Cover Grabber for BlackBerry 10 - Missing album cover art? You need this

By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2013 07:49 pm EDT

I love simple apps that solve common problems quickly and easily. Some of the apps I consider to be the best are not elaborate by any means, they're just outright simple and get the job done. One such app that I've grown fond of is called Cover Grabber. It's sole purpose of existence is to simply allow you to search for an album and artist name, get the cover art for said album, and download it.

Once downloaded, the cover art can be added to any album folder on your device or SD Card and you'll no longer have to deal with the generic album cover art in your music player. In some cases you may need to rename the image file to folder.jpg but that's nothing to really worry about. A small, free app that makes my life easier and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Got to love it.

Download Cover Grabber from BlackBerry World

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Cover Grabber for BlackBerry 10 - Missing album cover art? You need this


You guys have to check out

"Neutron Music Player".

I just bought it the sound quality over bluetooth on my speakers is amazing...

Take a look at the reviews for it..
One of the best apps I have bought so far.
Takes a bit to learn how to use but the quality in sound it fantastic.

Take care.

Ok so I have downloaded missing album art work now how do I associate it with the proper song?

Posted Via my Z-10

A question if you may, does it use tags or just force the player to ue the jpeg?

I've been telling people how to fix their collections in the forums by fixing the tags for a while now.

But this is a good solution for people that can't/don't want to go to a PC to do it.

Do I need to have each album separate? Or can they all be jumbled together as long as they're in the same folder?

Posted via CB 10 on my naked Z10 ;)

That's just what I was looking for. like how I can edit all the track and file info with this app. Thanks!

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Looks like it's for MP3s and won't work with my WMA-ripped music library. I think I'm about 100% ok on my covers for now, fortunately.

Thanks! Found a cover for La Marquise by The Lost Fingers that Windows Media Player couldn't find for me.

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Is it normal to DL an album from Blackberry World with no cover art? There's an Alice in Chains album (The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here) That has no cover art.

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Same here. Has only happened once. Yet BlackBerry World showed the album art for it. I even deleted it and re downloaded it. But nothing. Weird.

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Anyway I can get my covers back that I already had for my 16gb of music on my SD card that has disappeared on me a few weeks back?
They already have the cover pictures in there respected folders... do I have to delete everything and reinstall again or is there an easy fix.


Where the hell was this months ago. Would have saved me an hour getting album art and changing stupid ID3 tags.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Automagically! Wow this is like iPhone 3g material. Keep on mobile computing into the grave bbry. Rip

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I don't think the iphone 3g was capable pf adding album art from the phone. I may be wrong but I don't even think you can in iOS 6.

Of course album art added in itunes is fine.

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Same here. It finds the album cover but won't save it. The buttons don't work. Needs improvement

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

The music app is still broken. All my music is albums in folders and every mp3 has the cover art in the id3 tag and there is a folder.jpg in each folder. Yet it still randomly won't display art for approximately half my albums. Is there a working fix for this yet or are we still waiting for BlackBerry to fix this in the next update. Anyone know?

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Well, I don't know what you guys use to sync your music, but using Rhythmbox on Linux, every synced file has cover attached automatically once converted and copied on BB10…

There should be a hook from music apps to cover art grabbers so when you see a song that has no art you can press a button and search the Web for it. Amazing this hasn't been solved yet.

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So this would only work if I had all my collection sorted into folders/albums?

Right now I just have one folder with all my songs in it.

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Ohh. Nice one. Gonna check it out, sounds better than going through the trouble of syncing.

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I used the Blackberry Link to download my music. Most of the album art disappeared and one album cover appears on most of the albums. None of my music is in any folder I can find, and the album covers I have been able to locate save as .jpg files and I cannot do anything with them.

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Did you try renaming the image file to "folder.jpg" as Blaze suggested in the article? I found that if you do this, the app works just fine on the Z10. However, it is still missing quite a few album covers within its database.

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Thank you for the heads up on this App. Read the article, downloaded the App, and used it to fill in all the missing cover art in my music library. Works perfectly.

Posted one-handed via BlackBerry Z10

Well downloaded and tried all the work around to no avail. Maybe it doesn't work on .wma files. Regardless, I easily found whatever I was looking for. Problem was I couldn't save anything. Oh well! Great idea, poor execution. It's since been uninstalled.

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In the past I have been able to locate some of the more obscure album artwork in my library by looking up the song/album on Amazon or Google, then I make a copy of the album art pic, save the photo and add it to my music files. I haven't tried it yet on OS10 but it might work the the same way as the app if you rename the file as folder.jpg.

I could be wrong but it might be worth trying for the hard to find cover art. Hope it helps.

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Thanks Bla1ze! Bookmarked for later. I have my music uploaded to Google Music for now but I'll likely need this if I cache any on my device for offline use.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Just tried that and works like a charm. Thanks for the tips because that app was not worth downloading.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

Great idea, but wish it was automatic. Would that be possible? For it to scan you BlackBerry and locate missing art and offer to fix the problem for you.

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I downloaded the app, but don't think I need it. I found all the album art for each separate album stored in a folder with each separate song, but the album art still does not show up when the song/album is displayed. Can someone tell me how to get the two (song and art) to work together? Thanks.

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Wondering why default music player lacks for this option (and many others)... you have to stay all the time looking around for 3rd party apps (paid mostly) to accomplish simple and basic "missed" features.

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Exactly! Installed and then uninstalled after few tries. HTC one has this feature built in, it can display lyrics even.

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Doesn't Instagram shoot in 6x6 format? Doesn't it a perfect match to Q10? Why the hell hasn't a native app been developed yet? I don't understand.

People always say make Q10 apps is as easy as for Z10, why Q10 still has so much less native apps than Z10? Why the major app gets Z10 app and no Q10 format to follow up? Am I being fooled to believe Q10's eco system will get better soon?

Instead of many disappointing announcements of old fashioned phone and Os, blackberry you really should push the software eco system forward!!! That's right blackberry, focus on the right moves!!!

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Just goes to show that there's an app for everything!
I've been trying to organize my album files with proper cover art for quite some time now and this did the trick.
Handy little app!

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Nice overpriced and overrated set of beats headphones, lol.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

The app idea is good, the implementation is crap. You have to delete the sample text in the fields (they have labels so it's redundant). When hitting the grab button, there is no visual indication it is working or it even registered the press. If it finds something, after a few seconds it will show up. If not, it tells you nothing. The save button isn't working either. Because of the lack of interface feedback, I don't know if it saves it somewhere I can't find, or it isn't saving it at all.

Finally, the keyboard comes up as the simple password keyboard. That is what I'm using for my password, so its a bug. I have to switch to composing an email to get the actual keyboard and switch back and use the keyboard gesture to be able to even type.

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For it to work you need to call the picture "Folder.jpg" and place it where the song is at. Ideally you already have the song/s in its Album folder

Marketing is everything

Downloaded this app to my Z10 and it doesn't work.

Enter artist, title and then neither button works.

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Hello everyone! I am the developer of this app and I am overwhelmed with the amount of downloads Cover Grabber has received. It was a small project that took little time and I guess that shows :). The product had been on the market for 6 months, yet received minimal attention. Just goes to show the power of CrackBerry.

Many users have reported problems and many users have praised the app. I have released an update (just submitted, waiting to be approved) that makes the buttons more responsive, saves the cover faster and notifies users when data is being loaded. If you still have problems please email or PM me for support.

One theory I have as to why the app may not be working for some users is that I am using an online service to retrieve the album art. There is a rate limit for this and if exceeded the app may not work. To send more requests I would have to pay for the requests and this is not possible as I am operating a free app. The apps has never failed to work for me.

I would like to thank everyone for the downloads and the feedback, as well as Bla1ze for the feature.

I had a lot of fun making this app and I hope you are having a lot of fun using it :)

Didn't work for me, why can't it be that easy straight from the file manager. I have the cover art in my album and it says cover.jpg, why can't I just rename it like described for this app and it work. This ish cray
Would have posted a pic but no option for that.

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Works great. Type band and album save it to photos then go into file manager and move it to the proper music folder, rename it 'folder' and voilà. Awesome!

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updated today! Huge improvement.

check it out again. Works great now.

It shows that it is loading and the buttons show that you have touched them.

Thx to the Dev for quick fixes.

BB10, Z10

Updated and works perfectly.
Love this app. My music album covers are now complete.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

i'm so OCD when it comes to my music and videos that everything needs proper identification. Thats why i use Zune/XboX music subscription that has album art search feature and backgrounds! Kudos to the developer of this app.