CrackBerry 10 App now available for the BlackBerry Q10!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Apr 2013 04:56 pm EDT

It's HERE! Our Built for BlackBerry-approved CrackBerry 10 app has been fully optimized for the new BlackBerry Q10, including a battery saving dark theme, keyboard shortcuts and auto collapsing headers/action bars to fully take advantage of the Q10's compact screen size.

If you have not experienced CB10 yet, you are in for a treat. This fast and native app gives you full access to all the stories from CrackBerry, as well as access to the immersive CrackBerry forums and ShopCrackBerry store.

We'll follow up soon with an in-depth video walk through, but in the meantime you can download CB10 for your Q10 for free at the link below. Be sure to give it a good 'ol 5 star rating after you download. And if you come across any bugs, you can report them here!

Download CB10 for your BlackBerry Q10 & BlackBerry Z10 now!

Reader comments

CrackBerry 10 App now available for the BlackBerry Q10!


As of right now, it's totally in BlackBerry's control to make that happen. We can either set the theme to white or black (can't make the option to choose). I'd definitely like to see this come to the tools though.

So for now white for the Z10. If you really want the dark theme, I suggest you also buy a Q10! Two hands... two pockets to carry around two phones... then you'll have the no compromise white / dark theme solution!

Can't you just release two apps one with white and one with black so people who want black can just choose to download the black themed one?

Posted via CB10

So technically yes, but then we have two listings in BlackBerry World - which splits our app download ratings, etc. Ultimately means we'd rank less well for our one app and not get it into the hands of as many BB10 owners as possible! Need BlackBerry to give us the option.

But then they would have to be monitoring two apps for bug fixes and what not when it should be really one. Yes, people want the option of the black theme but that's too much work to put on these guys and their one dev. Better to raise concerns with BlackBerry and let them create the option for devs.

Can't see my avatar on CB10 too. But an awesome app, should be definitely on a BlackBerry 10 device.

Posted via CB10

Kevin, if you have to choose between black and white theme, why don't you do a poll and see what the majority of Z10 users want?

Posted via CB10

Great! Congratulations! Now my only fear is that the Q10 actually might be more popular and all apps will be created for it, leaving Z10 owners out in the cold!

Posted via CB10

I don't think that will happen. I'm more worried about the opposite happening. I'm afraid that developers won't want to adapt their apps for the square screen and may only release for the Z10. We will see.

Wicked! You guys are doing a top notch job with the app and all the rest of it! Cheers!

~ BerryVeteran

Posted via CB10

I still rate the CB10 app as a standard for native & cascades for BB10 developers. I'm seriously shocked and this app has increased my internet usage to crackberry like crazy!

Could we see a developers insight on how they began design to implementation, maybe even some developer tips, please?

Great news. I use the CrackBerry app daily. Hopefully they get PMs added in the near future.

Posted via CB10

Time to revolutionize that "Big blue circle" that surrounds the cursor. It can be done.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Great job! Cool thing that you made this very well done app so quick available for the Q10. Looking forward to getting this new device hopefully soon - and your app of course, too. On my actual Z10 it is making a super job - THX. :-)

Definitely gonna get that one. I don't like the way the HTML5 ads lag the browser to death. Luckily firefox blocks them. But hell no's, they don't have one for the 9900. :P