CrackBerry 10 App updated to v1.4 for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 - brings nested comments to the blogs!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 7 May 2013 06:48 pm EDT

If you're rocking the CrackBerry 10 app on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10, you'll want to jump into BlackBerry World and grab our latest update. In addition to some bug fixes (including the forum post editing bug), the version 1.4 update adds nested comments into the articles section. It's now *much easier* to track the conversations taking place in the comments to articles. We still have many more new features planned out on our dev roadmap - our next app update coming soon is going to introduce a sweet new feature, so stay tuned for that.

For those who own a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 and haven't installed the CB10 app yet, you definitely should. It's the absolute best way to browse and participate on CrackBerry from your BlackBerry 10 phone. You have full access to the blogs, forums and ShopCrackBerry store. It's a super fast  Built for BlackBerry certified app, and it's FREE! Grab it at the link below, and get your CrackBerry on!

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Reader comments

CrackBerry 10 App updated to v1.4 for BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 - brings nested comments to the blogs!


Nested! What what *fist pump* (the black kind not the jersey kind)

Now all we need is like/dislike.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, bug report. You can't scroll over to see poster's details on an extremely nested comment. See example above. :)

Posted via CB10

Landscape view is not the only view the z10 is used on so this comment is not really helpful, just 50% helpful ;)

Lost ability to post attachment screen shot.

Posted via CB10

Don't recall ever being able to post screen shots here or on the website for blog comments.

Posted via CB10

Awesome! It really is a great app. I don't know the last time I had to use the mobile site!

Posted via CB10 - FINALLY

The last time I did, was needing to edit my poor English in a forum post. Now I will eventually require that for comment posts as well.

Yeah. Schooled in Amerca!

Posted via CB10

well maybe the ver 1.5 will do that, right Kevin?

also.. is there any chance for Z10 version to be on the dark theme? i find that the dark one is cooler :) IMHO

wow nice it works... good job guys.. now just add a PM option and this app will be decked oit

Posted via CB10

This app keeps getting better and better. It really is one of my favorite apps on my Z10 and it'll be the first one I put on my Q10 too.

I just bought the 3 pack of the CrackBerry Crunk cases, a battery door and a screen protector.

Thank you, CrackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Can you zoom pictures?

How does nested comments effect the repositioning when one returns to a participated thread?

Posted via CB10

Very nice.

How about links in forum notification e-mails open the CB10 app? I love CB10 but I always end up using the mobile site because of that.

Maybe could be done like this: Add another link ("Open in CB10 App") to those e-mails, return a custom MIME type in that link and register the CB10 app for that MIME type.

I'm just soooooo damn glad that edit forum post bug is finally swatted ;-)

Posted via CB10 v1.4.2 on my Zed10 on Rogers

Nice that you guys fixed the editing error so I don't have to go to my laptop to correct it. Thanks Marcus and CB!

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Kevin and Co. at CrackBerry made this day a perfect day.
This morning I received my purchase of the blackberry battery charger bundle (a day earlier) and I didn't pay for shipping. And now the update to CB10.

You rock!

Posted via CB10

Just curious, why does BlackBerry World report the download as being 1.2MB when it's really only 650K? This isn't the first time I've seen that sort of discrepancy.

V1.4 looks good otherwise. Good work team CB!

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CB is amazing for all your blackberry news and updates. What's awesome is that they don't leave out older blackberry's. What I would add is a notification for a reply from your comment or questions, whether it's another user or even the author, that would be cool. But with that being said, again, amazing application for blackberry.

Posted via CB10

Will be needing the ability to pinch to zoom or whatever we call it. I'm old and hate glasses and contacts. I like to zoom in sometimes. Thanks in advance.

Posted via CB10

Love the CB10 app. My only worry is there's no adds. How's crackberry goona keep getting us free stuff if they're not getting paid lol. Cause honestly, your Web traffic must be way down.

Posted via CB10

Nice update. It would be nice to have PMs within the app. Hopefully that will come with time. Keep up the good work!

Posted via CB10

My most use third-party app. Are you planning to add more features to it? I would like to view and send PMs and look at someone's previous posts.

Thanks for a great app.

Posted via CB10

An update will be required soon enough! Nested comments in blogspot when viewed in portrait on Z10 can get really bad where text is in 1 column, 1 letter per row and you cannot scroll.

Did anyone test this on hardware before hardening for deployment??

Posted via CB10

We did an analysis of previous comments before rolling out, 99.9% of all articles have at most four levels of nesting. People are just being goofy in these articles on purpose. But I will add a cap of the nesting levels in the next release ;)

Something is wrong the comments here are drifting way over to the right you can not read entire comments

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