Cover your torso with a CrackBerry t-shirt! Enter to win one now!

EXTERMINATE (the BB hate)!

Exterminate the BB hate!
By Michelle Haag on 28 Sep 2013 07:30 pm EDT

We get asked all the time where people can buy CrackBerry shirts. Unfortunately, you can't really buy them anywhere, but everyone knows it's more fun to win something than to buy it anyway, right? Right. So, with that in mind, let's give away some t-shirts!

This contest is open worldwide, and to enter, just leave a comment below. We'll pick 10 random people to win a free CrackBerry shirt! Most of the shirts look like the one in the picture above, though some are a darker charcoal depending on the size. They are all awesome though. However, none of them will contain a Dalek, sorry! We'll announce the winners next week on the blog, so make sure you get your entry in. Good luck everybody!

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Cover your torso with a CrackBerry t-shirt! Enter to win one now!



Just picked up 2 a Team BlackBerry and a What's your pin t-shirt from Getting ready for #BBM4ALL

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

I'd ever win anything let this be the time. If you throw in a Z30 IOU I won't complain either.

Posted via CB10

ERMEHGERRRD! I've been saying there should be CB swag for EVER!!!!! Even if I don't win one I'm buying one!

Posted via CB10

Posting a comment on this thread to enter to win a Crackberry T-Shirt courtesy

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Loving the T-Shirt and at the best price ever.....FREEEEEEE!!!!! Thanks CrackBerry.

Posted via my fabulous z10

I definitely want one. 3X size please. Walking around in a Crack berry shirt playing with my Z10. What more can I say. I want to make it happen.

Sent from my Awesome Z10

I've been looking for crackberry shirts since I had my curve 8330. Pretty sweet that you guys are giving a few out.

Posted via CB10

I'd love one of these, so the good folks of NE England can see what a CrackBerry addict I am ;)

Posted via Q10

I'm a fat blackberry/crackberry addict, so a 2xl would be nice for me!! P.s.: my fingers ain't fat and I can type my behind off on this Z10!!

Posted via CB10

No matter which of my tshirts I wear my torso has always felt naked. A CB tee will address my dilemma

Posted via CB10

Well, it's not an #IchooseBlackBerry10 Crackberry T-shirt.... Kevin.....

But I'd wear the sh!t out of that shirt.

Posted via CB10

Ok I saw the contest didn't read the rules. Please pick me, been looking for Crackberry Swag forever.

Posted via CB10

YUP! I want the S H I R T Pleeeez. CB taught me how to use a SMARTPHONE :D

White STL100-4 OS10.2.0.1761

Very "Sweet"..I am the only one left in my family and at work with a Berry so they know me as "CrackBerry." I would love one thank you.

If I win one I WONT send you a pic with me in it. Trust me.... that's a good thing! LOL

From Z 2 U via CB10

Please send mine to a random admin type lady at BlackBerry. I'm sure they have heard all the $hit lately, and aren't appreciated nearly enough.

Posted with my zed10 oreo ;)

Hoping to finally win this one! Go go go team CrackBerry!

Z10 User / STL 100-1 / Hybrid OS & 1371 / Smart / Philippines

How much for one with Kevins pit stains? How's $9? Better yet, why don't you guys put all items for sale at $9 bucks the day it's final, for a day.

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Too bad you can't give us all shirts. BlackBerry needs some help with marketing.

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Ooh, me me me, please. I would love to rock CB in South Africa. Please!

Posted via The Fantastic Z10

I'd love to win this!

Also please fix the CB10 app for the first time q10

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9

CB shirt here in the Philippines would be a welcome sight. Thank you! :D

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