CrackBerry 104: Whip the Crack!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Oct 2013 12:33 pm EDT

In this episode, Kevin Michaluk, Adam Zeis, Chris Parsons and Simon Sage dive in to all the latest BlackBerry news - talking BlackBerry Jam Asia, the BlackBerry Z30, cross-platform BBM and the current state of all the BBRY news.

Where is BBM for Android and iOS? Who is leading the bids to buy BlackBerry? Will Mike L. really take back the company he started? Join us and find out!


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Kevin Michaluk
Adam Zeis
Chris Parsons
Simon Sage


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Reader comments

CrackBerry 104: Whip the Crack!


Actually, how was this different from what we read from their regular posts?

 BBM Channel: TheGroupRide C00055B7C

You know your best stuff fast and hard hitting.
BTW you are the best host for podcasts, not the other guy Ritchie.

Technically, it shouldn't really be *too different* than what it already covered in blog posts. Getting posts up is the fastest / best way to communicate. On podcasts in general we'll maybe get into more round table opinions (since only one person usually writes a post), and sometimes get into more rumormill stuff. In this case, we also talked more about the Globe Article than we have touched on any written post, so there was some new info in there.

How awesome would it be if the father takes BlackBerry back, and reinvents it into something glorious again.

I can dream can't i...

Posted via CB10

That's exactly what Jobs did....though, let's be frank, Lazaridis is no Jobs....not many people have that total package of charismatic showman, ruthless robber baron, and creative inventor all in one
Would still make a great story though and I would root for ANYTHING that means BB doesn't go away...ugh...the idea of Droid OR's like asking if I want to eat cat shit or dog shit

Lmaoooo whip the crack really? (meaning making crack)

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

Good to see Kevin back and the rest of the team. Love the Podcast this morning. Yub keep cracking the Berry. Nice :)

As far as mobile computing is concerned, I would really like to see the vision of BBRY. I recall the concept video from QNX showing the Z10 interfacing with the car. Stick around BBRY, you still got the moxy!

Thanks Simon! Great find on the messages swipe right and down to jump message! Learn something new everyday!

Very informative. These hangouts are entertaining. But do I sense that some shine is off BlackBerry now?

Posted via CB10

That's the problem now, the ppl need "straight drop" and the BlackBerry "elite" keep "whippin the crack" :|

C00121B8B : The Eye of The OOLONG: BBMchannel

Ok guys, heres the deal and full disclosure, been using a blackberry since the 7200 series, stayed up all night since im on the west coast to watch the bb10 unveiling and 2 months ago switched from my day 1 bought z10 to an s4.

BB10 is a great platform BUT it didnt sell for shit so guess what its unsupported and will remain that way.

Blackberry is ABSOLUTELY terrible at keeping their own timeline, it makes them look stupid, it perpetuates the whole "blackberry is useless and a joke" theory.

Nobody cares about cross platform BBM anymore, BBM twitter account has been a ghost town for a few weeks now. All you see now is "Hey look blackberry you cant even release your own app on your own timeline just like all your other broken promises so no surprise you're broke." Not releasing BBM for iphone and android isnt helping them because nobody is going to switch to a blackberry for BBM when they cant even release their own app for other platforms on their own timeline while at the same time they cant even release their own products at their own timeline or release them half baked, at this point theres no winning for them.

EVERYBODY can read between the lines that Blackberry is MANIPULATING their stock price for the past month or so, stopping trading to announce their losses a week before they are required to announce their financials, having Prem Watsa (Who sits on the board at Blackberry) to announce a buyout plan for blackberry days before they announce their results but after blackberry anounces that they lost a billion dollars a week before they have to announce their results, #BBM4ALL delayed for a complete BS reason after that happens, the #BBM4All twitter account going dead days after that, TO KEEP THE STOCK PRICE LOW, so that Prem Watsa and Fairfax can buy the company for cheap, OR Mike Lazaridis to buy it cheap or part the company out for more $, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize they are manipulating the situation for the benefit of someone thats already in bed for them to buy them out.

I am disappointed that I stuck with them as long as I have, embarrased that I convinced people to buy stock banking on BB10 turning the ship around, PISSED that I was waiting for BB10 for the playbook but HAPPY that I was smart enough to realize what was coming and DUMPING my Playbook before TH told us "Just kidding no BB10 for playbook", HAPPY that I dumped my Z10 2 months ago because I saw the writing on the wall, LOVING my S4 but at the same time I'm sad watching blackberry going where its going, but I've already gotten used to and accepted and learned to like android and I realize blackberry and co has made the bed they lay in so it is what it is.

Look at crackberry, Kevins attitude has completely changed the past few weeks, less posts have been going up day by day, more critical posts have been going up every day, the writings on the wall, I love blackberry but I am pissed at them right now although I might still pick up a used Q10 to play around with, BB10 is the best platform but its not going to be successful, done and done.

Also, This shows how far they are reaching, look at all these photo sharing apps we have coming out, instagram is now outdated? REALLY? Are you kidding me? Tell that to EVERYBODY else running other platforms that are now immersed in instagram that and GOOD LUCK.

STOP REACHING for straws and be real

ALSO where has TH been since Blackberry announced its bleeding money, haven't heard anything from him for a month or so..... Oh hiding out and planning on what to do with his $55M... Thats what I thought too.

Launching the Q10 first should have been a no brainer. Or at least launching the Q10 at the same time with the Z10. It's about differentiation and the physical keyboard is what makes Blackberry stand out to the general public.

Yes. They should have launched the Q10 and Z10 at the same time and with 10.2 running. I think that would have helped sell more phones.

Posted via CB10

GreyWolf, good to see you back.

To all the people that know how to run a multi-billion dollar company, the Armchair CEO thread is that way

Wow slow down that what Kevin said when one of his team tried to have a positive comment...tried to stay away from CB for a few days thinking the negativity at high levels at CB was just my imagination.... Nothing wrong with positive criticism but shutting down one of your key contributers is not the best Leadership example...Just my opinion.