Cover Grabber for BlackBerry 10 updated with performance enhancements

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2013 08:22 pm EDT

A few days ago I posted about about Cover Grabber for BlackBerry 10, at the time the app was a little on the 'slow' side but worked perfectly fine for replacing cover art in my music library. After the post went up, a lot of you seemingly sent feedback to the developer and as such, a new update is now available for download in BlackBerry World. 

The update improves the overall speed of the app along with improving the responsiveness of the buttons, so if you've had issues with the previous version (which seemingly a lot of you did), go ahead and give this release a try.

Download Cover Grabber from BlackBerry World

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Cover Grabber for BlackBerry 10 updated with performance enhancements


I'm having a heck of a time trying to use this app. Do the album covers have to be on the phone or does the app go and search on the net? Every time I input cover info it just keeps saying Loading.... ?

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Work perfectly. Thanks to the developer for this app. My music collection is complete. Check out the previous post on this app to get instructions on how it works.

2 thumbs up.

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I wouldn't go as far as saying it works perfectly. It does work well. I was able to grab quite a few album covers using it. But like the first poster stated, there a a couple of covers I have tried to get with the app, and it just keeps saying "Loading" for an enormous amount of time.

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Did it just automatically find all the covers and populate the images in the right folders or is it a 100% manual process (which can be done with Google images).

Works pretty well, had an error at first then it took a while to load. After a couple of minutes of waiting I tried again and it seems to be working fine for the Z10. Thanks Dev!

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Grabbed this earlier today and it's freaking awesome!

PS: Bla1ze, I love the song "BBC" off Jay Z's album... especially the "Britney bi**h" line lol

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Much better now. If the developer keeps refining it more I can see this app being the standard app for this type of stuff.

Some improvements would be that it searches more loosely. Cause right now you have to write exactly what it is, any typo, or space and you'll fail to get it.

Other than that, it would be nice to have a second screen that pops up from the floor a la BlackBerry 10 showing different album covers related to the search, so you can select the one you really want and save it.

Coooool app

Marketing is everything

Agree. Need a more powerful search tool. Otherwise, good helpful app. Thanks for the improvements!

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Much better than the previous version, on some artists it just stays at the 'loading...' screen. Maybe not in the database? Keep on refining please, this is a good app.

See previous thread, but in a nutshell: 1. Organize albums in individual folders, 2. Save album art for a particular album in that folder, 3. This file must be named "folder.jpg" if a jpg.

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Save the file into the folder that contains all of the music from the searched album.

EDIT: Just to add to the above comment, the file is now by default named "Folder.jpg".

Thanks for the ideas and comments everyone!

I hope to release a new update soon with a better search tool and better error handling. Some covers may take a longer time to load as they will have a larger file size. Another reason for the occasional delay may be a rate limit on the server I am using. I will try to solve all problems if possible.

Would anyone like to see this app on the PlayBook?

Still can't get this to work. But then, for whatever reason my music does not appear to be in files by album but rather all songs in one file. I used Synch my iTunes.

Any suggestions?

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Like others, find it has potential but, even after saving the "grabbed" album cover into the same directory as the song it relates to, the Cover doesn't appear when those songs are played. Would PXL Coder please state exactly how one names the "grabbed" cover, after moving it to the file containing the related songs, so that the cover and its songs match up when the music app on BB10 is begun? Tx!

The cover is by default named to "Folder.jpg" which is the name required for it to work with the BlackBerry music player. You should save this file in a folder that contains all the songs from the searched album. When you open the music player, your album should now have the cover art. If this does not happen instantly, you may need to reboot. This is a problem with the OS and not the app.

This sounds good will try. So many people have had issues with cover art not showing.i know I did.thanks.

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