Get your family organized with Cozi for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jul 2011 02:45 pm EDT

If you're one of those families that just can't seem to keep your stuff straight, Cozi may be your solution. Cozi is a free family organizer that is available across the web and mobile platforms and has just released an app for BlackBerry. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, add your family members and you're good to go. Cozi provides you with a to do list, shopping list and calendar that automatically syncs across all platforms. Your family members are assigned a color so you know who is who, and each can add to the calendar or a list as needed. Cozi is perfect for keeping tabs on all of your family events and works great as a shopping list (lets my wife and I split up in the store so we can divide and conquer). I'm already a huge Cozi fan after using it for only a few short days, but hopefully the app can get a few updates to improve it a bit. As it stands now it's a bit too much of a web inteface and I'd like it to me more of an easy to navigate app. You can check out more in the video above, then head to to get started.

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Get your family organized with Cozi for BlackBerry


(His is a great app to get organized even on cross platform families. We have it on our Acer A500 and I have it on my BB9700. Makes my shopping trips easier. Their home page also shows a new 9900 :)

Just make a BBM Group!!! Much more functional, and better integrated!!

I know the benefit is cross platform, but everyone in your family should have a BB anyway so....make a BBM group!!

My wife does use a BB but I like this app for my use as a one stop for to do's and shopping. I'm probobly the only BB user that doesn't BBM at all. That is not the feature that makes me love these devices.

I hear you. When you have some down time take a look at BBM groups. You will be pleasantly surprised at the ability to maintain a shopping list, pictures, conversations, etc. It is completely integrated into the calendar so appointments or action items can have alarms that will remind everyone when things are due.

awesome product set notifications to be sent be txt or email dependimg on the user your kids can get reminders of their dentist appts by text, you get the same by email. nice integrates well with outlook.

good thing too turns out Cozi does *NOT* support BES enabked devices. what? tis true very disappointing - you can install the app but not login. so for me, the means my bb is not cozi!

not BES? That sucks. I'm on BES, my 2 family memebers on BIS, so Cozi is not cozi for us. Thanks for the heads up, save me 3 downloads.