CrackBerry 10 App updated to v1.1: Adds more Built for BlackBerry features!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Feb 2013 11:47 pm EST

The most highly-rated BlackBerry 10 app in BlackBerry World is already better! We rolled out our CrackBerry 10 app to rave reviews, and with our version 1.1 update coming just a week later we've already taken it next level.

If you already have the CB10 app installed on your device, you'll want to update it via BlackBerry World immediately (learn how). V1.10 has some bug fixes and adds additional features like support for Active Frames and BBM integration. You can hit up the full change log below. And if you own a Z10 and haven't downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? Get your download on!

For those of you without Z10s still, you can get a look at what you're missing in the video above. The CB10 app is Built for BlackBerry through and through, is fast and is just an awesome way to get all of CrackBerry's content.

Change log for CrackBerry 10 version 1.1

New Features:  

  • Ability to Edit Forum Posts
  • BBM Integration: Invite BBM contacts to download CB10
  • Active Frames: Displays the ten latest articles
  • Improved Sharing: Share via Email now presets Subject line, and share messages are now styled cleaner.
  • Added progress indicator in Shop section
  • New Settings: Custom Signature, Disable Notifications for Articles, Shortcut to Device Notification Settings, Custom Sync Interval

Bug Fixes:

  • Featured article is now rendering properly
  • Forum Likes Count fixed
  • Forum Posts stripped of HTML when sharing via Email
  • Crash when closing Forum pages while still loading
  • Forum category links now parsed properly

Coming Soon:

We'll be releasing updates on an almost weekly basis over the next two months as we continue to build out the feature set. Remember, the ability to comment in the blogs via the app is coming just as soon as we push through with our CrackBerry website relaunch. We already have blog commenting up and running in our 1.2 beta running via our dev servers - so it'll be here soon.

Note to those Upgrading:

In most cases the upgrade should go smoothly, but in some cases you may run into a cookie issue, where when you go to the forums to look at your threads, etc. it may show blank. If you notice this, simply delete the app from your phone and quickly reinstall it from BlackBerry World. We're working on figuring out the best way to address this in future upgrades.

Submit your Feeback and Report Bugs:

If you come across and bugs or have ideas for new features, be sure to report them in our CrackBerry Apps forum.    

Download CrackBerry 10 for your BlackBerry Z10 from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

CrackBerry 10 App updated to v1.1: Adds more Built for BlackBerry features!


any idea on south africa release date? We have no idea. We were supposed to be 1 of the 1st launch countries but bb south africa is not giving us any info .can any 1 get info on the release date

Wow. Great work guys. I can see that it was built for BlackBerry.
Everyone is going to download this app for sure.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Looking great! Any chance I can get my hands on that "" audio from the bumper to use as the ring tone for the CB forums app? I think it would sound awesome.
(and CB advertisement every time it rings out in public )

hi Kevin, sorry for commenting in the wrong section....i have two bb 7 devices and mobile youtube is not working on it...i am wondering if anyone else have the same evil is becoming more and more evil.

We've seen all the reports on youtube stopping working on BB7.

I've been stuck at an airport all day son haven't been able to look into too much, but sent an email off to BlackBerry to see if they have any comment on what's going on here. Guessing it's not on BlackBerry's end, but Google/Youtube's. Hope to get to the bottom of it soon. 

thanks for the quick reply. its working fine on bb6 9330 so i thought its a device issue and spent an hour reloading the os on luck...

CB app will definitely be one of the first apps I download when I get a Z10. It'll make viewing the CB site infinitely easier on a small screen. Hope you remembered to add font-size settings... :-)

Great work on the app guys. You're setting the bar high for the other devs. One feature that would be cool is like the facebook app if you implemented pull to refresh in to the app.

I addressed that in the post.

We'll enable article commenting as soon as we push live our CrackBerry website redesign. The apis for commenting are built into our new site. We already have this built into the next release of the app, and it's already working on our dev servers. So stay tuned - it will be there soon.

Wow kev, that truly looks like an amazing app. You guys did a wonderful job with that. I don't think I will ever use the actual website once I have that in my hands.

"The most highest-rated BlackBerry 10 app..."

I cringed at that. C'mon Kevin, I know you're excited, but you can't forget your grammar!

That grammar is 100% as I intended.

It's the app with the most five star ratings. I think it's actually both the BB10 app with the most ratings, and the most five star ratings. You can't say highest rated, as an app with 1 5 star rating would qualify. So it has the most highest ratings.

So what I wrote is all good. You just read it wrong. :p 

Ive seen the CB10 app in the "trending apps and games" section a few times. How do we get it into the top feautured spots at the top of blackberry world, the ones with the big icons. Also it should be in the built for blackberry section.

So looking forward to the z10 here in the US. Hope others follow CB10's lead and creates amazingly smooth and fluid apps like this. I think Kevin just went through quicker on his z10 than i can on my desktop.

wow i am still a android user and using tapatalk for forums....but this app is the best forum app i have ever looks very good !!deep respect for the dev or devs who have made this ! greets from the netherlands :)

Great App. I expected Crackberry to have a top notch app for the BB10 platform utilising every inch of what the BB10 has to offer and they have totally delivered. Definitely the first app I download as soon I get my hands on Z10. Bravo !

By the way Kevin, is it possible to upload images onto the forums directly through the app ?

Hello Kevin, I really like what you have done in CB 10 v1.1 however when I go through accounts and enter my user ID smoothrunnings and my password and hit the "logon" button it changes to "please wait." and nothing happens.

I wonder if there if here a problem possibly with my account on site, maybe its a setting or some kind of database corruption on your end?

If you could please look into it, I am happy to work with you and your folk.


Thanks Andrew. So, try this... turn off WFi.

Weird issue we're trying to debug. If you're on on WiFi, for some reason those changes / that page doesn't want to refresh (yet if you leave the page you're probably logged in. Save with if you save changed on that page - like change your device... the button won't change to saved).  If you disable WiFi, it works fine.

Try that - be sure to post in the CrackBerry Apps forum - we can use you as a tester. Thanks! 


I have been using this app since it came out and can't stop. It is addictive. What an incredible piece of work. Just keep it coming. Congrats to all involved.

BlackBerry hasn't opened up the API to developers yet to get right into the root level of the Hub (like where Facebook, etc. are), but we definitely want to do that.  We can get into the notifications section and hack it up a bit, but really want to get that root level access. Stay tuned!

1 of the 1st countries for the z10 releasd was supposed to be south africa .can any 1 get details on the releasd date as some websites are saying that they are available here but we dont have no info.

Has anyone else the problem that you can't reply to certain threads? Those threads aren't closed. Checked via the website.

Fantastic looking app - great work!!! Loving the look of the Cascades framework.

I'll be loading this app as soon as I can actually get my hands on a Z10.

This app is so good it puts most other apps to shame, including the ones built internally by BlackBerry. What an insanely amazing accomplishment. A showcase for what BlackBerry 10 can be with the right apps. AWESOME job guys. AWESOME.

Doesn't do the US customers any good, and if we want the Q10 (which should've launched FIRST - major BB blunder), we get to wait until SUMMER. January launch in NY and we don't see it until SUMMER. Now that's what I call execution!'re saying you're a little (a LOT) upset and will NOT be spending a dime of your hard earned money on this amazing piece of tech once that eventual available date rolls around?

Wow! Killer app! Watching that video made me WISH I had my Z10(USA) JUST so I could download that app. Serious, great job!

Its the first App I downloaded yesterday when I got my Z10 and boy is it ever wonderful. Great job !

The previous version recognized login credentials automatically upon startup. The new version apparently doesn't. When I click "My Threads" in the forums section, I get nothing. Have to go into "Accounts" and wait for it to 'realize' that my login credentials are there. Then once I back out of the "Accounts" section, the "My Threads" refreshes as though I have just logged in. Please fix this bug.

This is a great app, however I have found an issue that even though I have notifications turned off for the app, everytime I re-open it, I get a sound notification. I don't think it is specific to your app, but after downloading updates from BlackBerry World, this happens as well. Is there a bug in the notifications on the Z10?