has got Chen to look after BlackBerry for now... I hope Chen brings in better future for BlackBerry :)

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Accoriding to the podcast, Chris Umiatowski believes BB would have been in a much better position had they listened to Balsilie. In fact, Keven even said he doesn;t think BB10 would have ever been made if it was left up to Lazaridis.

Just saw the entire hangout video in the other post.... better than listening :)

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Chen seems to have the experience to reign in the operating expenses of BlackBerry ! Much needed!

Posted via CB10

We need a CEO that can find new markets for BlackBerry and make the brand name mean something special again. They need an evangelist! This was what made Steve Jobs great. He could motivate folks to create great things, and he could motivate people to buy it.

Kevin, you say that TH deserved praise for bringing BB10 out, but look at how he padded his wallet to a tone of $55M plus bonuses as he was also sending out 4,500 pink slips. TH was too tight with the marketing budget and stiffled it. Lots of posters and banners in Waterloo but little in key markets like NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, etc.
TH did get BB10 on schedule after Christmas, but it was a real strain on the employees to do so - still it needed to be done, and he did it.
"Balsillie was a great strategic thinker"? Who said that???
The new CEO needs to understand the technology market and how to sell to consumers and business. Enterprise users still want apps and other consumer features - that's why they want their iPhones at work! They still want the confidence and protection that BlackBerry security provides, from the MDM to the mobile device itself.

I fear that TH had incentive to encourage a sale rather than try to turn the company around. A fiduciary should not have such perverse incentives. If his golden parachute was really contingent on bbry changing hands, this stinks. The fact that Prem Watsa put in this golden parachute makes it look even worse.

It's time for you guys to come over to the dark side like I did. Don't sink with the Titanic which is BlackBerry. Apple & Google are in steady waters.