CrackBerry 10 App updated to v1.3!

Brings performance enhancements, bug fixes and support for landscape use! Download it here.

CrackBerry 10 App - Landscape!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2013 12:08 pm EDT

Following the re-launch of our CrackBerry website, the CB10 app was updated to v1.2 which brought with it a number of new features, including the ability to comment on articles. 

Version 1.3 is a minor maintenance release, which addresses some bugs that popped up in the last update. The performance of v1.3 is buttery smooth once again, so you'll want to download the update from BlackBerry World asap. You'll also notice we've updated our BlackBerry World listing to include an overview of the permissions required by the app and how we use them.

As for new features in this version, support for landscape orientation is now present. I love using the app in portrait orientation, but this was a feature many of you requested so we put it in there! 

CB10 v1.3 Change Log

New Features and Improvements:

  • Landscape support
  • Improved performance, especially when scrolling
  • Improved in-app browser

Bug Fixes:

  • We spelled Participated right :)
  • Settings button disabled if already in Settings
  • Added/modified a couple of user messages to be more accurate

App Permissions Explained:

  • BlackBerry Messenger - We use this permission so you can invite BBM contacts to dowload the app
  • Internet - We use this permission to enable connectivity with our serves.
  • Notifications - We use this permission to alert you when new content is available.
  • Shared files - We use this permission to save forum attachment downloads to your shared Downloads folder.

Future Roadmap: 

  • Active Links in Articles: Articles linked in other articles will open in app instead of in browser view.
  • Private Messages
  • Sliding Featured Stories Block
  • Article Image Galleries
  • Push Notifications
  • Fix Character issues in Forums
  • Passport Profile Pages
  • Wallpaper Gallery
  • Podcast Player

If you're rocking a BlackBerry Z10 and haven't downloaded our CB10 app yet from BlackBerry World, do yourself a favor and grab it right now.

Download CB10 from BlackBerry World
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Reader comments

CrackBerry 10 App updated to v1.3!


It is incredible how fast you guys are responding to feedback and updating the CB app, my hat goes off to you guys for the incredibly work you put in and out everyday. I can't wait to finally use the app when I get my Z10.

Like I said below:
So support for landscape mode = mind blowing news indication that BB10 is coming soon on PlayBook???..or not

Too funny, never noticed the incorrect spelling of participated. Should have been using the Z10 keyboard :-)

Really enjoy the CB10 app.

Posted via CB10

Please don't forget to add adjustable font sizes for headings list, articles, forum posts etc.... Please? :-)

Posted via CB10

Thanks for replying. Most things in the OS are read briefly and don't stress out the eyes therefore I don't want to blow-up the whole OS... but reading a large CrackBerry article or forum post after forum post for 30min-hour is different. Like the browser's Reader Mode, I would personally still appreciate the ability to control article font size. Or, since you follow the OS's set font size, maybe a font size setting based on percentage of the OS font size? Thanks for the great app either way.

No update here in UK. Still 1.2 .0.1?! Hopefully this will fix the '?' shown where the videos should be...

So support for landscape mode = mind blowing news indication that BB10 is coming soon on PlayBook???..or not

The update should be there in Canada now, but it all depends on what server your BlackBerry access for BlackBerry World. I'm in Toronto and the update has been made available.

I mean mind blowing is unexpected:
Whatsapp, skype, Instagram etc..are all expected to land on BB10
BB10 is expected to land on PB
Aristo, curve lines is expected to come later this year
that leaves mind blowing to our imagination...lenovo laptop running on QNX and integrated with a BB10 phone

Good job guys. Update to this version. Obvious change will be I'm now able to view this app trough landscape mode :) never notice the mi spelled of participated before

Posted via CB10

I have no idea how technically feasible it would be, but it would be cool if the CB10 app could sync with Google Reader so that the read/unread status could be synced.

Ahhh mow the spelling nazis can finally sleep.

Kudos on the hard work going into this app. You're a fine example for other app developers.

Went to my world and did an update check but nothing came up until i went into the app itself then i got a notification that an update was available. Btw im in the UK so maybe the people who arent getting it, try it my method.

Lovely update Kevin, was waiting for the landscape option to be baked into the app and now its here, its brilliant.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

No plans to open source the whole app at this point. The samples BlackBerry provides provides in GitHub are very good, I use many of them as references how to write the app.

Thank you. Some of us minions have upgraded! Thanks for the all of the efforts your group puts in.

From Z to U via CB10

Love the app, I use it way more then the site now...the forums in particular

Don't see the update yet thought....

Posted via CB10

No plans to open source the whole app at this point, but if I ever get the time I will write some blog post articles on my learnings of coding for BB10.

Not showing for, on
Telus, in Victoria. The BB WORLD app really needs fixing too. Often shows the spark never show what the spark is for, even after 'check for updates' & refresh.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I see the spark over "My World" all the time and it appears to mean nothing! Wish they'd fix it so I actually know when I have new apps or not.

They also need to fix the notifications. The LED doesn't flash when on Phone Calls Only setting. That's super annoying!

BlackBerry Z10 & BlackBerry PlayBook

Kevin, thanks for the explanation of what you are doing with the shared files permission. I do have a question about that. Does giving permission to share files allow the developer of the app to see/download personal info like photos and contacts like it can with Android and iOS?

I haven't developed on BB10 yet so don't know the answer to this. I am working on an app that all employees have to sign a NDA due to the nature of what the app will do. We do not want any developer to catch wind of what is being developed due to the revenue and media coverage it will generate when it is complete and released. Because of this, no employee is permitted to use an Android or iOS device for fear of a developer intercepting a message and figuring out what we are doing.

From what you can see, does permission to access shared files give the developer open access to the user's personal information?

Here is a list of the various permissions:

Contact permissions is separate from Shared Files (a directory where app can store files) permissions

Getting a server error popup when going into "my apps & games".

Getting a network error popup when going to upgrade the CB app.

On Rogers network.

Posted via CB10

Still have the last word missing on some of the forum post titles and a '?' when a video should be there in the news sections.

Anybody got any ideas?

I'm on latest OS

Posted via CB10

Have not been able to solve the Bold forum title issue, think it is on the Cascades side.

Video still images should be fixed going forward. There is a new way to enter them in the backend and not all writers are using the new procedure yet.

I'm loving the CrackBerry app, probably one of my most frequently used apps on the Z10. I really wish all the major apps could be this delightful to use :P Great job CB!

Wow! Congrats on the quick response time for the
Incremental improvements! Absolutely love the landscape mode...
This is the best app so far!

Posted via CB10

After updating CB 10, the app is not refreshing with new feeds or updates anymore... was working ok until a few hours ago. anyone is having the same issue?

First thing I did was rotate to landscape...worked like a charm...soooomuch more keyboard room!

Posted via CB10

In the interest of being mind blowing perhaps CB can open source the app?

It would be great to have more and better examples of cascades code!

Posted via CB10

It's s one off the best app on BlackBerry 10 for my most used app good work team crackberry!!!

Posted via CB10

Kevin my only suggestion would be adding the ability to clear delete old read articles/events/reviews etc. Right now there's stuff I've read and which I could of cleared or deleted it because every time he open the app you see it along with the new stuff. BlackBerry news and social feeds have the option to delete read messages on the older os.This was a good thing.The other option is to have the app load only up to a certain amount of content and as you go further back into the past it will download more and more (ex. Twitter). Other than that everything is good. I'm enjoying the landscape mode on the latest version :)

Posted via CB10

Just realized that I swiped up *have* instead of *had * up there when I referred to BlackBerry news and social feeds apps.

Posted via CB10

Question about active frame...if the CBapp is active and someone commented on a post you have subscribed it instantly vissible in the active frame or not ? ( still dont have a Z10 thats why i ask :) )