Couple Busts Out Their BlackBerrys at the Altar

By Adam Zeis on 5 Dec 2009 10:41 am EST

This one made me laugh .. a lot. I can only image the hole I'd be in if I dared to pull out my Berry on the altar (not that anyone would be surprised). Check out this couple who are true BlackBerry addicts. In the middle of the ceremony not one, but two devices pop out as the couple updates their relationship status on Facebook.. The video is good for a laugh or two. Would you pull out your Berry on the altar? Do you think its awesome or completely rude? Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts. Thanks to CJ for sending this in!

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Couple Busts Out Their BlackBerrys at the Altar


cause he had her Blackberry in his jacket

but if he just took his out and started texting

she would have flipped on his ass

But oh my... I love it! What a unique thing to do. Hopefully, there's no symbolism going on here of what their relationship will be to come lol. LOVED it..very cool.

I know this couple, they live across the street from my wife and I and my son and his son play together. They are cool people and this is just them. Dana loves to do a little crazy every now and then. Their wedding was the bomb.

I may agree with you a little on this, but truly, these people seemed to enjoy what they do. Who are we to judge.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying. :)

They just wanted to do something off the wall and different. People do it all the time, I've seen way worse. They were having fun. After all its THEIR Wedding. I think people who spend the lonely lives trashing people in these forums are the real GAY ONES. Leave them be, they didn't ask for alLthe publicity their getting, I guess the news has nothing else more important to report like obamacare and the deficit and all the thousands of dollars real Americans will be paying for horrible health care while we help pay for all the illegal immigrants who are taken over our country. All I can say is load up now and be ready to lock and load. God bless our troops and their families .

I just wanted to take a second to say "thank you" for the second half of your comment. I feel a little less crazy when I see others finding problems with the "Messiah's" plan. And yes, thank you to the troops and their families for sacrificing so much for this great country. Let's HOPE that after all this CHANGE, we remain the free nation our forefathers created.

its a joke. have aa sense of humor. every both wants something that sets there wedding apart for the boring regular. its meant to be funny, not serious

Is it rude that he pulled out he blackberries? Absolutely not!!! Its a reflection of their personality. Plus it sounded like nobody had a problem with it. In fact, almost 4 months ago, my husband and I tied the knot. And on for our wedding cake toppers their was a bride and groom holding, yup cell phones.

"The plural of Blackberry is "Blackberries." The plural of Blackberry users is "Dingleberries.""

"# Use of variations, abbreviations or takeoffs
You are not permitted to use the BlackBerry® or other RIM Trademarks as meta tags for your webpages.It is not permissible to use a variation, abbreviation or takeoff of a RIM Trademark. For example, “BlackBerries”, “BB” and “Crackberry” are not acceptable uses with reference to any products or services of RIM."

Rude Rude RUDE. Turn the darn thing off for five freaking minutes. How old are they? Guess soon it will be BA meetings. (Blackberry Anonymous) No wait, thats for quitters.

well i guess it was sweet that the guy wanted everyone on facebook to be updated about his new wife.

but rly, what's next? answering PIN messages during sex???

Maybe vows by IM? Have the projector screen down and display the "I Do's" via text message....

..of course, that could work for a deaf couple... interesting thought...

Of course itz awesome....if my bride's into tech like me we'd do it on our wedding day....itz funny

big up CB

At least they both understand each other's addictions. And - if, in fact, that is their only addiction - then they should have a long and happy life together.


I thought it was cute. If they both don't have a problem with it, then who are we to judge. In the end, it's THEIR wedding and as long as they both are happy, that's all that matters. Good luck to them, and I hope they have a happy marriage! :)

Awesome! Very cool way to add a touch of today's society in the wedding. Something everyone at the wedding and anyone watching it will remember for a long time. Not rude at all either. I would probably die if I did that since my gf's whole family knows I'm a CrackBerry addict!

I Agree with miquel11691 and s2by10. This was done not to be disrespectful but just to put a little humor in the ceremony. I also wish them many years of happiness and BlackBerry bliss! :-)

If that phone is so much more important to that guy than his Woman, then she should have gotten the signal load and clear.

I bet this marriage wont last 6 months........

There is no excuse for that at the alter, turn it off for 10 minutes while getting married for Christ Sake.

thats how my wedding will be one day. me and my gf love are blackberrys and facebook. thats cool that they both have a sense of humor

Regardless of planned or just plain spontaneous I think this is pretty cool, something unique and not the plain old ordinary/traditional thing. Personally don't think its rude at all thats pretty cool of them, creative!

now the fact that his head wasn't thrown across the room shows true love. Blackberry bringing couples together since 1999. Beat that e harmony.

Anyone who has complained about what he did and saying he should have turned off his phone. IT WAS PLANNED.


I thought it was clever and funny, and to whomever said the marriage won't last six months, I feel sorry for whomever you marry as since you can clearly not read fine print you will find yourself with nothing.

Of course when I got married, there were no smart phones. I was introduced to the cell phone via the walkie talkie type Motorola. It was basically the size of a brick! Has anyone ever had one of those? They were heavy, and was probably frying my brains out, but it got GOOD reception, even for an analog phone....

Todd D


I thought this was very funny too. I don't think my Wife would be a Fan of doing this at our Wedding ( Although the technology didn't exist in 1988 ). Yes, I have used my share of Analog Cell Phones ( Brick, Bag, and Flip ) were my favs. Go PATS!!

It's awesome, but only because it was planned and because BOTH of them were on the same page. It was done for entertainment purposes. Had he just pulled out his BB at random without a care in the world then it would have been pretty rude. Cell phones in general can be relationship killers...I would know. Nothing is worse than trying to have cuddle time with someone on the couch while watching a movie and have them sit there with their phone in one hand ignoring you. We actually have a bit of a problem in our house now with the iPhone. It gets pulled out when we go out to dinner and then it becomes me fighting Twitter on the iPhone for attention. I haven't figured out yet how to deal with it, but it's not a happy situation. And no I'm not jealous of Twitter, I just believe there are times and places for doing that crap, and a nice dinner out does not qualify. Yes I consider it OK to google something on your phone at dinner if it comes up in conversation or such, but just sitting their entertaining yourself and ignoring your dinner date is an absolute no-no!

nothing wrong w dat theyre just trying to add some humor besides dat shows also that not only they love their phone but theyre facebook addicts hhahahaha

I think its great. they weanted to make their marriage a one of a kind memory. they sure did that :)

that's great! both of them did it so i think its acceptable, and they probably couldn't care less what anyone else thought of it.

I saw this on CNN television during the week. Must have been slow news day or something.

(I would have thought CB would have posted this a while ago)

...especially when he pulls out the second Blackberry for her to do the same thing. Really no different to me that the many Star Wars and Star Trek weddings I have seen and been to, or the Operatic weddings where everyone sings their parts, including the vows.

Many couples inject their personalities, interests/hobbies and work lives into their weddings. And the people that don't like it, can just say their vows at their own weddings.

even if it was planned. What would have been even better is if they had written their own vows and read them off Docs to Go...

Its their if they want to pull out blackberrys and update Facebook than thats completely acceptable.

Pretty funny stuff and it's a cute and memorable thing for this couple to do.

I think this has more to do with updating their relationship status immediately on FaceBook than using a BlackBerry during their vows. In this day and age some would say, a relationship isn't "official" until it's on FaceBook.

If you don't get that joke then you are probably too old.

Having just got married last weekend, my wedding night would have been a whole lot less exciting had I pulled out my BB at the altar

Look, it's their day, let them do whatever they want. If they wanna get married sitting on tables with a computer and playing World of Warcraft... let them... I've seen that too.

That is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. I wonder what they are going to do when they get to the hotel? Text sweet nothings to each other under the covers? roflmao!

I love how people have the nerve to call him a tool when they don't just click the link to youtube. It was planned and a joke, the minister knew about it. it's cute actually that they would update their relationship status at the same time.

If he was just updating his status, totally rude. Updating his RELATIONSHIP status, well, that just makes everything official.

(In case you didn't notice, that is completely full of sarcasm :P ) I think it's a very cool touch. It makes their wedding that much more memorable to the guests. (I did the duct-tape "HELP ME" on my brother's shoes. It went over well with the bride and groom, as well as her family and even the priest laughed.)

Cool, exactly the same thing i did on our wedding last January, hahaha, i thought i was "rude" taking out my blackberry on the altar and asked someone to take a photo of us during the ceremony so that i could post it to my "online wedding live report" on my facebook page that i created earlier on that day.

The photographer caught me holding my Blackberry while i was on the altar and during our marriage registration while i was busy typing the photo caption on my blackberry, in front of the marriage registrar. Hahaha. I'd put them here on the comment if I could =p

Okay, it would have been rude if it was not planned. The whole thing was staged by the groom (and the minister too). It was just for laughs. Or maybe they just wanted to poke fun at those people who really overdo it in real life ... Whatever it was, it was brilliant and everyone else at the wedding seeed to love it too, going by the roars of laughter coming from the audience. Good one.

It's bad enough a grown man even has a facebook account, but changing your status at your wedding?

This country is doomed.

I think it's adorable that even down to updating their relationship statuses is something they both think of at the same time. <3 Soooo cute <3

Very can tell they planned to do this. It reflects who they are, and how fun they are. They are evidently quite silly folks. May God bless their marriage, and may they continue that joy throughout their years together. Congrats to them!

its beyond lame and a totally stupid thing to do at your wedding, obviously it has zero effect on me whatsoever, but i am the type that believes marriage is about love and respect, and out of sheer love and respect for my wife and her family, as well as my own, i would never, ever pull out my blackberry at the alter. not only would it seem incredibly rude to those who are not part of the smartphone generation (parents and older relatives) more importantly id like to look back on my saying i do at the alter and grin thinking about how in love i am and how special the moment is, not how i pulled out my blackberry like a fucking dumbass so i could say "im different" and get my 15mins of fame on crackberry..

But it isn't your wedding at all, and it isnt your relationship. What would you have them do? Nothing fun? Have no good times? I'm married, my wife and I should request permission from the fun patrol before we do anything fun? Heck no... You see there that they are a fun loving couple. They're going to have a good time in thier lives from what it looks like, so go enjoy your lifeless life and have no fun, these guys have some fun. LET THEM

What a great way to be unique, fun, and acknowledge the communications tool that they obviously use and abuse! It certainly looked pre-planned (at least on the part of the couple - since he was carrying 2 BB's!) The official/JP/Pastor even made a really witty remark about the "my book/Facebook". HIlarious! They obviously had fun, and after all...its THEIR wedding! To each their own! I offer them my sincerest congratulations!!!

Yea thats crazy...i dont think i would do, unless they agreed on it, just for a laugh... its kool tho...

I love technology as much as the next guy but this is rediculous. Obviously its completely staged but its still dumb. Leave your Blackberry in your hotel room and enjoy the day.
I got married last April and my Blackberry was in my hotel room the entire night and thats the way I wanted it. Actually I did not even have it on my honeymoon. It spent the 2 weeks in my suitcase turned off.
I hate when people do stupid crap at their wedding. No one in the crowd cares if the new couple are nerds addicted to Facebook or Twitter. They just want to get the crap ceremony over with so they can start drinking at the reception.

I like how a bunch of people here thinks they did it on purpose. Some people need to learn how to read, and learn to get a good sense of humor. And why is everyone passing judgement? Who are we to judge?

i would do this its not rude its their wedding ...when i get married i know no one would be surprised if my husband and i did something like that ...

All I have to say to the people thinking this is not funny or saying how rude or stupid it is is this. Get a sense of humor.

I find this funny and it even made me laugh when I needed a good laugh. I checked out the YouTube page and there's just one correction to be made. The groom is using an iPhone and the bride is using a BlackBerry. So it's just one BlackBerry and not two.

Weddings are to be memorable and happy for the bride and groom. It doesn't matter what they do as long as they truly love each other and want a memorable and cherish able. Many happy years to the two. ^^

I think this is great..if they both agreed to do so - and obviously they did.

Additionally, quit being ignorant and using the term "gay" for this if you don't agree. Get an education.

I think this is great. I think they've let their special day be just a little bit more special. I love it when people have a little fun at their wedding.

should just end themselves for their stupidity and for humanities sake so they dont procreate.

Ive worked 100+ weddings, each wedding is different and special to that couple in some way. I've seen people playing Legend of Zelda music while cutting their cake (and had a Zelda cake from Wind Waker as well). It's the little things that people do to make their moment special and who they are.

Now the fuckwads who were criticizing this couples wedding can GTFO.

BTW, thats not a blackberry the guy is using

now that is great! I would definitely do something like that at my would my girl knowing it was a joke! but we would definitely change our status! AWESOME!

I don't see how it could be seen as rude. It's their wedding you can do what you want.
Not able to watch the video right now, but it sounds awesome.

I didn't find this funny at all. It was obviously staged. Had it not been staged it would have been funny.

You'd have to be pretty dorky to pull something like that. It got laughs, but then again, your friends will laugh at all your goofy jokes anyway. Put these people in front of strangers and see if it truly was funny.

Just like stand-up comedy. No one will laugh if it isn't funny, unless you have your followers who'll laugh no matter what.

I understand that it's their wedding and they want to have a little fun with it, but at the alter? Can you say sacrilege?? There IS something "holy" about it, isn't there?

Bust it out while you're dancing your first dance if you want to have a little fun - everybody is watching you then, too, and at least it's not tantamount to blasphemy!

C'mon, people, shouldn't this be clear, or have we been brought so far down as a society that this is really appropriate........

To those who say it's their wedding; a wedding in a church is not just for the couple, it's a public event, and one given the sanction of the community the church represents. A wedding is a solemn moment, the celebration is afterwards. These kind of gags are amusing to watch, but at a real event they cheapen the moment.