Crack a cold one as ScoreMobile and Budweiser unleash the Bar Finder addon

By Ryan Blundell on 25 Jun 2010 01:53 pm EDT
Bar Finder for ScoreMobile

Canadian sports nuts are going to love this. The King of Beers and Score Media have announced a fantastic add-on to the already amazing free mobile sports app- The Score Mobile with Bar Finder. Score Mobile is a leading mobile provider of sports scores, previews, stories and player stats. Its many personalization options make it the ultimate source for sports fans. With the newest addition of Bar Finder, users are provided information on where to go to watch the game and have a pint or two. The features include:

  • Robust television listings for live sporting events on all major TV networks
  • Maps and distances to local bars across Canada where the games are available for viewing
  • Highlighted bars participating in seasonal promotions

There’s nothing like getting together with your friends to watch the game; a few laughs, few wings, a few fights and even a few goals. Now you guys can decide where to go to catch all of the action, regardless if it’s the CFL, NHL or whatever your game may be. If you don’t have a favourite pub that you frequent, then this is definitely going to come in handy.

Reader comments

Crack a cold one as ScoreMobile and Budweiser unleash the Bar Finder addon


So not only will Score tell me sports scores, but now it can tell me where to get drunk and watch sports. Wife is going to hate this app lol.

i use this app all the time and to get an addition like this only makes it better nice thx...

I can update my wife's Tour to ScoreMobile 1.4, but not my 9650? :( AppWorld says there is an update but I can only download 1.3...what gives?

What does "add-on" mean? Is it an update to the program? I don't see this feature when I start up the program, and yet it's not mentioned on the App Store link you provide (presumably for the latest version of the program).

Lol! Ditto! I used to live in Burnaby, and let me tell you there are way better bars to frequent than Boston Pizza... imo

pretty weak...although new update gives video which is nice but no bar finder. any news if this will come to the states oorrrrr.....

I got the appworld notification to update my score app but once i'm in app world it just says 1.3, no 1.4, what's goin on???

Another great BB business app! Maybe they could combine this app with one that shows speedtraps on GPS so you can drive home drunk and not get arrested!

Hey all,

Chris from Score Media here. Thanks for the love and feedback.
To our American users... sadly, our sponsor was only interested in doing this feature for the Canadian market, HOWEVER, we are hoping that we can expand this to the US sometime in the future.