Cover your torso with a CrackBerry t-shirt! Enter to win one now!

EXTERMINATE (the BB hate)!

Exterminate the BB hate!
By Michelle Haag on 28 Sep 2013 07:30 pm EDT

We get asked all the time where people can buy CrackBerry shirts. Unfortunately, you can't really buy them anywhere, but everyone knows it's more fun to win something than to buy it anyway, right? Right. So, with that in mind, let's give away some t-shirts!

This contest is open worldwide, and to enter, just leave a comment below. We'll pick 10 random people to win a free CrackBerry shirt! Most of the shirts look like the one in the picture above, though some are a darker charcoal depending on the size. They are all awesome though. However, none of them will contain a Dalek, sorry! We'll announce the winners next week on the blog, so make sure you get your entry in. Good luck everybody!

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Cover your torso with a CrackBerry t-shirt! Enter to win one now!



Love CrackBerry. Would gladly wear the shirt!

You know the Name - You know the Numbers - You know the Style

** best prize ever besides a BlackBerry10 device!! I need one of these for sure!! If you guys pick me I pledge to rep Crackberry /BlackBerry even more than I do now.. I will literally be a walkin Crackberry ad.. please.. & thank you for the chance to win to all of the CrackBerry team


Crackberry Team,

Good Idea, why not sell it also in your shop?
Greetings from Israel

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8830,9330,9500,9550,9930, PlayBook, Z10 - love my BlackBerry devices, hopefully this is one of the randomly chosen posts as I love BlackBerry and CrackBerry!

Posted via my DizBerryZ10 (8830,9330,9500,9550,9930,PlayBook)

Give all of us a T shirt, we 'll defend BB10 products in the stores next saturday. We 'll takeover the marketing job for free!

Love one so I can advertise in Birmingham UK, and spread the love of our crackberry family.

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Pick me, please! I happen to have the strongest pecs to be ever found in Paris, France. So If you want to have the word spread about CB, I am your man! ;)

Me gustaría una camiseta para llevar la imagen de Crac por España.Suerte a todos los participantes.

I would like to explain everyone in Germany what this "CB" on my new shirt means.

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I'd love one please, a small would do me so you could send it with carrier pigeon brooo brooo.

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I am currently naked from the waist up. It's not a pretty sight. Send a T-shirt this way & make the world a more aesthetically-pleasing place! #ichooseblackberry

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I hope the color is just off in the photo because the logo color isn't bright enough orange. Size S or M, if that improves my odds.

This T-shirt freak would love a CB shirt for the collection.

Via CB10. Bits, C000C6078 for links to science and technology posts and world news.

I'm so really really little, that Mum keeps me in a matchbox of full of Cotton Wool up in the cupboard and only brings me out when we have visitors. Postage to Australia would be super cheap for you guys!

Z10 via CB10

Well thank you! I'll take an XL please!! :D

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I'll will be rockin' this shirt like hell yeah!
Then I can show everyone in Amsterdam that I Am a proud owner of an Crackberry shirt.

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I'd love one.

Posted in landscape mode lying on my bed, cause portrait mode is too thin to hold upside down with two hands

I'm from Panama living in China and I can tell you the people here love mu phone just don't know where to buy it

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Amidst the plain large fruit phone crowd it would be fun to Don a crackberry logo. . Small Berry/large Tee.

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Gimme gimme... it's my turn to finally win something!

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

It's my great wish to advertise CrackBerry nation in Portugal!!! :) so, if you don't mind picking me, I'll gladly volunteer for that!!

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Keeper calm and c rack berry on. Keep up the good work. You guys and girls? Do I great job.

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I love the shirt. Super big CB Dan. Would wear proudly. Hope you pull my name from the hat.

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I've spent so damn much at your store, my card has been taken over twice because of it, I think you owe me one ;)


I missed out on getting one in Orlando. I'd love to get one. Always glad to support the community!

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Would be great if we can get at least one from each country to rep Crackberry. Make it happen CB!

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I'm pretty much the only person I know who still uses a BlackBerry so I would love to show I'm still a Crackberry by wearing a t-shirt!

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